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What do you know about witches, oh you know that they fly and do lots of evil, yes according to Nigerian/Af'rakan popular belief, you were told by your parents who were told by their parents and so on and so forth, however you should know one thing, that there are many false stories about witches spreading rapidly in the streets and there are false assumptions and yes, I also know that there are some element of truth in some of these stories, however that is why we are here today, to learn and to be able to gain some genuine knowledge about witchcraft. So with this motion, I hereby Welcome you to this week's episode of our Magazine articles, kindly read and ask your questions on the comment box at the end of this article, and I'll be sure to give you a proper response as soon as possible. 


Welcome to Awake Af’raka Magazine Platform, a Weekly Magazine publication powered by Awake Af’raka Community, an online mystery school founded by Knight Fre’d’el, for the purpose of spiritual enlightenment and awakening of Souls who are still caged in this matrix, to awaken people from being mentally enslaved by the society and those who do not want you to know the truth about yourself and your surroundings.

This week, we are here to talk about Witches and of course wizards and the truth about this set of people, their secrets will be exposed here for you so you can change your mindset about them and begin to see the actual truth which you were never allowed to see before now. Are you ready to be awakened?

So let’s go straight to point, some of you might go to some Priests and Priestesses asking them for spiritual assistance, but then, you might ignorantly get yourself initiated into a witch coven without knowing it, yes that is the witchcraft which of cause follows the dark path of spirituality, and such path do not need your consent, and again, the coven might be founded by a few witches who might have gone much older and requires a fresh blood, thus, you who seek their help might just become an opportunity for them to bring you in and share within them your psychic energy and life force, we will get to that shortly, however, let us begin with this! What is Witchcraft and who are the witches and Wizards?



The word “Witchcraft” has always scared so many people of all ages since the beginning of time, and as I always say, humans have one thing in common, they are always afraid of the unknown, yes, when they see something they can not explain, they get frightened at first, then they give it a tag, and assume things about it, and then they believe in their assumptions and suddenly their assumptions begins to start spreading everywhere as if it is the real thing, such attitude is worse in Af’raka, especially in Nigeria as I have experienced it directly over the years.

However, the truth differs from assumptions, Witchcraft is an ancient craft, and as we all know, Spiritual powers are neither evil nor bad, but when placed in the hand of a ruthless and evil person, then it becomes bad because that person will delve into the opposite path of that craft, and then use it for his or her selfish interest in order to carry out some evil plan, you should know that Spirituality has two paths though, and this two paths are like the two opposite sides of the same coin, the path of Light, which the practitioner gives credence to the Pure Spirits, and then the Dark Arts practitioners, which their members give credence and honor to the dark Spirits of the lower 4th dimension.

And both paths has its principles and laws which they operate with, for instance, one allows the killings of animals and humans both for sacrifices and also uses it’s powers for revenge or just for the sake of wickedness, while the other group doesn’t allow its practitioners to take away something which they cannot and can never give back, something such as life!

But then, the Pure path of Spirituality teaches everything that the Dark Arts teaches, nevertheless it goes way deeper and explains it from a very high point of view, it teaches everything the dark arts teaches except the part that involves working with dark spirits and taking a life, both human life and the life of animals, so instead it talks about that knowledge involving taking life and then teaches its consequences, and again it teaches even more higher knowledge which the dark arts can not understand, because the pure path gives more and it encompasses everything you see around you, and it teaches mysticism, alchemy, and pure spirituality, and many things which the dark path do not support.

So, witchcraft is the craft of the mind, and witchcraft practitioners are those who practice Advanced Spirituality, either Pure Spirituality or Dark arts, all depends on the persons involved, although, the original or let’s say the Ancient African witches and wizards all practiced Pure Spirituality, which is the pure path and which involves mysticism, alchemy and spirituality in itself, witchcraft teaches that you can use your minds to accomplish certain tasks, for example, we have psychometry (which involves the use of our mind to control objects around us), then there is telepathy (which is mind to mind communication) and so on, they focus on training their minds, while at the same time, awaken their psychic centers and learning the principles of nature.

Most of the things they do which seems like Magic and which makes you wow, are just their ability to understand natural principles and how to apply these principles to achieve certain things around them. Then they try as much as they can, not to control or force the hands of Nature, however the dark side does forces the hands of Nature, and they do not understand that there are consequences behind such action, now that is what the Pure Spirituality teaches, but the dark side only teaches them to take things by force if it refuses them, and it doesn’t teach them about the consequence of such action, neither does it show them the inner knowledge on that very craft, but the pure path does.

If the reason for ones failure in life is due to some sort of karmic debts, the dark side will make sure they skip this karma by using some sort of spiritual manipulation, but the pure path will instead show its practitioners how to resolve this karma and be free ones and for all, because skipping your karmic debt will only give you a temporary happiness because sometime some day, in few years to come, that very karma you skipped will be returned to you in double folds.

Let me give you an instance, if one finds himself in a bad situation, the dark arts will try to turn things around and make himself land in a better situation, by manipulating natures principles but the pure spiritual path will first of all analyze the situation and its origin, then if that problem is karmic in nature, it will then try to resolve the karma the right way, because it knows that if you use dark arts to skip any karmic debt, that very karma will again return in another time and when it does returns, it will become worse than the previous.

Now witchcraft practices those Spirituality listed above, the white witch follows the Pure Spirituality while the dark witch follows the teachings of dark arts, at this point you should know that, apart from the mind training, and psychic awakening, witches also learn the craft of making portions and enchanted oils, they learn about herbs and how to use various natural plants to treat various ailments, or to make portions for spiritual purposes. They do this perfectly and in addition to that, it also teaches everything you see in physics and quantum physics, although the spiritual version goes way deeper than the mainstream science you may have SEEN.



At this point you are now aware that witches and wizards are all spiritualists who practice the craft of Spirituality, either the pure path or the dark path, however what makes them stand out is the fact that they own a sort of club known as coven, and they all must own a pet ranging from a cat, a dog, a rat, or a raven etc., this pets are used by the witches themselves, that is they project their consciousness into their initiated and hypnotized pet, then move out to their meeting place or to carry out a mission at midnight hour (1am is witches time).

Pure Spirituality teaches Astral Projection, and so is the dark art, though they who practice the dark art then use theirs to fulfill their selfish aim, Astral Projection in itself is not bad but it depends on what you are using it for, that will determine whether or not it is for the highest good or for the selfish interest of an evil mind. A highly advanced and skilled spiritualist is the one who creates a witch coven, then from there they initiate members, a dark art spiritualist who own a shrine and a juju medium does this much more which is why 70% to 80% of dibia’s and priestesses around our country are all witches and wizards of the dark arts.

When someone like yourself goes to them for some spiritual help, they will instead initiate you into their coven without you knowing what is going on, they will prepare something for you to drink, or eat during the ritual which to you ”is a ritual made for whatever you have requested from them”, nevertheless in reality it is not, instead it is a ritual for witchcraft pre-initiation, and that thing will contain some enchanted substance which will quickly awaken your inner self by force and a psychic center which they will be needing, thus at that particular time, they will invoke your astral self and you will rise to their coven for the major initiation to take it’s place.

When you are fully used to their coven, especially when they have made some of your wishes come true, then in a short physical meeting; they will use mind games to trick you in order to make you understand what is going on, this will make you remember that most nights you have been finding yourself in a sort of gathering and meetings especially at full moon, and you have been so involved in it, however, what usually happens is, by the time you wake up in the morning, it all seemed as though it was just another lucid dream, but hey! it isn’t a dream, open your eyes, it is not even a lucid dream, it happened real!

This exposure has really made some persons very angry with me because I am revealing a very serious secret, and they have come for me as they did when I exposed the truth in my book THE OGBANJE CHILD AND THE FOUR ELEMENT they got angry with me, and many reported my pages and got them blocked on Facebook and twitter, however I recovered one and reopened others, this time, as I predicted on my Facebook pages and my WhatsApp group, they definitely attacked as I know them very well, they used some of my members against me, they spoilt a lot for me and sent me threats on my WhatsApp lines which I screenshot and shared on my Facebook page, however I am a Light worker and my job is to speak the truth and awaken my dear brothers and sisters from Af’raka to all over the world.

Nevertheless I must proceed, for I have seen that a lot of my people are already initiated into one of those covens which practices dark art, and many of them do not even understand that this is the reason behind their failures, because some of them were already reconnected with their Elements through me and through other light workers, although, impatience wouldn’t let them go with the flow, they went out of track by seeking for a faster means of making it and they ended up getting themselves initiated into something they are unaware of, neither are they aware of what is going on or how to control it or work with it. However the witches are the ones using them, draining their energies to refill theirs, but there are those who are not drained though but they are initiated and that alone terminates their connection with their pure elemental spirits, such disconnection makes their life much tougher than it was.


Witchcraft and WIZARDRY

What have you been hearing about witches and wizards? I will tell you the ones I know of, for example: We heard they eat babies, oh that is ridiculous, no witch will ever eat the flesh of a human unless that person is a cannibal and being a cannibal has nothing to do with being a witch. For those who are unaware, a cannibal is someone who eats human meat just like you eat goat meat and chicken, they eat all these but then added human meat to their list, they capture, kill, cook and eat human meat just like you kill and cook a cow meat, thus, such practice which of cause still exist today in the eastern and northern part of Nigeria has nothing to do with being a witch.

How about those who say witches fly in the night, well they literary don’t fly,they project their consciousness into a raven,or a vulture which is usually their symbol, and their initiated pets, after such astral projection, they go to their meetings or mission, that is the truth, they also have other animal pets apart from a raven or a vulture, they use rats, cats or dogs, and each coven must use either one of them, and each members must own a pet , during an initiation, they first of all enchant their pets for such purpose.

The traditional witchcraft coven have things they do to maintain their membership, they have principles, for example, each member must not eat fresh fish, they must always leave their fish to first of all begin the first stage of decomposition, before they cook it. So that is to say they eat rotten fish, they can eat dry fish though, but the tradition of eating rotten fish cannot be neglected.


The truth about witchcraft is, generally if you ask a witch (who belongs with the pure path of spirituality), to solve your problems, they will not solve that your problem, instead they will fix the energies sorounding your problems and then they let the problems fix themselves, that is pure spirituality, and yes they practice pure spirituality, however, what makes them stand out as a witch or wizard is the fact that they belong to a coven, and a normal spiritualist doesn’t, he or she who is a spiritualist has a master who is very advanced in the craft and art of spirituality and he trains them to be very good too but they do not create or own a coven, and neither do they belong to one.

If the master wants a coven, he will, because being so advanced in spirituality is a qualification to create and lead a coven, but then, witchcraft follows a tradition and that tradition is an age long tradition which he who wants to create a coven must follow, for example, the members must be initiated before they become members, and they must have a new moon and full moon rituals, they must have the Great Mother Goddess as the lead deity of their coven, the dark path on the other hand has or rather choose a dark spirit as their major Deity.

Most people join covens just because they want to feel the beauty of brotherhood and sisterhood, however some of them end up joining the dark path witchcraft and that ends up ruining their life for good.


As you are reading this now, I’m very sure that some of you truly want to join a coven, but then I must warn you, witchcraft is a tradition, a way of life, an ancient African spiritual occult organization, and it doesn’t guarantee wealth the moment you join a coven, it doesn’t mean that when you join them, you will now make big money or become wealthy, I am saying this because majority of you people in this generation can think of nothing else but money and riches.

You all have been brainwashed into believing a lie, and forgetting the true purpose of life, they have crumbled the economy and make sure you are badly hurt and damaged mentally and emotionally, they use women especially brainwashing them to believe in money more than love and that mentality is what the women push into men that wants her, and when the man is rejected many times because he doesn’t have money, he becomes so embarrassed and swears to get money by all means, all these keeps happening and many people have died without realizing why they came to earth in the first place, let me ask you, Is that what you want for yourself and what about your born or unborn Child or children? Is that what you want for them?

Witches and Wizards are practical Spiritualists and they have the knowledge on the science of herbs and how to use them, they know about many ailments and how to cure them using special plants or mixture of different substances gotten from different plants.

They know how to command their wishes however it must be in alignment with the natural principles of life, although the dark path don’t care, and that is why they end up paying huge prices for their selfish actions.

Witches all work with energy fields sorounding everything and everyone, they work on that energy fields and let the problem fix itself, sometimes someone has sent you charms to kill you and you feel very sick, then a witch will realize that the charms are acting on your energy fields, reconstructing it and making it dangerous to your well being, so all the witch has to do at such time is to act on that energy fields and rearrange it, mostly by increasing it’s intensity, once that is done, that so called sickness which intended to kill you will automatically stop and you will start healing after a few days or weeks.

A witch can also change the current reality if they don’t like it, they go into the astral realm and recreate their reality the way they want it, then use a spell to make their creation to reflect here in the physical world, they do this because they know that the physical world is a reflection of the astral realm. This knowledge alone makes them delve deeper into the astral realm trying to recreate things and making them reflect here.

Many things you have heard about witches and Wizards are all lies and assumptions, especially in cases where the media and some Hollywood movies portrays Witches as some kind of evil people most especially the Nollywood movies. Atleast not all Hollywood movies portrays Witches as evil, they make sure they differentiate dark art witches from a pure path witches and Wizards, just like the movie Harry Potter, you must understand that as this generation is awakening through the help of Light Workers, like myself, if you are in the movie industry then it’s time you start writing and making movies portraying the truth about witchcraft and not by showcasing some lies and assumptions about witches, giving people a wrong understanding of what the craft really is.


Right from the past when Christianity was at its active stage, a lot of witches has been tied to a stack, and burnt to death, anyone with any kind of spiritual powers of any kind were killed by the Roman Catholic Church, what was the crime of Joan of Arc? She was able to see beyond the physical world, she sees things before it happens, and they killed her for it.


If you were there at that time then practicing science alone can get you burnt to ashes, or your charges may become worse for you if at all you discovered something that contradicts the church beliefs, or if you created something that seems magical in the eyes of humans at that time, then you will be labeled a witch or a wizard too and you will be killed for it by burning you to a stack in the amusement of others.

Another example of such victims of church cruelty is the person known as Galileo Galilei who invented the telescope and discovered that the Earth is spherical and not flat, giving them a proof using his telescope and they killed him for it, long before the time of Galileo Galilei was Nicolaus Copernicus who was a Mathematician, Nicolaus Copernicus was a Renaissance polymath, active as a mathematician, astronomer, and Catholic canon, who formulated a model of the universe that placed the Sun instead of Earth at its center as believed by the church and they killed him for it claiming that the Earth is in the center and the Sun revolves around it.

These people were not witches but they were accused of sorcery and many true Witches and wizards had to go hiding, and alot of them who were caught were burnt and killed, a few who have mastered the craft were able to apply their principles to protect themselves and their family, they hide from the public just because they do not want to be killed.

The church always burnt their body’s and they always burn them alive because they believed that by shooting them ordinarily will not work, and by cutting them with swords will only either create a temporary harm to the witch or nothing at all as they have seen and witnessed the killings of some witches using swords and guns and they always found out that these advanced witchcraft practitioners always found a way to awaken from death or at most times the guns don’t enter them at all, and the swords in other cases don’t enter their body’s and because of this they preferred to burn them alive if they catch anyone, however they always end up catching innocent people like scientists or someone who is only a seer and they end up burning them on the stack and they burn them to death, and as a matter of fact they are always unable to catch the real witches of that time.

This religious indoctrination and demonization of the craft has been the reason for the fears of witches and the lies and assumptions created to accuse witchcraft of doing devilish work… Meanwhile all those are nothing but lies.

Some persons do ask me if witchcraft is a religion, well some looks like one based on their principles, but others are not rather they are only or mostly like a secret club or occult organization, the actual witches has a book they use, its called by many people as the book of shadows, though there are some others with different names too, but same content, this book is made to look like the opposite of the Bible or the opposite of the Islamic Koran.

To learn more about the Church and how they killed in the past, kindly visit this article THE CHURCH KILLED by KNIGHT FREDÉL click here.


Welcome to the 21st Century, today the witches are still seen as evil no matter what you have to say, not realizing that witchcraft in itself isn’t bad but there are those who delve into the dark path and they have created covens and has gotten initiates everywhere and they are the ones behind certain attacks, although no witch will fight you spiritually unless you both had a problem earlier or the witch is just envious of you or what you have and just want to deal with you because of his or her wickedness of cause.

To you who jump from one native doctor to the other, you must understand that so many of those priests you visit have a coven or belongs to one and many of these Priests and Priestess are followers of the dark path, so instead of solving your problems which brought you to them in the first place, they will rather initiate you into their coven before you know it, or initiate your kids and if you are pregnant they will initiate your unborn child, so as soon as he or she is of age, they will start calling his or her inner self (spirit as some prefers to call it) out to their covens.

I am not trying to scare you, I am only trying to help you know thyself and know the people surrounding you so that you can help yourself and help others around you.

This is why I made a short post letting people know that, not every problems they face is truly spiritual in nature, I saw a post on Facebook which was shared by one online priestess the other day and she tried to make it all seem like every single issues you experience in life is all spiritual in nature and that’s not true.

She wrote: HOW TO KNOW IF ONE NEED SPIRITUAL CLEANSING. Now read carefully below because under each of her list herein, I have something to say about it in bold and slant letter’s.

1. Constant failure and bad luck.

#Well to her this is a reason to do spiritual work, but to me, yes it could be spiritual. But how good are you in what you are doing, that thing you always do that fails, check it out, there must be something you are not doing well. Fix it.

2. Friends hate, dislike and detest you.

#Well, maybe you have what we call agbuduyi in my place which is a charm that makes one appear negative or dirty and unattractive to those who sees you. But check it out properly, what if you have something that they can only dream of, it could be envy, it happens sometimes and in most cases, so be careful with those you call your Friends, they can be dangerous at times.

3. Careless talks without control.

#No no no this isn’t spiritual, just learn how to talk and when to joke and when not to. Learn good manners.

4. Deliberately hurting others.

#No no no this isn’t spiritual problems, just don’t take out your anger on others, stop being wicked, if you continue being wicked, your roads will continue to block, Love your neighbors as you love yourself.

5. Rejoicing over people’s misfortunes.

#This isn’t spiritual problems, Stop the envy and jealousy.

6. Insomnia and constant bad dreams.

#This isn’t spiritual either, reduce your daily stress. Don’t stress your mind and don’t over think. Depression is real, and over sleeping in the day constantly will cause you to have insomnia… Over working at night without sleeping for many months will cause you to sleep in the day and awake at night. Stop taking nicotine or any hard pain meds like tramadol or morphine, only take them when they are given to you by your medical doctor and only if it’s for the sake of your health and not for leisure.

7. Laziness both physically and spiritually especially when you do not feel like igo ọfọ.

#This isn’t spiritual too, Laziness is laziness. Learn to be smart 😂

8. Always Procrastinating.

#Not spiritual pls

9. Constant misfortunes.

#This is same as the number one. There must be something you are not doing well. Fix it. Or maybe 🤔 You are doing the right thing at the wrong time. But I agree with this in some ways because spiritual causes might be involved in some situation though but not in all situation.

10. Vindictiveness.

#Not spiritual

11. Cycle of problems.

#Same as number one. However when circles are involved, you just have to learn to recognize the period of your life when u experience Goodluck the most, and learn to live in harmony with the natural principles of life, because there is time for everything, a time to smile and a time to cry, a time when you surfer is the period of your life when you are meant to resolve your negative karma’s while the other is a time for rewards. Read about the circle of life in my online magazine platform at Living in harmony with natural principles of life is what makes spiritualists stand out from the crowd, and this knowledge is fully understood by witchcraft practitioners.

12. Disappointment.

#You met those who don’t keep to their words or who doesn’t care about you but only pretends to.

13. Spiritual works does not work for one.

#It can’t work for you, because you don’t have any Spiritual issues to begin with, Or you are too much in a hurry to see results then you jump from one priest to another. You don’t focus on one path alone, like I always say, Patience is virtue

14. Lateness in marriage.

#You are lazy, Stand up and say no to defeat, take care of your spouse.

15. Jinx and hexes.

#You are not a bad luck and no one casted a spell on you, or maybe they do but not in many cases out there.

16. Sexual Immorality.

#Learn self control and self respect. This isn’t spiritual, Wake up, TIME does not wait for anyone. Be careful before you waist all your active periods looking for answers that are not there to begin with.

SO THAT IS IT! So many of our people out there are just wasting their productive and active periods of their lives looking for help and looking for spiritual means of getting rich and when they come across this kind of Priestess, they are made to believe that these common things they pass through in life are all spiritual in nature and all has a Spiritual origin or causes. But the truth is they don’t and most of these victims only may have some disconnection from their element and their elemental spirits and this might then suddenly make him or her find themselves feeling so alone and feeling lost, they end up finding themselves in a hardship kind of situation and this makes them depressed and so they seek for spiritual solution but unfortunately they end up with these dark path witches and Wizards who will instead make things go worse for them.

Or in some cases they end up with some of these fake online digital priests and Priestess who will only bill them and then offer no help at all, and others who will offer blood sacrifice with them to solve their problems and this gets things even worse because their consciousness don’t belong to that level which gives credence to dark spirits by offering blood sacrifices. Some of you have pure Spirits and requires such level of Spirituality to bring to you what you desire thus you must find the causes of your problem first before anything and that is what we do here, using some sort of guess games to predict ones problems and it’s solutions isn’t what the Light path does or the light path priests or pure Witches and wizards.


Now I am very sure you have now understood the very truth behind this craft we call witchcraft, from the beginning of this article I have taken my time to explain deeply for you the higher truth concerning this craft of the ancient ones. So now I must now get to it’s conclusion and I promise you that I shall publish within the year another part of this same article which I’ll refer to as the part two because I cannot fix everything inside this one article, no I can’t and don’t want to make it boring for anyone of you.

I want you to read this again and again then get the message and understand that which I’m trying to pass to you.

So by the time the next part of this article will arrive, you will be able to grasp it’s inner understanding and this will open your eyes the more to spiritual truth, we are going to talk about the pentagram and it’s uses both the inverted and the straight one, I’ll reveal to you more of the tradition of witchcraft and with this, you will find more understanding of this tradition…

Today I have revealed a lot for you to understand, one, that witchcraft is in two types, the pure path and the dark path, and also, number two I revealed to you all the secret which is, all witchcraft practices follows the teachings of Spirituality, either the dark path or the pure path.

And I said also that many so called traditional priests all belong to a coven or they own and created one already by themselves, I revealed what they follow and how their life is and many more.

You whom have found this knowledge should share this link/page so others can find their redemption, many are victims of this.

Support Awake Afraka Magazine by sharing this consistently to as many friends and social media friends as possible. Truth must be brought forward for man to awaken from the debt of darkness, the truth shared becomes a Light which will illuminate that darkness!

Man, know thyself, and ye shall know the gods and the spirits of your ancestors. Awaken your Consciousness and the Pure Spirits will dine with you.

As written by Knight Fre’d’el


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