Along the line on my mystical and spiritual journey, I gained mastery on certain knowledge which gave me the ability to assist those in need for answers concerning their lives and existence.


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Every of you can to earth with a primary objective, a life path which can be screwed by the decisions you make today based on your freewill. You can always retrace that step back to your original path, or, you can create a new path based on the choices you make and then take responsibility for any outcome that it might create.

Find out if your current life path and decisions are going in line with the master plan which brought you to earth in the first place. check your relationship plans before coming to earth, where you destined to be together? or your being together is just a random decision you made.

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The entire activities of a Soul from its very first incarnation on earth to the present day is stored in the universes memory bank located in the causal realm, this memory bank is called the Akashic records. With the Akashic readings you can find out who you were in your past life, where you lived and who you are meant to be, it tells you all about you and what you stand for, your inner talents which even you are not aware of, the cause or causes of all your problems can be found in the Akashic, and how to resolve it too and many more.

It is only when you have the cause of your problems revealed that you will be able to find the solution, the Akashic is always very accurate, it is a place to find answers.

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Join our counselling section to solve a particular issue bothering your life, i counsel people both on relation matters and on spirituality related issues including dream interpretations and many more.

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Some of you may be passing through some unnecessary life challenges and frustration in any way.

I am not saying that we can take them all way,  because it all depends if their root causes are spiritual in nature, if yes, then we have a team of spiritual family who gives such assistance to people in need, but not without a charge, although you must note: the charge is not a fee as its totally free, the charge if used in purchasing mystical materials required for the job.

Sometimes in our lives, we require the positive assistance of the Spirit forces to aid us on our quests and on our career, our metaphysical family which is headed by myself can do this and more for you.

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Join us for a higher level of learning, a community of the enlightened, a path to the Greater light and happiness/prosperity

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