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Many years ago, an old and wise man was said to have traveled throughout China healing people and caring for the sick from all levels of the society. The most intriguing part is that, he does not ask for any form of payment or whatsoever and because of that, he was renowned and loved by the people due to his empathy, kindness and love.

Then there came a time when it rained and the storms became unbearable. And on that very day the old wise man was on a journey doing his duties going from place to place caring for the sick, the rain started as he approached the mountain of Manchria, as he walked along, suddenly, he came upon a young lady on the ground freezing to death near a ruined temple which was said to be dedicated to the Snow Goddess, being a kindhearted wise man, he carried the girl along, then a thought came to him, the town is still far from there where he stands, if he continues this journey the girl may die on his arms, being a healer he knew if he sees any little shelter around, he could treat her and help her regain consciousness, so he looked around and saw that the ruined temple was the only closest shelter around, so he carried her inside then he wore her his only coat.

 Afterwards he got some dry woods from within the temple ruins which he used to light up a small fire to give her warmth and also for the purpose of getting food prepared and making her a herbal tea because he noticed she got fever too, he set out into the storm to look for a familiar herbs/plants which he could use to administer to her he searched in the storm but he didn’t find, h grew tired in his search but he never gave up on it, he proceeded and found some along with more firewood’s that will last the night too.

On reaching the temple he prepared food and herb for the girl, fed her and especially made her drink the herbal tea he made, and fortunately the girl began to regain consciousness.

At that point the old man tried to find out what happened to her, where she came from and where she was heading to, however despite all repeated gentle requests by the old man, she would not still say a word.

As the girl started regaining her strength the old man began to lose his, it went on until she finally got her strength back but the old man on the other side became totally broke down and sick as he grew colder and colder each minute. He became so ill that he was unable to tend to his patient.

Suddenly the girl arose in a bright light and prepared a herbal tea which she made from a man-like plant-root, the old man was very surprised because he has never seen such plant nor root of a plant before in his many years of experience on the path of healing and medicine. She made the tea and gave to him to drink; as he took in the tea, he felt so much strength from the herb and that has never happened to him before, not on any of the medicines he found known nor studied. Soon he fell into a long deep sleep and woke up many hours later only to find out the girl has left and the storm was over, so he stood up and felt as strong and sharp as he was 20 years ago!

He walked around and noticed that the temple was surrounded with bushes having the man-like root-plants which he was given; at that point he realized that he has just found a brand new and a wonderful herb at that.

Ginseng root plant

The healer, now no longer an old man, traveled many more years to different parts of China and Asia healing and teaching people with this new plant he has discovered, which today its known as ginseng, “a gift from the Snow Goddess”.

This charming tale was the Chinese explanation of the discovery of the wonderful properties of this plant.

Ginseng, the man-like Chinese medicine for millennia, remains the key elements in modern Pharmacopoeia of traditional Chinese medicines.

According to the Chinese approach to healing, ginseng promotes the Ying and Yang elements of life thereby bringing balance and calmness to the body as well as enabling the body’s own defenses to start working at a very high level of efficiency.



Ginseng pharmaceutical caps

Hearth conditions: Ginseng appears to have an antioxidant effects that may benefit patients with heart disorders. Some studies suggest that ginseng also reduces oxidation of low density lipoprotein (LDL or bad cholesterol) and brain tissue.

High blood sugar/glucose intolerance: several studies suggest that ginseng may lower blood sugar levels in patients with type-two diabetes before and after meals. These results are promising, especially because ginseng does not seem to reduce the blood sugar to a dangerous level.

Immune System enhancement: There are many more researches that reports that ginseng boosts the immune system, improves its effectiveness.

Bronchodilator: limited research suggests that ginseng has positive effect on breathing

Cancer chemotherapy: Early studies suggests that injections of ginseng concentrate may help patients undergoing chemotherapy for various types of cancer, although the evidence may be promising, but it isn’t a cure, rather it may be able to improve the quality of life as it increases the weight of the patient, boosts their immune system etc.

Exercise performance: Athletes commonly use ginseng as a potential way of improving stamina.

The following list below includes illnesses that can be cured by ginseng:

Fatigue: Studies has shown that, with or without a combination of multivitamins, ginseng was able to report improvements in patients with fatigue.

High Blood Pressure: Just like blood sugar levels can be moderated by ginseng as said above, same is the result with blood pressures as it has been reported that ginseng lowers high blood pressures, however, the dosage that could be dangerous is not yet analyzed.

Liver Conditions: After several studies it was agreed that ginseng may has protective effect to the liver.

Lungs Conditions: it is said, after some early research and studies that ginseng has a positive effect on varieties of lungs conditions.

Male infertility: Early evidence suggests that ginseng may improve male fertility by increasing the number and movement of sperm.

Mental Performance: Ginsengin a combination with Ginkgo Biloba can improve cognition and the uptake and retention of information.

Mode and cognition in post-menopausal women: A review of several studies suggests that ginseng ay improve mood and anxiety in postmenopausal women.

Respiratory infections: Ginseng appears to be safe, well tolerated and potentially effective remedy for some form of respiratory illnesses cursed by flu virus.


In conclusion, ginseng appears to act as stimulants in some persons and as sedatives to other people, therefore the only conclusions that can be reached with any certainty is that there remains a deep mystery surrounding this “wonder plant”, one that may  have more to do with the life force of the plant itself than any inherent chemical actions

Geinseng plant

So with this ancient and revered herb, the best advice is to proceed with caution and in moderate doses to begin with; and only increase dosages as the body adjusts and only if beneficial results are clear to see. Do not over dose and contact your doctor if you have any concern.

Ying and Yang

In the end, its true power may not lie so much in its pharmaceutical qualities but rather in its ability to control the two aspects of the life force, “Ying and Yang”, even if mainstream scientists and pharmacists do not yet recognize the spiritual counterpart of life.

Love and Light

Written by Knight Fredel © 2019


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