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A sonnet from the Sun

What will our world become in a generation to come?

As the human race is evolving, and time is passing, the sages are asking but no one is talking

As the Sun scorches the heart of man, so our soil gets ticker than grains.

Mankind has existed in the state of wonder since the beginning of time,

He stands between what is, and what could be, yet covers his true ambition with the cloak of master-ship, giving false hope to the hopeless and hollow help to the helpless

The world is filled with clouds of clandestine; we are covered by it yet afraid to look because the answers lie in the eyes of the serpent

Although some eyes have seen and some ears have heard, but their mouths are sealed with their tongues withheld

But the fruit has been given, yet the fear of the unknown has kept man naked 

Now their pits are filled with boxes of truth covered with the sands of lies

Who will bail the cat?  Thus says the Sun!

Poem written by Knight Fredel (popularly known in the Music scene as Sydni Wonder)

Who will bail the cat?  The undiluted and unreturned question, on another episode of this article, I shall explain the metaphors covered therein.

Today on our maiden edition of Nostrorum Societas – Our Society, I shall go deep in explaining to you the secret behind the downfall of our society, how we come to be this way, how our very negative reality which we all complain about was actually, and truly triggered by you and I, starting with our emotions and the energy fields which we emit daily, and secondly, through our thoughts and the beliefs we hold dear, you will learn the core definitions and true purpose behind Atheism, Christianity, Islam, and the followers of the African Religion of Traditional Spirituality and how they help in shaping our reality into what you are experiencing today.

The lecture is deep, but open to knowledge seekers whom are open minded.

Now before we proceed further, you must first of all learn how the emotions we emit unconsciously trigger certain energy fields which are responsible for the realities you experience in each day of your lives.


We live in a world where toxic energy becomes the flow of our day. People do not know that the emotions we emit on daily basis creates an after-effect on our reality at an infinitesimal level thereby changing its subatomic structures which gave to matter the tangible form it possesses today, such a change will in turn affect our reality because, when emotions, if negative, poisons our reality, it affects it from the smallest atomic level, reshaping it to its likeness, by such procedures our reality begins to change in order to key into the current vibration and frequency we created.

That is why, a mystery school I know teaches that, our environments do have an effect on us, and your presence, through the energy you emit affects our surroundings too.

First you must understand that emotions, be it hatred, love, envy etc are all energies vibrating at different levels per unit time, and when you say love, what is love? Love is an energy vibrating at a very high frequency, what is hate? Hate is an energy vibrating at a very low frequency. Joy, anger, happiness all are emotions, all are energies. Someone might want to ask, “What is frequency”? Frequency is the number of time a wave oscillates per unit time, therefore, if you were happy and suddenly dropped sad, what that really mean is, that electromagnetic energy field or aura within you has dropped so low, and if it continues to drop, you will go from sadness to grief, from grief to anger and coupled with hate and agitation, and if it continues to drop you might end up clinically depressed, and hopeless. This is why the use of leisure drugs and alcohol or marijuana smoking (long  term use) causes depression and anxiety, especially when, for whatever reason you stopped taking them, however, the moment you take them again, you get to feel better and better. But why is that so?

The fact is, each time you get high, you do not know what happens within you. The highness you feel is the drugs or cannabis raising your frequency to a very high level, sometimes when you take much of such substance you get high that you become so happy which leads to a feelings of ecstasy, and the moment the drug drops off your body, your frequency drops down, vibrating at a very low level which manifests as sudden mode swings, anger, sadness, and possibly depression.

If you understand this topic, then you will understand the reality you find yourself, and afterwards, realize that the universe does not understand the language you speak; neither does it recognize your heart desires, your wants or your needs. It only understands and responds to the frequency which you are vibrating at. So you attract to yourself the type of energies that vibrates at your frequency. Listen to your energy which you emit, sometimes when you meet someone, the moment you shock hands and sit together, you begin to feel sudden mode swings and anxiety, that’s your electromagnetic energy fighting an external vibe that is currently incompatible with yours.

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time I visited a country side within my state for a little job that would last me for the next 24 hours, on getting there, my mode suddenly changed, I felt sudden depression and restlessness, I felt like the air in that town was polluted with certain energy that isn’t working with me, I could not have spent the night there but I did. The next morning I heard two neighbors fighting and quarreling, one nearly killed the other with a machete if he weren’t held back on time, after that, I tried to make peace but no, it wasn’t possible, the man really wanted to kill his brother, because of that I decided to take a stroll into their village in order to get milk so I can have my breakfast before I begin my job, on my way I contemplated that this incident would have been MURDER, if that man weren’t held back. 

Now, on reaching the store I saw two women, one of them was the shop owner and the other one a buyer, both gossiping about another woman whom they refer to as a harlot and concluded she’s not fit for marriage because she wears an anklet and a nose ring, as they talked, they were carried away and so forgot that a customer (myself) was standing by, I let them talk and to my surprise, they spoke and lamented and clapped their hands in disgust, the one whom I guessed as the buyer said, she don’t even understand why the lady would use charms to tie that handsome innocent boy, and the shop owner replied thus: don’t worry, that marriage will not last. Wow!  I said to myself, this could be the result of ENVY and so I took my leave.

I went further into their village, passed a couple of boys by the road side near a shop smoking weed, it looked like the kind of shop where they sell cigarettes and dry gins, with all sorts of substances for abuse, a place where hard guys go to feel themselves. So I passed them by as they continuously stare at me, then finally I saw an open compound just after the towns town hall, the compound was large with a small kiosk by the side, went there to ask for the milk, the young lady whom was sitting there by the shop playing the board game popularly known as “Lido” with another younger girl, She said to me that the milk is available but I’ll have to wait for the shop owner to come sell to me by herself, I asked why, she said the shop owner was still bathing, in that case I asked the young lady if she could sell to me instead, so that when her friend comes back from the bathroom she can hand the money over to her, and since the kiosk is even open, I added. But she blatantly refused; I didn’t understand why so I asked:

Me: Don’t you live here?

She: yes I do

Me: that means she knows you right?

She: who?

Me: the owner of the kiosk of cause

She: Yes

Me: then why can’t you sell for her instead of keeping her customer waiting

She: No oh, I don’t want that woman wahala oh

Me: why now?  

She: everybody here hates her; she does not have good character

Me: Ahh, what wrong did she commit to amount such hate

She: I don’t know oh, all I know is, everybody hates her

Me: and you hate her too?

She: Yes

Me: ok, so why do you hate her

She: She has bad character

Me: but you are here at her kiosk, sitting on her bench, which means you both could be friends or…….

She: …. no oh don’t call me her friend, she was my class mate

I asked no further questions and noted within myself that this could be HATRED and LIES.

As I kept waiting for  the owner of the kiosk to come sell me the milk, I could not help but noticed a family of three just across me, at the other part of the compound, I saw that they have eaten up to two plates of rice and yet continuously dragging each other’s plate of meal which always prompts their mother to dish more and more until I was about to leave that place after buying that milk from the young shop owner whom  to me, seem nice and even speaks better and innocently, well, I got the milk and started walking back the same direction I came, then I noticed that those guys were still eating and I heard another voice shouting from within: please don’t finish that food oh, keep for me, and the ones eating replied back: the two plates you ate just now never do?  I smiled as I said to myself, that this was GLUTTONYand if their mother saw nothing wrong with it, then it was clear that this was their way.

On my way back, I met a lady whom was walking towards my direction and suddenly very friendly, within 5 minutes of our walk we were already friends and ready to follow me to my hotel room just because (as she said) she loves men with long hair, always repeating how handsome I was and all that. My dear readers, if you are sincere to yourself, at this point you would recognize that this act of hers was the act of LUST.

After I finished the job that brought me over to that town, I left and soon reached my destination in no time, the moment I reached home I began to feel good, no more depression and restlessness. That was when I began to contemplate the entire experience I had on that visit.

The entire village was affected by the negative emotions they trigger daily, which reduced the vibration of that town/village to a very low frequency. On my short stay, I discovered that the village, (which about 70% of their inhabitants were Christians as I noticed), were guilty of the 7 deadly sins. (Lust, Envy, Lie, Jealousy, Murder, Hate and Gluttony), these so called deadly sins were the emotions that trigger negative energies which has enveloped the town with a sort of bad aura/energy fields and that was why my own aura and energy was affected negatively the moment I stepped into that town, giving rise to depression and restlessness.

You know, this is why I always say, that prayers do not work! Read the article on HOW DO MYSTICS PRAY. The universe is energy, it responds only to energy, and its language is the language understood only by vibrations, esoteric symbols and energy, if you want to speak to the universe then speak to the universe using vibrations and energy. That village was filled with Christians but yet, poverty was like their lifestyle, don’t they pray? Yes they do, but why is their prayers not answered? The answer is simple, God or the universes don’t answer prayers, they respond only to the emotions they emit daily. And since in one day, that community was guilty of the 7 deadly sins, it means they emit negative energies daily, and negative thoughts like fears, lies, misuse and abuse of sexual energies always accompanies them.

Thus I repeat, the universe do not hear your prayers, it responds and only understands the language of energy vibrations and symbols, which leads us to the next subtopic.


Have you asked yourself why the ancients create symbols which today you superstitiously call diabolic and demonic? It is because they understand this reality more than you do, they know that the universe speaks to us with symbols and signs, and responds to the energies emitted by these mystical symbols, take for a triangle with an eye for instance, what does it cultivate? That symbol creates a form of energy especially when it is placed at the right spot, it’s a symbol of “Insight, Light, Enlightenment, Ascension, Truth, Awakening, and All seeing” where ever that symbol is placed it emits a form of energy that tries to create a form of positive reality that is full of “enlightenment, awareness, and Light”.

Talk about the hexagram, the hexagram provokes a form of protective energy around the area it is mounted, the reacts and responds to mystical symbols, because such symbols have been mentally charged with certain energy fields which allows them to vibrate at a particular frequency, so when placed at the right spot, they emit a kind of cosmic energy which the universe understands. So when you feel the need for cosmic protection from negative energies and attacks, and you choose to place the Hexagram, it reacts with the energies around there, raising the frequencies and creating a form of protective aura around its bearer, or its area where it is mounted. (The Hexagram is known by Christians and the Jews as well as the Islam’s as the Star of David, although it was originally known by the ancients as the Star of Astaroth, or Star of Ishtar)

I have counseled a number of persons and some of them, who bring me their dreams to interpret, most of these dreams are mystical dreams with symbols drawn to them on a wall, or on a paper, some of them are able to wake up and draw these symbols which I decode in order to get the message that was being passed on from a reality beyond human comprehension, into this reality, and those masters who sent such symbolic messages only used the dreamer as a medium.

Someone who is not aware of the universal principles will ignore the symbols they see in their dreams because it did not come in words, such is the case with many, they might think it isn’t important but it is even more important than the dreams that come to you in pure pictures, the symbolic dreams really mean that some sort of higher Intelligence is trying to communicate with you.

Now that I have explained the one aspect of the topic, I think it’s time to discuss the second aspect, for the both are the reason our society has fallen.

The first is the misuse of energies and emotions which triggers negative vibrations that fashions our reality as we know them today.

The second is that which we are about to discuss; RELIGION and how its doctrines has been misused and distorted from its original purpose and foundation, by such action, it then creates a society built on fear and panic, which as a matter of fact wasn’t the purpose or why that religion or belief was created in the first place, its deep and profound teachings has been lost through the sands of time as misguided traditions have been introduced into it for an egocentric purposes and agendas.


Our society is deranged and lost in the illusion of this reality. The society was originally created for a purpose, to bring people together, coordinate things in an easier way and be able to organize people towards a greater course, but today, so many things has gone wrong and no one is talking. Each time we try to make things better, we end up creating another sticky situation.

Africans today are entangled with chains, which as a matter of fact can be shackled off anytime but, the question is, are we (they) willing to at least try?

There are so many tribulations on the rise within our society today, and they cannot be talked about without mentioning religion.

Everyone within each and every society in Africa is either an Atheist, a Christian, a Muslim, a Jews or, a follower/practitioner of the African Religion of Traditional Spirituality.

Although, many of these believers claims that their religion is better than the other, some say theirs is the only truth while others are sinners, meaning that in each society, one form of religion or the other, will always attempt to take over, this fight has been for ages, the atheists may say they are not part of this business because they are not religious and neither are they believers but that’s a fallacy they keep repeating, because a belief in nothing, is a belief in itself.

Looking at the society in general, especially in Africa, they all fall victim of this religious fanaticism, that is why on this week’s article on Nostrorum Societas I will explain to you the deep secrets hiding within our African society, it begins with a core explanation on the various religious beliefs of the African people.

We will now begin by introducing the various religious groups practiced in Africa and explain what each of them claims to represent and what they truly represent; I will try my best to be nice with my words.

Now let us analyze them one after the other starting with atheism.


There are those who believe that humans are just an empty biological Soulless beings whose existence ends the moment they take out their last breath, they believe in nothing which by the way, is a belief on its own, they are obsessed with nothing more than materialism and the physical world in general. This set of persons does not know or have any idea about the realms above this physical world because they are closed minded especially when it comes to spirituality. They had no idea as of why atheism was created in the first place, as you all know that whatever has an advantage also, as a matter of fact has a disadvantage, so it’s the case with atheism. Now we should note also that atheism shares a close relationship with materialism. Both have the same belief and ideas but however, a materialist has little or no interest with science, although here in Africa, a typical materialist thinks himself an atheist.

Why was atheism initiated in the first place?

Many sincere atheists today know that atheism as a matter of fact is a belief and a religion on its own, yes you heard me right! What makes a system a religion? A religion is a path with sets of dogmas and doctrines put out for its members to follow, a religion has a belief system, that is something they believe in, does an atheist claim to believe in anything? NO! But do they really believe in something? YES! And I will tell you as we proceed:

An atheist believes that they believe in nothing!

An atheist believes that there is no God!

An atheist believes that there is no spirituality and there is no Soul!

Thus, a belief in nothing is a belief on its own.

Do atheists have a dogma or doctrines which they follow?

Yes they do.

And their doctrines are physics, and other scientific works. Do they have saints to look up to whose works and messages became an inspiration to all atheists? Yes they do. And who are they?

They are people like Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton.

Now I can go on and on to prove to you that the belief in nothing is actually a belief on its own even if atheists around Africa and the world will not agree to this, it doesn’t stop it from being the truth.

So why was a belief in atheism necessary? Why was it created?

The ancients who created this form of belief brought to life such an idea because they wanted every scientists to focus on the physical side of life, so that they may find solutions to human problems, rather than relying on an invincible force to come provide for them what they could have provided for themselves, this is why our technologies keep advancing and improving on yearly basis, modern drugs used against ailments which were once considered incurable are now curable all thanks to science and atheism. The ancients who brought in this idea of atheism knew very well that the Soul and a higher Intelligence do exist, and if that Intelligence were to help humans, it would not until we humans make the first move, as the sayings goes: heaven helps those who helps themselves; this was the foundation which atheism was built upon, the ancient scientists who started atheism knew very much that realms and dimensions of nature higher than our objective comprehension do exists yet they want their science students to focus on science and on the physical path of life so they might not become religious fanatic, they know quite well that if these nature spirits wishes to help man solve problems, they will not do so by coming physically face to face with man, they would inspire them with ideas and formulas that will assists man to help themselves, they know quite well that these beings will not send manna’s from heaven, rather they will inspire man with more and more ideas on how man can make foods or find foods for themselves. That was how early man knew what was good to eat (nutritious foods) and what could kill him (poisonous plants).

But today, 80% of our African atheists have no idea about science; even those in the medical fields in most African countries do pretends to be atheists even though deep down they are rather materialists. Then there are those who just hate religion because it limits them from doing what they want when they want it, like fornication which is seen as a sin, especially in the area of homosexuality and lesbianism, you know religion do not allow its members indulging in such illicit act, now many Africans are homosexuals and lesbians, however in order to get off that chain of stigma imposed on them by their religions and members of their denominations, they then free themselves by going into materialism at the same time claiming to be practicing atheism, and when their church members on Facebook and other social media network tries to remind them what their bible says concerning their act, they then tell them that they are no longer religious, and when their church people whom as a matter of fact make up almost all their contacts begins to query them and all that, they resort to bashing of religious dogmas and creating a caricature of their biblical passages, they will even go as far as pointing out how Jesus was a gay in order to justify their acts and make themselves feel better! This is why almost all African atheists are homosexuals and lesbians, or rather prostitutes and whores, this is why most of them turn themselves into some sort of religious haters on social medias and focus on bashing only Christianity because lot of uncles, friends and ex members of their former churches are on their list and so they just want to either make them hate their religion too to join them or trying to prove a point to them that God does not exist. Don’t argue with me (smiles).

This is a deep secret I have personally investigated and analyzed before publishing this article. Like I said earlier, Nostrorum Societas is an article I will note down from time to time exposing the dark secrets hiding within our society in Africa.

CHRISTIANITY: Then there are those we call Christians, either a Christian who believes that their Savior is coming back to earth to destroy all wickedness, and then take the righteous (those who believed and lived according to their doctrine) to heaven, or condemn the sinners (those who did not follow their doctrines) to hell fire for an eternal condemnation. They disagree that they are not religious and further believes that Christianity is not a religion/religious movement, they agree within their churches that Christianity is a way of life, a culture of Christ that is, living the life of Christ, or following the way of Christ, although when you go closer, or follow their doctrines, you will realize that a typical Christian is a religious fanatics, and out of a 99% percent of Christians around and within Africa did not live nor follow the ways or life of Christ, they live their own life, 70% of their pastors and reverend are so obsessed with materialism that they secretly look for ways (diabolic and occult) to gain powers and wealth within the society, stylishly using their gullible members as clients and customers to their business establishments which they pretentiously refer to as “the church”.

The typical Christian church also as numerous denominations, one breaking out of the other, they do not have one voice nor speak one language, a Jehovah’s witness feels that a deeper life member is going to be condemned in hell at their end time, this is their beliefs

When we say church, and Christianity, we must not forget that, there are different denominations that equally see themselves as enemies.

Although, Christianity is a religion of Love, in my opinion, if you want Love, then you have to join them, otherwise, you are going to be hated, and surely you will  be going to Hell!

ISLAM AND JUDAISM: Islam and Imams are not an exception too; according to Muslims, Islam teaches that God is merciful, all-powerful, and unique, and has guided mankind through prophets, revealed scriptures and natural signs.  They put their faith in Allah and a similar belief pattern with Christianity, hoping for an eternal life in a paradise and a destruction of the world along with its sinners.

Although, there are Muslims with entirely a different taught and pattern of belief, they believe that people who are not Muslims must die in fire and blood! Christians literally fears and condemns all Muslims because of the malevolent ones, they also forget that Christianity was ones brutal and killed a lot of persons with a counter belief from theirs, see article The church Killed.

It will be of great importance to you if you know at this point that here are two types of Muslims, the one who faces the East to pray, and the one who backs the East.

However, from a mystical point of view, facing the East means, facing the dwelling place of the most High, The Divine Intelligence whom many religious person may refer to as God, while backing the East means backing the Sun which is equally considered the physical symbol of the invincible God.

You should note also that, it is a normal ritual for every Muslim, be it the ones who backs the Sun and the ones who faces the Sun, to mostly face the North while praying because they believe that their headquarters, Mecca is located in the North, however, it will interest you to know that The North, from a mystical point of view represents the Void, Darkness, the Obscured, the Devil, etc. the North represents the realm of shadows of doubts and despair,

Unlike Christianity, the Muslims do not see their Muhammad as a messiah or Son of God, but they believe that the Quran, the central religious text of Islam, was revealed to Muhammad by God, and that Muhammad was sent to restore Islam, which they believe to be the unaltered original monotheistic faith of Adam, Ibrahim, Musa, ‘Isa, and other Prophets.

Muslims call or refer to Jesus as Isa, but never do they believe he was is the son of Allah, they claim he was just a prophet, like Moses, and every other teachers, and they so believe that Muhammad was the greatest of all prophet ordained by Allah(God) to found Islam.


Now this is the contradiction. While Islam claims theirs is the original, Judaism, the father of the three Abrahamic religions claims otherwise.

Judaism says Moses was their founder and father of their religion, now how can Islam be the original when it was created out of Judaism?

What is Judaism?  According to Wikipedia:  (originally from Hebrew יהודה,) is the ethnic religion of the Jewish people. It is an ancient, monotheistic, Abrahamic religion with the Torah as its foundational text. It encompasses the religion, philosophy, and culture of the Jewish people.

Judaism equally does not accept Jesus as the Son of God but a Rabbi.

Someone might ask, from where does Christianity get its Son of God ideas from? As a matter of fact, Christianities Jesus Christ isn’t the same as The Judaism’s Yehoshua and Islamic Isa, The Judaism’s Yehoshua and Islamic Isa are referring to the same persona, while Christianity was referring to a composite God, a merging of the personality of Yehoshua and Isa, with that of the ancient Egyptian Sun God whom was hailed back then as the Sun of God, however with the sole aim to plagiarize another’s religion and concept, Christianity intentionally referred to theirs as the Son (Sun) of God.


Muslims believe in Paradise to, but the funny thing about them is, they place their men first, women to them are slaves and toys, they support pedophiles and child marriage, and they covert people with force, although, Islam is a peaceful religion, to me, if you want peace you will have to join them, otherwise, its war!

DENOMINATIONS: Oh yeah, Islam also has their various denominations across the world/Africa, each denomination believes that theirs is better, nevertheless, theirs does not condemn each other as much as Christians does to theirs.

Judaism equally have their denominations and like Islam, theirs does not have that much hate among themselves like Christianity.

TRADITIONAL RELIGION: I will not forget those on the traditional wing who practices a traditional spirituality which comes with its belief of a communion with deities and ancestors who still responds to their prayers during libations with animal blood sacrifices offered to some deities for protections, prosperity etc, they believe in an afterlife with  their ancestors and reincarnation.

90% of these believers have no idea about the world they live in from a higher perspective, they confide only to their limited dogmas and beliefs and believing that they alone have the absolute truth, which means that every other belief is erroneous. Conversely, there are few who manage to delve into certain spiritual forces which forces the hand of nature to recreate their realities or force their realities to vibrate at their level all at the expense of others, although they may have some knowledge on the universe and the physical reality as well as a few thing on astral realm which they (some) term the “spiritual world”, but from a deeper perspective they do not understand the inner workings and the consequences that follows such actions, well why would they care? All they want is to get quick riches, materialism such as power; even those who pray to a savior wishing for an everlasting lifetime in heaven or paradise are equally caught up secretly hiding within this category cloaked with the swathe of materialistic illusions.


As a matter of fact, in order to understand this topic “NOSTRORUM SOCIETAS”, you must first understand how this reality and universe responds to the energies we emit, and to explain that, you must first understand ENERGIES, EMOTIONS, and SYMBOL, which has been explained herein, then you must realize that the religious movements we all subscribes to is the reason our mentality is limited in various ways, creating a sort of blocks on the growth of our civilization, making it possible for the countries affected to remain unconscious of their true reality, as well as creating much poverty and unnecessary disputes within the land of Af’raka!

A Christian will never feel safe working with a Muslim and a traditional religious practitioner, even if they are brothers and sisters.

Religion divides us.

OK this is just a maiden edition, (volume one). By next week, we shall continue our discussion on this topic and expand into another area of interest in order to shade light on what is really going on underground.

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Love and Light

Written by Knight Fredel © 2019


  1. Nice to see one on the same path and like mind. I was particularly drawn to this article because of the geometric symbol which I had written about some time last year, Nice one keep it up

  2. I blog frequently and I seriously thank you for your content.
    Your article has really peaked my interest. I’m going to bookmark your website and keep checking for new information about once per week.

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