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Episode 76

Welcome to another Episode of our weekly magazine articles from Awake Af’raka Magazine; As you already know, this platform offers you with a lot of hidden truth not shared in the public, and I take my time to sieve them in ways that no propaganda or one random and false online posts can be found here, thus giving you the best of African knowledge.

I want you all to understand that this article will touch a lot of things from various subject matters as this will give you the reader a wider understanding of the topic herein, for instance if I mention “Light worker”, I will have to give a short explanation of what or who a Light worker is. This will then help you understand whatever I may be saying concerning anything relating to the Light worker in the context.

Now, first of all, before we proceed, I want you all to remember that we have an Advanced Class where you can subscribe for your monthly Discourse on practical and Advanced Spirituality, along with Alchemy, Alchemy will be introduced in the higher Degree’s as long as the Seeker of Truth (Student) continues to study consistently with passion and seriousness to dig into the unknown, and to solve the mysteries surrounding him or her, we need serious and focused seekers of truth and we shall offer them the truth which they truly seek!

On this weeks publication I will now present to you some hidden truth regarding the Af’rakan Masquerades, and I know that most of you still believes that masquerades were only created by our Ancestors and are played, danced or performed just for the sake of fun during a particular season such as your tribes masquerade festivals, however, what you do not know is that, there is so much more to it that you were never told.

This is why I am offering to you some of my advanced Spiritual findings concerning this topic herein, so that you and others like you will be able to know the true ways of our African Ancestors, and that is exactly the right thing to do.

As you must know today, our Ancestors were never people who do things just for the fun of it, rather in anything they do or create, there is always a deeper meaning to that thing no matter what it might be, and such deeper truth of cause will never be released to the random public, instead they will be reserved and only passed down to the select few, and these selected Seekers must be those who are truly the Seekers of truth, people who seek true and Pure Spiritual knowledge will always find it when they are ready, no matter how many years they have spent searching, the moment they are truly ready, the Master will appear.

But the Master will never appear and you will never find the truth if you are not consistent in what you do, and on the path you follow, because it is only when you are consistent on your journey towards pure spirituality come rain come shine you still believe in the path you have chosen to follow, then the Spirits will be attracted to open that door for you to enter in order for the Master to appear to lead you through the rest of your journey towards perfection.

You must know at this point that Our Ancestors always kept things in padlocks, what I mean by padlocks are the riddles and metaphors which they use in writing down such Spiritual knowledge, this is done for the true Seekers alone to find it and delve further if truly he or she is really a true Seeker of truth, otherwise, they would just read the surface and drop them for some social media reels or funny videos and memes etc., the normal people in our society do not have the patience it requires to seek the truth because all they want is materialism, and anything without it, will never make sense to them, not knowing that behind these great African Knowledge and Pure Spirituality lies a lasting Abundance, that is if the person is able to follow the principles of its esoteric truth which has been revealed and passed down unto him or her by the Master. But joining the path of Spirituality just for the abundance that follows will return with a greater consequence and that will definitely not feel so good for whomever that is.

So talking about African Masquerades, they hold a much deeper meaning within it’s everyday regular dance and fun in which you see during your masquerade festivals. And that is what I am about to expose to you on the next sub-topic, now let us proceed.



Back in the days, between 500 to 1000 years ago, our Ancestors recorded at that time some valuable facts concerning how the Gods and the Goddess do descended down to the 3rd dimension here in the physical realm of our planet Earth at that time and they visit man in their society’s and in their communities, they came to help man evolve, they offered to our Ancestors the great secrets of life including the knowledge on mysticism, and Pure Spirituality, Science, Astrology, genetic Sciences, Quantum physics, Politics and Agriculture…

The Gods and the Goddess were honored by our Ancestors and they became the symbol of Light to all our generation, and before they ascended back to the higher dimensions and realms, they had to choose a select few who were wise and serious as at then and they made them hold on to the Great Secrets and Knowledge on Pure Spirituality, they trained them to be wiser than they ever were, and trained them to become Light workers and Mystery teachers, custodians of our African traditions and cultures, and great priests and priestesses who will then use the Psychic Mediums which was also passed down to them by the Gods before they ascended, this Mediums were to help the priest or priestess to connect with the deities and spirit beings who vibrate at the higher frequency and dimensions which the range of Medium was made to reach, you must know that the higher dimensions do not vibrate at the same frequency as the 3rd dimension which is the physical realm, or as some call it the physical world, this physical world vibrates at the frequency of the 3rd dimension and so in order to reach them when they had returned, they gave them a Medium in other to reach the gods for any requests or consultation, such Mediums were made to carry out such jobs perfectly only if the priest activates it rightly as directed.

Most Mediums are made in form of a carved image of that deity and you must understand that its purpose is similar to a modern day telephone that you use in communicating with the person you wish to call, so on the other hand this Medium is used in communicating with the gods who exists in a higher dimensional reality, thus they made the Mediums so that when they ascends above this physical reality’s, they can still reach them anytime they need the assistance from the Spirits.

These Light workers were placed on this task and made to reincarnate from time to time in order to return back here to the 3rd dimension thus, to bring balance and awakening to our realm, they come back doing their jobs from one area to the other, in various communities and locations, and they assist in holding back the dark energies from invading this universe and their people, they offer Spiritual Assistance to those who seek it genuinely and they do these these things selflessly from the pureness of their heart and by the worthiness of their being, all for the highest good.

The Light Workers were taught and given an oath in order to protect this truth and secrets, then they pass on this knowledge to the next generation whenever their time here is done, so they make sure that those whom they prepared for this task are true seekers and has this inner light within them which when trained especially with serious practice, they will be able to come out brighter thus becoming the Light workers they were meant to be.

They whom were selected must be worthy of the task, this is because, not everyone is or can be ordained a Light worker or a priest of the Great Mother, do not mind the so many so called priests and priestesses flaunting themselves on social medias today especially on Instagram and Facebook, they are mostly 70% scammers and thieves pretending to be who they are not. I will only advise you to be very careful out there before you become a victim of circumstance, thus before you get yourself close to anyone online claiming to be a Light worker or priests, make sure you have seen his articles and writings on spiritual matters which you know is and very original and truthful, then study his commenters, and see how he is taken serious, and also be with him online for up to a month plus in order to be sure, so you don’t get robbed off your hard earned money.

Lastly make him add you to his or her group and see how much he is taken seriously and make sure his articles are not stolen from someone else’s page or copyrighted or pasted from other pages just like people copy lots of my works too, that is plagiarism, such a person who cannot write and teach spirituality without stealing another persons posts and claiming it as his or hers, can never be a true Spiritualist, and again, if he is a Light worker, then he would never take a post that isn’t written by him or her and claiming to be the original author, of cause he or she can share the post or article, that is allowed, but not by re-editing and replacing the authors name to his own, such a thing is copyright and such a person cannot be a Light worker.

So you should understand that, those social media Light workers and Priests/Priestesses are ignorant and they do not know that they must follow a certain passage before they are given the honor to be called and ordained a Light Worker.

Before we proceed further on the topic at hand, let me quickly give you a short rundown on who the actual Light workers truly are, this will help you understand this topic perfectly as it will be mentioned at various parts of this article, and even if you already know the meaning or even if you might think you know who a Light worker is, just read along, there is nothing wrong refreshing your brain, and as you read through you may end up picking up one or two new ideas which you had never known before, ok lets move on:


When we talk about truth, many of you would think its one of those things they post online, however the fact is my articles are uniquely written from my own understanding of that knowledge therein based on Ancient African Mystery and Spiritual knowledge preserved by our great Ancestors, without copying from whomever, or wherever, as a true light worker, certain truth are passed on to you, and so, such truth are not found in other places though many has tried to get in but they end up scratching the surface. So I want to ask you, how is a man ordained or made to be given the title “Light worker”? Ok, I will tell you.

Do you know that the final tests to ordain one a pure priest and a light worker include the Death and Resurrection processes, for they will be given a substance to swallow, and that substance will stop their heart, and all organs, they are given 7 minutes to wake up because the brain dies after 8 minutes from the moment the heart stops, and once that happens, they will be unable to return back to that body when they start up their hearts.

The purpose of this ritual is for them to face their fears and ascend above the lower dimensions, thus as they return to their body’s, they return as a perfect light workers, and they gain more awareness and become more Spiritual, as many of you do not know, your fears traps your Souls consciousness in the 4th dimension, which is the lower realms where dark deities and negative entities which the church calls demons exists. It is the realm of illusion and imagination.

Thus, once they swallow that substance and their heart stops beating, then their astral body which many religious people call spiritual body or spirits then finds itself in the astral realm, the world of image formation, the reality of demigods and demons, they arrive here because their fears and religious beliefs has trapped their Souls consciousness and in order to rise above this reality, one must first face their fears and rise above it.

In the astral realm they will see all sorts of things which they were afraid of, they are meant to face and rise above each of them, when they do this before that 7 minutes is over, the Masters will put some substance into their blood and mouth, this will make the blood warm again and begin to circulate then they can now start up the heart of such person, and using Spiritual techniques they call back the Astral body of the one whom is sent into the Astral realm, and as they return, they confirm if they passed their test, if yes, they are honored and Ordained a Light worker, if they fail, they are disqualified for good, and most persons don’t even make it back to their body’s, some dies in the process and never returns, they of cause signed and agreed to the risks involved, thus in many cases a family member will also sign as a witness in those days, so just in case if anything happens, they are not held responsible.

Another reason why they are sent over there isn’t just because of the fear, as not all of them has that fear to rise above, however they as a Light worker, must rise above the demons in that reality, and they will be tempted and tested by these demons, they see your heart desire, they see what you love most in life including your spouse, they will test you, and when you fail, you fail to be ordained a Light worker, but if you pass the test, you will be ordained and given the honor to be referred to as a Light worker.

Many of those who go for this tests, are people who are still afraid of hell fire too, or those who haven’t fully broken the bond of materialism, when they arrive that lower spiritual world called the astral realm, they will suddenly see themselves either being tested by those dark entities/demons whom will take any shape they choose, they can even take the shape of a very pretty and beautiful woman whom you may have had a crush on, or if you are a woman, they can look like the sort of man you always dream of and guess what, he will be rich, and for those who fear hell, they will find themselves in hell fire burning all over their body’s, and hurting them in the process, though at that point they are unaware that hell fire does not exist, and fire cannot burn them because, fire is a physical element, and their astral body is a spiritual energy body, so both cannot feel each order, this is because the the frequency at which the astral body vibrates on, is higher than that of the fire, and so the astral body can never burn in a fire unlike the physical body which vibrates at same frequency with the fire.

Meanwhile at that time such persons will never know yet and so they will keep burning in that hell fire of their own making, until they remember the teachings passed down to them by the masters earlier and from that moment they realize themselves, they will stop shouting and instantly they will stop feeling pains, and burns, then at that moment the fire will vanish, and they will find them self rising above the 4th dimension and if they have known TRUTH AND JUSTICE and had earlier passed the test during their training, if so then this is where they are shown a staircase, which they will climb, and as they climb, they will see an open door which is as bright as the Light of the Sun, now once they pass into this door, their consciousness will then ascend higher into pure spiritual realm where positive spirits which the church calls Angels exists, here they will meet a Pure Spirit (Light Being) who welcomes him or her to the path of Light, but informs him that there is need for him to still return back to his body and fulfill his mission, at this point, they are returned back to Earth, if they make it back before that seven minutes expires, they will wake up here in their body, if they don’t, the Spirits will send them to another life time where they will be born again by another mother and family through reincarnation so in order to continue from where they stopped from their past life.

There are many more things I have skipped here though, because this is all I am allowed to pass on to you in public, however, to learn more and get trained on this Spiritual journey of life, then register and Subscribe monthly to our Advanced Classes to get your Monthly Discourse, Click here to proceed.




In many African traditions and cultures, there is always a special space reserved inside a sort of cold forests with trees bracketing the place from the sun, thus making it very cold, and with the streams which in many places are found there, such places harbors big fishes, and big animals for hunting, but no one is allowed to touch anyone of them until a special day which must be accepted and by the Spirits, in most places such day comes once in 3-5 years.

Again, in some places such Spiritually reserved areas has big pythons, crocodiles, alligators and anacondas which live in the water and in the bushes, on that special day which is accepted and permitted by the spirits, hunters and fishermen go in to catch big fishes only on that particular day, and during this fishing, you will or may find yourself standing on top of a python or crocodile and think it is just a large floating wood, yes at that time which is permitted by the spirits, you will not know especially that this floating wood is a deadly crocodile and that long wood that looks like it fell across the road to the stream side is actually a long big python, whatever the Spirits choses to make you see is what you will see, on that day…

Although at such moment they will not harm you, you may even see wolves and think its just a large stone, the Spirits will make you see those deadly creatures as something else at such time but once the time is up, that floating wood, will suddenly become a crocodile, or alligator especially, and if at such moment you are still standing or sitting there on top of the so called wood, you will then see its true nature, first it will not attack, but when that person still ignores the warnings of the Spirits and continue fishing or hunting due to greed, then that is when you will be dealt with.

In my own community such place is referred to as Ogbudu, such places holds the sacred mediums of the Spirits and also its sacred shrines, or alter, and this is where the Spirits resides, though on a higher frequency, now during a Masquerade festival, all the masquerades will first of all dance in turns right in that sacred space, here they will play the tune of the masquerades and when the masquerade dancer hears his own masquerades tunes then he will come in and dance for the spirits, when he’s done, they will play another and so on and so fort until the entire masquerades has danced, the priests will then do some incantations while the drummers and conga players start playing the tune of the Spirits, then with this, they all dance outside and dance round the streets of the village then arrive at their playground for the actual masquerade festival to begin.

Nevertheless while on the sacred place of the Goddess and of the Gods, and while they are dancing the masquerades, it is said that the Spirits dances along with them, and there is something I experienced at my community so many years back when I was still a kid, many of you may wonder how I am able to remember things that happen when I was 75 years old but its possible if you know the Spiritual practices involved, so when I was between the ages of 7 and 9, my community was ruled by corrupt priests who were doing things lazily and anyhow they desire without following procedures, then there came the time of the masquerade festivals, and guess what they did, they refused to first of all play and dance the masquerades inside the Sacred place of the Goddess and the Gods of our Ancestors as the Spirits and Tradition demands, they went ahead to dance the masquerade and celebrate its festivals directly on their playground without honoring the Spirits.

However while they were beating their drums and dancing their masquerades, the Great Goddess sent her Bees, lots of them, thousands of them Bees arrived the playground and bit the priests and whoever was drumming the masquerades and the masquerades along with their supporters, that’s those watching, it bit them scattered and tearing their skins and giving them all wounds as they all ran helter scatter seeking for safety.

When the Bees left, it was said to have gone back to the Sacred place hence they came from, after this, the next day the Priests did some consultation and then they received a response that it was their foolishness that led to that bees Invasion, and warns them to replay the masquerade festivals in the next 24hours and start it properly in the right way as instructed by those who came before them. They appeased the Spirits and did exactly as they were directed, on the next day the festival was played as it should be and everyone went home happy.


This is Ucha

A lot of people might ask, what is the purpose of that sacred space and why are such places reserved only for the spirits alone, and why do we need to dance our masquerades inside of that place to begin with before dancing outside on our usual playground.

The African tradition holds many secrets that when you do not seek for them, they will all just remain to you as mere fallacy or cultural entertainment, I know there are ordinary masquerades depicting the animals or birds, or a person, nevertheless there are those which are deeply rooted in the spirituality of the land that owns it, another normal masquerade in my place is the one called “Police”, this masquerade is carved as a police man and the dance movement demonstrates the police man capturing and trying to molest women, and there is this one called “Ucha” which is mostly depicting a man molesting and attempting to rape a woman.

However some of the Masquerades are not made for the fun, rather they hold strong spiritual meaning and forces to our land, this is because our Ancestors, and the Light workers of that time hid a lot of sacred truth in the open space, although they are kept in the open for all to see, nevertheless they were hidden with codes, words written like riddles, metaphors, and most of such sacred truth are displayed through special dance steps, and in demonstrations which are performed throughout their festivals, this is to protect the truth from invaders and those who are not worthy to be given such a sacred and spiritual knowledge.

Masquerades such as “Ucha” and “Police” holds a very interesting historical evidence which only those who have really gone deep into the study of Af’rakan cultures and traditions will know the true story that lies within the open mask and dance demonstrations. Ucha for instance refers to those slave masters of those days when the whites invaded our lands using Christianity as their major weapon, and sending a group of slave masters who mask themselves as Missionary’s, while within these missionaries are slave masters, their reasons were not to redeem Africans but to buy them and take them away into slavery, just like a ship was recorded to have arrived a tribe in our lands back in the days, according to evidence, this ship was named JESUS, the missionaries came out and preached, saying all sorts of sweet messages and praying for the women and children to convert to Christianity and meet Christ, lastly they said, he or she who wants to meet Jesus should enter the ship, and so many of the mothers, daughters and children including men (some) all entered the ship and that was the last time they heard from them because they were taken away, tied with chains, and transported to American plantation to be used as slaves, they used these Africans to make money, they breed them like animal, cage them and wipe them, when they deliver a child, they mark that child, and raise him or her up as slaves in order to continue from where their parents stops, these African slaves were the fore fathers of the black Americans you see on TV today, yes, all Black American are all children and great great great grand children of those slaves they sold to America back then. According to my research, the slave ship Jesus was involved in the Atlantic slave trade and smuggling under the instruction of the man, John Hawkins, who organized four voyages to West Africa and the West Indies between 1562 and 1568.

So how does this history connects with the masquerades discussed herein? I will tell you; Masquerades such as “Ucha” refers to those white slave masters and missionaries who come to our lands and start raping our girls, using force to drag them into having sex with them, some use our women as sex slaves, and keep them naked all through, these people were never forgotten, and so when slave trade was abolished, they were carved into a masquerade and that masquerade began to demonstrate their art of molestation and sex abuse, this is for them, and for us, to never forget that timeline in the history of our people.

How about the masquerade we know as “Police”, similar to Ucha, Police Masquerade refers to those old white police with short knickers and short sleeves, these so called police men always abused the black people and also molest their women, the issue of police brutality you experience today in most places especially the American police molesting black Americans and torturing them and in most cases they torture them till they die, such behavior never started today, those American police killing the innocent blacks were only living up to the standard of their forefathers because that is exactly what they did at the time of slave trades, they are responsible for many deaths of the black men, they could love your wife and set you up then torture and take your life just to molest and sexually abuse your wife, that is what they did back in the days, and so our fore fathers carved an image of them, and added a dance step demonstrating the way those police men molested, arrested, and sexually abused our men and women, this is to save guard this history in order for our people to never forget their (our) history, because such a history is one which should never be forgotten in a hurry.

Although I will offer you some more knowledge here in our e-Magazine ,but as I live by a code as a Light worker, I am not supposed to spread the most deeper part of our knowledge in the public, this is to continue the work of our ancestors, to protect these knowledge from wrong hands, now spirituality is deep, and important, but, it can be used for a different purpose, if its found in the hands of well trained spiritualists, then its safe and that person will follow the Light, but if in the hands of the darkened heart who has not been properly trained and prepared for true and pure Spiritualty then he can use it for bad and follow the Dark path.

Spiritual knowledge is like a pencil, in the hand of a trained artist, it will create great and beautiful art work, but in the hand of an unlearned artist, that same pencil which produced that beautiful artwork, will then produce something that one can easily refer to as “none sense”, so Spirituality is like a tool, like a machete which can either be used to cultivate, or to damage.

So there are things I will not reveal here, but in order for you to have access to such higher and advanced teachings of our ancestors, then you have to prove yourself worthy of the Light by enlisting into the Advanced class made only, for the select few, but then, I will first of all illuminate you here in order to show you the way, and the door, nonetheless, to walk into the door of sacred truth and enlightenment, will be up to you, and you alone to decide, for when the student is ready, the master appears, and when the student is fully and perfectly ready the master disappears, now I will proceed to illuminate you on certain things which you might not truly understand and which you may have even taken them for granted over the years, this very important revelation is concerned with some of our cultural and traditional symbolism, especially, the “Masquerades”.


Of everything we have said so far, I have to let you all know that those gods of our ancestor whose spiritual appearance are being used to demonstrate their worthiness through dance steps and traditional instrumentation, still exists and most learned and advanced dibia’s, still invoke them through their psychic mediums for Spiritual communion and these gods and goddess, and when they are well appeased, they can bless their dancers beyond their imagination.

Back in the days, a man cannot just randomly wake up one morning and jump into wearing and dancing a masquerade, NO! seriously I do not understand what is happening today but back in the days, a masquerade dancer must pass through a certain initiation procedure before they are given a masquerade to dance and to keep in its secret and sacred place, these exercise comes before learning the dance steps and everything about dancing that masquerade is spiritual.

Today these things are abused and that is why many of our youths are so poor or negatively influenced by challenges of life which they cannot overcome no matter how much they try, can you imagine that in our world today, a dancer chooses its masquerade, but back in the days, the masquerades chooses its dancers, each masquerades has a spirit they are connected with, the spirits which the masquerade represents, and that person will be known with that masquerade throughout his life time, the masquerade serves just like medium that connects the dancer with the spirit realm where the spirit of that masquerade resides.

During such a communion, they can ask for something which that masquerade Spirit can give, this is because, like I said, each masquerade represents a particular god/goddess or spirit or deity etc., and each spirit or deity only has powers over one or two things which they are blessed with, unlike the Great Ma who has the power over all elemental Spirits of the four elements, however, the masquerade Spirits are just like the Earth Goddess who has her abilities limited to: rebirth, growth, wealth sex and fertility. So does each Spirits from each of the elements of fire, water, and air, and also does each Masquerade Spirits too whom of cause has their own unique powers and abilities in which they can either use them to bless you, or use them to destroy you if you pose a threat to their dancers or their chosen ones.

This is called Oji Onu

I will share and publish more on this part of this article in our next volume of this article, there is just so much I want to share with you, but if I put them all down in this one article, then I will be writing a book! Now lets get on with this, we all have our tribes, and each of our tribes have their masquerade cults, yes, so what is this masquerade cult all about and do they still exist?

Remember I said in a few paragraph above that, one cannot just randomly wake up one morning and pick up a masquerade of his/her choice to dance, instead in the days of our ancestors, we once upon a time had what we call, Masquerade Cults, this is a sort of circle or group of Masquerade dancers who are fully prepared and whom their Masquerade Spirits has chosen them to handle and dance their masquerade during such festivals.

So, is there anything else concerning this ancient masquerade cult? Or is it just another dark path to Spiritual practices and occult groups? Lets find out!


Ogbukele (A very powerful and special masquerade danced special Ogbukele festival different from the Normal masquerade festival.. this is the masquerade of the gods, women don’t look at its fore head or they faint or fall. A fowl must not be close by or else they freeze. This is a powerful masquerade of our ancestors…

In those days, when the lands were pure and the people were filled with passion and love for their ancestors, with their innocence and the purity of their minds they went deeper into their greatest communion with the higher deities.

At those times, there were those who understood the principles of spirituality and the science of nature and man, they understood that, no ordinary man can wear a masquerade or even attempt to dance any one of the masquerades without proper initiation into the path which had to do with letting the Masquerade Spirits choose its dancer who is worthy to behold its powerful Spirit and strength, and that initiation is also followed by the ceremonial ritual of connecting the masquerade spirits with the dancer whom that particular masquerade spirit has chosen already.

Thus, a masquerade dancer had to go through such steps in order to be ordained a dancer of that masquerade before they are given the right to wear them, and if the masquerade spirits did not choose you and you choose to wear anyone of your choice by yourself, the spirit will possess you during the dance and if your own spirit isn’t strong enough, you might end up destroying yourself or others in the process, especially if the masquerade you wore is a war masquerade or a violent one who carries machete or some other dangerous weapon, in such state, you may end up cutting people if you are not held back and tight in order to take that masquerade off your face, in many cases such unprepared dancers go insane for sometime, while some of them pass out or remain unconscious for a number of hours and even for days in a much serious case, and also, there are those who die in the process.

You should note that, during such dance or masquerade festivals the chosen dancers are most of the time possessed by their masquerade spirits, they display this in their playground, just like I always say, masquerades are meant to be danced for the spirits first inside their sacred space or spiritually charged area reserved for the Spirits alone, this is to invoke them and take their permission first before going out into the public for the festival itself.

However, in todays reality, all these have been defiled and even abused, that is why most such people who abused and defile our masquerades today in the name of modern world do not progress much in their life because they have been cursed by the gods.

They as a matter of fact they can never lift such curse, unless their masquerade spirits are appeased properly and it must be in the right way to please the spirits, without these they will remain where they currently are.

Masquerade cult has existed from time memorial and unlike today, those whom are initiated into this path today are going to church and mostly Christians, then once its time for masquerade dance, they jump out and pick up the masquerades and begin to dance (that’s one of the abuse), forgetting that seven days before the masquerade dance, the dancer mustn’t touch or sleep with a woman! they will even have sex 6 hours before wearing the masquerade, can you imagine this? (That’s defiling our Masquerade). Well, then after the masquerade dance festival comes to an end, they pull them off and drop them wherever they store traditional things, (that’s another abuse because each masquerade is supposed to be sacred and they are supposed to be covered by either a white clean cloth or red or blue or black depending on the masquerade itself and the spirit within, again they supposed to prepare a sacred alter for each masquerade, and not something you just dump anyhow like a costume for nollywood movie making).

Do you know what motivates the people into dancing their masquerade today? It is MONEY, because of the money they will get after each dance, they will not mind betray their own so called tradition and culture in order to dance for the spirits, although the spirits do not appreciate such motivation, this is because the spirits require a true traditionalist and cultural personality to come honor them with masquerade dances and festivals not those who wears those mask just to make money whilst dancing.

Nowadays people have decided to set aside our ancestral path and they bring up their children to follow a foreign religion, its just what happened in the days of our great grand fathers, majorities of our grand fathers refused to bring up their children in the ways of our ancestors, those children today became our parents who also refused to bring us up into that path of our ancestors and this means that, so many of this generation who are giving birth to the future generation would end up not knowing their roots or their ancestors and neither will they know their own cultures and traditions.

However, that chain of ignorance must be broken, that generation of sleeping sheep’s has to come to an end, this is why I founded this community Awake Af’raka Community, to wake up our brothers and sisters into knowing who they are and where they came from, to control these ignorant’s from people who think that their ignorance is a civilization and a modern world, what a shame.

Moving on, now do you know that back in the days we used to have what we call ”SPIRITUAL SIGN POST”, Do you want to know what it is? CALM DOWN I WILL TELL YOU.


Do you know that, back in the days, our ancestors hardly die anyhow or so easily due to black magick or any form of crazy charms sent against them, you know why? it is because of our “ancestral sign post” which is fixed at the four corners of the towns borders, this is well done in ways that if any form of charms or deity are sent to kill a member of that town, whether that person is in town or away at that moment, such charms will be drawn by the signpost and at same time it will be damaged instantly.

NOTE HERE: That, if someone projects a charm to kill you, the charm first travels to your home town then hits on your main compound on the ground and if you are around then it fires you from there, if you are not around, then it hits in that your main compound, somewhere in your granddads house etc or great grand dad’s house (from your father’s side). After a few seconds it will then catapult straight to wherever you currently are/resides.

However, if your home town has a sign post installed by your chief priests and if its really active, then that charm will not cross the border of your village, it will be drawn by the sign post then it will be destroyed right there. if the enemies sent you a malevolent entity, the gods of the land goddess of the sea and earth which has been given authority over the land and whom the sign posts are dedicated unto will silently banish them all, if they are more than one. this is one major reasons our people don’t die anyhow back then unlike they do today.

Today people die anyhow, anytime they are hit with charm, they are frustrated and destroyed for life if that’s what the charm says or if that is how the charm is programmed. So, if someone asks you what a sign post is in Spirituality, then you should be able to know that now, you can now research what it is called in your tribe/towns language. As you can see, talking about masquerade has exposed and also brought to light other unknown secrets within our Spirituality.

Nevertheless, more of these secrets will be exposed on our next article titled: SECRETS THEY DONT WANT YOU TO KNOW, coming shortly in few weeks from now, so, stay tuned.

Now I have given you a run down of secrets you were never told concerning the masquerades and its festival, thus the next time you stand or sit to watch one either during a masquerade festival or not, you should know the fundamental truth behind it.

Thus, when next you visit to watch a masquerade during during a festival or not, you should then know that, there are things these masquerades are eventually representing, as you watch their dance steps, you would be able to know that there is something much bigger or greater within those dance steps, something that assisted in the evolution of mankind and such a festival (if its a festival) is a time these gods/goddess are celebrated and honored.

As you sit and watch, you will understand deep down the fundamental truth such masquerade holds within its inner space, thus this makes you even more enlightened and evolved than so many other people, when you know the inner secrets of the spirits, they come closer to you especially when you live your truth or rather allow your truth to reflect in you and in everything you do and in wherever you go and in which ever position you find yourself in, that is how enlightenment favor’s you both spiritually and physically.

There are those who do not know that going back into the past and digging out the ancient truth about our ancestors raises once level of consciousness, and your energy fields brightens at the moment of your awakening to certain knowledge or truth, so your aura also rises higher than it used to be, both socially and spiritually, this increases your level of awareness and eventually your light body/consciousness also rises.

Let’s take for instance, have you questioned yourself on why Europeans/American’s always visits Africa just to collect that which many of you refers to as ”JUST ARTIFACTS”, then they also pay handsomely for them in order to go back with it to their country then rebuilds it, samples the model version then keeps the original highly secured inside someplace secret then rebuilds our African ancestral pyramids and then they at the same time learn our history then they build a duplicate of such African ancestral monuments. They gather the knowledge concerning their astrological position which the pyramids are located at, and to what star system they point to so while they demonize your ancestors and make you hate your own root, they are busy stealing them from you from behind the cameras…

Back to where we are, I guess I have enlightened you deeply on the topic herein and I have also touched other areas of our tradition and culture which you all have neglected many times, so I at this point I will say that Afraka is rich with deep secrets of life and the answers which you might be seeking can/may even be found in your own home town, this is the truth, however, in other not to deviate from the actual topic, let me rap up this sub-topic by repeating a few lines I have mentioned above which is ”while you are busy demonizing your true ancestors and destroying all their monuments like the great pyramids, the Cleopatra needle etc. they, the whites Europeans and American’s are busy picking them all up into their own countries in other to enrich their lands spiritually and physically by connecting with the root, the source of life, the universe and as the years go by, all scientific discoveries/theories are all realized through the alchemical knowledge of our ancestors passed down to you and I, but in which you have neglected and demonized, just like many of you today claim that the African Masquerades are demonic, what makes it demonic? You don’t know! Yes I taught as much.


As a matter of fact from the experiences I have gained from both my own tribe and what I have seen so far from other places, I must express at this point that it is a very sad situation we Af’rakans have decided to put ourselves, I must tell you it is really a sad situation because these things are all part of why many people are not moving forward in their life

Masquerades are currently not being handled the proper way in few tribes of Nigeria, you can imagine a situation whereby a tribe who have about 50 masquerades, beautiful ones but then during their masquerade festivals, only about 3 or 4 of these masquerades out of the 50 will be presented or danced. As if that is not all, they no longer practice these dances before the festivals, and those who play the drums and congas etc. no longer practice, in fact, the whole idea of the ”MASQURADE CULT” no longer exists in most states and in most tribes in Africa.

As the old ones fades away, only 2/3 or highest 4 young persons comes out to be initiates into the tradition; they of cause dances our masquerades but they don’t follow most of the principles of the masquerade cults.

Most of these young generation who only think nothing but cultism, money, sex and all that, no longer follows the steps of our past ancestor’s, they wear these masquerades only to use as a means to make money off it, they were never told the consequences of such activity’s, when I visit my home town I realize that such younger ones who defiles our traditions, no matter how far they wish to go in life they always remain at that level of poverty, no matter what they know, they just get their life’s wasted out of ignorance, thinking that they are having fun.

Come on, my dear SeaStars and Suns of our ancestors, not everything you see around you are all about fun, sex and money. if you do things the right way, the gods/goddess will bless you bountifully from stage to stage, you have no reasons to rush into things when you are not yet initiated into that path, all for the fun and money. You forgot one thing, which is, “the spirits and the god/goddess are all real, and they are always present during such festivities, and not just a folklore or fairytale, this is one truth you all need to tell yourselves so that you can put things right and in order.


The human beings in this generation are the reasons behind their downfall, you can imagine a case of someone I know whom is (was) a chief and king and who had set out things as it should, protected the land, helped a lot of people, got old and he joins the gods, however before leaving he had been bringing up his first son on that same path and he trusted him, though, when his time was up, he left the mantle for his son who was and who is now also given the red cap as an ordained chief and at the same time a royal highness as his father was, in other for him (the son) to start from where he (the father) had stopped, but then, as the case may be, he instead did things the wrong way, he is adulterous, sleeps with people’s girlfriends and wives, does lots of things against tradition unlike his father, and he lies a lot, ok if such a king is given a case to settle, can he settle it in truth and in all sincerity and Justice, I mean someone who even goes against justice for he lies for a living, he collects bribes and when a contract is awarded to the community, he goes along with others to steal and collect money from that awarded funds by the government, he shares it with his cabinet, his selfishness made him allow the government to destroy their sacred place in their village, destroy the towns ancient market place, then buys expensive cars and build majestic houses unlike his father.

It is better he isn’t the king of our tribe as a whole but just a king of his town and people otherwise our tribe would have been killed and destroyed long ago.

We have many people like him around in many parts of Afraka, and when our people kept asking, why are we going backwards in life, they forget to look inwards for that is where our problems is, not only the European slave master’s. Yes they the whites has come and damaged a lot in our lands, then who gave them the keys to our sacred places, it is still our people, our selfish kings and chief’s who thinks only of themselves and not of others, this is the problem of Afraka, and the earlier we wake up from this deep sleep of illusions, the better for our generation, for the worst is yet to come…

Blessed Be 🙏🏽

Written by your Mystery Teacher, KNIGHT FREDÉL


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