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As a matter of fact, people have come to the realization that Gods and Goddesses who are in charge of our lives, (either as a guardian) are responsible for some of the problems and challenges that we all might face or are currently facing.

Now, how does a Goddess flogs?

THE GODDESS FLOGS by Knight Fredel goddess

Many times we make choices and decisions which occasionally pushes us far from our most important mission on earth, clouded with the pleasures that comes with life, we tend to drift away from our true course

Although the Gods and Goddesses gives us the “freewill” to make our choices and craft our personal decisions however way we want it, nonetheless in order to convey our steps from the forests of errors which our decisions and choices would or might generate, she often without clemency create chaos in our lives and that chaos can be anything., starting from our relationship breakdown to our financial disabilities etc, although the chaos might be hurtful and painful, notwithstanding, the purpose of such chaos isn’t the pain and sufferings it brings but the reflection that comes out of such state of confusion, and such reflection show us our true path or rather prepare us for something better.

As I always say, that it is only when we find ourselves in darkness that we would be hungry for the Light. And without experiencing darkness, we would never be able to comprehend Light.

That is how the Goddess flogs us, like a mother who looks out for her children, when she sees you misbehaving and doing something off, then she would as a matter of fact resort to the old saying which says and I quote: Spare the rod and spoil the child.

Now to those who may say, the Goddess might be wicked or bad for creating chaos in our lives just to prove a point, the question is, when you find a mother flogging her child, does that mean the mother is wicked or evil or hates the child? The answer is no! because She flogs out of love, and mothers don’t just jump into flogging, they first and foremost give you a warning, it is only when you have refused to listen, perhaps your attention is clouded with the pleasure emanating from your action(s), that is when, and only when, as a mother will do, get a cane, and give you a flog. That pain will send a message to you creating a situation that will inspire a sort of reflection, and only through such reflection will you get the message, because there is no pleasure in pain.

If you are riding currently on pleasures and comfort, and someone brings you a message through dreams and prophecies, you will find it difficult to comprehend, you might just say, oh it’s just a dream, why should I heed? Ah! Maybe its malaria, maybe its fever etc. or if you are in a situation where you have plenty of money, you could go anywhere, and do anything, get whosoever you want etc, you will, at such moment not pay attention to yourself, neither will you care about spirituality, and if someone talks to you about the “The greater Light of cosmic wisdom, The Goddess, the mystical arcane knowledge etc”, you would sigh and say, oh those boring subjects, oh! I don’t need them! I have everything, why should I adhere to a Goddess when I have everything? Bla blab la! At such moment you will be so ignorant yet you will think you are wiser because you have money, you would not even want to know where your source of finance is coming from, sometimes we think  we have been blessed by the religious gods we worship, or the Islamic Allah or the Christian Jehovah but no! We all have our Source of existence and creation, we may give our thanks to other deities without recognizing your true path, but they continue to look out for you, and it is only through such “Source” that we are blessed or cursed.

But when suddenly your life unpredictably breaks apart, and maybe, it gets to the point where you lose everything money-oriented, then at that moment you might just begin to reflect and rethink, thus in such darkness, you shall then realize the usefulness of the Light you ones neglected, at such moment the hunger and thirst for the Light will lead you to seek for Arcane knowledge which will in turn lead you towards your course.

Sometimes in life, in order to gain something better, there would be need for you to lose that which you have. There is this sayings propounded by a mystery school I know, it says “Chaos before Order” (Ab de chaos).

You might be meant to be in the path of spirituality and mysticism in order to find certain answers to life’s mysteries which will in turn evolve your Soul, however because of the sweetness of materialism and its distractions, you might just tend to stick with few religious dogmas, even atheism which has no essence in ones state of evolution is one very path many Africans today have decided to follow because it gives them the opportunity to go deeper into materialistic endeavors and other lifestyles which, whether it destroys them or not, they no longer care because their belief in atheism has given them the mind to do them, after all, according to their atheist faith, man has no soul, man is to them a biological being which means that when we die, we just die and seize to exist, therefore, they have to enjoy life to the fullest, when they can. 

Such a belief is erroneous and strays one away from their primary objective on earth. They may not believe that man has a Soul, they may not believe that the spiritual counterpart of life exists, albeit, it doesn’t change the fact that man is a dual being and there are realms above our third dimensional reality.

This is why the Goddess flogs, especially when that lost Soul has a much higher calling than just being an atheist who just wants to waste their existence by living a life of materialism and at the same time committing themselves into negative activities all because there is no meaning to life as they think! When such a person is hit with chaos, they will resort to reflection which will push them to a realization of the reality they ones failed to see!

Are you passing through that hell of life? That obscured night and you feel its the end? Have you read the article and especially the Book THE OGBANJE CHILD AND THE FOUR ELEMENTS and seen that you are not  WATER/MARINE NOR OGBANJE CHILD? Then I can read your palms and point out to you where exactly you belong, your true path, from therein, I will educate you on what to do in order to return home so that you will regain your rewards and thus the flogging will stop.

Knowledge they say is power. When you gain that right knowledge which will open a door to ultimate blessings, you gain power and authority with your life.

It is not bad to go elsewhere nd gain mysical knowledge, like being a member of eckankar, etc, however, that which is in line with your SOul can never be revealed from t hose paths, that is why you see many mystics from eck and so on still poor and unable to be where they intended or desired.

Dear reader, think twice, awake! and shine!!

For more of this deeper knowledge on water and marine kingdom, how to appease them and all that, contact me personally through, to order for the book The Ogbanje Child and the four Elements, email me on, for palm readings and guardians and counselling, kindly send me a Whatsap message to book a section at +2348136464201

Written by Knight Fredel © 2019



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