This is it! A home for illumination and enlightenment, this is where you get the very best of awakening, love, mysticism, spirituality, support and enlightenment.

Yes! I know that some of your wishes are to go deeper into resolving the mystical mysteries of life, to know what “Reality and Existence” really is, to know who you are and why you are here,

You want to belong to a community of like-minds and  also, you wish to practice spirituality from it’s practical aspect, and not just the everyday theories you see online on regular social media posts.

AWAKE AF’RAKA COMMUNITY is powered by the Mother Company SERPENT TOWER INTEL ( founded by Knight Fredel, including all its Sub groups like Awake Af’raka Mystery School, Awake Af’raka Foundation (for the orphanage and for the children of the world who deserves love and support, although this aspect of our organization is still in the making, we will announce when we are fully ready), and finally, our weekly publication: Awake Af’raka Magazine

You want the guides of the Spirit Forces, the Goddess and the Deities, as well as to be part of the “Ancient Spirituality of the Mother Goddess”, to learn its knowledge and to use them for the greatest good and for the betterment of your reality, and that of others.

Then this is where you should be, register now for your Spiritual training in Awake Af’raka Mystery School (online for now).

Join us today, and get a chance to subscribe for a Monthly Study Discourse which will create an awareness to your Spiritual being, giving you  all the answers you seek, and illuminating your path with proper ancient spiritual practices.


Send a mail to and request for membership.

Or you can also send a Text message (S.M.S) +234 (0) 813 646 4201 or a Whatsap chats  to +234 (0) 815 020 6279


We expect you soon!

Life is a mystery, and only the spiritually minded can understand it.


Founder and Teacher

Awake Af’raka Community