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Welcome to another edition of our magazine publications, today we are dealing with a very important and complicated issue which entails many aspects of spirituality and the African history as well, thus in order to make you understand my point properly, today’s topic will be generally targeted on exposing the secrets behind the Zodiac and Astrology, however, that would also bring up many other sub topics which I am sure will help broaden your minds towards this enlightenment.

Our discussion will begin gradually, but we will steadily advance to the subject matter as you keep reading ahead. Along the pages of this article, I will be bringing up certain points that require clarity which might somehow seem like a deviation from the focus, but they are further explanations given to help you understand what the overall topic is saying, and I will explain them to your understanding. For example, I may be talking about the zodiac signs and their relationship with mythologies, then I shall talk a bit about what mythologies are, and other examples of myths, with that, you will gain a better perspective of the topic.

Along the line, I will explain what spirituality really means, and where the Zodiac/Astrology fits into, as well as discuss the history of the African people, as well as how the Zodiac came to be found in the West. After all that, we will then reach our main objective, which is the main focus of our article. That will broaden the article and provide it with details relevant to your evolution.

I understand that some of you may believe that you already know what the Zodiac is and might be tempted to skip through paragraphs in order to rush up to the end of this article, but here is what you should know, always keep an open mind as you read through, and read each article more than ones, always revisit and read again, because that is the best way to understand Spiritual knowledge.

As a matter of fact, the topics we discuss herein are not merely for your amusement, but for the purpose of awakening your subconscious, as well as your consciousness. Therefore, even if you are already familiar with the Zodiac signs, nevertheless, you should always keep an open mind because, as far as spiritual knowledge is concerned, you never can tell when you might be exposed to new information, cos spirituality is unlimited, so, when you read with your mind open, you could grasp new ideas and when you do, you self-evolve.

I personally understand that every person have something unique to offer, so, it is important to look at another person’s perspective in order to embrace new ideas or find the missing link to what you already know. It is through such a process of exploration, reflection, and contemplation, that we eventually grow to become a better version of ourselves. Therefore, hang on, and lockup your seat belt as I take you on a joy ride through the path to sacred enlightenment…


The Zodiac is a Western thing! That is what many blacks would when you mention anything related with Zodiac signs, or Astrology. But is it?

I understand that there are few blacks out there who still dislikes the White people, including anything related with them, basically because the blacks shared a tragical history with the white people about 400+ years ago. That was on the event of the trans-Atlantic slave trades which sponsored the torturing, enslavements, and killings of thousands of blacks, selling and buying them off like animals within their slave trade black markets.

So, the past atrocities committed by the whites in Africa 400 years ago still hurts many black children out there and that is why they hate anything that comes out of the Western world, no matter what it is, and without giving it a second thought, they trash it, most at times they do this with hateful words just to make it look bad, though the Western world has refused to at least make amends by making the blacks understand that those were the actions of their forefathers, and they (the modern day whites) are not the same anymore.

But instead of making such move in order to bring back trust between the white race and the black communities worldwide, they ended up worsening matters by creating racism which made matters worse. Meanwhile, despite the fact that we have those white people who are racists, we still have the good ones who do not encourage racism, who rather loves, marries and cares for the blacks, yes, there are those who still believes in the union of humanity and love.

Today, these same white haters are spreading their personal opinion as though it is the absolute knowledge, preaching on their social media timelines, updates and feeds, most especially on Facebook, and Twitter, they are always making mockery of the Zodiac predictions and driving their audience towards their bias conclusion which states that the Zodiac is not a part of African Spirituality… Unfortunately for them, I am here to clear that out with useful points to prove that the Zodiac and Astrology is truly an African thing, in fact it started in Africa and that is the simple truth.

As a pure spiritualist and a messenger of Ma, I am a Light worker, and one thing about being a Light worker is that you must be ready to tell the truth as it is, without sugarcoating it, you must dedicate your life to enlightening the people. This is why if you are on this path of Pure Spirituality, you must never hate any race on earth, or end up hating one to love another, for every single race on Earth came into existence through one single DNA. So, the truth must be shared to benefit all races on earth irrespective of color, race, or location and tribes, nevertheless this article is specially dedicated to the blacks worldwide and to those who thinks that the Zodiac is not African by origin.

Similarly, I discovered that, there are some other groups of white haters out there who also claim that, “palm reading is not African but a part of western culture”, because of that, I added a sub-topic where I further explained on what Palmistry really is, as well as its connection with spirituality, that is because some persons out there strongly believe that they know what palmistry is, but all they’ve got are personal opinions and assumptions inspired by a popular belief which claims that the highest number of those practicing Palmistry today are the Western and Eastern race.

Though, even as that, such analysis does not verify that Palmistry, or even the Zodiac, are of Western practice by origin, let us take this for instance: As it is today, Africa has the highest percentage of people who are Christians, yet Christianity is not African by origin. The same holds true for the Zodiac and Palmistry, the whites may have the highest number of followers and practitioners of Astrology, and they may have popularized it in this century and in the previous, yet the Zodiac and Palmistry are not Western by origin, they got that knowledge from somewhere, and that “somewhere” is Af’raka, and I will tell you why as we progress further on this reading.

Meanwhile, it is certain that those wrong assumptions and unfair opinions concerning this issue about the Zodiac is really spreading fast on their social media handles through their posts and memes created for such purposes, as it is, such a messages will only misguide the new seekers, as well as confuse the old ones too, this is one of the reasons why this topic has become a must on my list, because the people need to know what the actual truth is… Most especially, the Afrakaits (African people).

What I really want you to know is that, the Zodiac, Astrology, and Palmistry are all part and parcel of Spirituality, though the Western race may have at one time invaded our homes and temples and grabbed a lot of knowledge from within our archives in order to empower themselves, but the truth is, not everything was forcefully taken from Af’raka, long before the era of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, the white people who came into Af’raka were not always that violent invaders and colonizers in which you know them to be, and neither were they slave masters, so, the knowledge on Spirituality, metaphysics and science were passed down to the Greeks and the Romans who journeyed down here to learn and get themselves educated in the sacred crafts, our Ancestors discriminates no one, they had nothing against the White people, as long as they passed their tests and proved themselves worthy to receive the knowledge they seek.

Meanwhile, many years later, more like centuries later, the bad ones who invaded Af’raka, took with them those secret manuscripts and ancient teachings of our Ancestors on Science, Astrology, Alchemy etc., and they forcefully gave the Black race religions to keep them blindly occupied and mentally enslaved, so, no one will be able to question them, or even have the use for the knowledge which our Ancestors left behind, and which they were taking out of our lands.

By the way, before then, after the age of our Ancestors, our own forefathers started the importation of spiritual mediums which were used to commune and invoke with dark spirits, they reawakened Dark arts (the left-hand path of spirituality), they used it against themselves and started wars amongst each other, burning down city’s and creating divisions between themselves, they began the slave trading business in Africa before the whites came in, and used it as an advantage to their invasion and colonization plans.

Assuming that, our forefathers continued with the ways of our Ancestors which included the path of Pure Spirituality which kept the unity of all African races under one government known as Kemet which united all the tribes and kingdoms to speak on one voice, one truth, even though they all had different languages, (which were somehow similar), if that frequency was maintained, certainly the black race would not have been colonized in the first place. This is another reason I don’t blame the West for what happened, because we (our forefathers brought this upon us), but we also cannot live our life’s throwing blames, we must gather ourselves up and reset things together under one voice!



The importation of Spiritual Mediums used by our forefathers to commune with dark spirits and deity’s of the 4th dimension all started before the invasion of the Western race into Af’raka, those dark arts (left-hand path spirituality) practices only rose higher when the invasion finally took place, and what they did not know was, those dark art practices along with their internal conflicts and wars happening at that time only assisted in promoting the religious organizations and Missionary groups which the white invaders indirectly introduced to our mothers and children, all those kindly were given out to the helpless black mothers and children so that they can buy their trusts, to make their plans for colonization much easier.


Also note that, it was very hard for those who were being introduced to the Christian doctrines to refuse the new religion being introduced to them by the white missionaries, because every single ongoing events at that time all proved to be evil, including their native spirituality which moved from Pure Spirituality into Dark Arts (the left hand side of spirituality, also called black magick), and since they (black Africans) were still in shock and filled with fear due to the wars, invasions, and many other plagues that were all happening at that time, so it became easy for them to embrace a new religion, cos all they just wanted was food, shelter and hope, and that was what the missionary groups gave to them.

Someone might want to ask, how did the missionaries succeed in changing their mindsets about their own cultures and traditions, well I have the right answers for you.

Firstly, the missionaries started by demonizing their traditions and spirituality, which worked for them because, our forefathers back then were busy practicing the left-hand path of spirituality (dark arts) which included blood sheds and sacrifices of both human and animals, (just as it is now though), and that type of spiritual practice mostly focus on the makings of violent charms to be used amongst themselves, including poisons and charms that induces illness and death to the victim.

Secondly, the missionaries told them that the only place they can find eternal life, happiness and also meet with their dead loved ones again was in heaven, but only if they follow their gospel and believe in the name of Jesus Christ then they will be saved placed on Gods side. Yes, that also worked perfectly for them based on the fact that there were many ongoing internal wars happening within and amongst their once peaceful kingdoms at that time, including the slave trade businesses which was responsible for the abduction and killings of their loved ones, those are the things that forced them to embrace the missionaries and their religion.

Since they lost their homes and loved ones to the wars and to the slave traders, the only thing they needed at that time was “help”, which was pretentiously given by the Missionaries, they used Christianity to provide them with foods, clothing, education, and shelter, unknown to them that this new religion had once undergone a long term-planning before arriving the shores of Africa, and it was only created as an indirect tool to be utilized by the whites to carry out certain activities that will help buy the trust of the blacks, and at the same time, separate them from their roots.

During that time, some were caged mentally through distorted education and religious indoctrination aimed at demonizing their cultures and traditions in order to exalt those of the foreigners (the whites), while others were lured out to some lonely roads and locations, then kidnapped and sent to the slave merchants who bought and shipped them to some slave plantations in America and Europe.

Dear readers and seekers of truth, there is one aspects of this historical episode which I term “disgusting”, and which many writers have failed to expose to you, I believe that when the truth is made known, others may learn from it, but when it is hidden out of shame and disgust, then people will ignorantly repeat that same mistake again, because they do not know the implication that follows such action.

Our history clearly shows that sixty per cent of our slaves were sold by our own people, our forefathers. To support this claim, there have been countless instances where a man brought a slave merchant to buy off his wife and girl child because he wanted a son rather than a girl, many people sold their sons to slave merchants for gold and silver, and some friends betrayed their friends by collecting money during their absence and arranging their abduction in order to gain their favor.

The events described above occurred in our land, where greedy and selfish blacks aided slave traders in selling their own brothers, mothers, fathers, and siblings. It was pitiful.

The ones who were given education through Christianity did not know that the so-called education has been programmed to create a new generation of African people who will not know their own history, who will learn the histories of the white people and take them as theirs, while neglecting their own histories and knowledge of their Ancestors, this was based on the fact that the histories they learnt in schools projected their Ancestors as evil and their Spirituality as devilish, (thanks to some of our forefathers who ignorantly assisted in making that part a success for the white invaders).

Now, with this exposure, you should be able to understand why I revealed earlier, that the knowledge on astrology had long existed for centuries in Africa, practiced by our Ancestors, passed on to those who came before them, and to those who came after them, passed on to the seekers of truth, and finally to the Light workers for safe keeping and preservation.

In order to learn spirituality through our Mystery Schools back then, those from the West who arrived innocently as truth seekers were all welcomed by our Ancestors and trained by them. After they had completed their training, (which took many years), they finally returned home, and when they did, they gathered disciples and taught them all the things they had learned, along with the people who were interested in joining their classes. That was how the Western world acquired knowledge of most of the practices which some of you now refer to as “Western Spirituality and Science”.

You have all forgotten your story, because you all have refused to look deeper and beyond your textbooks, to recognize through your findings that sacred knowledge was first passed down to the Ancient African Ancestors by their own Ancestors who arrived here before them, and whom were referred to as ‘gods’ by many of you, just like the ancient stories all describe them as a highly advanced and intelligent beings that were significantly more advanced than average humans. We will discuss that in our next article.


What exactly is the relationship between the gods, the days of the week, and the planets, and how are they also related with astrology? Ok, let me begin by explaining who divided the week into seven-days which is currently in use today, and what happened to the eight days per week format…

According to some people, the African Ancestors divided the week into eight days, consisting of four major and four minor days (making it eight in total to be précised), according to their beliefs; the division of the week into seven days was originated from the western race. But, was it?

In accordance with my findings, and through my research and personal understanding, I have come to know that the division of the week into seven days is still African by origin, and it was also adopted by the Sumerians who occupied the southern region of Mesopotamia, (Babylon), they adopted it because it rhymes with the seven celestial body’s they see in the sky (back then) and these bodies were metaphorically referred to as Gods and Goddesses in their Mythologies, same to the Ancient Kemet, now this is the point where the constellations and the Zodiac signs come in.

In line with those mythologies, each one of the Gods has a human child here on Earth, (that is, they slept with a human and birthed a child), such special children were called demigods, and at the end of their life, they were blessed with Immortality and placed in the Heavens to sit and live with the Gods and Goddesses.

One of the examples of these demigods who became a constellation is Perseus and his pet horse, which was gifted to him by Zeus, the pet horse was a flying horse called Pegasus, in mythology, the word heaven is a metaphor which means the outer Space or, our galaxy/universe or the solar system.

It is also important to note that there was the story of Spartan Twins who were born to Leda, the Queen of Sparta who was said to have been impregnated by Zeus, rather than Tyndareus, the King of Sparta. In this way, when the twins’ lives came to an end, they were blessed with immortality and given a place in heaven where they lived with the Gods and Goddesses. They became known as the Zodiac sign and constellation of Gemini, the twins. Detailed information on this mythology is presented later within this article.

The 7 celestial bodies which represent the seven days of the week include: the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the Sun.

Moon is said to rule Mondays. She is known as Goddess Luna, the Queen of the Stars and of mankind, the Mother Goddess, and the Ocean Queen.

Tuesdays were dedicated to the planet Mars (God of war), Wednesdays were dedicated to the planet known as Mercury, and He was said to be the God of financial gains, communication and luck.

Next, we have planet Jupiter which is associated with the God of Thunder and Lightning, also referred to as Thor or Zeus, the protector and ruler of the Gods and Man.

And Friday belongs to Friga or Venus. She is also called Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, seduction and motherhood.

Saturday was dedicated to the planet Saturn, in Greek He is known as Cronus, the God of time, regeneration, or rebirth.

Lastly, Sunday was dedicated to the Sun God Helios, or Sol for the Romans, in Kemet He was oftentimes referred to as Ra, the God of Light, and illumination.

All of those gods and goddesses listed above exist in all of the African kingdoms, from the Igbos to the Benin’s to the Yorubas, and to the South Africans, the Kenyans and many other kingdoms. The mythologies of those foreign cultures all originated in Africa, the only difference is the language and names. Yet, the gods and their roles, including their invocation, remain the same.

Let us use the Igbo and the Benin as a case study to match a few of the local gods with those of the Greeks and the Romans, this is meant to give you a clear example of what I mean.

  • In accordance with the Igbo mythology, Anyanwu is the Sun God which is the same Sun God we all know as Ra in Kemet/Egypt, Helios in Greek, and Sol in Roman
  • In Igbo, we have Amadioha/Kamalu as the God of thunder and lightning, (Sango in Benin), this God is referred to as the king of the sky. He is called Zeus in Greek; in the Roman mythology we have him as Jupiter, and they are all known by all tribes and races as the God of thunder and Lightning.
  • In Benin kingdom, we have Oshun (Ala in Igbo) as the Goddess of Love and Fertility, in Rome She is called Venus; in Greek she is referred to as Aphrodite’s.
  • We have Ekwuensu as the God of War in Igbo land, yet in the Greek mythology he is known as Ares; the Romans call him Mars, and they are known across all races as the God of War.
  • We also have the Water or Ocean Goddess in Igbo land popularly called Nne Mmiri, the Greek calls Her Amphitrite the Ocean Goddess, her mate is Poseidon which is known in Benin kingdom a Olokun (though the Benin people refer to the masculine and feminine aspect of this God/Goddess with the same name; which is Olokun), in Rome She is called Salacia the Queen of the Sea.

I can continue to list them all, but it will take the whole day, so I am using these few examples as an illustration to support my explanations.

So, my dear reader, all that spiritual knowledge you may have rejected because you believed it was all a part of Western Spiritual practices, well, currently before you today, you can now obviously see with all clarity that, they are all Af’rakan by origin.

Now that you know, why not begin to open your mind to welcome that knowledge you once rejected in ignorance, besides all this knowledge belongs to everyone, (I mean the blacks, the whites, Asians, and Indians), because if the Great Afrakan Ancestors transmitted the knowledge to the white people who came seeking enlightenment and truth, then evidently it means that, the knowledge was intended to be universal; because no race on earth deserves to be left in darkness while another absorbs the Light, that was never the plan of our Ancestors, we must not let hatred blind us from finding who we really are; We are all one family under one Sun (Ra).



Someone is thinking anxiously.

And deep down they seek answers!

Because they are afraid of the Unknown.


Oh Yes! and well, no! Well, you see, it all depends on what you really mean when you say the words “weird stuff”, because everything you see around you, both in science and in technology, was all made possible through the blueprints created by Spirituality! And yes, Spirituality is being Spiritual, awakening your dormant aspects of your subconscious, and awakening the unconscious within, that is the Spirit part of you which many will refer to as the Soul, Spirituality is gaining enlightenment and awareness of the realities of life, the physical reality and the dimensions above the it. Spirituality is the process of coming into a state of cosmic realization of self and the Spirits within through the study and practice of Mysticism, Philosophy, psychic studies, palm reading, astrology, metaphysics and physics, Psychic practices, alchemy etc. There are just so many subjects under Spirituality which no one had ever told you…



I need to clear this air before we dig further on today’s topic, because I need us to be on the same page, so that when I use the word “Spirituality” in any part of this article, you will not end up imagining something entirely different from what I really mean, because I know that some persons out there may have their personal understanding of Spirituality, and there are few who tend to use their definition as the absolute meaning of that word.

Though, I am not here to tell you how to understand that word, instead, for the sake of this article, you need to know what spirituality really entails, at least from a broader perspective, so that you will be able to understand me better whenever you come across it within this article, cos’ if you misunderstand one major word within a sentence, then you might just end up missing the actual message.

So, when I say “Spirituality”, what do I really mean?

Well, it has become obvious that each time I mention the word; “Spirituality”, people around me tend to imagine something related with darkness, ghosts and some weird stuff, or things related with some horrible spirits from the pit of hell, witches flying at night and sucking people’s blood etc., oh yes you see, some of those things listed above may be somehow related within Spirituality (to an extent, most especially the dark art).

Spirituality encompasses the study and understanding of one’s spiritual dimensions, reincarnations, karma, the afterlife, the paranormal, the understanding of fate, destiny, nature, existence and sciences, etc. Spirituality also has many sub-groups and paths and i shall give you some examples:

Within Spirituality we have the path known as metaphysics which is just like the regular physics and quantum physics subjects in schools, except for the fact that metaphysics is based on both Science and Spirituality, (that is, it is like an abstract science subject that permits the understanding of spirituality), the regular mainstream physics was extracted from the aspect of metaphysics concerned with nature and properties of matter and energy. The subject matter of metaphysics also includes all that physics is known for which are; mechanics, heat, light and other radiation, sound, electricity, magnetism, and the structure of atoms,

Meanwhile, metaphysics bases its focus on the physical perspective, and on the spiritual angle, for example: if we are to study what Sound is from the aspect of Physics alone, we would start a research based on evidence, observation, experimentation and the testing of theories against the evidence obtained.

However, if we are to study Sound from the perspective of metaphysics, we would do so by first understanding what Sound really is from the physical and spiritual perspective, afterwards we would further create an observable phenomena and spiritual theories which requires practical’s and spiritual experimentation in order to get a broader understanding of the subject of Sound.

Metaphysics is the major aspect of Spirituality which gave mankind the blueprint for every successful scientific experiment we know today, metaphysics is associated with the paranormal and the abstract, which is what completes it, in other words; Metaphysics combines science and spirituality together as one subject, which eventually makes it whole.

Next; within this same Spirituality we have Alchemy which is an ancient chemical science and speculative philosophy labeled within the path of spirituality and aimed to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for disease, and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life and many more, this is the spiritual dimension of the regular chemistry you know. The core of Alchemy is based on changing something less or unworthy into something worthy. This aspect of spirituality also deals with the manipulation of chemicals and substances, using the laboratory to create things which would help assist mankind in various ways, it was through alchemy that the first medications were made.

Within this same spirituality we have Mysticism, which deals with philosophies, and the study of natural and spiritual laws through the understanding of those principles or laws of nature and existence, followed by the application of these principles in accordance with universal decrees. It is within the circles of Mysticism that you learn about the astral body, the astral realms and the out of body experience, death and the afterlife, etc.

Within this same spirituality we have the Psychic practices which include the deeper/spiritual aspect of psychology and understanding the higher senses of man, that is the senses which are above the regular five senses, and understanding how to use them as well, for example, psychics can read your mind, send messages to you via their thoughts like I usually do when I find myself in situation where I cannot communicate with someone through phones.

Within the same spirituality comes Astrology which is the study of the Universe, the Planets, the Stars and their influence on man and nature, it is within Astrology that we have the Zodiac signs and predictions, horoscopes, palmistry etc. there are others too, like the path of divination and invocations which is related to the aspect of spirituality that deals with consultation of the spirit forces, invocation of the subconscious minds of the wisest persons who once lived within a town or place before they passed on (Oracles), accessing the universal memories to get details pertaining a particular issue (Akashic) and necromancy (invoking the spirits and the dead who haven’t ascended or reincarnated).

With these facts, you can now see that Spirituality contains a whole lot, and yes, look around you, starting from technology, and science, then to astrology and astronomy, and down to the human laws on morality and the ways of life, and lastly (but not the least) to all the things we created to make our world a better place, they all got their blueprints from Spirituality.

I will keep saying this until it is well sunk into the minds of people, mostly the African race, Science and Spirituality work hand-in-hand, the Morals in our human laws which guides each citizens on daily basis, the selfless principles in politics which include those of Democracy were all originated through the philosophical principles of Spirituality, and introduced into the society by those who have understood the balance of our universe, and they applied same principle in politics, and their application of those sacred knowledge brought perfection in the management of the society through the pattern of leadership we have today.

Although, it is sad to admit that many people today from our various locations and countries have now abused those laws and principles which were once meant to help make the world better, for instance, democracy!

Democracy was introduced to promote equal rights to the people, to vote and be voted for, to help people who know the laws, and who have the passion and capability to rule with transparency, to give them the opportunity to be voted for, even if they are not from the bloodline of royalty or the rich and wealthy. Democracy tends to help everyone become relevant in every society, so to bring peace to the people.

Additionally, other areas of our society have been influenced by those who have pursued spirituality in depth. Due to our imbalanced understanding of ourselves, they introduced gender equality. Thus, gender equality was introduced into society as a positive tool to dissolve the suppression and enslavement of women.

As you can see, all these were learned through the philosophies perpetuated through the practice of Pure Spirituality (the right-hand path), but unfortunately in our world today, such principles have been corrupted by those who are unclean by heart, who have embraced the dark path of Spirituality, (the left-hand path).

The dark path promotes selfishness, obtainment of fickle powers and fortunes at the expense of others, and as their influence began to expand all over the cities and countries, it became secretly mandatory for those who follow their level of spirituality to be the only ones allowed to lead the people, they could do that because they have infiltrated the government, and business sectors, thus, pushing themselves to conquer the minds of the people, enslave and rule them with fears, and converting more people to their path.

Although, in as much as it may seem like there is no hope for redemption anymore, but there is always hope, all you need is turn it on, and bring in more people, starting with yourself, because, Light will always brighten the darkness, no matter what, within these dark times, Light is being reborn, we just need to trust the process, and in ourselves in order to walk in without a dot of doubts within us… That is how we win!

While the colonized kingdoms in Africa continued to focus on the joy of going to heaven, or on the fear of burning in hell, the colonizers created an enslaved government to protect themselves, and at same time make the African people forget their own history. Africans today have forgotten that they are and were the ones who built the first university.

They have forgotten that they are, and were the ones who created democracy, where do you think the philosopher Democritus learnt the idea of politics and democracy from, it was here in Africa, that was before he returned back to Greek with that knowledge, in order to implement them in their cities and nations, and he succeeded.

Africa has forgotten that they were the first to understand nature, the subjects of biology, physics and the entire Science subjects which we all know today, they taught them in the Ancient Mystery Schools, here in Africa, and ohps! That was where Pythagoras got his ideas from, and after studying, he went back to his country in order to teach others, and along the line, his teachings, and knowledge inspired Plato and Aristotle etc.

They started expanding and unlearning, in order to relearn and evolve their world, which was nothing to compare with Africa by then, Africa was paradise, a powerful civilization, and it was a lot more modern than you think, your history lessons were all lies, ‘cos Africans were never cave men and women, it was here civilization started, and rose to a height which our modern world today are yet to reach!

Furthermore, in the area of Medicine, it was passed on to a Greek student (as at then), who was named and known today as Hippocrates right here in Africa, he returned back to his country and became a legend over there for bringing back to them, such sacred knowledge on medicine and chemistry…

Ok, let me burst your bubbles a little bit, Asclepeion was the temple of the god of medicine, Asclepius, that was where patients went to have their diseases treated. Hippocrates is said to have lived close to 90 years in that temple, teaching medicine to his disciples and applying the techniques to his patients, (that was after learning about illnesses and cures in Africa).

Now, for those who disagrees with me in the area where I said there is no separation between spirituality and science, kindly answer this question, if Spirituality has no connection with science, why then was Hippocrates a practitioner of both science, and Spirituality, as we all know, according to mainstream science, they claim that there is no physical evidence to prove everything Spirituality stands for.

Well, I have my answers, Hippocrates held Spirituality in high esteem because while he was in Africa, he learned something that was beyond science, and that thing he learned gave him the knowledge on the things he discovered in science…

Today, Hippocrates is considered the father of Medicine, but literary speaking, was he? Well, to the Western world, he is their father of medicine but to us, I guess he is not.

Ok, you want to ask how, look here, based on my calculations, and through the research made available in libraries, it is clear that he learned everything about the secrets to healing from Africa, meaning that those knowledge were passed down to him by our great African Scholars, our Ancestors, who of cos didn’t give out everything, so with that said, he might be the father of Medicine to his people, but to us, our Ancestors are the real fathers of medicine and science.

Your colonizers do not want you to know this, they do not want you to wake up, this is why today, they hide these things from you, including many of your own ancestral knowledge, and then, the very few they managed to bring back to you, they made you to see them as “Foreign”, that is why people here in Africa, who are unaware of the truth will always think that, the knowledge on Palm reading, Akashic reading, Meditation, and the Zodiac are all Western Practices, and not part of African Spirituality, but that is totally untrue.

This is why you must not bear grudges or hate towards the Westerners, many of them are not like their Ancestors, or their bad rulers and citizens who hate Africans, and only want to exploit them, you do not judge an entire race by the sins of their fathers, yes today we still have those who control and enslave others, but the truth is, not all Whites are slave masters, always keep an open mind, practice Pure Spirituality and see that, most of the things you abandon and hate all because you taught they all came from them, were once yours to begin with.

Furthermore, this knowledge on Zodiac and Palm reading, did not “newly come into your land from the West or East, “instead, it is better to state that they “returned back” to you from the West/East. And if you dig into these things, and learn/practice them well, you might even become a better practitioner than the West are, because it is originally yours, the egregore of that knowledge recognizes the root of its practitioner and aligns with it. So, if there is anyone who can use it well, then it will be those who have the same DNA with the ones who originally created it in the first place, and that person is you and other true African seekers of truth.


Western Spirituality, African Spirituality, Eastern Spirituality, etc.: How many types of Spirituality do we really have, and where does the Zodiac fall into?

Western Spirituality, African Spirituality, Eastern Spirituality, etc.: How many types of Spirituality do we really have, and which does the Zodiac fall into?

Firstly, it is very easy to look at the world in general and conclude that there are various types of spiritual practices. However, when you look from a higher perspective and understanding, you will see the truth in its entirety, and without confusion it would be very clear to note that there is only one Spirituality.

Though this “one Spirituality” is like a coin with two sides, which eventually means that it is divided into two categories, one is the dark arts, also known as the dark path, or the left-hand path, and it goes by many names, the second is the Path of Light. or Pure Spirituality, which also goes by many names, like “the left-hand path”, you may have heard of white magic and black magic, that is what they are called in fictional stories, just like I said, the two parts of spirituality both go by many names.

Generally speaking, the taste of cultures and traditions of the people who are practicing the “Spirituality”, is what makes it either African, Western, Indian, or Chinese Spirituality, etc. Let us take Africa for example: By incorporating the cultures and traditions of the African people into Spirituality, it now has an African identity which everyone refers to as “African Spirituality.”

So, you should know that “the Traditional African Spirituality refers to the Spirituality of the African people, because it contains lots of cultural preferences of the African tribes, and not because it has something better or more original than the rest of them as some people believe.

As stated earlier, Spirituality is broad and it is divided into two paths, the left-hand path, and the right-hand path. The path you choose depends on your intentions and level of consciousness, the left-hand path follows the principles of the Dark Art, which also includes other subgroups like the dark witchcraft practices, and dark-occult practices, so, when the Spirituality of the right-hand path is incorporated with the African cultures and traditions, one can then freely refer to it as Traditional African Spirituality.

Again, if the left-hand path is incorporated with cultures and traditions of the African people, then, it will also be labeled as Traditional African Spirituality, although if you visit a shrine or an altar, they will not tell you if it is of the left-hand path, neither will they label it publicly, they will always claim to be the direct spiritual practice of our Ancestors. This is why the left-hand paths have covered every single towns and villages in our society today, confusing an innocent and ignorant person who only wanted a spiritual solution to their pending problems, or who seek to return back to the ways of his or her Ancestors, as a matter of fact without realizing it, they would end up practicing the dark art and that is how they unknowingly commit their children and children-children to something that would one day bring them nothing but problems in a time to come.

For those who want to know, if the left-hand path of Spirituality is integrated with the occult traditions and principles, then we say it is occult group/fraternity etc. Unfortunately, the spiritual occult and fraternity that follows the right-hand path is also referred to as Occult/Fraternity.

As it is, you should know that both Spiritual paths has an extensive knowledge on herbology and, energy manipulations, though due to the interest and principles which holds the foundation of the right-hand path, I realized that it has much more to offer on herbology, because it focuses more on Healing techniques.

It is also true that the left-hand path does have access to similar healing techniques too, but their concentration is mostly drawn to the use of dangerous plants and, specially selected wild creatures which certain poisonous liquids can be extracted from them, and such liquids can be manipulated to give them the results they desire, and most of their desires are motivated by their rage, anger, envy or desire for power at the expense of others.

For example, a chemical substance obtained from such wild creatures which when manipulated with other substance/chemicals, can be used to change the brain waves and functions of the mental/subconscious mind of a person, which can make a normal person go medically and mentally insane. And yes, for the record, the right-hand path also has such knowledge, because in order to reverse what they (of the dark craft/black magick) have done to someone, then those who practice Pure Spirituality must know the kind of enchantment that was used, how it was made, and how it works, so that, an antidote can be made and administered.

In Pure Spirituality (right-hand path), the advanced knowledge on Dark Arts is only passed on to those who have passed certain tests and have reached certain degrees and those who have risen above all Earthly attachments and perhaps, mastered their emotions/desires. Only such people are worthy of that knowledge, because they have mastered their darkness and attained Purity, or Light, this is why Priest/Dibia’s/Shaman who is a Light worker, can balance the darkness and the light, but a dark art practitioner cannot enter the world of pure spiritual practice, they (their consciousness) cannot rise above the lower astral realms, this is why the path of Light is stronger than the later.

Meanwhile, on this day, the left-hand path has infiltrated most African Traditions, they also have certain elements of the dark path of witchcraft practices mixed with the traditions of most African nations/tribes and at the same time it is currently being practiced in the open and used by various tribes as the major spiritual path of the African Ancestors, I wrote about this a few months ago in the article on Witchcraft. If you missed it, then click here…

Therefore, with this, you can clearly see that, a novice or inexperienced person who does not understand the deeper aspect of spirituality, up to the extent of knowing both categories and subgroups involved, may not know which one is which, unless that person is told.

Now, between the two Spiritual paths mentioned here, you would be wondering to know which of them practices the Zodiac, straight answer: The Zodiac and Astrology falls under both, though it is much more visible in the path of Pure Spirituality (right-hand path), nevertheless, the left-hand path also has a few knowledge on Astrology but not as comprehensive as those in Pure Spirituality, and not exactly for the same purpose.

You see, with time, if you are truly willing to unlearn and relearn the true ways of our ancestors, then you will come to find out that, there is nothing like “our spirituality”, when it comes to Spiritual practices, this is because Spirituality is everywhere, and it is the foundation of this planet, a piece or part of Spirituality has been shared into many subjects you know today, Psychology for instance is a fragment of spirituality which is focused on understanding how the human beings behave and interact with their sub conscious mind.

I understand that Psychology on its own has been developed and much more research has been found thus making it broad and all, but the foundation of Psychology traces to the path and study of the Psychic in Spirituality which is the path that deals with the practice and understanding of the subconscious mind and the human senses, both the ones we know and the ones above the 5 senses as mentioned earlier in the previous sub-topic, the word “psychic” is derived from the Greek word psychikos (“of the mind” or “mental”), which refers to our human mind or psyche 

So, as a matter of fact, the closeness between Astrology and Psychology is quite tiny, as they have a lot in common, that is because, todays Psychology borrowed a lot from Astrology in order to make up the entire subject matter, it took every single knowledge that has to do with human behavior, traits/emotion, and personality etc., and to wrap it up, that is where it borrowed its last four letters of its name from, (Psychic+ Astrology = Psychology) …

I am also fully aware of Parapsychology which deals with the study of extrasensory perception, up to the level of studying telepathy, telekinesis, etc. All those were and are a part of Psychical Studies and practice in Spirituality.

A member of my WhatsApp group, Samson, shared research he made on the similarity between Astrology and Psychology, he wrote: “For example, in psychology, we have four different temperaments, which are sanguine, choleric, melancholic, and phlegmatic. In astronomy you hear something like a rising sign, that aspect of horoscope is talking about a person’s personality traits.
Your rising sun sign talks much about your nature and qualities, while in psychology it’s known as the influence of your environment”.

Now, that is correct, this proves one thing, that Spirituality is very broad and it has been here in everything.



Do you know that most religious stories are symbolic, they are metaphors with secret meanings underneath each passage of the bible, when they are deciphered, they tend to explain the deeper aspects of our spiritual nature, and the universe. There are formulas and resolved mysteries which the Ancients didn’t want the wrong hands to get hold of. Such knowledge was encoded into secret writings and metaphors, only to be understood by the initiates who have proved themselves worthy to receive such truth.

Without fear of getting them into the wrong hands, they were all passed on and popularized as mere stories, memorized by everyone, including children so that, the sacred knowledge within the pages of such stories would exist for centuries but only understood and decoded by the Masters of the Spiritual crafts. Nevertheless, those who read the metaphorical stories literary will still be able to understand the primary message such knowledge conveys in its raw form.

The secret writings which include symbolisms, allegories, metaphors etc. were never decoded by those who read them casually, instead, they took the stories literally and those who understood the hidden meaning never exposed the inner truth in public because they have taken an oath of silence from the ones who passed down the secret knowledge to them. Let me give you an illustration of how and why sacred knowledge was encoded in symbols and metaphors. This was something that happened not long ago.

One of my cousins wasn’t familiar with the Zodiac signs and Astrology, but when she was down for weeks, I noticed she had mood swings and was not able to communicate effectively. Although she does not know her Zodiac sign, but I did, and it is Cancer, and that was why I instantly understood what was going on, Mercury was responsible for her situation, so I went to her and advised her not to give in to the energy she is receiving or feeling, she replied that she does not know what was wrong with her for weeks, then I told her I did.

During that period, I recognized that mercury’s influence in the house of Cancer was making her lose confidence in herself and unable to make decisions on matters she would normally find less difficult to handle. My next question was how would I convey this information to her, as she is not familiar with the Zodiac signs, so I used a metaphor to convey the information…

…. According to my metaphor, the god of communication, which provides her with the courage to speak confidently, is currently taking a break during this period, so throughout this time she will be unable to communicate effectively, she will feel bad for no reason, and she will also lose her confidence in front of people, therefore I encouraged her to find that courage within herself.

That is how our Ancestors used metaphors to convey abstract and deeper knowledge to people who were not familiar with the path so they could still comprehend the message. For example, in this case the message in that metaphor is telling her to find courage within herself, and to understand that the circumstances surrounding her are not her fault and that she is not ill.

As you can see, the Zodiac has been everywhere, and you all have been using it directly and indirectly, and I will prove it to you with a few exposés.

Ok, let me give you a slight hint, take this as an example, but have it in mind that I will not be decrypting the most sacred and deeper symbols and metaphors here, because I am not allowed to do so in a public platform, as many eyes, good and bad are 24/7 watching, and waiting to abuse our sacred knowledge we share by using it as a means to extract revered information from us, this is the very reason why I have an Advanced Class which is used as a portal to share the inner knowledge, train the seekers of truth in this path of Spirituality.

The Advanced Class is protected with various sections where my student seekers must prove their worthiness to receive such knowledge as well as share the Light and Spiritual protection that I offer my members, and until they pass these tests, they will not be granted passage into the higher stages, and the higher they climb, the higher knowledge and training they receive. Those with selfish and tricky hearts or ulterior motives cannot pass those tests.

This is the first hint to unravelling the Zodiac, first from your religious literatures, let us use the Christian Bible as a case study since it is the most popular religion here in Africa:

Zodiac is everywhere

The twelve disciples of Jesus, including himself were all extracted from an older metaphor which referred to the 12 signs of the Zodiac, with the personality of Jesus representing the Sun.

But then, at this point it is important for you to note that, those who gave Africa those religious teachings never did so with the motive to enlighten anyone, they did it to separate Africa from its root, (source), this is why they intentionally mixed up the story, (and other stories in the bible today).

Then, they added the teachings of Yehoshua Ben Yosef to consolidate the fictional character of Jesus which was created from the ancient symbol of the Sun God, along with its 12 Zodiacs which was where they formed the 12 disciples from, that wasn’t the only zodiacal symbolism in the bible, there are many other passages of the bible, including the birth of the Sun, which was changed to the birth of Jesus.

All the metaphors associated with the Sun, the Planets, the Zodiac, the Universe and many more were all brought together to make up the New Testament.

We also learn from the Christian Bible that God arranged the stars into recognizable groups called constellations. Three of these are mentioned in the Bible: Orion, the Bear (Ursa Major), and “the crooked serpent” (most likely Draco) in Job 9:9, 26:13, 38:31-32, and Amos 5:8. The same passages also mention Pleiades (the Seven Stars).

It was made clear that “Bringing these constellations forth in their season is God’s work. He fastens the bands of these constellations”. In Job 38:32, God also refers to the “Mazzaroth,” which is usually translated as “constellations.” Many historians and Astrologists do understand that this refers to the twelve constellations of the Zodiac.

There are many passages which you would not believe were all astrological secrets being encoded into metaphors, all to preserve the knowledge and explain it to those who are not familiar with the raw knowledge of astrology, just like my cousin (as explained earlier), but those who intend to use the religion to control the African tribes collected all these manuscripts containing these metaphors and rearranged them to make up the bible, and then passed them down to their slaves as the word of God so that they could read and understand them as real life historical stories/events.

These slave masters knew the secrets within the pages of the bible, but they could not tell anyone about it. Consequently, they created a secret religious/Christian mysticism to practice symbolic messages and secret passages/ codes in secret, and only the initiates knew the secrets. The formation of mystical fraternities was accomplished through this method.

If you understand these secrets and apply them to your life and activities, you will become a different person, some of us at the early stages of our illumination, we encountered self-doubts, regrets and wished we never knew what we do, ‘cos it comes with a prize, which are sacrifices we never thought about, as it stands there are many things the normal people consider normal which most of us Light workers can no longer fit into no matter how we try.

So, we teach these things from the surface to those who wish to know and find the truth, for them to see the Light and realize the truth for themselves, then follow the Light and rise above the level of mental slavery which they have been for years. However, the deeper aspect of this truth must be reserved for those who are willing to step into the Light and become one with it.

Now what next do we have here? Let’s see: The constellations have been tracked and studied for millennia. The Egyptians and Greeks knew of the Zodiac, and they used it to measure the beginning of spring, this was many centuries before the Christian religion came to being. Much has been written of the meaning of the zodiacal constellations, including theories that they comprise an ancient display of the Universe and also, how the Zodiac is connected with the fate of each person as both aligns properly.

For the sacred meanings of biblical symbols and characters, let’s take for example, the constellation Leo can be seen as a depiction of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Revelation 5:5), and Virgo could be a reminder of the virgin who bore Christ. However, the Bible does not indicate any “hidden meaning” for these and other constellations, well the reason is because a Metaphor and codes are meant to keep higher and sacred knowledge secret for only those who have been given the keys to unravel such knowledge.

The Bible says that Stars, the Sun and Moon, were given to us as “signs” and for “seasons” (Genesis 1:14); that is, they were meant to mark time for us. They are also “signs” in the sense of navigational “indicators,” and all through history men have used the stars to chart their courses around the globe.

So, let us look at it this way, the Zodiac, when fully understood from a spiritual perspective can be used to track one’s fate and destination in life, you can navigate your life journeys through the Zodiac, and I meant the Zodiac not the general daily horoscopes scattering all over the internet which majority are even wrong predictions created for their click baits. Only a few prediction/horoscopes are truly from genuine Psychics and Astrologers.

I think at this point I should make you understand what the word “God” means, under Astrology, God in the Bible can be depicted as a Metaphor referring to the “All That Is, and Will Be”, that is, the Universe. The galaxy, the Solar System, and the Planets and Sun, all together makes up the Universe, God.

Although other Bible passages weren’t referring to the Zodiac and Astrological events in metaphors, some are manuscripts from other spiritual sources and Alchemy, etc., so don’t generalize it, the founders of Christianity did a nice job in randomly bringing manuscripts together to form a religious doctrine, so right inside the Bible are Spells, Sacred Knowledge written in Metaphors and Astrological, Scientific, and Spiritual Knowledge and quotes all brought together as one book.

The Christian Bible says you can learn about God by studying the stars in Isaiah 40:26: “Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens: This is another metaphor written by the ancients and packed into the bible by some foreign slave masters, this is another evidence of Astrology/Zodiacal knowledge in the bible, remember that, though we are using the bible as a case study, however this also applies to the Torah, and the Quaran, because both books all have same origin.

Although it is certain that, the believers don’t know what is going on within their religion, I mean, the reason why those metaphors and knowledge were compiled in the first place is different from what they are currently being used for today, and those who read and studied these religious books don’t even know what the passages mean to begin with, although many of them do think they know, but as long as they read and understand those passages from a literary point of view, then they are, and will continue to get the wrong message.

Now, from time memorial up till this day, the Zodiac has been in existence and serving its purpose, there has been the use of Zodiac and Astrological knowledge within the confide of Black Magick, and White Magick practices over the centuries and years before now, and within this time as well.

Note: Black Magick/White Magick are the popular names for Dark Witchcraft and White Witchcraft practices, most especially in fantasy novels and stories.

I need you to understand that those who practice Pure Spirituality cannot do without Astrology and Alchemy all together, in fact, Spirituality as a whole cannot do without it, unless the person practicing isn’t yet a guru or hasn’t been well grounded in the path, look at the Indian Spiritual paths and its religious groups which is based on Hinduism, they all have Astrology embedded within them, a native of Indian cannot organize a marriage ceremony unless they are sure the Stars are in their favor on the selected date, if not, the guru chooses another day for them.

Two couples cannot go ahead with marriage plans unless they are sure that their Zodiac signs are compactible, (not by using google horoscope but by consulting a Guru in the field), and if they are not compatible based on their Sun Signs yet they still wish to get married, then there are certain rituals they can embark on, and during such a ritual the man and the woman will be made to understand their opposites sides which they may find incompatible with one another, and so they are taught on how to work on it to overcome such, that is if they truly want to, it takes courage to embark on such rituals, thus after the rites are completed, their knot will be tied on a special day as assigned by the Guru through his Zodiac readings and consultations.

And this aspect of Spirituality which involves Astrology were all a part of African Cultural heritage and Spirituality before the advent of Christianity and Islam, and before the importation of dark witchcraft and dark Arts which is now incorporated into our traditions and spiritual practices which are regarded today as the usual African Traditional Spirituality, when the truth is the opposite.

I know most of you will be wanting to ask me why astrology is so important to Spirituality, witchcraft/and so on. Well, I will tell you…

As most of you all know, Spirituality is all about frequency, vibrations, symbols, etc. The Zodiac is symbolic, with many secret meanings which is why each sign has its own special use in mystical and spiritual rituals, and again, the Zodiac signs and its alignments with humans and life events in general all means that they are uniquely related with a person’s fate, and also connected with that “power” or “energy” that imposes fate into the life path of a person.

USING THE ZODIAC IN RITUALS – Let us take our first example, Pisces.

The ruling planet for Pisces is Neptune, it is a planet associated with dreams and the unconscious, this planet triggers vivid dreams state and out of body awareness if when aligned properly at the right time and with the right enchanted materials on its sacred day (Friday), the practitioner will be able to raise certain spiritual energies to help fulfil their goals, which can be anything ranging from Astral Projection, or seeking answers from the spirit and making contacts with the elemental spirits of Water, etc.

There are other Zodiac signs which are used in spiritual rituals, and Cancer is one of them, it is governed by the Moon, and the element of Water. The Cancer Zodiac is used in a sort of ritual event called the Moon Rites/Rituals. The workings of rituals and spells in accordance with the phases of the lunar cycle, has been practiced across cultures and throughout human history, and it includes Spells and Enchantments of jewelries like rings made out of a special steel/stone with the energy of the Full Moon through a special Medium, I do this a lot.

Virgo is another Zodiac sign which is used in Spiritual rituals, and which has a special spiritual symbol.

The Hermit Card

Virgo is represented by the Hermit tarot card, a symbol of “cures found”, and “knowledge gained through seclusion and surrender”.

In Tarot, Virgo is represented by the Hermit card (left). This card depicts a “Merlin’s kind of character”, bearded, hooded, slightly stooped under the weight of hard-earned wisdom, loosely holding the light of possibility and the spark of consciousness.

Now, added to the fact that Mercury is Virgo’s planetary ruler, it embodied the power of Mercury, a true spiritualist knows that Mercury is a very important Planet in Spirituality. The energy it emits down to Earth most especially on special planetary alignments affects almost (if not all) the Sun signs respectively.

Virgo rituals are done in connection with Purification Rites, Healing, Enhanced Regeneration. And it is also done in connection with the planet of Mercury and most times for the sake of invoking the Ancient Deities involved with Lucks, Open ways and Financial Favours. In a broader ritual, the stone of mercury known as Emerald is used along in the process of enchantment and charged for luck and prosperity, Emerald gemstone or Panna represents Mercury.

This gemstone is also known by other names like samarld, samarods. This mercury stone is considered a symbol of richness and prosperity. Its color is green, not red, you should know that the popularly advertised red mercury, mostly used in fictional stories is different from the actual mercury gemstone, the red mercury is considered a hoax.

Now, if you read and understood the above explanations correctly, then you will understand that, the Zodiac and Astrology, along with its Predictions were, and are, a part of our Ancient Spiritual Practices both of the African people and others, without forgetting Akashic readings and Palm readings/Spirit consultations.

A spirit consultation is done by connecting with the Spirit elementals via a charged medium, and posing a question to the Spirits, in my case they either show me signs and symbols in response to my question, then in other to get the message and what it says, I have to break down those codes and symbols.

For those of you who are unaware: The Spirits communicates with us through Signs and Symbols, and sometimes through Codes, riddles and Metaphors, and we get the message only when we break those codes. This is why we have Spiritualists who were groomed by Masters, from their early life in order to master those courses, and gain further mastery on the foundations of their calling, yes it might be their calling, but they definitely need a tool and a guide to work it through…

FLASHBACK – Let us have a little tiny diversion.

This reminds me of something I read online from a post I found on my Facebook feeds one morning, well, it was written by a lady who happen to be on my friends list, and this lady claims to be a sort of high priestess or something, meanwhile, when I went through her posts, I noticed she focuses more on advertising her shrine and works which she claims to be doing for her clients, including prayers and invocation sessions, She mostly does that by presenting certain rituals on her live Facebook page which I regard as unrealistic, because first of all, cameras are forbidden in Spiritual Rituals and inside the alter when it’s in session, and phone radiations don’t go well with real-time spiritual rituals, as well as spiritual mediums like a Juju medium, etc.,

But that aside, it was one of her posts which brought my attention to her page, and in that post, she wrote as follows: One does not need to be trained to be a Spiritualist, and to be a Messenger of the Spirits. Then she further added that, as long as you are called, you get directed by the spirits on what is, and what is not.

Well, unfortunately, some of us disagree with such type of posts, because, generally, such posts would mislead the younger generations and those who are about to walk this road. In my case, despite the fact that it is my calling, I was trained and tutored by many great Masters.

That was the reason why I had an unusual teenage and early adult life because I had to walk that path which requires sacrifice and patience, but most of these newbies and online spiritualists do not have such patience, they are focused on making posts on their social media pages just to feel knowledgeable, they do not care if their posts will misguide their followers or not. These are the people who place their spirituality and mysticism as a barge to feed their ego, and feel powerful.

As it is, learning and understanding how spirits communicates isn’t what the they (the spirits) will teach you, learning to write and interpret symbolism is what you have to spend a few years studying and experimenting, because as time goes, you will have many vivid dreams, and guidance from the spirits yet you are the one to interpret their messages, that is why you who is called and destined to become a Priestess/Priest or shamans will have to dedicate your life to the course of learning and being mentored by those who came before you.

It will take a while before you start interpreting the dreams of others, and it will take some time too before you start connecting with the spirits to get their message, because one must learn the deeper aspect of dreams, how they are projected, and how our brains interprets those dreams, because different signs, objects and environments which the brain will use to transmit those dream moments to you will all be familiar and personal to you, unless it is the dream of another person.

When you are in direct connection with the Akashic, Oracle or the Spirits via a consultation session, the experience you will have will be similar to dream state, only that this time its conscious dreams, meaning that you know what is going on, and you know you have left your body or projected your mind to the spiritual dimension where you talk to the spirits to get answers. That is why I told some of my followers that, divinations (afa) are not so connected with the spirits, and many of the shamans who depend on it for answers end up using mind games for their clients.

Spirits don’t speak English or your language directly, even when they appear as human to talk or show you an event in a trance, they always don’t mean what you see, the events they show you are mostly riddles or metaphors, and when they do speak to you via the language familiar to you, they speak in riddles and in allegory.

So, when next they tell you, “No one needs training to be a Priestess/Priest, or a Light worker or both”, just tell them they are yet to understand what their calling really is.

Now back to the topic, you s


Zodiac predictions/horoscopes are not replacements for Akashic and Palm reading, and neither are they an alternative to Spirit consultation, it is not a means to a deeper spiritual guide or consultation, but a possible daily prediction based on the planetary influence caused by the alignments of our heavenly bodies, (the moon, the planets, the Sun), the energy’s they emit affects us differently due to our Sun signs, as well as our moon signs, they are meant to assist you navigate your daily/weekly/monthly pursuits, ventures and affairs events to an extent, however on a more personal level, where you seek answers pertaining your life and reality, destiny and the wish to find solution to your pending problems, then that’s where Palm readings, Akashic and Spirit consultation sessions comes in.

The map-out of the palms, and its spiritual symbolism

Our Ancestors studied the stars and their influence on humans, the Moon and the Sun, the energies they emit and their effects on us all, etc. Every day of the week was dedicated to each planet, some are dedicated to two, one primary ruling planet and a secondary ruling planet. Therefore, whichever day you were born, the very planet that rules that day becomes your own ruling planet, because since you came to Earth on its day, you have been aligned with it, and thus, affected by its energy all through your life.

Have you heard of the words, “I had a bad day”, or “my day today is so filled with irritation, mode swings etc.”, such are comments made by those who their planets may have gone retrograde or passed through negative circle. Then there are days when you naturally feel up and high, and as some would say; “feeling lucky” kind of days, all those were influences reflected to you due to the current planetary positions and alignments.

In spite of that, if you have a serious issue that is deeper and related with spiritual matters, and you need a personal consultation for guidance, then you request for an Akashic reading, Palm reading and Spirit consultation session with me, which all three will be done for you.

Zodiac predictions are a general guide for everyone, but the information you get from Akashic and Palm readings are personal to you alone and they help reveal your problems and their source directly for you, therefore giving you the head start to solve them all.

The practice of palm reading dates back to our ancestors. They were fascinated and astonished by the uniqueness of their fingerprints and palm lines. Despite the fact that palm lines may appear similar at times, the curves vary from one individual to the next. They then studied the finger prints and conducted experiments which proved successful after many years of studying them.

In the palm of each person, one can learn a little bit about their personality and a little bit about their future expectations and current circumstances; on the left palm we learn about what the individual has been given and gifted with; on the right palm, we learn about that person’s life and how he or she has used the gifts given by the spirits. People sometimes change their course on their path towards their destiny as a result of their personal choices. These things can be observed on their right palm.

For example, someone may be gifted with long life and destined for wealth in a time to come, such revelations can be observed on the persons left palm, now based on this person’s personal choices the life spam may begin to drop, and due to the path, he decided to follow, his future wealth might no longer be there, changes such as this can be seen and interpreted from the right palm of this person.

Due to the challenges people face today, many people quickly give up in life due to a lack of endurance on their part. As a result of such a move imposed by that individual through his/her own free will, it may alter the course of his or her life, which will influence his or her destiny in the future.

The truth about life is, sometimes the path which proved the hardest is mostly the route to your destiny, thus giving up on that life path is like giving up on the very things that define you, and that can attract suffering. Sometimes you may even feel like you are unsatisfied, and such feelings can drive one crazy, as well as cause depression.

Within the palm one can tell what element a person is born of, and their planetary ruler (in most cases), one can get information which can reveal one’s destination, for years I have been reading palms for my clients and I tell you, in spite of what some persons may claim, palm reading (also known as Afa-Aka in most path of Igbo) is an aged long process used in consultation.

To read more about this and the Akashic Reading techniques, kindly visit this previous edition of our Magazine Publication. CLICK here to READ...

Meanwhile, your daily and weekly zodiac predictions help guide you ahead of your day in the areas of your life involving love, career, travels, emotions etc., it helps navigate your day to place you on the right track, never forget to meditate daily, it helps free the mind and bring you closer to your true self, refer to the last page for a simple meditation guide.


Is there a connection between these three? Or are they just another coincidental subjects which end up having similar explanations?


Well, as the case may be, it appears that our planet is a target for some kind of force field, energy, or something similar, this force field projects certain information into our reality.

Each of this information is contained within this force fields. As they are projected towards our reality, they send out information which are similar to some written codes generated to infuse an auto-navigation protocol to help direct how/where things should be, and what direction each person’s life should go, that is why it is very hard to change one’s fate, and when you do, it comes with many sufferings in time to come.

For example, if some persons decide to exercise their free will to some degree, when they do, it will seem good at first, but after a short while, the new reality they have created for themselves will start breaking down, and those events in their lives will again circle themselves back to the path they were originally fated for, and if they keep fighting to redirect their fate, then many more sufferings will occur.

So, when you talk about fate, and destiny, you are talking about a higher force which tracks our life journeys, a sort of powerful force which makes sure of our every move, and pushes us to be where we are supposed to be based on the agreements we may have had before we were born.

It is true that we all knew of our destiny and life purpose before our birth, we all knew of the paths we were asked to follow, many of these paths were accepted by you no matter how dark it may seem, and after all the agreements and decisions, fate will then take into its database all you have accepted to do and the paths you have accepted to follow, and that is exactly what it will implement on Earth the moment you are born, this is done in order to navigate you through those paths you have agreed and accepted to follow.

Those who lack understanding tend to struggle against life, but ultimately life will prevail as fate cannot be denied. To a certain extent we can exercise free will when it comes to deciding which paths to take and making small changes in those paths, “yet the notion that we are able to freely use free will any way we want” is false; the overuse of free will does comes with a prize which can result to the possibility of being completely derailed from our original course. In such a state, nothing appears meaningful anymore, and even horoscopes will no longer be in sync with one’s journeys and events.

Indeed, this is usually the case when a series of incidents have occurred which have changed the course of your life leaving you at this moment in time with nothing to guide you to your destination. Therefore, no matter what effort you put into pursuing your current career or love life, it will all come to nothing until you make the decision to realign yourself and commit back to the journey which was pre-determined for you; and everything will then begin to work out again.

In the path of Pure Spirituality, fate is a force which is governed and ruled by the Goddess of Fate and Destiny. She has other names as per different tribes and languages, and She also manifests in various dimensions, guiding each and every Souls through the course of their life. The only problem we have is, most people disconnect from their Elemental Spirits, and so lose track of their life’s journey through the misuse or abuse of Freewill.

At that point fate will keep trying to fix this by redirecting them back to their destined path, but many persons do not accept such redirections because, when it happens, it can come as a painful experience, like the loss of a job, breakup from spouses, and disconnection from family, it can be anything.

Be aware that life’s events can sometimes be tricky and, if not careful and patient, one may misinterpret the process. Many people who are new to this spiritual journey often confuse this phenomenon; for instance, when their relationship is at risk, they opt for a split instead of trying to save it – believing ‘the universe has chosen their fate’, when in fact Fate does not work by our own volition, we must be prepared to surrender our wishes and commit to doing all we can to mend it. Only then will Fate take control and make its decision.


Does the Zodiac have any relationship with the forces that control the fate of mankind?

Since we have discussed the Zodiac subject to some depth, I am confident that you have a good understanding of it, and that you have also noticed that it has a considerable impact on our life journeys. A horoscope even predicts what is meant to be on a particular day or week. Our ability to do or undo certain things is provided to us on certain days based on the position of the stars, planets, and Zodiac signs.

Now to better answer this question, let me carefully analyze something for you, there is “something” located within the human body, and it may have served as a possible link between our human/psychic body, the Zodiac houses and the Planets, this “thing” also has a connection with the force-fields of Fate. Let’s dive in.

We meta-physicists and spiritualists have comprehended the astounding fact that there are glands and energy centers within the human body which responds to the planets in our solar system. It appears as though each of the planetary bodies relates to one of these energy centers inside us – how fascinating!

Well, based on my spiritual know-how, I have come to the conclusion that these energy centers along with their connections with the Planets are the reasons behind the influence of the Zodiac on everyone.

Then, Fate on the other hand uses the Zodiac as a tool to reach and connect with every one of us in the 3rd dimension (that is the physical world). As a matter of fact, since fate isn’t a physical energy, but one that acts from the 5th dimension or thereabout, that is why, in order to connect with humans, it will certainly need a tool, that is a sort of medium, and yes, the Zodiac, the Planets and the Stars are the mediums which fate uses to connect with every one of us.

The energy centers are all located within the endocrine glands in our bodies, (the pituitary, thyroid, hypothalamus, and pineal glands, etc. etc. etc.), they are like a wireless device that is connected to our body used for the sending and receiving of signals from those planets they are aligned with. Based on my personal experiments, these are the mechanisms that allows Fate to take control of our life, for without those Psychic mechanism and alignments with the Stars and Planets, or Zodiac, fate will be unable to connect with each and every one of us, and so, that is why these energy centers were created in the first place.

I once told a student of mine something sometime back, that our physical body is like a biological computer system, and the entire cosmos is like a hologram, then in order to exist inside that hologram, Souls and Spirit beings require this biological body so that their consciousness can be are projected into the biological body’s which is located inside the hologram. That process of projecting a Soul or Spirit being into a biological body inside the hologram is what we call incarnation, and when a Soul or Spirit being is leaving one biological body into another (maybe because it is damaged during an accident or something), that process is called reincarnation.

The only difference between a human body and the body of an artificial intelligence is that the human body is entirely organic and it’s used as a means of incarnation for Souls and Spirit beings alike. The artificial intelligence has not been able to house a soul/spirit being, it works independently on its own based on the programs and protocols given by the builder, they are not biological so they do not need organic foods and water to function, they only need generated power from electricity.

The human body which is biological also requires such electricity too but not just in the same way, the human body needs an electric/current which comes from the vital life force that goes into our body system every second from the air we breathe and every day from the food we eat, they keep the human body system powered on, and lack of that current it shuts down. The air carries with it the positive polarity of that current, while the food we eat carries with it the negative polarity of that same current, that is why the human body requires both to stay alive.

Now, just as the computer is designed, so was our body intelligently designed, our 3rd dimensional reality (the physical realm), is all a reflection of the 4th dimension (the astral realm), I have said that many times, and people are yet to understand my point, for we are living in a denser and more solid version of the astral realm, the physical realm was created in form of a biological and organic hologram.

The knowledge on Gnosticism supports this, and when I found that out, I became certain that what I just found out during my Spiritual expeditions were true, because I found this out on my own long before I engaged into Gnosticisms for the sake of enlightenment and knowledge, and like I always do, I do not practice or learn something halfway, I always must reach the end of it and so I did same for Gnosticism. When I say “Gnosis”, I am not referring to the path that majors its teachings to the Jewish Mysticism, Gnosis comprises of both Jewish mysticism and more on Practical Spirituality, the word “Gnosis” means knowledge of spiritual matters, mystical knowledge.

We shall discuss this in full on another Edition of our Magazine, nevertheless you should be aware that, we are connected to all, and all is connected to us, as above, so below, thus, our fate, is in alignment with the Zodiac.




That is because, a lot of events in your life have been tampered with, leading you to this very moment, and all that were never in line with your fate, and so cannot lead you to your destination, thus, whatever you try to do on this path you have chosen, that thing will keep crashing until you redirect yourself, your life, your everything back to the path you were designed for, then things will begin to fall in place again.


Ok, let us go back to the part where we talked about “Glands” and those energy centers in our body’s...

You may be looking for at least one example to prove that the Glands and the energy centers are connected with a planetary body out there, right? As a matter if fact, yes, you are, so here, let’s take one example so we can move on.

We have the thyroid gland, it is located at the center of your throat, on the exact spot where the throats energy or psychic center is located, in the east, a psychic center is called Chakra, and the throats psychic center is called Vishuddha Chakra, this chakra or energy center governs communication.

During one of my research and experiments, I found something amazing, that is, this energy center on our throat is connected with the Planet of Communication, otherwise known as Mercury.

Please Note here: there are clicks baits websites out there who write and publish wrong information just to attract clicks, some of them claim that the second energy center located in the stomach area is connected with mercury, but that is untrue, such a write up is entirely wrong from every aspect of it, this is why you must be careful with what you read out there on the internet, people write anything just to make money online.

zodiac and fate

Towards the end of this article, I shall read the names of all planetary rulers, what they stand for, and the part of our life they control. When you get to that part, you will see that Mercury governs communication skills.

Ok, back to the discussion on psychic centers and their connection with the heavenly bodies. Now someone might be saying, “yeah, all cool, but what about the rest”, that is, you want to know what another Psychic center in our body and the planet its connected with.

Well, I have answers for that, the fact is, the Zodiacs corresponds with the Psychic centers, (chakras) and it isn’t just that, the Zodiac also corresponds with all the realms and dimensions, from the 1st dimension up to the 12th. The truth is, they also relate with one another.

For example, the Physical Realm is the 3rd dimension, and it is connected with the Root Chakra (that is the first psychic center in our body located below our front waist and close to the genitals), this Psychic center is influenced by the Planet Saturn and the Zodiac sign Capricorn, so do you understand my point of view now?

Ok let me come again, the Sixth dimension is connected with the Ajna Chakra (the third eye or 6th Psychic center), and it is influenced by the Moon and the Sun, thus, governed by the Zodiac sign of Leo and Cancer respectively. Now you know what I mean.

As you can see, if you read correctly, you would understand that the Zodiac is deeper than just a tool for daily horoscopes and relationship compatibility calculators, rather it has more to offer in Spirituality. The Zodiac is a very important tool used by the force fields of fate to navigate our life on Earth, and those psychic centers, also called Chakras are the channels or device which receives those navigations, the planets are all connected with it and carrying out their various duties.

I compared the psychic centers to computer devices, that is because they all act as receivers which are also capable of sending signals in and out of our subconscious, that pattern of operation resembles how a computer network device works.

To many, this exposure would sound bizarre at first, and others would find it too hard to comprehend, but with slow and steady reading, one would understand completely because I explain almost every Spiritual and mystical term I use within this article and edition to avoid misunderstanding of the write ups. Now let us go into the next discussion and let’s understand how Astrology is connected with the Zodiacs.

Those who lack understanding tend to struggle against life, but ultimately life will prevail as fate cannot be denied. To a certain extent we can exercise free will when it comes to deciding which paths to take and making small changes in those paths, “yet the notion that we are able to freely use free will any way we want” is false; the overuse of free will does comes with a prize which can result to the possibility of being completely derailed from our original course. In such a state, nothing appears meaningful anymore, and even horoscopes will no longer be in sync with one’s journeys and events.




Astrology is the study of the nature of celestial bodies in space, their movements, their alignments and their positions, as well as its influence on man. Meanwhile, the sign of the Zodiac refers to one of 12 constellations of the zodiac through which the sun travels. When a person is born, their zodiac sign is based on the sun’s location in the zodiac trail.

Well, just like I always say, astrology is not a western thing, it is originated here within the Ancient African Spirituality, it has been a practice and study entwined in metaphysics, a path that cannot be separated from Alchemy, and other practical Spirituality.

Back in the days, before the slave trade era, both paths, (astrology and alchemy) were once referred to as Magick, most especially in tales, and by those who could not explain what it is and how it works, because those who went deep into it ends up doing great things which one could call “magical”. And after the slave trade era, people began to associate magical phenomena with the deeper aspects of Alchemy and Astrology. Today, most of that knowledge is now categorized by some people as “old science”, because the results obtained by most of its experiments could not be explained by physical evidence.

Nonetheless, as the enslavement of the black race continued, and as newer generations began to spring up, people started forgetting the root of “that thing they called magic”, mostly because of the newly written stories/movies which referred to magic as something bizarre, that is, something that has to do with psychic phenomena’s, tricks and extraordinary abilities; like flying with a broomstick, shapeshifting, making enchanted portions that can make one do something extraordinary, existence of magical and mythical creatures, etc. So, with all that going on, the association of Magick with science, astrology and alchemy became impossible.

There is more to Astrology than the daily horoscopes you know, it is the study of all that exists above, and around this planet Earth, the Stars, the Moon, the Planets, the Constellations and their influence on humans, not just that, Astrology seeks to understand how the Planets, the Moon, and the Zodiac Signs influences human with the energy they emit, etc., No one had ever asked why the ancients referred to the Planets, the Moon, and the Sun as Gods/Goddesses?

There are 88 constellations in general, meanwhile the twelve Zodiac signs are the ones which the Sun travels through. The fact is, as the Planets travel around the Sun, so does the Sun travel from one Zodiac house into the other. For the sake of enlightenment, there are three main types of constellations that can be located in the night sky. They are:

  • Circumpolar constellations: Star patterns which are viewable all year because they are located near Earth’s poles and do not dip below the horizon.
  • Zodiacal constellations: Star patterns in the direct path of the sun, used to name the zodiac signs of ancient mythology.
  • Seasonal constellations: Star patterns that shift in and out of view based on the time of year. Scorpius and Orion are two examples of seasonal constellations that can only be seen at certain times of year.

Since I will not be able to list all Eighty-Eight Constellations, I will show you a few of them which are said to be the most important constellations: and they are known as Orion and Sirius.

The Constellation of Orion
  1. Orion, the great hunter, is one of the most common constellations to find on a clear night. It can be identified by the red and blue stars which make up Orion’s belt, and if the stars are followed to the left, they can be used to identify Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. Sirius is used to form the nose of Canis Major, another of the major constellations which specifically represents Orion’s hunting dog. Next, I will briefly tell you about the next most famous constellations.
  2. The Big Dipper and the Little Dipper are thought to be some of the most famous constellations in the sky by some astrologers, although, they are not even a constellation at all! The Dippers are asterisms, or collections of stars that do not form a constellation on their own. The Big Dipper is located inside of Ursa Major, the great bear, while the Little Dipper is located inside of Ursa Minor, the lesser bear. Therefore, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor can be considered some of the most famous and true constellations in the night sky.
Evening starry sky with the constellation of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor and the North Star. Vector illustration.

Although the most advanced courses on this subject still remains behind “closed door” for those who are ready to delve deeper into the ancient path of our Ancestors/Pure Spirituality, but you should know that in accordance with Astrology, no birth is a mistake, for there exists no coincidence, or random events as long as this Universe is concerned.

If a person is born, the Planetary ruler of that day, (i.e., the Planet which rules the day a person was born) will certainly have strong influence on that person’s life, personality and behavior/character.

Those who are ignorant on this subject should know their place and open their mind to new information, if they don’t find an alignment with any of the Zodiac signs or if the horoscopes don’t align with their life events, they should refer to the FAQ section of this Edition, to see what the cause really is, that is how solutions are found, not by ranting or entirely blacklisting and campaigning against it all because you think it doesn’t work for you, for nothing is impossible under the Sun.

One must never give up in any area of life, for what you escape to face today, you will meet tomorrow! A person might say “that is an impossible task”, well, that is because someone somewhere hasn’t fully succeeded in completing that task, and but the moment someone does so, (which will definitely happen), then the task goes from being impossible to possible.

Most of the things we know and use freely today were once taught to be impossible in a time before ours, but today they are now seen as possible because someone or a group of people came together to find a solution. Thus, nothing is impossible under the Sun.

Let us take for example: The black hole is said to be a part of our universe that no human being has ever been inside, although the nature of the blackhole ensures that even if someone is close enough and eventually enters the blackhole, they will not be able to return or send back messages to those on this side. In addition, it has been stated that the chances of getting into the black hole are void, meaning that even if one were to enter, the energy fields within and around the black hole would elongate that individual by stretching him or her as if he or she were chewing gum or spaghetti, but such a phenomenon will result in death for humans.

However, from a higher perspective, I still maintain that it is possible to go in without all these risks and side effects. However, it is yet to be discovered, and if we keep digging and studying it, we may be surprised at what we discover. During the experimentation stage, we would need to study the nature of the black hole environment and those energy fields. We would also need to create a synthetic version of that energy here on earth for further investigation and live experiments. In that way, we might develop something immune to those energy fields. We might even be able to create a special spacecraft or vehicle that will not be affected by such kind of energy field.

The next edition of Awake Af’raka Magazine will discuss the mysteries of the blackhole, what our ancestors believed, and what the string theory and the multiverse theory mean in metaphysics. Some of you may already be aware of the fact that they are all topics that are commonly studied in physics, but you must also be aware of what metaphysics says about them.

It is now time to discuss the current subject matter in greater depth. I have been discussing mythologies, but I understand that not everyone is familiar with what mythology is, and not everyone is familiar with the mythical creatures associated with the Zodiac and what they represent, or how they became constellations in the first place, so I will begin by explaining these and others as we proceed.



I am glad you made it this far, so let’s ride on: Now, according to ancient mythology, the constellations all have a story attached to each and every one of them, I shall briefly give you the mythical stories associated with the 12 Zodiacs. You should always remember what I say about “western Mysticism having its origin in African Spirituality”, well, that is very correct, and still valid as far as these mythologies are concerned.

The major Constellations which you know as the 12 Zodiacs all have mythological stories associated with them. Each of these stories narrated how some human heroes and beasts were found worthy by the Gods and Goddesses, then blessed with extraordinary powers and immortality, these myths tell us how and why they were placed amongst the Stars, as Demi-gods.

The Demi-gods were not Greek invention, they were all based on older stories perpetuated in ancient African folklores which were concerned with certain heroes whom the gods blessed with immortality, powers and made to become demi-gods. However, this article is not focused on that angle, but in a future Edition of our Magazine publication, I shall take you through that road.

Now, let us look at the mythical stories associated with each Sign of the Zodiac, starting with Aries:

Aries (Ram): March 21–April 19


KRIOS KHRYSOMALLOS (also spelled Crius Chrysomallus, meaning, the Golden Flee Ram), was a fabulous, flying, golden-fleeced ram. It was sent by the cloud nymphe Nephele to rescue her children Phrixos (Phrixus) and Helle when they were about to be sacrificed to the gods.

The ram carried Phrixos all the way to Kolkhis (Colchis) at the far end the Black Sea and then instructed the boy to sacrifice him to the gods and lay his fleece in the grove of Ares. Khrysomallos was afterwards placed amongst the stars as the Constellation Aries and his shining fleece became the goal of the quest of Iason (Jason) and the Argonauts.

Taurus (Bull): April 20–May 20


THE TAUROS KRETAIOS (Cretan Bull) was a handsome bull sent forth from the sea by Poseidon. Queen Pasiphae of Krete lusted after the animal and coupled with it by hiding inside a wooden cow crafted by the artificer Daidalos (Daedalus). She later gave birth to the Minotauros (Minotaur), a man with the head of a bull.

Herakles was commanded to fetch the Kretan Bull as one of his Twelve Labours. Upon completion of this task, he set the creature free, and it eventually found its way to the Athenian town of Marathon where it laid waste to the countryside. There it was finally destroyed by the hero Theseus.

The gods placed the bull among the stars as the Constellation Taurus, along with the Hydra, Nemean Lion and other creatures from the labors of Herakles.

Gemini (Twins): May 21–June 21


THE DIOSKOUROI (Dioscuri, which means boys of Zeus) were the star-crowned, twin gods of St. Elmo’s fire an electrical discharge which appears on the rigging of ships portending deliverance from a storm. They were also gods of horsemanship and protectors of guests and travelers.

The twins were born as mortal princes, sons of the Spartan queen Leda by Zeus and her husband Tyndareus. Because of their kindness and generosity, they were apotheosized at death. Polydeukes (Polydeuces), being a son of Zeus, was at first the only one offered this gift but he insisted it be shared with his twin Kastor (Castor). Zeus agreed, but in order to appease the Fates, the twins had to spend alternate days in heaven and the underworld.

The Dioskouroi were also placed amongst the stars as the constellation Gemini (the Twins). The division of their time between heaven and the underworld might be a reference to the heavenly cycles–for their constellation is visible in the sky for only six months of the year.

The Dioskouroi were depicted as youthful horsemen with wide-brimmed traveler’s hats.

Cancer (Crab): June 22–July 22


KARKINOS (Carcinus) was a giant crab which came to the aid of the Hydra in its battle with Herakles at Lerna. The hero crushed it beneath his foot but as a reward for its service the goddess Hera placed it amongst the stars as the constellation Cancer.

Leo (Lion): July 23–August 22


THE LEON NEMEIOS (Nemean Lion) was a large lion whose hide was impervious to weapons, it plagued the district of Nemea in the Argolis. King Eurystheus commanded Herakles (Heracles) to destroy the beast as the first of his twelve Labours.

The hero cornered the lion in its cave and seizing it by the neck wrestled it to death. He then skinned its hide to make a lion-skin cape, one of his most distinctive attributes. Afterwards Hera placed the lion amongst the stars as the constellation Leo.

Virgo (Virgin): August 23–September 22


ASTRAIA (Astraeam, meaning the starry one) was the virgin-goddess of justice. During the Golden Age she dwelt upon the earth with mankind but was driven away by the increasing lawlessness of the subsequent Bronze Age. Then Zeus set her amongst the stars as the constellation Virgo.

Astraia was closely identified with the goddesses Dike (Justice) and Nemesis (Rightful Indignation).

Image T32.1 (right): A figure labelled Astrape “Lightning” stands beside the throne of Zeus. She is surely the goddess Astraia for she has all the accoutrements of a star-goddess-wings, shining aureole and a flaming torch. The star-God Eosphoros was depicted in a similar fashion. As the goddess of justice, she carries the thunderbolt of Zeus–the implement of divine justice.

Libra (Balance): September 23–October 23


Libra constellation lies in the southern sky. It is one of the Zodiac constellations, first catalogued by Ptolemy in the 2nd century CE. The constellation’s name means “the weighing scales” in Latin. Libra is usually depicted as the scales held by the Greek goddess of justice Dike (or Astraea), represented by the neighboring Virgo constellation.

Libra is the only zodiac constellation that represents an object, not an animal or a character from mythology. The four brightest stars in the constellation form a quadrangle. Alpha and Beta Librae mark the scales’ balance beam, and Gamma and Sigma Librae represent the weighing pans. The constellation is represented by the symbol.

Libra does not contain any first magnitude stars. It is home to HD 140283, popularly known as Methuselah Star, one of the oldest stars known.

Scorpius (Scorpion): October 24–November 21


SKORPIOS (Scorpius, meaning Scorpion) was a giant scorpion sent by Gaia the Earth to slay the giant Orion when he threatened to slay all the beasts of the world. Orion and the Scorpion were afterwards placed amongst the stars as the constellations of the same name.

The two opponents are never seen in the sky at the same time for as one constellation rises, the other sets. The ancient Greek Skorpios originally encompassed two constellations–Scorpio formed its body and Libra its claws.

Sagittarius (Archer): November 22–December 21


KHEIRON (Chiron, meaning skilled at hand) was eldest and wisest of the Kentauroi (Centaurs), a Thessalian tribe of half-horse men. Unlike his brethren Kheiron was an immortal son of the Titan Kronos (Cronus) and a half-brother of Zeus.

When Kronos’ tryst with the nymphe Philyra was interrupted by Rhea, he transformed himself into a horse to escape notice and the result was this two-formed son.

The rest of the Kentauroi (Centaurs) were spawned by the cloud Nephele on the slopes of Mount Pelion in Magnesia where they were nursed by the daughters of Kheiron.

Kheiron was a renowned teacher who mentored many of the greatest heroes of myth including the Argonauts Jason and Peleus, the physician Asklepios (Asclepius), the demi-god Aristaios (Aristaeus) and Akhilleus (Achilles) of Troy.

The old Kentauros was accidentally wounded by Herakles when the hero was battling other members of the tribe. The wound, poisoned with Hydra-venom, was incurable, and suffering unbearable pain Kheiron voluntarily relinquished his immortality. Zeus then placed him amongst the stars as the constellation Sagittarius or Centaurus.

Kheiron’s name was derived from the Greek word for hand (kheir) and meant something like “skilled with the hands.” In myth it was also closely associated with the word kheirourgos “surgeon.”

Capricornus (Goat): December 22–January 19


AIGIPAN (Aegipan) was one of the goat-legged Panes. When the gods fled from the monster Typhoeus and hid themselves in animal forms, Aigipan assumed the form of a fish-tailed goat. He later came to the aid of Zeus, stealing back the god’s severed sinews from the giant. As a reward for his service Aigipan was placed amongst the stars as the constellation Capricorn.

His name means “all-goat” or “all-stormy” from the Greek words pan and aigis.

Aigipan was often identified with Pan but in at least one Athenian vase painting the two appear side by side as distinct divinities in the retinue of Dionysos

You might want to know what pan/panes are, here you go, according to Theoi’s Greek Mythology:

THE PANES were rustic spirits (daimones) of the mountains and highland pastures who protected the goat herds and sheep flocks which grazed these lands.

Panes were depicted as goat-footed men with the horns, tail, beard, snub nose and ears of a goat. They sometimes had actual goat-heads instead of just a few goatish features. As lascivious fertility spirits they were often depicted with erect members.

The Panes were a multiplication of the Arkadian god Pan. They were closely connected with the Satyroi (Satyrs), creatures which had asinine tails and ears in contrast to the goatish features of the Pan.

Aquarius (Water Bearer): January 20–February 18


GANYMEDES (Ganymede) was a handsome Trojan prince who was carried off to heaven by Zeus in the shape of an eagle where he was appointed as cupbearer of the gods. Ganymedes was also placed amongst the stars as the constellation Aquarius, his ambrosial mixing cup as Crater, and the eagle as Aquila.

Ganymedes was often portrayed as the god of homosexual love and as such appears as a playmate of the love-gods Eros (Love) and Hymenaios (Hymenaeus) (Marital Love).

Ganymedes was depicted in Greek vase painting as a handsome youth. In scenes of his abduction, he holds a rooster (a lover’s gift), hoop (a boy’s toy), or lyre. When portrayed as the cup-bearer of the gods he pours nectar from a jug. In sculpture and mosaic art Ganymedes usually appears with shepherd’s crock and a Phrygian cap.

The boy’s name was derived from the Greek words ganumai “gladdening” and mêdon or medeôn, “prince” or “genitals.” The name may have been formed to contain a deliberate double-meaning.

Pisces (Fish): February 19–March 20


THE IKHTHYES (Ichthyes) were two large Syrian river fish who rescued Aphrodite and Eros when they were fleeing the monster Typhoeus.

According to some the two gods instead disguised themselves as fish to escape the monster. The fish were also credited with assisting in the birth of Aphrodite from the sea foam. In all versions of the story, they were set amongst the stars as the constellation Pisces.

The Fish were probably the same as (or reimagined as) Aphros and Bythos, the fish-tailed Ichthyo-centaurs (Sea-Centaurs) of late classical art, who are depicted bringing Aphrodite ashore after her birth.

So, when next you look at Pisces or even think of it, you will remember this story, and when you come across any one of the Zodiac signs the next time you check your horoscope, you will never look at them the same way again.

That was enlightening, wasn’t it? Each Sun sign has a mythology attached with it, if you have been following, you would understand now that, Spiritual knowledge was and is written in codes, metaphors, and allegories, all reserved as symbolism, so I am sure you have also understood that most of the biblical stories were older mythological stories just like the ones listed above, and each story has a number of codes and symbols which when deciphered, one would find the inner and deeper answers, those deeper answers are the actual knowledge which was hidden within the pages of those myths.

So, at this point, you will agree with me that these myths listed here are not just some fairytales or moonlight stories which never happened, and neither are they some bunch of literary stories which actually happened, so if they are not true-life stories, and at same time not an anyhow bedside stories, then what kind of stories are they? And why are they so important to Astrologers?

Well, if you have been reading open mindedly, then it is clear you have your answers already; they are all Spiritual and Astrological knowledge written in metaphors, in most versions the myths are/were used to explain the origin of the Sun Signs, what they represent, their definition, and why they are so important, including their influence on man. Yes, you can find these answers right inside those myths I listed herein, that is if you are good in deciphering written codes and understanding metaphors.

Ok, let’s move ahead; the Zodiac is endowed with special energy fields which can affect our planetary waves and humans respectively, the effect of this energy can affect the target either positively or negatively, this is because the entire universe communicates in energy, vibrations, symbolisms, and frequencies.

If you want to move yourself from a negative or dark situation into the limelight whether in relationship, or in your career and in any area of your life, all you need to do is learn to understand the language of the universe, you must understand Astrology, and at least do the right things at the right time, for there are certain times you may want to make a move, the universe might not be in support of such event, and when you do, you fail.

You need to understand the planetary movements, the energy that is currently being projected to Earth, then look at its compatibility details to know what it supports and what it doesn’t, you need to know which Zodiac house the Sun and the Moon are located currently, is the Sun in the third house or in the fifth house? How about the ruling planet of your birth, is it in alignment with another planet, or causing some energy blockage, is it in a better positive where it emits pure energy which supports what you are trying to do?

Thats how you get successful, by fixing a job appointment on the day the universe supports and blesses, by meeting your long-awaited spouse on the day of Venus, and so on.

Everything is connected, the earlier you begin to understand these things, then you will begin to find yourself in a sudden shift into the path which some people might refer to as “Success”.


How does it work?

According to Dictionary Dot Com, in order to understand the 12 houses of the Zodiac, you first need to know that each person has an ascendant, or what some might refer to as your rising sign. This is the sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon at the exact time of your birth. In your birth chart, the ascendant sign is present on the edge of the first house, and it is that placement that determines the location of every other planet, sign, and constellation in your personal chart.

Your ascendant sign and its related house can offer clues about your outward expression and how you relate to others. In fact, the first six houses are known to astrologers as the personal houses, that is, the ones that help you learn all about yourself and how you relate to the world, while from the seventh house down to the twelfth houses are typically viewed as the interpersonal houses, and they are the house which governs all your experiences in relationships, travel, career, and friendships.

Now, I will list the houses by which the Sun travels through, each house is ruled by a Zodiac Sign, and thus, I will explain what that house stands for and the sort of energy it emits, what it represents, etc., afterwards, I will list for you, the names of each planet and the cosmic energy they emit as they travel across space, this will help you know when it’s best to carry out certain activities, it will give you a precise understanding on how to plan your days and events more perfectly.


zodiac houses
All Sun Signs

You may have wondered what “Zodiac Houses” really mean, and you may have seen the words “First House”, “Second House”, or perhaps an article that indicates the Sun is in the 6th House, or that a planet is presently located in the 3rd House, etc. Well, what it simply means is that the Sun or Planet resides within a Zodiac sign’s zone. Consequently, the planets appear to be moving through the houses as they travel around the Sun (and through our zodiac).

Similarly, if Venus, the planet of love, was moving through Aries at the time of your birth, which also happens to be in your 1st house of individuality, topics of self-esteem and confidence may recur repeatedly throughout your lifetime.

Let me briefly explain further what a birth chart does for a better understanding; as stated previously, an individual has what is known as an astrological birth chart, which contains various Zodiac signs, planets, and constellations.


Birth charts are drawn as a 360-degree circle divided into 12 sections or houses. When you were born, each planet and constellation in the Zodiac was located within a specific house or section of this wheel. Astrologers believe that knowing these placements can give you more insight into how astrology influences the key parts of your life, like your health, career, or relationships.

As stated above from the paragraph; there are twelve Houses or sections in a Zodiac Chart, now let us look at each of these Houses one after the other, and let us see what they represent, or rather, let us see what kind of energy is emitted within each House, or Section.

1. House of self

The first house is often called the house of self. It is ruled by Aries and the planet Mars, and the placements in this house can give you a window into understanding more about your outward appearance, traits, characteristics, outlook, and sense of expression. In other words, this house tells you a lot about your personality not only the “visible aspects of your character” that make you who you are right now, but also clues to the ways your personality may evolve in the future.

2. House of value and possessions

The second house, ruled by Taurus and the planet Venus, relates to your possessions, but it’s not only focused on tangible things. Placements in this house can help you gain insight into all that belongs to you, be it your money, investments, and material environment or your inner self, needs, wants, and abilities. The value in the name of this house refers to both your finances and your internal values.

3. House of communication

The third house is called the House of Communication. Some astrologers may also refer to it as the House of Sharing. Ruled by Gemini and the planet Mercury, this house governs how you communicate and connect with others. Communication isn’t just talking or texting. It means “something imparted, interchanged, or transmitted.” For that reason, astrologers look to this house for more on someone’s written and verbal communication styles and how they might interact with themselves, their environment, and those they know well.

4. House of family and home

Ruled by Cancer and the Moon, the fourth house focuses on family, history, traditions, and ancestry. In other words, it tells us about home, or “the place in which one’s domestic affairs are centered.” This house sits at the “bottom” of the astrological wheel and is thought of by many astrologers as being foundational to a person’s self, life, and beliefs. You might look to this house for insight on how you relate to your parents or your own children and how you nurture yourself and others.

5. House of pleasure

Leo is known for being charismatic, outgoing, and dynamic, so it makes sense that the fifth house, ruled by the Sun and Leo, governs all things related to expression and creativity. Pleasure in this house’s name refers to “enjoyment or satisfaction derived from what is to one’s liking.” The fifth house tells you about things that create joy and fulfillment in your life, like art and culture, romance, games and hobbies, and even your family and children.

6. House of health

Pragmatic Virgo joins Mercury in ruling the sixth house. This house deals with health, or “the general condition of the body and mind,” on all levels. That means it can give insight into not just your physical health and relationship with your body, but also your mental and emotional self, such as how you react to adversity and areas where you may experience personal growth. You may also look to this house to learn about your ideal career and ways to be of service to others.

7. House of partnerships

Now, from the seventh down to the 12th houses, your birth chart shifts away from personal insights and begins to focus on the interpersonal, or how you interact with others. For that reason, the seventh house, ruled by Venus and Libra, is all about partnership. This doesn’t only mean romantic partnership. The astrological placements in this house are believed to govern your interactions in business relationships, contracts, and negotiations as well. Other names for this house are the House of Relationships and the House of Balance.

8. House of transformation

Passionate and mysterious Scorpio leads the eighth house with Mars and Pluto. This house also focuses on relationships, but it’s less on how people behave in relationships and more about how those relationships transform them.

This includes insight into one’s birth, death, sexuality, and karma. This house also governs joint property that has transformational abilities, like inheritances, debt and even joint finances.

9. House of purpose

Ruled by Jupiter and Sagittarius, the House of Purpose is also sometimes called the House of Philosophy. That’s because it centers on the higher mind and philosophy, or “the rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conducts.” This house focuses on our religion, morals, ethics, and dreams. Insights gained by studying the placements in this house may also relate to travel, culture, and even our ancestors, as these are all things with potential to contribute to our personal growth and search for meaning.

10. House of social status

Capricorn is among the hardest working signs in the Zodiac, and that’s why the 10th house, ruled by Saturn and Capricorn, is where you look to learn more about your career, achievements, and your social status, or how you “relate to, or are devoted to friendly companionship or relations.” The cusp, or border, of the 10th house is known as midheaven, and it can tell astrologers more about your career path. Placements in this house can also help you determine professional goals and ambitions, as well as how successful you may be. Some astrologers think of this as the “fame” house, as celebrities often have several placements in this house.

11. House of friendships

The 11th house, ruled by Saturn, Uranus, and Aquarius, deals with the ways in which our friendships find harmony with others. Astrological placements in this house can tell you more about the clubs, social groups, and organizations to which you are drawn to. This house is all about collective beliefs and actions, and how those contribute to self-actualization, or “the achievement of one’s full potential through creativity, independence, spontaneity, and a grasp of the real world.”

12. House of subconscious

The 12th house, also sometimes called the House of Unconscious, is ruled by Pisces, along with the planets Jupiter and Neptune. Pisces is associated with emotions and creativity; therefore, you can look to this house to learn more about your imagination, feelings, and subconscious mind, which “exists or operates beneath or beyond consciousness.” Placements in the 12th house indicate private strengths and weaknesses and how people confront and learn from their past actions. Some astrologers also believe you can look here to find clues about old age and the afterlife.



Though astrology is a vast, complex, and highly specialized study, the core principles are straightforward: A birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at the moment of your birth, it reveals the precise location of each of the planets and which constellation they occupied as you entered the world. In some birth charts, all the planets are in the same constellation; in others, they’re spread widely across the sky. The distance between these planets is important since each has its own celestial function. Let’s take a look at each of these significant entities in the sky.

The Sun

When someone asks you what your sign is, whether or not they know it, they’re asking about the position of the Sun at your moment of birth. The Sun symbolizes our fundamental essence. This vibrant celestial body represents our ego, sense of self, basic personality, and general preferences. The Sun governs the Zodiac sign of Leo, the vivacious, dynamic fire sign that exudes both bravery and theatricality. It takes approximately one month to transit or move across a Zodiac sign.

The Moon

The moon’s gravitational pull regulates the climate and oceanic tides. Within astrology, the Moon represents our emotional inner world. While the Sun exposes our outer experience, the Moon symbolizes everything beneath the surface. It represents the spiritual retreat of our most private selves. It governs the Zodiac sign of Cancer, the sensitive, protective water sign that defines nurture, comfort, and security. The Moon is the fastest moving Celestial body in the sky and takes approximately two and a half days to transit a Zodiac sign.


The smallest and innermost planet of the solar system, Mercury is named after the Roman deity who served as a messenger to the gods, more like an Angel in the Christian doctrine, this planet is also dedicated or known and dedicated to Enki by the ancient Sumerians, thus they named it Enki, and in the ancient Sanskrit as Budha. Within Astrology, it symbolizes communication. While the Moon reflects our emotions, this planet reflects logic and rationality.

Mercury uses its clever intellect and relentless curiosity to analyze, sort, and classify, helping us synthesize and articulate complex ideas. It governs both air sign Gemini and earth sign Virgo, each representing a different side of Mercury’s expression: Chatty Gemini is output, while analytical Virgo is input. Mercury takes 13 or 14 days to transit a Zodiac sign and goes retrograde three or four times per year. Just like I said earlier in this article, this planet’s retrograde brings about communication mishaps, travel delays, fights, misunderstanding between couples and lovers, and even unexpected angry texts from exes. 


Named after the enchanting Roman Goddess, Venus, also dedicated to Innana by the ancients Sumerians, and dedicated to Ishtar by the ancient Mesopotamians/Babylonians, as well as Aphrodite’s by the Greeks, and Ba’ah by the Ancient Kemet, all referring to same Goddess, and also to her Planet, Venus, she is the vibrant planet that represents beauty, love, and abundance. Indulgent Venus is happiest when luxuriating: Fine wines, extended baths, and aromatic moisturizers all align with the Venusian spirit.

This planet’s highbrow tastes reflect our interest in art and culture, while its romantic sensibilities reveal our idealized perception of love. Both earth sign Taurus and air sign Libra are ruled by Venus, each representing a different side of Venus’s expression: sensual Taurus is physical, while Libra who is also known as the flirtatious, is cerebral. It takes approximately four to five weeks to transit a Zodiac sign and goes retrograde every 18 months. During Venus retrograde, try to avoid making major changes to your appearance, such as getting a tattoo or plastic surgery. 


The Red Planet is known as the warrior of the Zodiac. Named after the Roman God of War, Mars symbolizes action, determination, and aggression. Its impassioned spirit often manifests when we’re racing to meet a deadline, running to catch a flight, or competing for a selective position. Mars is the fire under our ass, providing the adrenaline-charged boost of energy that fuels movement. It also reflects our physical passion and lust. This planet governs Aries, the impulsive fire sign known for its high-octane vivacity. Mars takes approximately six to seven weeks to transit a Zodiac sign and goes retrograde every two years. When it goes retrograde, we may have trouble standing up for ourselves or experience a lack of motivation in the bedroom. 


The largest Planet in the solar system, Jupiter or Zeus, in Greek mythology is recognized for its colossal presence. Lucky Planet Jupiter symbolizes fortune, philosophy, abundance, and Spirituality. This generous Planet governs expansion, encouraging us to widen our scope and broaden our horizons through philosophy, Spirituality, and education. It governs Sagittarius, the adventurous fire sign known for its thrill-seeking disposition. Jupiter takes approximately 12 to 13 months to transit a Zodiac sign and goes retrograde each year for around 120 days. Its retrograde is often a time of philosophical growth. 


The ringed gas giant is associated with time, regulations, and restrictions. On a good day, Saturn symbolizes hard work, professional achievements, and steadfast resilience. On a bad day, however, it can be harsh and unemotional, forcing us to learn through tough love and difficult challenges. Though this planet has an odd way of showing its affection, Saturn does have our best interest in mind. It simply wants us to play by the rules. Saturn governs regimented Capricorn, the enterprising earth sign known for its tireless ambition, and takes approximately two and a half years to transit each sign. It goes retrograde each year for around 140 days. During Saturn retrograde, the energy it projects down to earth may make our life feel more restrictive, and we must work harder to launch projects. 


Science Museum reports that; Uranus is unusual: it’s the first planet discovered by a telescope, the only celestial body named after a Greek deity, and is tilted so far on its axis that it essentially orbits the Sun on its side. Fittingly, Uranus symbolizes technology, rebellion, and innovation. This revolutionary planet hates the rules and is always eager to facilitate groundbreaking, dynamic change. Uranus can have surprising effects (after all, the planet loves shock value). It governs Aquarius, the free-thinking air sign recognized for its eccentricity and nonconformity. Uranus takes approximately seven years to transit each sign and goes retrograde each year for around 150 days. During the planet’s retrograde, the energy it emits would push us to leave the past behind and continue onward with life. 


Neptune’s vivid azure color perfectly complements its Astrological significance. Named after the Roman God of the sea, this Planet governs the magical, mysterious vastness of the spiritual unknown. When a thick fog rolls across the ocean, it’s difficult to discern the separation between the water and the sky. Similarly, Neptune’s power exists at the intersection of fantasy and reality. On a good day, Neptunian energy projects an extremely creative and powerfully psychic. On a bad day, however, the energy it emits can make someone become delusional and escapist.

When Neptune’s influence is felt, explore your imagination, but remember to throw down an anchor: “You never want to get lost at sea”. This planet governs Pisces, the intuitive water sign recognized for its incredible imagination and psychic powers. The planet takes approximately 14 years to transit each sign and goes retrograde each year for around 150 days. During Neptune retrograde, its energy influences the revelations of secrets, so no one would try to get away with duplicitous behavior. 


Though this icy celestial body didn’t measure up to the Astronomical definition of a planet, by Astrological standards, meanwhile Pluto is still a really big deal. It symbolizes power, transformation, destruction, and regeneration. Named after the Roman God of the underworld (“Hades,” in Greek mythology), Pluto’s power is rooted in darkness. This beguiling planet seamlessly slithers into complex infrastructures, quietly transforming systems from the inside.

The Energy emitted by Pluto reaches a frequency that inspires us to remember that; in order for us to manifest change, we must release the past. It is associated with Scorpio, the elusive water sign defined by its mysterious disposition. Pluto takes approximately 14 to 30 years to transit each sign and goes retrograde each year for around 185 days. When Pluto goes retrograde, we are influenced by its energy which directs us to let go of what’s no longer serving us so that we can transform into a better version of ourselves. 



I am guessing that, by now some of you may be smiling after reading through the lots exposed here today, and maybe you want some more. Of ‘cos there is always more to bring in, the knowledge shared today is one out of many, therefore, as we continue to move on, we will, along the line, share more of what was shared here today, but that will be published in a future Edition. Now since you have read through, I think it’s time for me to highlight some major parts of this topic discussed herein, so, let’s look at some few points, then we move into the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ section) before we call it a day.

Generally speaking, the taste of cultures and traditions of the people who are practicing the “Spirituality”, is what makes it either African, Western, Indian, or Chinese Spirituality, etc. Let us take Africa for example: By incorporating the cultures and traditions of the African people into Spirituality, it now has an African identity which everyone refers to as “African Spirituality.”





I know a few people who always ask this question, and I always give the same answers, and that answer is what I am about to give you here. There are a couple of reasons for this, and I will present all starting with this:

Firstly, One of the main reason why it seems like your Zodiac horoscopes don’t align with your personal life activities as predicted is because, most of the websites you visit are fake and they are not sincere in their predictions, some just write what they feel is nice to hear, or something they think many person would like to hear, like their popular expectations, however, deep down they are not the real predictions, and such hoax are so many today on the internet as people are rushing to create click baits for seekers like yourself and if you end up falling for such, you may truly find Zodiac sign readings boring and not helping. But that is just one of the reasons why your Zodiac signs and predictions don’t work for you.

Secondly, if Zodiac predictions as well as your Zodiac description of your personality do not align with you, then know that there might be a mistake with your date of birth, yes it happens. Check and be sure your date of birth is really the day/date you were born, because so many people are unknowingly mistaken when it comes to their date of birth.

Once upon a time one of my clients also had that same issue, she was never comfortable with her Zodiac predictions, and the Zodiac sign which was supposed to be hers did not match with her personality. As this went on, she began to believe that the Zodiac and horoscope readings were all a lie, until She finally got hold of her real birth certificate. The month of birth which She had taught was hers had been incorrect all these whiles, except for the year of birth.

Although, sometimes when a child is born, their birth is not officially recorded on a birth certificate due to the conditions which may have surrounded their birth, and after many years the exact date and time of birth might just be misplaced or forgotten, but they might still remember the month in most cases.

So, when it comes to that (after many years), and they really want to create a certificate of birth for the child, they will visit a hospital to register for a birth certificate, they will be asked of the actual date, month and year. In this case, they can remember the year of birth, and the month of birth as well, but the date and day of birth may become the problem, so at such point, they will decide to guess any date at all which falls within the same period the child’s birth may have taken place.

For example, if a child was born locally in the last week of June, and ten years later, the parents or guardian forgot the exact date, they might draft 21st June as the birth date, not knowing that the actual birth took place in June 20th and not 21st, so by claiming that the child’s date of birth is 21st June, they have unknowingly changed his/her Zodiac sign too, shifting from Gemini to Cancer because Gemini comes before Cancer in the Zodiac circles,

If they had rightly remembered the real date which was 20th June, then the child’s Zodiac sign would have been Gemini, but by guessing the wrong date (21st June), they have awarded the Zodiac sign of Cancer to the child, and when the child comes of age, the mistake made on his/her date of birth can give such person a wrong perception of what their Sun sign really is, thus making them question themselves on why their Cancer Zodiac signs don’t match with their personality, and why the horoscope predictions for their Zodiac sign don’t work for them but works for their friends.. This sort of situation mostly occurs if the child was born locally, or if the child was adopted and their birth date wasn’t recorded immediately.

Lastly, there are many persons born on the same date and month as yourself, thus personal choices/freewill can step you out of your actual fate (cos according to what I have explained earlier in this article, there is a fine relationship between ones Zodiac and one’s fate). As I always say, the future is always in making, thus, if your present choices have opened a possible future where you will meet a life partner tomorrow, Zodiac prediction might note this down, but if you, unknowingly decide not to be at the right place at that right time when such a meeting was predicted, then such an event will never come to pass for you, then if that happens, you would conclude that the Zodiac prediction did not work!

It happens a lot, and those people with the same Sun sign as you will or may eventually meet their life partner on that day, because, perhaps, they allowed themselves to walk out of their house when their mind tells them to, but you on the other hand, despite the fact that the little voice within kept telling you to take a walk around your Neiborhood, you choose to seat back and watch that movie or just chat up an old friend. Or if the meeting was to happen online, based on freewill you may have done something that made your phone unavailable at that moment when the Stars predicted your meeting, this is something that is inevitable, yes freewill is inevitable despite the fact that Fate often overrules, but we cannot deny the effects of freewill in our lives.

Since a birth date can be wrong, and thus giving one a wrong Zodiac sign, so this means, if you meet someone who doesn’t have a legit date of birth and he or she doesn’t know this, then it means the application of compatibility in Zodiac signs will not be 100% accurate.

There are days when your ruling planet emits certain energy towards Earth, such energy may influence your aura, thus creating a sort of vibration which some may tag as good luck. Then, due to the frequency of the energy emitted by the ruling planet of your Zodiac house which in turn raised your auric vibration, you (the frequency of your energy) will then match with certain colors and certain numbers and alphabets thus creating a sort of synchronicity between them and your frequency, so using them on the day which they were predicted for your Zodiac sign will definitely bring you luck, As you may have known, frequency is number.



Knight Fredel Ijere

Mystery Teacher/Spiritual Therapist/Spiritualist/Writer

Knight Fredel Ijere, is a Writer/Author, and a Mystery Teacher/Spiritual Therapist on Spirituality and related cases. Practicing Spiritualist (Metaphysicist, Alchemy, Pure Spirituality), Founder of Awake Afraka Community, and, Awake Afraka Magazine.


Thank you so much, you write so well too king.
I wish you success with your project.

My Lord the experiment is working for me, Men it’s not just an experiment, but also a therapy. Since after the experiment l wake up every morning feeling so refreshed, healthy & happy, i call it a spiritual therapy!! Blessed be.
Cajetan Ikpeazu
Clinical Pharmacist

Courtesy: Awake Afraka Magazine

Originally written by: Knight Fredel – The Mystery Teacher







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