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THE WORLD BENEATH THE SEA by Knight Fredel sea

From the book, The Ogbanje and the four elements

The universe is infinite and every creation has a part to play, however, among the four elements, one seems to stand out and that has posed many questions from thinkers. As we know, water is the only element the ancient manuscripts did not tell of its creation. And that has made me wonder; asking questions about mysteries not included in history and facts not integrated to texts books. Questions like “Is there a world beneath the sea? Is water conscious? Or is she the creator?” like seriously, I have given you the answer to that already!

Furthermore, as we already know, just like air, water occupies a space of its own, now I ask myself, is there an invincible realm that the normal eyes cannot see within the space that water occupies.

Another question you need to ask yourself is “why is it that apart from the fish, almost all the living things inside the sea has a duplicate on land”. The sea turtle and the land tortoise, the giant sea snakes like anacondas and the giant land snakes like the python. The smaller water/sea snakes and land snakes. How about the sea alligators’ and land crocodiles, the sea hippopotamus and, the land rhinoceros. The sea dolphins and land birds. The sea crayfish and land insects, the sea snails and land snails etc. There are many of them as the list is endless. But there is one living thing on land whose sea doppelganger has only been exposed in myths and fairy tales, and that is the mermaids and the merman’s, the question is, do they really exist? Apart from the spiritual realms beneath the sea which we all know it exists, and which many of you refer to as the marine kingdom where the sea gods and sea goddesses exist, that aside, now is there a physical world beneath the sea where physical mermaids can be found?

According to stories which I have heard, people have said  of seeing a mermaid, half woman, half fish, many people has also pointed out the exact places they saw these beings, mostly by the beach, streams or rivers, then the big question is; where is their world located?


In accordance with certain mystical knowledge, there exist certain openings or portals around the globe on special locations and places which when checked properly, such places are in alignment with a particular star or constellation, and when investigated deeply, you find out that such places due to their cosmic alignment, they are filled with cosmic energies, and if their frequencies are tampered with or increased slightly or raised to a particular level through an energy key or sound vibrations then they create a wormhole or, a kind of black hole which leads you straight to an alternate reality or it just takes you over to another reality.

These portals explained above are also found on numerous sightings around the world, example the Stonehenge in London is a portal, but the media will not tell you, those stones where arranged in that format by our ancestors in order to mark the exact locations of the cosmic position, there are numerous portals around the globe that leads one to other dimensions or star systems millions of light years away from earth, there are portals in Israel, which is why that land has been in dispute for ages, there are portals in South Africa, there are portals in Saudi Arabia, in Egypt, and in many other places, So as a matter of fact, such portals also exist within or inside the seas, this is one reason why these mermaids have not been confirmed by any scientific research and investigations, people get to see them only when they come out into this part of the world, ones they jump back into the sea, they locate their portal which is by the way their gateway, and off they go.

Most of these portals can only be opened through a particular sound or tune vibrated on a particular key. This is how mantras and certain mystical vowel sounds were created, just like they could be used to open up or activate an energy centre in our bodies, so can it be used to open up a portal which is equally an energy centre.

Have you heard of the siren, the siren is a very high pitch sound which sounds like a combination of mantras, chanted by mermaids just prior to their disappearance, according to my understanding, such sirens are used to open up a portal within the sea or river, a portal which will take them through a wormhole into their own dimension or realm.

These portals are ancient technologies which modern humans of this generation would refer to as a supernatural or a spiritual thing, however there is absolutely nothing spiritual about it, it’s pure ancient science which our modern science might not yet have a clue of, therefore they call it spiritual, though what is spirituality and mysticism anyway? Are they not sciences of numbers and vibrations, energies, frequencies, nature and science of things that surpasses our objective reality?

I have seen cases whereby someone will be said to have fallen into the river or stream and then his body will not be found, some will never be found, others will reappear by the river shore after many months with a sudden amnesia. How do you explain where they have been? I mean they fell into the river, and just vanish? There is only one explanation; they were taken by beings beneath the water, and the only way they could just vanish is if there is a secret opening that leads to another side.


THE WORLD BENEATH THE SEA by Knight Fredel sea
  1. If the legends surrounding this hideous little goblin found in Japan’s Tenshou-Kyousha Shrine are to be believed, it may be the oldest mermaid on this list. As the story goes, this creature is 1,400-years-old and once appeared to a local prince claiming to have once been a regular fisherman who was cursed after fishing in protected waters. The mermaid is said to have asked the prince to build the shrine as a reminder of his mistake, displaying the cursed corpse for all to see. However this is more likely a taxidermy abomination.
  2. Possibly one of the least expected places to see mermaids is in the waste water pools of this Florida power plant. It is widely believed that the myth of the mermaid is primarily inspired by manatee sightings as the bulbous, fleshy sea-cows gracefully floated beneath the waves. A large group of the animals continues to do so today outside of this Florida power plant as the heated waste water from the facility drains out and creates a comfortable environment for the creatures, which from such a close vantage point, are definitely some unattractive mermaids.
THE WORLD BENEATH THE SEA by Knight Fredel sea
  • Back home there are stories from the old men of many communities, one outstanding story came from my place in Ahoada, where it is said by my people, that there are mermaids in the Ahoada river located in Ahoada east LGA, Rivers State, and this very river takes people, especially strangers.
  1. I have been told stories by old women on how in their days, beautiful woman would just emerge into the village with beautiful cloths on a market day, buys things and heads back to the stream, dive in and no one will see her again until maybe another market day.

I can keep listing on and on about instances where people have actually seen a half fish half woman figure or half snake half woman. But something still makes people to wonder, I mean when we humans swim down to the bottom of these rivers in search of mermaids, they see nothing, but I know perfectly that, they will not be able to find the world beneath the sea until they find their entrance point which we call portals already explained above, such portals may just looks like a pile of rock arranged in the form of a circle, triangle or a square, and stood in a way that one can pass through it, but you cannot pass through into the other world until you open it with a specific tune that will be vibrated on a specific key, such portals are programmed to activate through a sound with high vibration, it works just like a password or a finger print programmed on a digital door, meaning that if you do not chant the right vowel or pitch, it will not open.

Someone might ask why do mermaids create a separation from humanity. Of cause they had to stay away from humans, because humans kill anything and everything they see, we kill too much and we look as though we are nice and advanced creatures but deep inside we always find a reason to kill. Do you know that those we call animals seems to be more advanced than we humans, now just imagine the reaction of a man who meets a half snake half woman creature, well now you know (smiles)

To continue, order for the book, The Ogbanje Child and the Four Elements.

Written by Knight Fredel © 2019

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