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– This article is taken from the Second Edition of book and reedited for this article, bot that book and t article is written by Knight Fredel: The book title is The Ogbanje Child And the Four Elements Click Here.

Welcome once again to this week’s episode of our weekly Magazine publications on African Spirituality, today we are going to deal with a very sensitive topic commonly known as the Reconnection Ritual of our Great Ancestors, and this ritual has been practiced by our Great Ancestors used to assist those who has lost connection with their element and their Spirit Guards, therefore this article will comprise of some other knowledge for your spiritual Enlightenment, topics like who your Chi really is, the element and the Elemental Spirits etc.

Some online dibias have been misguiding people out there and so it is proper for my followers and students to truly know their root through a higher perspective, although I always refuse to say that my path is the highest, however, I cannot ignore the facts that when compared to some practices out there, Pure Spirituality remains a clean path of our ancestors and also, it remains a path to illumination, and Light, unlike those who still worship and offer blood to the lower 4th dimensional entities whom they mistake as our major gods as well as complicating many spiritual knowledge and causing confusion here and there.

And I must add that for one

This is why this article is neetoded, to clear some points, nevertheless, whomever chooses not to partake in this hpath of Spirituality is always welcome to decline, because understanding certain Truth or being able to comprehend certain knowledge depends on the Souls level of convsciousness, this is why I do not hate or blame them or anyone but instead try to enlightee n them, thus evolution of the soul is and will always remain inevitable! I have talked abohut most of this things concerning the elements and the Elemental Spirits in my Book THEis OGBANJE CHILDAND THE FOUR ELEMENT, if you haven’t read it yet, then you are missing a lot, click here to buy or read from amazon, or click here to buy from our own shop AWAKE AFRAKA SHOPPING CENTER. See the articles here on The Ogbanje Child.

In the book I also talked about Karma because this idea of Karma has always been misunderstood and many of the misguidance, in which I see every day on numerous writings by various online posters and bloggers has always placed karma as revengeful forces of the universe, meanwhile it is not, and has never been about revenge.

All this is because they have little or no knowledge on the topic and so people has almost forgotten that Karma is spiritual and not just some laws given to people for the aim of training their minds on morals and good life as some people out there are claiming today.

The truth is, life is a mystery only unraveled by those who sacrifice their time to the deep, and sacred knowledge and also at the same time experience them intentionally by testing and trying out those Spiritual Principles and Laws of nature, by applying them in our daily life and also apply the spiritual practices. This is why we refer to such persons as “the chosen few”.

Now let us begin! And let me start by asking you a few questions, first of all, do you have any knowledge about The Afterlife and Reincarnation? If not, click here.

Well, the truth is that, most of you do not know and some of you might say you do, meanwhile you are still scared of the unknown because the only thing you have in your mind right now is not the fact about the afterlife but rather a belief in the afterlife, however, I need you to understand that, in this article today I am not in any way referring to beliefs here, I am instead referring to a full realization of this truth about the sthings of the Spirts, your source of existence, (your Element and Elemental Spirits and Chi), as well as how you ended up disconnected from it, what the elements and Elemental Spirits are, why the reconnection ritual is the best option for one’s peace and success, and who your Chi truly is, the purpose of this article is to make you realize, and to know that yes, these things does exists and to make you see that this is not the first time you have ever been born here “as a human being” living and experiencing life on planet Earth, so such an understanding is what I wish for my followers to grasp, and to recognize these things, to not only believe, but comprehend and experience it and then realize that it is true, and when they do, they will gain total freedom from corrupt spiritual information out there spread by those who tricks them into falling for their emotional blackmail and mind games.

And yes, the truth shared herein will also free many persons from also falling trap to some dark traditional spiritual practices which of cause ends up worsening their current predicament by first appearing to be the best and giving them what they think they truly seek at the beginning, then later start requesting for bigger and higher prizes which whether they accept it or not, such prizes will be paid in full, or taken by force with a much higher prize loaded on top, and most times it requires taking the life of the one they love the most in exchange for whatever they seek.

They are ignorant of the fact that, the goal of the animal sacrifices they offered is not a gift for the deity, but an effective spiritual convenant and it is a very powerful symbolic ritual; and it represents an agreement like a contract between the dark spirits and the person seeking the spiritual assistance, the ritual is made to hold them in a sort of spiritual bond and oath, and such animal sacrifices is a spiritual symbolism which represents someone’s life in exchange for what you seek, and many of these shamans will not reveal this truth even when they have knowledge of this truth.

You should all beware that, some of these dark spirits don’t give without a heavy prize that will cause you pain and anger, sadness and eventually make you heartless, that’s what they want, the negative energy you emit plus the sacrifices of blood you offer which contains the life force of the being, that is what they feed on to make themselves stronger and powerful, and the Soul of your loved ones will get trapped in the astral realm with them until maybe on rare cases they are eventually freed by the Pure Spirits, meanwhile these trapped Souls are become what we know as wandering spirits, being used by the dark spirits.

So always remember that, when next the shamans or dibias tells you to offer a goat as sacrifice, note that, that goat will represent someone you love, and after a year or two after you may have gotten what you seek, then that person dies, and it does’nt end there, you must always renew your sacrifices to remain at the top of whatever it is you seek from them.

And again, in a more organized ritual, they make it known to the person that whoever they give funds to, that persons luck or pure psychic energy will be returned to them (the giver), thus the reason some of your uncles and people hate giving to their family members, they know where they got their wealth or luck from, and they have to follow the tradition. And to protect you from becoming one of their victim by givingyou money and takingyour star or luck.

After the ritual of animal sacrifices, the shaman or dibia always has some other rites and a sort of spiritually charged medium which they will pass on to the person and teach them how to use it, and most of them has to do with money attraction, though from the dark craft, and such expanded rituals are mostly done in a more organized occult group made from the same very traditional spirituality which the dibias and shamans practice, but the only difference is that, those organized group (Occult), their members must first join the group through an occult initiation ritual which mostly contain the taking of oaths and acceptance of the rules of the group, meanwhile the regular shaman doesn’t initiate members, instead whoever seeks their help they work and carry out the rituals for them which isn’t always different from the ones done in the organized group, in the organized group are headed by the shaman or dibia though in their occult tradition, they are called the grand master or other similar titles depending on the groups.

Although some of these shamans and dibias knows these things but we can’t forget the fact that most of them are also very ignorant of this truth and are also a victim of the dark forces, all they are doing is follow some old traditional procedures and spiritual principles without knowing what it actually represents and its origin, some will claim to know and they will tell uncertified histories out of pride and in order to make themselves seem knowledgeable.

Then we also have those who are just fraudsters and who just seek your money, and items for the ritual which is mostly consumed by them and sometimes sold to get gains and then tell you the ritual is done, but if you ever fall for the real shamans and dibias who really did the ritual and who really have connection with the dark spirits, then you need help before you start loosing someone you love due to the animal sacrifices you offered, unless you don’t care and you are doing it intentionally, nevertheless do not forget that there are future consequences, always remember, every action, comes with an opposite and equal reaction.

Before I go on, I would like you to understand something about the human being, and your arrival into this reality called the physical realm, I need you to take this seriously as some fake and ignorant spiritual teachers out there are busy spreading corrupt knowledge about your Chi, and about your elemental connection. I will explain everything one after the other, but before I go deeper into talking about your Chi, and your Elemental Spirits I will immediately clear something to you now concerning offering sacrifices to your Chi, and believing that your Chi is your incarnated spirit, hey, that’s a big false information.


Listen, the human body is like a cloak, and when it wears out, the Soul (which is you) will drop that body through a process we all refer to as death, and after that? Reincarnates by picking another body, therefore, the person you were in that past life, was actually you in another body, and so you do not in any way need to offer sacrifices to that “you in the past” because, you are that spirit incarnate and today you are here in another body, now do you see where I am coming from?

These so called teachers go on preaching to their followers that their Chi is their spirit incarnate and so in order to strengthen it, they need venerations and feeding of this so called spirit incarnate (which they are wrongly referring to as the Chi) and this of cause involves blood sacrifices, when in truth and in reality, your Chi is none other than your Spirit Guard or Guardian Angel as most religious spiritual groups choose to call them.

Your Chi is not your spirit Incarnate; you are the spirit incarnate, the Souls Consciousness who has lived many life times from different locations and timelines in the history of mankind, and who previously reincarnated from a past life, into this life time, and who is currently experiencing another life as you, that is, as a human, simple!

Listen, let’s assume for a few seconds that they are right, so if your spirit incarnate from your past life requires some rituals in order to open ways for you, what about the spirit incarnate which came before the previous one, and the one before your last two incarnation and so on, don’t they also need sacrifices to clear ways for you too?

Why is it just the previous spirit incarnate, or, they are unaware of the fact that you have reincarnated into many body’s and many life times for many eons, and this present life will not be your last, and neither was the previous life time your first. they are missing the fact that you have lived and have reincarnated many times, and that Spirt incarnate is you, and at this moment in time, you currently reside inside inside that body of yours today, that Spirit incarnate is not a separate entity, She or He is You!

Today people have been feeding their so called spirit incarnate with blood sacrifices not realizing that their spirit incarnate is in fact themselves, and the deities who collects those blood sacrifices are some lower 4th dimensional blood thirsty Spirits and this has created many serious spiritual stagnation and setbacks for these victims of corrupt spiritual practices without them knowing it, such practices ends up trapping their Souls consciousness in the 4th dimension and when this happens, it prevents them from further spiritual growth as well as bring setbacks to their careers and financial growth!

A lot of people I know keep pretending that they know the truth but what they know is nothing but distorted truth, and made up stories and lies all for the sake of fame and popularity, to make people see them as knowledgeable, this is the reason why many of you needs to be extremely careful before accepting anything into your subconscious because they do not care whether you are being enlightened or not, all they care about is the followers and the money generated by their fake beads which they usually sell to lady’s which is supposed to give them success or goodluck, although, some experienced ladies who have been buying fromsuch people could tell that they do not work, and some do, but made their life worse than it ever was, that is because most of the rituals used in preparing those so called beads are not clearly from the Pure Craft of Spirituality, and many do not work with some people, this is because in as much as some of those beads were generally charged or enchanted generally for the good luck, some of the energies infused into them are not compatible with everyone, this is why here we enchant special rings andbeads specially for each person, according to that persons psychic energy, and lastly, what I enchant for you, can only be used by you, unlike those sold by these digital spiritualists.

But how could they ever know these principles when all they seek is just the money and popularity, that feelings of being knowledgeable, some even write their names on social medias as Light workers, and after I published my first eBook titled The Ogbanje Child, many persons also changed their names to Ogbanje and start copying and pasting my work as theirs, but when the time came for them to help some of their followers, they charge some money and they end up doing blood sacrifices at the river, and even at that, they are neither connected with the deity they claim to be working for, and many of these so called priestesses and priests will always share screenshots of payment receipts from their clients claiming that they are ordering their services and they start telling you to do the same too, they are always very interested in followers and showcasing WhatsApp screenshots of people ordering their services, all these are selling strategies to lure you into buying whatever they sell or for you to order for their services, but that’s not true spirituality, that is just either fraudsters or business people using spirituality as a means to meet up.

But the truth is, they are not supposed to do that, they are supposed to let their followers grow naturally, by teaching them real spiritual enlightenment, not to create a whole bunch of followers and making them believe that spirituality is a tool for them to use and reap where they did not sow.

From my facebook post…

Just like I always say, not all problems are bad, if you have a problem, first seek to know its source and it could just be an old karmic debt and using charms to skip it will only worsen your situation over time. You have a life difficult and hard and I unnderstand, but well to solve that problem, you call such dibias or priestesses and they start offering you recommendations to order their beads or something like that to bring you good luck, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way, then again most of them do consultation by divination which 80% of their divinations are only lies or mind games to lure you into working for them.

I must add here that, I lost so many clients because I refused to tell them what they want to hear, rather I told them the truth. They went away and I smiled, then they start looking for a priest who will tell them beautiful lies, and sugar coated words, in respect to this, let me recall an event which occured between I and one of my old client, please kindy use this as an example so that you will fully get my point.

So I once had this client from port harcourt, all she wanted to hear is for me to tell her that her ex husband is responsible for her failures in life because according to what she said, she felt that he did charms against her and so she too wants to deal with him, but after checking her akashic through spirit consultation and palm readings, I discovered that the so called husband is innocent of all her charges and her problem was created by no other person but herself, and I coud guide her solve this problem, but all she wants is revenge to the person who is innocent, and who she wants to make guilty by all means.

Now you see why most of them kept going round a circle, and end up destroying their own lives. I asked about her husbands name earlier so after she was gone, I placed a protective sheild arround him and made sure hes protected from external attacks, I spent my own money to buy the matrials necesary to do that work, it cost me 30k but yet I dont know the man and the man do not know me. But then I could see in her akashic and spirits warnings that the lady is darkened with the force to deal with that man and she will not stop until she finds such craft, and that was when I knew my purpose was not to help that woman, instead, fate brought her to me so I can protect and save mans life. And that is the work of a Light worker.

So, my readers and seekers, please mind what you read and digest out there at this time of our life, because you need true enlightenment and spiritual knowledge to bring you the happiness and to help you step into the Light.

Ok, we are talking about a special ritual known as reconnection ritual which I have been doing for my clients for ages with positive results, and I cannot teach you about it without telling you the truth about who your Chi really is, because like I said, a lot of false knowledge are being shared out there and many people are unknowingly and knowingly accepting their definition, and it makes me sad seeing people offer blood sacrifice to some dark entities and call it their Chi, and proudly claiming that their Chi is their incarnate spirits, how can that be, when the incarnate spirit is you. I repeat, you are the inscarate spirit experiencing life here on this 3rd dimension (physical world) as human.

Now let us dig it!



A depiction of your Chi

My children of Great African Ancestors, I wish I can make you all understand the true path of your true path, i wish i can project dreams unto you to make you see in a lucid projection to see the true path of all possibilities, just as it were in the days of your ancestors.

First of all I would like to remind you once again to mind what you see, read, and digest online because a lot of them makes me weep for those being misguided and defrauded on daily basis, I might not be a saint, but I will only do that which is right to share truth and enlightenment to every true seekers of truth out there.

I am sharing this because those who wants to get themselves awakened ends up getting defrauded by the fake people who claim to be light workers, and dibias/priests and priestesses, imagine teaching you that your Chi is your incarnate spirit who needs you to feed it with sacrifices, and many of you are in agreement with it without first thinking about it in accordance with natural and spiritual principles.

My dear Children of Aja Ani Ala, just like I said in my public posts on Facebook, I made it clear that “You are the Soul, and your incarnate spirit is you.l
You left your former previous life and reincarnated into this body today as you, so the question now is, who is your Chi.

In ancient belief of the Chinese people, they refer to Chi as the life force that runs through our veins and body, which comes from the air we breath, not oxygen, rather a powerful electromagnetic force that is infused into our body at the time of birth and closely at the same moment your Souls consciousness incarnated into your body (at birth), so according to my point here, that Chi in African spirituality is different from the word Chi according to Chinese mystery schools, and traditions, in our African Spirituality, we refer to Chi as your guardian Spirits but the Chinese refers to the guardian spirit with another name.
So I hope this clears the mixup concerning this issue, thus our true traditional ancient spirituality refers Chi to the deity that is born of the same Element which you were born of, who followed you into this reality along with your elemental spirit, both Pure Spirits have their role in your life, but sadly many of you have unknowingly chased them away.

The point here is not to confuse the African concept of Chi with the Chinese tradition and Chi, although some parts of Africa may have specific names for their Guardian Spirits based on their native languages, the fact is that, in Africa, Chi is generally a reference to your guardian spirits, so yes there may be certain names for Chi depending on where you live in Africa, so in other words you need to note that some parts of Africa also have different names for it based on their languages..

Meanwhile my major disagreement with this whole idea of the word Chi according to some corrupt traditional spiritualists online is that, they confuse your guardian spirits with your incarnate spirit, and referring to your incarnate spirits as your Chi and making you feed them in rituals involving sacrifices of blood but in truth your incarnate spirit is not separate from you, it is you! Thus, it is because of this misconceptions that led me to write this article.

Now to understand much more about your Chi, I need to give this additional information to you which is, you came into this world through one of the four portals of either Water, Earth, Fire, or Air, and you did not come alone, yes, I have said it before and let me say it again, two Spirit guards followed you into this world.
One is your Chi, She inspires you with wisdom and inspiration of where to follow.
The other is your Elemental Spirit, She protects you from any intruder and makes sure you remain on track,
This is why when you are disconnected from your element, you also get yourself disconnected from your Elemental Spirits and your Chi

Unlike what many people claim out there, your Elemental Spirits and your Chi doesn’t don’t need your blood sacrifice or feeding and whatsoever,
They need your Spiritual connection/alignment and devotion, your acceptance and your selflessness.

It is also true that they will guide and protect you throughout this life journey, but you will do most of the things yourself because the journey is yours to make, and they are to support you and not do all the work for you unlike what some people are claiming out there, yes it is very true that they are very tricky in nature, and they will never let you die when it’s not time or when you are yet to fulfill your mission, they will make the heavy loads which you currently carry to become very much lighter but will not do everything for you because once they do, then the mission will no longer be yours but theirs, nevertheless, just like we Light workers are highly advanced Spiritualists who are your guardians, and we only show you the road, the way, escort you in most cases, show you the door, however you alone will have to complete the journey by opening the door, and walking inside.

Stop crying and sobbing, if you are connected already, or if I have reconnected you before, then be brave enough to devote yourself to the path of your elemental source, do it full time and remove your mind and thoughts from corrupt spiritual practices out there. You have to make a decision and focus on it no matter what happens, and if you know you have carried out a reconnection ritual before with some other priests/priestesses or dibias out there and blood sacrifices was done and other sort of rite such as killing Chicken and feeding your Chi and also the ritual of Agwu as requested by some so called dibias and priestesses out there then I am sorry to tell you now that you have only got yourself in a worse situation and seriously speaking you are not reconnected with your true elemental spirts or element, but instead with some other dark spirits or deity’s of the astral realm, and also, in many cases, you have only involved yourself in some dark arts or witchcraft of the left hand path, and experiences from those many clients I have assisted both in the past and recently has taught me that they (such dark spirits) will destroy you.

Most of you think this blood sacrifice processes done through rituals was the ways of our ancestors, but no, like I always say, it’s all from our fore fathers after the wars before your great-great grand fathers were born. Our Ancestors practiced deeper path of Spirituality that involves geometry, Alchemy where Quantum physics, and Chemistry originated from, they practiced deep spiritual knowledge of the universe, learnt how the world was formed, they studied and founded astrology and they discovered other dimensions and realms in nature, they learnt to connect with pure spirits and Elemental Spirits and soon, the list is numerous and endless. they were in harmony with the universal principles of nature, and they used and applied these principles in their daily life, the ancient civilization of our Ancestors was a highly advanced civilization with highly advanced knowledge about themselves and spirituality unlike today. And today the whites have taken all that into their world using it to rule the world and become the advanced civilization today, while you guys are busy with dark spiritual craft offering blood sacrifices to blood thirsty entities and you call that African Spirituality?

Oh no it isn’t, they were not the same knowledge that made our Ancestors great, what took our ancestors very far and advanced in life was Pure Spirituality/Alchemy of the right-hand path. Truth must be told, I am only sharing with your enlightenment based on actual reality, but then you have the final choice to choose where to follow, and whichever choices you make you will be ready to live with its consequences or rewards.

So, this reconnection ritual, how is it achieved, and what are the work processes? Now let us dig in further!



Before we talk about reconnecting back to the element of your birth, first I need to ask, how did you get disconnected in the first place? Because we were all born connected, so what happened? I will tell you.

There are many reasons why many people are disconnected from their element of birth, one of which is their decision to condemn spirituality and cast away the ways of our ancestors, calling it demonic, any single spiritual experience they encounter, they (out of fear of the unknown) pray against it, go to various pastors and shamans to do cleansing and even go to spiritualists of the dark path and they use them to cast and cleanse themselves by so doing unknowingly descending their consciousness from where it originally was, down to the 4th dimension, thus, the Elemental Spirits and the Chi of such person will at such time, no longer align with them.

You may have seen some of my previous posts and articles where I always say that life is all connected by energy and vibration, and as well frequency, in order to be in alignment with your elemental source, your psychic energy and your consciousness must vibrate at their frequency, your Elemental Spirits and your Chi are Pure Spirits and they exists above the lower dimensions, so once your energy and vibration drops below their frequency, you get disconnected.

In many cases there are a few free steps to get reconnected, and that is by raising your frequency through the art of remaining pure through keeping your body and mind clean by meditation and eating more fruits and foods, by being sincere and by not going to the dark spirts or killings or taking something you know that you can not give birth, example is LIFE. Anyway that doesn’t always work for everyone, you know why? I will tell you.

Look, most of you all are ignorant of the element you are born of, so how will you reconnect to something you do not even know, some can assume is water, and every the dibias out there always initiate their client into some sort of mami water cult which has nothing to do with the actual Water elemental path, can you not see it? Everyone who they work for is always told that they are water, come on, how can everyone be born of water? That shows you that it is only assumptions they do, (most of them though), and some others are not really assuming your element, rather they are just trying to initiate you into the path of their blood thirsty water deity’s which in no way has anything to do with the Great Ocean Goddess or your element.

Some of you already assume that you are water, especially when your dibia has given you such thoughts, and another dibia and shamans kept giving you such thoughts, plus your own acceptance of your assumptions, you believe you are water thus making you psychologically dreaing about seeing yourself as a mermaid or always in water, an also being so obsessed with water, something like that.

So, the first step to a proper reconnection is by first finding out what your element is, listen, the element you are born of is different from the element which is assigned to your birth sign in your zodiac signs in astrology and horoscope etc, in zodiac and astrology, the usage of the word element differs from the meaning in Pure Spirituality, in astrology, or horoscope or the zodiac signs, the element of water fire air and earth are used to explain the persons personality and traits, for instance fire people in zodiac are always hot temper and if not tamed properly can become a problem to a water person according to zodiac, however in Pure Spirituality, the element refers literally to water, earth fire and earth in their spirit actuality, Some of you came into this world through the portals of Water, Earth, Air or Fire, and each element has its Elemental Source Goddess, and other Elemental Spirts and Pure Spirts, and Each Element has its realm and Spiritual world as some may call it, that spiritual world is where you came from.

So, to reconnect with your element, you need to know what that your element really is, do not guess, do not assume, some may assume water because they like and prefer it due to the fact that they are popular and even known as the strongest of all elements, and their attachment and interest can make them dream a lot about themselves in water swimming and these are what makes them to completely think that they are water but unfortunately, the Akashic Reading and Spirit Consultation which I do for my clients do not have the time to tell you what you want to hear, instead it tells you what it is and that’s all, but you must also know that the other elements of earth, air and fire are also strong too in their own way even if water is the strongest.

After you know your element, next you seek to know the dimension in which your elemental sources vibrates from, this is mostly what I always find out first during the reconnection process before I begin the major work, thus once I discover the dimension of your Elemental Spirits, next I raise the persons psychic energy or frequency to that very dimension his or her elemental spirts and Chi is located, you should also know that accessing my clients energy body is one of the most hectic part of the ritual process, and many of them do not maintain their energy and consciousness, because every single thing that happens to them easily affects their psychic energy.

Although their consciousness may still be located at the 4th dimension, so as I am raising their psychic energy and consciousness, they are unknowingly reducing it by not keeping to the rules or principles I have given to them in order to maintain themselves at the very dimension which requires them to be, and this makes it very difficult for me at many cases.

Principles such as no sex for that entire period of ritual proceedings, keeping their emotions above the lower frequencies which includes anger, sadness and fear, and staying indoors till I am done. And some of them often have isues with patience, they think reconnection rituals includes just throwing dead chickens to the rivers or buying a few traditional items and shouting incantations, not at all, spirituality is deep, its practical and it goes beyond the ordinary incantations, and before I will be done with my parts in days, they are already angry, maybe I had a day or two days break due to either some emergency or tiredness because I am always very busy either with my career jobs which of cause I feed from cos’ my spiritual works dont pay me, my clients are alowd to pay for only materials and little fe to assist transportations etc.

In many cases some do not add any extra money for me, instead I add for them to finish their work, and lastly their impatience causes me to spoil the works at last and this is discouraging me from helping any further – there are those who after helping them, they insult us and the only thing that makes me strong and still courageous to help people are those who understands me and who out of their patience and trust, get they get what they seek, and I feel happy and free.


Though the part of staying indoors depends on individuals because not everyone needs to stay indoors during reconnection procedure, you see, while reconnecting to one’s Elemental Spirits, there are other smaller rites that accompanies it in some infrequent cases, some of those formalities which requires such an exceptional ethics includes banishing rituals, and special type of karmic resolution rituals (for there are different karmic debts and each has its own procedures for resolution), etc. therefore as you can see, it all depends on the rituals involved, so perhaps your own reconnection ritual process may differ from others, and again, you must also note that, the days involved in a reconnection ritual also, as a matter of fact varies from person to person, all depending on the persons situation, how bad it is and what element he or she is born of, and this is what the regular dibias do not now.

This life as we all know, is very deep and so you should really try your best to recognize your existence and where you came from before you became human, this is because you didn’t just come from nowhere, you came from somewhere, and there is a powerful spiritual principle that states that “as above, so below”, thus if we can have a family here in this physical world, then we surely have a family over there where our consciousness descended from. This is because Earth is not your home, you are only but a visitor.

Therefore, when we find this source of our being, we need to fully get ourselves connected with it in order to ground with our Elemental Spirits, but in a state whereby you do not know anything about your source or element, your entire life becomes chaos and confusion sets in, life becomes so meaningless and you suffer so much by moving in circles, or you always gets a near success syndrome, where each time you are almost there at the peak of your success, you unknowingly and unexplainably find yourself always hit down.

That is because, your life is no more controlled by the very fate that was preinstalled at birth to keep you and your life on track and direct you towards your destiny, if you have any karmic debts, your fate helps you align with the people or things that will end up leading you towards the path of your karmic resolution, but when disconnected, your Chi and your Elemental Spirits will not be there to assist you when you need them, this is because your level of awareness at that moment is not in alignment with them, as well as your conscious self within you too, therefore all choices and decisions you make will be based only on your personal freewill, therefore, things like your karmic debts will even start repeating and getting you stuck in one place because there will be no way to resolve them naturally or otherwise.

Look, if you do not know anything about your element or Elemental Spirits, then contact me for a complete consultation and Akashic reading as well as palm reading.


Ok my dear readers, thank you for coming this far, if you didn’t skip any part of this article then congrats to you, for the information you have just downloaded so far into your subconscious will at least illuminate you on what our ancestors really did on this path of pure spirituality which doesn’t’ even involve blood sacrifices to dark entities, like I always say and will forever say, our true ancient ancestors never did blood sacrifices, they kept the dark path of spirituality locked up for only those Light Workers to be able to use them only when necesary without being corrupted and controlled by its dark entities. (just for you to know, light workers are advanced priests/priestesses who are the great Masters of the Mystic and Spiritual Arts/Crafts and are trained and taught the craft and groomed in the path of the Light, and the ways of the shamans and the dibias, unlike the ordinary dibias of today, light workers are those who have attained a great height of illumination in Pure Spirituality, and I guess this settles the confusion out there because when I say I am a Light worker, people don’t understand and they think I’m like those Facebook posters who call themselves light workers and who posts writings to expose certain religious movements and blaming the whites and many of them are so saucy when they are not being agreed with, and a Light worker can never be like that, so when next you see someone who claims to be one, check if they are advanced spiritualists and Masters of the Mystical Crafts of our Ancestors.

So, as I was saying; When you start offering blood and worshipping it, using it for selfish purposes, that already means that you are no longer in control of your fate, life or destiny.

Now I must make you understand with a few other things that it is important to note at this moment, that this article was adapted from the second edition of the book THE OGBANJE CHILD AND THE FOUR ELEMENTS, however this chapter concerning the reconnection ritual is edited specifically for this magazine platform and is not exactly what I wrote in the book word for word, therefore, to be able to get the full chapter as it originally is, then you will need to buy the book, as you already know, I cannot post a full book into a magazine page, and it is also advisable to read the book, so you can get to know more about the Ogbanje child and more on the elemental spirits, the four elements, the ogbange child, so you can buy or read in amazon bookstore or from our store too, whichever way you choose, its all same book, and same author which is I. If you have read the first edition (137 pages, 2019) then kindly read the new edition 2022 (300 pages) updated and newly added chapters, and other old chapters are expanded with more advanced knowledge to illuminate your path on this spiritual journey.

In spite of this, I believe the information shared here is sufficient to help you understand the most important aspects of reconnection rituals and the Elemental Spirits, so I would recommend you follow that advice if you truly desire to be anchored with your spiritual root.

And always remember to stick to the light, because spiritual powers corrupts wen people choose to use it to their own selfish ends, and thus, their consciousness descends downwards to the dark path ad before they realize it, they are deeply controlled by the dark spirits and thus, the light path will be distinguished, now you understand what happened to our fore fathers and how they turned their back on the Light which was passed down to them by our ancestors, they were all corrupted in it, and it controlled them, and now its controlling our people and they are all thinking that they are doing the right thing, their pride, their stubbornness and unwillingness to look a bit deeper and with open mind is what makes them ignorant, and they are always hash and abusive to those who try to explain from other views, and this keeps them far from being a Light worker as most of them claim to be.

Okay families and friends, this is where I leave you all today to ponder on the knowleddge exposed herein, read with open mind, Knight fredel do not reveal something that he is not sure of, and there are more, but I would prepfer to keep alive the ways of our ancestors from the mystery schols of the ancient dynasty, which is, the passing the most deepest knowledge to the true seekers, and giving a 1 tenth of that knowledge to the public, now that you have seen this so far, if truly you want to learn more and as well train on the mystic arts of our anciestors, Pure Spiriuality, then join my advanced class, you now how to reach me on whatsapp, facebook @ knightfredel twitter @knightfredel, instagram @nightfredel +2349132816928 – call or whatsapp from 9am to 9pm. or just check out our chat box on our website homepage.

Now to wrap it up, I must end this article by placing my popular word and quote unto you:




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