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Written by Knight Fredel (The Ogbanje Child)

Episode 75

Welcome to another Episode of our Weekly Magazine publications, Awake Af’raka Magazine, and today we will be talking about something very important, though I do not like talking about ways of achieving success via Spiritual means, this is because, I see so many online scammers take advantage of peoples dark times, to lure them into their traps, this so called dibias pretends to have the secret to success and good luck charms, anyway, as you read along, I will expose some of their tricks which I found whenever I converse with some of them. This is to show you how you can determine who is a scammer, and who is not, with this, you will be able to help yourself escape from such nuisance and so called “fake online priests”. But first of all, let me tell you about good luck Charms and how they work, as well as how the fake ones are. 


As I have seen so far that, everyone on earth requires some good amount of luck and success in order to grow in whatever path of life/career they choose. Without good luck, we will experience failures and failures leads to suffering in many cases, although we might need good luck so much in our life, however we should also know that, certain failures are intentionally ordained by nature in order to make us perfect, if we attempt the first one, and we fail, then we are to learn from such mistake by realizing why we failed in the first place, when we find that thing, that cause of our failure, we don’t give up, instead we try again, and again and again until we succeed.

Let me tell you a story I always use to explain this phenomenon of life:
“A sailor was looking for a special island where he was told he would get a rare herb to cure his wife. In his journey, he found many island, but none houses that rare plant he was looking for, he spent weeks roaming the sea, but could not find it, then was heartbroken, disappointed and angry, he was just about to turn his boat around and leave for his home when this heavy storm came causing rains, thunders and strong winds that threw him into the down, hitting him front and back until it finally threw him into the sea and he couldn’t find his boat, he felt that his boat was sank by that terrible storm, and he swam offshore cursing the storm, only to wake up the next morning to see that he landed right where he was meant to be: All around him were the very rare plants he was looking for, the very thing he needed in order to make the herbs that would cure his wife’s illness and save her life. The storm he cursed that night was unfortunately the very thing he needed in order to lead him straight into the very island he was looking for, with that happiness and surprise, he went around that island picking as many plants as he could, and fortunately for him, he found his boat! It did not sink as he thought, it was thrown ashore by the heavy storm. This is exactly how our Spirit elementals work at times”..

This is why some of the people I did some spirit elemental reconnection works for, asked for good luck charms and I refused, because according to their consultation, I realized that they are on the right path, but they don’t believe they are, because they think they are so unlucky, but they do not understand, the ones who understood and trusted me, followed the process, and they all successfully did great at the end of the year, some took 8 to 10 months, but I like their trust in me and on the path, sometimes, that is all that matters. So before using any luck enhancing charms or enchanted oils, always check if it is the right thing for you, perhaps all you truly need is to reconnect with your element or banish some dark entities causing you troubles, or follow a new direction in life, this is why Akashic Reading, and Spirit consultations are the necessary steps to take before jumping into conclusions on what you think it’s right for you.

Then there are some other experiences I had which I will like to share with you, there were those who truly needed the enchanted oils, etc., they used my good luck charms in order to cleanse themselves of all impurity of body and mind so that, whatever they sell to the world will be accepted, thus after a few months, in between 2, 3 to 5 months later they began to have increased sales with lots of new clients and guests coming to do business with their commercial companies and their wholesale stores (as one of them do sells goods on whole sale). (You should know at this point that how quick the good luck charms work, will all depend on individual and also depends on the reason, desires or what they asked for, and how slow it works will also depend on how deeply damaged they were before seeking our help).

Their success lasted for almost a year and four good months as I can recall and surprisingly everything quenched abruptly and they both went back to square one, that is to say, their life just went back to the way it used to be before they met me (with less than 2 to 3 clients per week instead of the 50 and 30 plus clients they were having after using my good luck charms, portions, and enchanted oils).

Now one of them was silent about the whole thing, he blamed me instead as I came to later understand, but instead of telling me, he choose to keep it to himself, while the second person came back to me and told me everything and still believed in me, although he only felt that something may have gone wrong somewhere along the line and he really need me to fix it back because he knows that “his success which made him become a big business guru all started after using my work”, he said to me that “he is even richer than he used to be, in fact he was so bright in the eyes of his clients, and that was why he always sends me some good funds on his own, from his heart as a form of appreciation to the Great Goddess for her goodness in his life”, but unexpectedly, without prior notice on that faithful Monday morning he resumed work as usual and discovered that throughout that day at work, no one came to say ordinary “hi” to him or to his staff! And the next day he managed to have one, and so it continued for a whole 2 to 3 months or thereabout! And that was when he realized that something was really going wrong somewhere, and he decided to contact me ASAP!

I smiled and told him that yes something was wrong and I will tell him what it is so that he can fix it, then he immediately asked me, and I quote: “but master, is it him? Is the problem from his side or does the good luck charm requires a sort of reset or retouch?”

Well I briefly checked his Akashic and consulted the Spirit forces through our usual consultation procedures, and I found what really happened to him, then I told him plainly that normally it would not have required any sort of retouching or resetting, but as it stands it does requires it because due to the mistake he has made along the line in his business, the good luck charms including the ring I gave him had worn out its energy fields because it has been forcing itself by using so much more energy than it was made for, all because it wants to maintain his success by all means possible, nevertheless, him and his staff/managers on the other hand wasn’t helping matters and so the Spirits had to stop working from working as the energy fields from the portions and good luck charms were worn out, and they also needed to stop working entirely in order for him to realize his mistake so that, he can correct them immediately.

Now if by any means he corrects them and do things the right way, he may even become much richer than he was a year ago especially if he continues using his ring which I will of course reset and recharge for him along with his enchanted portions and oils which needs refilling and new enchantments as well.

NOTE HERE: The Good luck Ring, Success Oil (Enchanted and activated), enchanted Portions, and Attraction oil (Enchanted) and a few other materials which I work along with those listed above, all make up the Good Luck Charm! Please it is important you take note of this to avoid confusion as you read…

So, what was his mistake? The mistake he made was concerning the management of his business, the way his manager and staffs treat clients and customers, and the way his business lacks publicity which is also needed because, if you place the advert on a public outlet for people to view, definitely, that will engage many more people and the good luck portions and enchantments I gave him would fire the advert in such a way that whomever sees it must like it and such person will never rest until they patronize his business, and lots of other persons will also be so interested in partnership and contract signing which will surely boast his business more by even taking it international (especially if the advert reaches an international media outlet online or on TV stations or radio).

That is the mistake he made which made him fail and he had to fail in order to learn and  become better, thus, he had to make corrections to his management team either by employing competent staff as a manager and sales representatives who will represent and manage his business properly and who will also know how to relate with clients instead of those current staff of his who are always making faces like they are quarrelling with someone and making sad faces all the time as well as their attitude of easily picking up fight with clients which causes them to continue having problems too.

They were too rude to run or manage his business and they needed to be changed, secondly, he also needed publicity such as adverts and TV and radio interviews too, hence with such move, his good luck charms will definitely work as magic and it will never stop working for him, rather the only thing he would need yearly or at least after 9 to 8 months if the Enchanted Oil ever runs out, will be to refill the bottles especially the portions which I will also give to him.

He was so overwhelmed by my findings and my report, immediately within one week he had replaced all staff and employed new ones including a manager and an assistant, then on the second week he began to work on the advertisement of his company and products, while he does this, I was busy recharging his ring and enchanting his portions and success oils, etc.…

NOTE: When adverts are made, more people sees your products, and since the spirits are working for you through the Good luck charms, they will make your products so tempting and loving so that whoever sees it will not remove their face, rather they will want it, and wish to buy it or even want to do business with the company that produces it or markets it, but when you have no publicity, you just sit in your shop from morning till night, then you close, the only clients the good luck charms will attract will be the ones that pass by your shop and took a glance on your sign post, thus as they see it, they feel the urge to buy it, most especially when they truly need it, unless they do not have enough funds with them, (that’s the work of the good luck charms), then for the ring, when someone comes into your shop for enquiry, with the ring in your fingers, the person l will be attracted to what you sell and immediately patronizes you, and tells his friends about you when you give them exactly what you told them (referral), so these were the only way he was earlier attracting his clients, but his staff were not helping matters as explained already, so publicity takes the product far, and so the good luck charms will through  that way find more people to grab for him.

So, on the third week, I delivered his renewed materials (Good luck charms) over to him, and he begun its usage as directed, 6 months later, he sent me some funds thanking me and thanking the Great Mother Goddess for Her blessings, then he confessed that he has begun to see improvement once again, and ever since (From the year 2019 up to this day) I haven’t heard any negative complain from him again, instead he had been sending me his appreciation once in a while and that shows that he is doing real good, blessed be to the Great Mother Goddess,

Now, what happened to the other person, the first client who kept grudges against me without telling me what the problem was? I’ll tell you about him too, all these live experiences I am sharing with you are meant to assist you on your path to success and growth, as well as also giving you an opportunity to learn more about Pure Spirituality, so that you don’t end up repeating the same very mistakes made by others in their past, so if you read carefully with an open mind, you will become wiser as you begin your journey, and if you are already here on this journey then by reading this article, you will become wise enough to know where to place your steps and what you need in order to adjust yourself when need be and so on.

Thus this client of mine, (name withheld) has recently also applied for my Advanced Class on Spiritual Studies which requires him to subscribe for our Monthly Discourse, however, he was yet to be approved as at then, his details were still being reviewed, consequently, he was later approved, and he began the Advanced Study and practice of Pure Spirituality, the ancient way of our Ancestors, (Nevertheless, you should understand that this is the most ancient and advanced Af’rakan Spirituality which has been forgotten and replaced with the so-called Traditional path which our forefathers imported into our lands many years ago after abandoning the most ancient pure spiritual path of our Ancestors, and this so called spirituality they practice today is maneuvered by those 4th dimensional blood thirsty deities unlike this Pure Ancient Af’rakan Spirituality we practice here at Awake Af’raka Community.

This Ancient Spirituality which we practice here is ruled by the higher Deities and Spirits which our Ancestors normally refer to as the Shining ones, or Pure spirits as well as the main or rather the creator Goddess known at times as the Star of the Sea or the Queen of the Stars etc., although in today’s world, most of these names above are being mistaken for some lower dimensional deities, just like some dibias offers blood sacrifices to the rivers claiming to be offering them to the Mother Goddess or the Queen of the Stars, and so on, on the other hand the deities in which they (the dibias) are connecting with through blood sacrifices are nothing but the lower water elementals, but, you must know this today,. I have always said on many of my articles that; the true Queen of the Stars, the Ocean Goddess etc., is the Mother of all Creations, and She does not accept blood sacrifices, The Great Mother of all Creations cannot ask a human which is one of her creation to end the life of another creation in order to offer unto her as sacrifices in exchange for some sort of blessings or desires, nope, such do not exist when it comes to the Queen of the Sea or Stars, the Great Mother Goddess).

Now that we have understood ourselves better, let us now carry on with the knowledge exposures as the topic for today demands.

Ok, in relation to the first client mentioned earlier at the beginning of this article whom I said refused to come back to me for feedbacks concerning his experience while using the good luck enchantment work, I did for him, so in order to understand better on why his good luck charms suddenly seized to work, let me point out something here.

You should know that; this person never told me anything at first because he was so angry, because he taught that the good luck never lasted, as he expected, meanwhile you need to know that, during the periods when it was working for him, he never sent appreciation to at least say thank you to the Spirits which were invoked to assist him. Many of you do not know how important it is to show appreciation to the source of your powers etc. Whether it begins to manifest, whether big time or not, appreciation to the Spirits are a necessity encouragement to prove your loyalty to the path, not going to church to thank God for the handwork of another source. It brings one more blessing is you stay devoted, (depending on what you ask for during your moment of appreciation or Gifting Rituals), because the Master (like myself) will definitely invoke the Spirits and do an Appreciation Ritual for that person as well as briefly looking into their Akashic in order to monitor their progress and correct whatever isn’t on track or in line with the original purpose of the work in question, anyway let’s leave that for another day’s exposure. So, this very person has always kept a long line between us and himself, like one who came and did work and then when he saw progress, he ran away instead of saying thank you, then went on to do thanksgiving in his church, but when it hit him hard, he ran back to complain, that is not right.


Ok, this is a narration on how the good luck charms worked for him as experienced and understood by the this first client, now, as I did for the other client, thus I got his jobs done successfully, and I happily gave him all the instructions needed for a man to succeed through such means, then he thanked me and left, then, what happened next?

After a year or so of prosperity and blessings, his business began to break down again, instead of coming back to me for guidance and assistance, he preferably decided to create doubts within his mind, and decided to get angry with the Spirits and also decided to keep silence with us, cutting off from our communication.

Then he continued so for up to a year again, until he realized that he is so drained and the situation had got out of control, then that was when he decided to call on me and the Great Goddess for answers and assistance.

When he came back, I asked him to tell me why he wasted so much time before he decided to contact me, I also told him that the beautiful work I did for him, he spoilt it by himself, he said how, then I told him after checking through his Akashic and Spirit Consultation, I realized that about 6 months after working for him, he locked up without calling anyone, I also see that 9 or 8 months after working for him, things improved and he even got a car and lots of improvement from his business, but then, instead of coming back here for appreciation ritual, he just choose to lock up and went ahead to be giving his Christian Prophets and other so called dibias his appreciations, so because of his change of attitude and inconsistent as well as his early departure from the very place that gave him the foundation he has, thus the Spirits too decided to change the tune of the music as well.

That was the reason for his fall, and again, after his break down, instead of calling on I and the Spirits for answers, he instead again went ahead to seek assistance elsewhere and again, the more he does that the more he gets himself drained and broken, and again, he never knew what luck he has by returning back to our Alter which is the very source of his foundation, yes, he is so lucky to return back here to the Source.

Now, I warned him to never act in such manners again, Spirituality is not like going to the market to buy okra and soup materials, nah, this is serious business and also has its consequences when one goes against its principles, it is not what one must joke with and he, my 1st client which we are talking about now did not do well at all unlike the second one who quickly returned back to us and who never forgets to say thank you to the Spirits.

I hope the experiences shared herein are going to stand as a lesson for some of you over there, and hope it shows you a better view of what you are going into so you do not repeat the same mistakes as these people I am talking about.

NOTE HERE; His mistakes are as clear as crystal, he did not acknowledge the source of his success instead he took the appreciation to a source that contradicts his very source of foundation, thereby bringing shame to the Spirits, and also attached to himself an unknown deity. which made the Spirits from our side withdraw its presence where he is.

The purpose of this narration is to assist you on your journey towards enlightenment so that, I repeat, you do not repeat the very same mistake as these people.

As a matter of fact after my explanation to the first Client whom we are currently talking about, I asked him to do a reconnection ritual and an appeasement ritual to his Elemental Spirits (again), then next a good luck enchanted oil, portions and success oil will be made for him along with a charged ring, thus the old one has to be changed, he had to return it, and I made a new one for him, well he accepted and he successfully paid up for the materials to be used for the work, and I began. After 2 weeks and 5 days I was done, and I delivered it to him through our regular delivery system.

This time he is warned to caught off from the other paths he attached himself with and if this (our Path of pure Spirituality) is the path he has chosen then he must make sure he focuses on it without  doubts and with acceptance and patience, I also had to do a banishing ritual to banish the dark entities he invited into his life through the blood sacrifices of native fowls and goat performed by his new dibias which of cause made things worse for him after they nearly made him rise again for like 2 months or so according to him, and again they kept requesting for more blood sacrifices in order to attract the blessings of their so called gods which in reality are nothing but dark entities of the lower 4th dimensional reality, religious people refers to these blood thirsty entities as demons or locally as juju.

Thus I performed for him the banishing ritual just in between the reconnection ritual and the enchantment of those good luck portions, I had to banish them off his path and raised his vibration a bit higher than it was, and as he begun to use my work after I was done, he began to feel better and glad even when they haven’t really began working already, and when they started working, it took about 5 months plus, nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that he remained broke for 5 months rather he started growing and climbing from one step to the other until a bigger contract came in and boom! He was back at base!

This time around he was loyal enough to return his appreciation for gifting rituals at every given interval, and again, he never failed to chat me up at least once a week to keep a consistent focus on this path to Pure Spirituality of our Ancestors, this time around he had learnt his lessons, and I hope it remains so, just like we always say: The Spirits are Wise.

Now I guess you now understand better how these good luck charms work and how they are supposed to be used, so this should also be a lesson to you all beginners, I do not want any further future mistakes.

Okay I promised to let you know how to distinguish between a real online priest and a fake scammer along with how to know if the persons good luck charms are truly what it is or just another liar.


There are many persons seeking riches today in this timeline and these people will never rest until they achieve their goal, now some of these people chase their wealth in the wrong direction while others do this in a way that they do not need to chase wealth instead wealth chases them, and not the other way round.

The ones who make wealth and riches chase after them are those people who do legal business, much more of their own business, and they bring their business out into the world, so they just do this the right way and then relax, especially after doing a good luck charm and after doing a reconnection ritual with their element, there foundation becomes so strong, once their business is out on public, and their good luck charms are active, then their business booms, thus, wealth comes to them. They make good use of publicity and they clearly have others who assist in their different sections of their business (though this may depend on the kind of business).

Most of the major reasons why people get bad lucks is due to bad friends and bad family members whom you think loves you but when you check into their mind, the only thing you find will be nothing but their wishes to be like you, or their wishes to have the wife or husband you do, the job you got or the money you have they too wants it and some believes that it should have been them and not you who got that house or whatever, they are too numerous to mention, that is how it always begins and that’s how envy begins to cripple into their mind, turning them to monsters within, however, on the outside they remain the same good caring funny friend of yours or cousin or brother or sister etc. and guess what? That envy is what gives birth to evil thoughts towards you which shifts into hatred and jealousy and so on it grows and keep growing, then if it isn’t controlled, such person do not mind do something to take your life or to destroy your business and make you poor for life.

However, the other group who chase after wealth are those who do not own any business of their own, some are just pretending to be who they are not with lots of empty packaging, these people are mostly the hustlers, however among this category are those who use the internet’s social medias to scam others and thus, this is where you find those fake priests like the one on the screenshot I shared with you below, yes, that shows one of them.

Like I always tell my seekers, a true priest will not send you a friend request and begin to chat you first about yourself and also begins to tell you about making you rich and even tells you that he can use his spirituality to make you famous and rich, when they go through your page, so that they will know a bit about you and then use it against you, just like the one on the screenshot below knows that I am not poor, and so he added that it is not wrong for one to be more rich even if I’m rich “in his own word he said even if I am rich, being extremely rich is not a crime, he is attempting to enter my mind, to use money as a tool to scam me, nevertheless he never knew that I am a Light Worker, and Priest myself (but I do not blame him for not seeing that because since I do not advertise myself online so much to get people to come to me, then I am sure people will need to be on my timeline for a while in order to understand this, I always allow people to discover me by themselves, either through my pages and books and articles, or through a referral, because Spirituality isn’t a business, I sometimes only share products from my store when I am talking about something relating with that product otherwise, I do not, and I rather advertise my articles where I shared a light and hidden knowledge in order for more people to find it and read so to wake them up, than spending fund on advertising my product, I am a Light worker, not Light worker for the money, and I am made and trained for selfless service to humanity, nevertheless, when I work for you, I have to take a token for the work weld one and for the materials bought for the work to be done, and for consultation to maintain the Alter, and this is because I will need to eat and take care of myself because when I am into Spiritual jobs, I hardly have time for my Music productions and my Movie making or Forex trading so something must be dropped to support me so I do not go broke) all the same assuming he looked carefully on my profile posts and writings, he would have understood better that I cannot be listed as one of his victims. So, take note, this is just how scammers behave, be very careful my dear readers, they are everywhere.

Screenshot of my chat with a scammer, they always chat you first, and their profile is always filled with pictures of moneys on various currencies, cars, and pictures of people holding bundles of currencies and claiming that they are the ones who helped them become rich, their videos too, and they post pictures of a shrine with lots of fake currencies on the floor to deceive the gullible, don’t be a Victim!

And again, on how to know who is who online, many of these people copy and post other people’s knowledge on their pages and put up their own name as the writer when they are not, they plagiarize on other genuine peoples articles and posts, I have been told many times on how some Wanna-Be’s had been claiming to be the original writer of my article on the Ogbanje Child, and some of them buys my book and then copy quotations and extracts from the book itself (The Ogbanje Child and the four Element), and they put their names on it as the writer, they do this to a number of my older articles too, these people fail to understand that thousands upon thousands of people had read my books online, and they are also my followers who had read all my publications on my magazine page, that was why I was able to find out through them (my readers and followers) because they found them, and reported to me.

Such people are my reasons for ending this article with an advice to make sure you don’t fall a victim, so you must be very careful online, when a so-called priest claims the writings of others, at that point just know they are scammers or Wanna-Be’s. Do you know why they steal these articles and block the original writer? It is because they want to claim that they are knowledgeable and enlightened in the present of their followers so that they can prove that they are real priests and so with such knowledge they attract more victims to their scam-trap.

Point to keep in mind: Always remember that they are always the first to chat you up, it isn’t wrong to add friends, I do add people whose accounts just pops up on my timeline and on my notification with the heading “suggested by Facebook” or “people you may know”.

After asking for your location, they tell you a fake location of themselves, and next? they jump into advertising themselves indirectly telling you they are ritualistic or grand masters or priests or dibias and they make money for people through a sort of ritual without blood sacrifices. if they notice through your profile that you are not a poor person like this man did with me, then they will add at the end of their chat that “even if you are rich, being extremely rich is not a crime”, that is trying to find a way to actually lure me in. DON’T BE A VICTIM!

So, at times after adding those who sent me friends requests as they always do, I also pick up one or two friends from the suggested list, but I don’t go straight ahead to chat them about myself, telling them I’m a priest and claiming that I can make them rich! No! That sounds bizarre to me, and when I add people, I am adding them because I just need more audience and more people to awaken their mind to the path of light!

Now, for these scammers, they mostly do not have better things to post rather than posting about all the good things they can do to make you rich and sharing with you the testimony’s of people they claim to have helped, and these people on their short videos and pictures are always seen holding so much currency notes, sometimes in Dollars and at times in Euros or Naira’s as well as sampling their cars to deceive people into believing them, with lots of people on their comment section paid for hailing them and also claiming that he’s a true priest, and most of these comments are also fake accounts, and many are real accounts who have been paid to do such, and all these will attract many desperate persons their way. however, I prefer a normal person saying positive things about me or my job and i do not mind if none do, all I need is readers and my followers to be enlightened and to find the Greater Light illuminate their path, and those comments of victory and testimonies I get on my WhatsApp pages and inbox emails and on my Ogbanje child page inbox are just too numerous to mention but never will I start sharing them, unless there is a need for such someday and therefore in that case it will not still be something I will be doing weekly like they do.

Some of these so called priests will make you believe that they can make you money through some sort of money rituals for you and waking up the next day with lots of moneys pouring out of the native pot which they will give to you, or whatever, thus I always ask them, “where does such moneys come out from, are they now printing currencies?” they will divert the question into something else and start filling your head with words like, “you will have a lot of moneys too numerous to count and all you need is the work” then they will claim to do a work for you which of cause will require you paying them and that’s how they will scam you and keep controlling you until they run out of what to say, as well as run out of excuses to use in further stealing from you, then they block you and stop taking your calls, and in that entire period you may not be able to reach them on that line anymore.

You must know that the true dibias and true priests like myself focuses on selfless service to humanity, especially when they are also Light Workers like myself too, and they will never post about making you rich because true Spirituality isn’t just about making anyone rich, it enlightens the person, brings them in tune with Mother Nature, and raises their consciousness, and without forgetting psychic protection [from dark arts and dark entities].

A true Spiritualist who is a Light Worker like myself will enlighten you about the Pure spiritual path, cleans you of all impurities of body and Soul, and they will awaken your consciousness and connect you with your element and your Spirit guide, then if you want, especially when something had made you to go backward in life, especially when we realize that there are lots of bad people around you who will not give up trying to bring you down, then in such situation we recommend a Charged ring for psychic defense and for raising your aura and psychic energy for you to shine in whatever you do, as well as bring you good luck to your business, so your enemies will be unable to hit you down ever again.

If you must do this then you must have your business set up, that’s if making money is your target, there has to be a medium like a business or something which the Spirits will use to work for you, just like a handwork with a contact point like an office or a location which the enchantment will draw people down to you, all the same you just need to create something that the Spirits will use to bring you blessings, if you just stay like that, that is if you decide to be doing nothing and having no medium for any sort of work or business then the work will go very dull or might not even work the way you expected it to be.

Although, on a second level, the Good luck charms will also work for you when you do not have your own business, but in that case you must have a handwork and must bring yourself out to the public or go to places you can find for your employment and things like that so that, the Spirits will assist you and offer Good luck or bring you Good luck rather so to make you acceptable especially when you know what you are doing and when you know the job you are applying for, if there had been blockage in the past, then that blockage will stop, unless the blockage has been caused by no other person but yourself, in sense that you are not so good at the job you claim and maybe that is why they refuse to employ you in the first place.

Now, in such cases, when the matter is deeply in alignment with Nature, then we introduce the “Do as I say portion and enchanted oil”, but we do not recommend this for everyone at any single matter they bring to us and when it seems so serious then we consult with the Spirit first through Spirit Consultation in order to be sure that doing this goes in alignment with natural principles of the Mother Nature, we do that before we go ahead to do anything as such, this is to avoid misuse of Spiritual power, however you should always practice Spirituality for what it is, to awaken yourself, your consciousness and also raise your electromagnetic energy (aura) to evolve your Souls Consciousness into higher dimensional reality, when you do this, then every other things you desire will be added unto you. Do not practice Spirituality for only the selfish gains you get from it, if you do, many of your expectations might not come to pass for you, it’s that simple.

Have you ever wondered what that biblical passage means? As I have always said, the bible is a compilation of so many ancient writings of our Ancestors, however, 40% of the bible passages were added by the colonial masters who use them as a weapon to brainwash and take over Africa and all other places they wish to conquer.

However, the 60% are still intact, only that lots of them have been wrongly translated and rewritten, for example, the passage which says thus: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added unto you” was an ancient word written on the walls of some ancient pyramids in Kemet and in the entrance to their mystery schools, and its meaning had been wrongly explained by the church, for the sake of clarity, you must understand at this point that, this biblical quote, “Seek first the kingdom of God, and every other thing will be added unto you” simply means (in basic term) that the seeker should first of all practice and awaken his or her consciousness within, and this is for him to know who he is, and why he is here, to equip his mind and entire being with the higher knowledge and with the Light and truth of all creation and life, and also, to evolve his Consciousness much more higher to spiritually gain enlightenment and spiritual illumination which will in turn make that person highly evolved, once that person has reached this stage, then everything else like material desires and so on will be found as long as he or she stays focus to the path.

There are so much people online claiming to be what they are not, and these people all expose false knowledge on Spirituality and they claim to be dibias and priests/priestesses and so on, but deep down they are only scammers using this as an advantage to scam and steal from genuine seekers of truth and this is wrong, going to meet these so called priests in persons are no way to find out if they are true or not, this is because there are so many of these so called priests who do this scams in person, selling false products which will never work, and so on, now read carefully.


Luck in accordance with Spirituality is the total freedom from all sort of negative forces and encounters with dark entities, and the  sudden opportunities found without notice like wanting a phone and suddenly receiving one, like what others stands and wait for 30 days and more then when it comes to you it just happens so fast and smoothly.

Miracle is also similar and this is why I always tell people that in reality, there is truly no such thing as a “Miracle”.

Why do I say so? First of all Luck brings or causes miracle to happen, and miracle happens when either a “Power” is working for you from somewhere and you are aware of it or when a “Power” is working for you somewhere and you are not aware of it. Such Power isn’t from any sort of religious society, as some claim, as when it happens they give thanks to their so called religious god, however, these miracle can be from the persons personal spirit guard or from the persons village gods or a sort of spirit honored by the persons great grandfather or grandfather or even the person’s father and the person isn’t aware of it, sometimes you grow up seeing your father and thinking that he’s a Christian, but secretly he had committed himself and the life of his children to a sort of deity or gods and these deities may still be active up till this day and you might not know it.

Sometimes that is why this gods at a very later time suddenly stop working for you and without knowing it, you suddenly begin to have bad luck and things start failing for you and then in such case you start looking for help not knowing that the answers lies within you, or rather within your family, thus such gods might stop working because it might feel that it has been forgotten, and the blood sacrifices the one who brought it had been giving it to keep it active had stopped coming and this might be cause the person is now late, it can be your granddad or great grand dad, or even your father for instance, and from beginning every other members of the family keeps offering their tithes to some church not realizing where their blessings came from, or the source of their protection and blessings…


I am going to give you a recommendation on this topic, I will ask you to do one thing, to be careful on who you send funds to online in the name of seeking good luck and protection or some sort of rituals, the scammers will do anything to get you under their control, don’t fall a victim, I have already told you how to know who is who on the internet, so be wise, now I will tell you about how to know a fake enchanted oil and beads or bangles, theirs is usually ordinary like something you just go to a jewel store to pick up, and it doesn’t come with something else attached to it for its recharging and so on, but hey! I mean if I post it here, wouldn’t the so-called scammers too be reading this and learning new ways to scam people? However, I have given you a lot of hints, perhaps to learn more on this very topic on how to determine between a fake enchanted oil and a real oil, then you may want to join Awake Afraka Community Private Advanced Class for the true Seekers of truth and not everyone is approved, for we know how to determine the fake from the real.

We test the seeker just like we were tested in the Ancient Mystery Schools, we test them for Truth, Love, Charity, Justice, Gratitude, Patience, Duty, Selflessness and Temperance, and we test them at every point and stage on this journey towards enlightenment, and when the person fails, we disapprove the persons admission, and if the person passes, we approve the persons admission into the next degree or stage/level, for instance, if you are tested for Justice and you pass, we will send you a welcome mail congratulating you for that success, thus on that stage, you have known JUSTICE on your path towards evolution and perfection.


Now let us end this part of this article here, watch out for the next part (the part two) in a few weeks from now, though I know that we have all learnt a lot from this, make sure you share along with friends for you might be surprised on the number of persons still in darkness, just one exposure to a reading such as this might just get him or her into the light, or at least enlighten their path.

Therefore, I now end this week’s lecture/article by saying to you all my readers and my new followers and my old followers and to everyone reading this to always:


WRITTEN BYKNIGHT FREDEL – “The Mystery Teacher”.

All Rights Reserved. No Unauthorized Copying. AWAKE AFRAKA MAGAZINE © 2022


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