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ARE THEY GODS OR EXTRATERRESTRIALS (Life beyond our planet) By Knight Fredel god

The question of whether or not life exists outside this planet is one which begs for answers yet the mainstream Medias and scientists’ including NASA has dodged to answer.

The truth is, yes, life exists outside of earth and yes, there are extraterrestrial beings visiting earth for eons, most group whom many religious societies call Gods in their religious myths has their bases in the moons of our planets and on our asteroid belt. More insights on this will be exposed to you later.

Among all the forgotten and most advanced being is the son of Orion called Enki. Kindly note that Orion is pronounced “o-ra-on”

Enki arrive this solar system some billions of years ago, without his arrival maybe there wouldn’t have been any advanced human species on earth today.

He is considered a creator, known with many names from various tribes and religion.

Lord Enki in the real term was born of a Royal family from the star system, Orion.

He is a good genetic engineer who manipulates DNA strands, creates and recreates species, clones and channels entities or souls into genetically created bodies through an aspect of mysticism known as necromancy. He had his laboratories hidden from humans in the old days, built under the ground and under waters (seas), he was called Poseidon by many Greek stories.

ARE THEY GODS OR EXTRATERRESTRIALS (Life beyond our planet) By Knight Fredel god

He used to work along with his step brother who is (was) a commander and a royal blood from the star system of Sirius. Both brothers along with their sister, whom is also an expert in genetic engineering all, formed the code name THE ANNUNAKI, in Hebrew it’s known as YHVH (YAHWEH, JEHOVAH). Many persons taught Jehovah was the name of a God, a universal Divine intelligence however; it is literally a composite code name for an extraterrestrial group who some billion years ago arrived this solar system in search of gold. Gold has always been of great importance to the ancient gods, why? Because it is used along with other substances to create what is known as the elixir of the gods, used to keep the physical body immortal by renewing every cell in the body’s and increases the function of the immune system that no diseases can penetrate. These are the same people the bible stories refer to as God from the word Gold.

Lord Enki was responsible for creating the modern human species by using the DNA of his race and that of the Homo erectus.

Enki, or Lord EA whom was named after Earth, was the scientist who seeded this planet after its first destruction, before that destruction, earth was known as Gaia or Tera Nova, and it was many times larger than it is today. A certain planet went off orbit jamming Tera and hitting half of it into pieces, that pieces is what we know today as the asteroid belt which still exist between mars and Venus.

After the half of Tera was destroyed, the other half was catapulted towards the Sun, but the gravity of the other planets drew it backwards to its current location today were it cooled down for many thousands of years. After many years later, it was ready to be seeded again, Enki arrived here, did the needful, and it ones again became habitable, and then it was named Earth, after Lord Ea (Enki).

ARE THEY GODS OR EXTRATERRESTRIALS (Life beyond our planet) By Knight Fredel god

As earth became habitable, a slave race was genetically cloned in order to be used to mime gold. Enki and his sister kept experimenting until modern human was made.

Note here that the catastrophe that destroyed earth affected Mars. Mars used to be habitable with a very advanced race. As it was knocked out of its orbit it became too close to the sun. There it began to burn off. Its survivors landed on earth in Africa the moment it became habitable. They were the first humans to walk this planet. They lived and prospered here until their DNA was tempered by Enki in order to form this version of human we have today. Ironically, the some African race has their ancestors traced to Mars. This will be revisited next time as we talk about the white race.

The student must note at this point that these extraterrestrial beings were highly advanced race that could jump from one body into another without stress. This was why they were called the gods. The bible story lied and distorted the truth, other books of the bible which proved that the Christian Gods were extraterrestrial beings from another star were removed from the bible. Books like the book of Enoch.

In conclusion, the Bible gods, as recorded in an ancient writing in Sanskrit proved that they were Extraterrestrials who arrived here on spaceships.

To be continued

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Written by Knight Fredel © 2019

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