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Introduction: This topic will be very disturbing news to those who hold Christianity and their savior so close.
It is a pitiable situation to realize that at the end of this lecture, some persons will ascribe my work to the work of the devil or something to scare the innocent souls away from the truth, albeit, truth must be told anyway. Someone must always say the truth no matter the negative situation of the world.

We already know, however, that this world is a negative place and so negative people are the possessors (as the ancient scripture rightly said: the kingdom of GOD suffereth violence but men of violence taketh it by force). Therefore, despite my musical career as an Afro pop sensation, if I do not take the responsibility to spread these knowledge and enlightenment to Afuraka, then I would not and never be happy with my life on earth, and this may be my final incarnation on earth (maybe). I do not want anything to bring me back to this lower realm of negative vibrations. However, as I have chosen to incarnate here at this time, I will do my best to join other Star-Seeds within this geographic location, help raise the frequency of mankind especially, this part of the world, Afuraka.

Thus, no matter the pressure, I will continue to spread the light to those who have ears and eyes to see.
My purpose of writing and publishing this paper is to expose the lies that have kept Afuraka in darkness for ages. Deception transferred from parents to children from generation to generation.

Conversely, as you may all understand, when a lie is repeated over and over for many years, from generation to generation, it will automatically surpass or over shadow the truth, and if the “actual truth” is not well preserved, it will be lost forever.
Therefore, it is high time Afurakaits begin to return to their root. Each time I use the word “root” many people misunderstand me, they begin to think am asking them to start worshiping juju or something evil because their slave masters have demonized their traditions and culture, making them to hate their “OWN” while they accept their slave masters way of life. That is why I keep asking: Why do we always organize and perform “white weddings”? Have you ever seen a white man perform our “African Traditional Marriage Rite”? Why do we do the both too? Have you ever seen the Chinese or Indians do White Weddings? Of cause the Indians and Chinese perform their own Traditional Marriage Rites because they love, preserve and protect their own ethnicity. The Chinese and Indians also know that the White Wedding is the Western or white mans Traditional Marriage Rite. They refused to be fooled by the white Caucasians, however, that will be fully addressed in a separate paper.

I know many of you have held JESUS CHRIST and CHRISTIANITY so dear that you think Christianity is the way to heaven but sorry to burst your bubbles, things don’t appear as they seem.

In the year 325CE, there was a council organized by the emperor of Rome. The council was known as the council of Nicaea, and the name of the emperor was Emperor Constantine.

It was a council formed to bring all the religions of the three regions together, which before then, were always in conflicts with each other. Thus, the council was organized for the select few; all religious priests and leaders who came together in order to discuss what could be done to bring peace to the regions. Before this time there have been conflicts between the followers of messiah whom was known as Yehoshua and the follower of the Roman Pagan Religion who worshiped Zeus as their God, and the followers of Krishna in the East (Indian) with the followers of the Egyptians Sun worship and many more. Each wanted to dominate and rule or conquer. Just what Islam is doing today, thus the purpose of this council was to define unity of believers in the entire world by bringing all religions and doctrine under one umbrella. Before the time of Emperor Constantine the early believers of the Messiah were being killed and molested for preaching the teachings of Yehoshua, many of them were be-headed, some thrown into the lions den to be eaten live. If you research roman history, it is filled with the death and massacre of the followers of Yehoshua who was a messenger and a teacher, his full names where Yehoshua Ben Yosef, a Hebrew by birth, black in complexion with woolly, hair more like an Afro, that was how the ancient Hebrews looked like, however those ones you see today are not the original Hebrews, click here to learn more about Yehoshua Ben Yosef..

The earliest followers of Yehoshua were not Christians; they referred to themselves as the Messianic because they found the Messiah.
Thus the term Christian is from the word “Cretin” which was like an insult to the followers of Yehoshua.
However, what I found is quite amazing, if you research the word “Cretin”, you will find out that it is a French word.
From Swiss it’s called cretins, from Latin it’s Christianus which is the same as the Greek word “christianus” the term was then translated to English as Christian, so the original definition goes thus; A Christian /Christianus/cretin/cretins:

(1) Alluding to the humanity of such people despite their handicaps.
(2) A general term for “anyone” but often with a sense of a “poor fellow”
So basically, they where saying: “you poor fellow” or when someone say, “I am a Christian” he is indirectly, referred to his or her self as a “poor fellow”.

The false image of the messiah, (the false image of Jesus Christ above, the one on the left is Caesar Borgia’s. the one on the right is STILL CAESAR BORGIA’S BUT THIS TIME HE POSES AS JESUS) seen today in the houses of the so called Christians or Churches is the image of Caesar Borgia. Son of pop Alexander six (vi) who employed the Artist, Leonardo Da Vinci, (his sons gay lover) to paint his son, Caesar Borgia as the Christ. When the paintings where done, the father, pop Alexander the sixth, then ordered the Roman soldiers to go round the city and every houses and streets to destroy and burn the original paintings of Yehoshua at the same time, replacing them with that of his son, Caesar Borgia.
They also hijacked the Holy Bible as some sort of Christian document. The Bible contains some ancient teachings explaining some higher teachings using metaphors allegories and irony.

Apart from that of Caesar Borgia’s, there are many pictures of Jesus parading daily and each of this Jesus has its own color. this was due to racism, the Americans use a Jesus Image that has their color, same to the British, which means there is Russian Jesus, there is American Jesus, there is British Jesus and so on. This shows further that Christianity are not united and if they are not united it then means that their teachings of Love and Unity is  fallacy, oh that is true because they never created Christianity for the sake of salvation but for the sake of control and conquer, but will African Christians ever wake up to this truth?

Different Jesus with Different colors due to racism and division

The Bible also contains some ancient Sun worship philosophies written in symbols and allegories conveying some higher truths. The Bible also contains, some real life events, (though very few) of those ancients races and some few teachings of the Yehoshua and others all hijacked by the founders of Christianity.

Like the story of Mu, a continent once known as Lemuria which was sank and covered with floor now under the shores of the pacific ocean buried for ages, right under this ocean was once a great civilization, just like the flooding of Atlantis some 70,000 years ago, Atlantis now lie buried under the ocean of the Atlantic ocean today, these both stories were stolen by the founders of Christianity and distorted as the Noah flood in the old testament.
Now let’s look at the derivation of the name HOLY BIBLE, holy from the word Helios in Egypt means “Sun” and the word Bible in Greek means “book” therefore when you say HOLY BIBLE, you are indirectly refereeing to “sun book”
What about the Pagans holidays and festivals all stolen by the founders of Christianity. Like December 25th which was a pagan holiday in Egypt and those sun worshipers of those days. More about sun worship in another paper.


How about Easter, a term refereeing to the goddess Ishtar, pronounced Easter, which was the Babylonian goddess of fertility. Easter was originally the celebration of Ishtar, the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility and sex. After Emperor Constantine formed the council of Nicaea, the assembly decided to adopt this festival of Ishtar to represent the resurrection of Christ.
Also, the parting of the waters in exodus was a Kemetic tale of the golden lotus.

For how long will Afurakaits or Africans continue to wallow in ignorance and deceit? You have seen the origin of the name “Christian” which means ”poor fellows” an insult to the followers of the Messiah, now are you still proud to refer yourself as a Christian? If you do, then probably you are the type of persons that see the truth staring you in the eye yet you choose to follow the lies.
After Constantine founded this new religion which was to unite all other existing religious movement, they also created a name for their new messiah; they debated for days until they arrived at a conclusion. In order to get the name, they joined the Egyptians Sun god Horus, with that of the Roman god Zeus and the eastern (Indians) Sun god Krishna together they formed “Zeus Krishna”
Translated to Latin as Jeseus christo from English as “JESUS CHRIST” so when the Christians call upon the name of JESUS, they are indirectly calling upon Zeus, the chief god of the Roman Empire, I will be very glad if you do your own research to back up with the evidence I have presented here.


People need to rise up, people needs to awaken their consciousness to the truth. All Christianity does is put fear in the minds of the people, control them and turn them into sheep’s, were only those with the truth becomes the shepherd.
The fall of Africa began the moment we turned our back on our spirituality and call our traditional healers evil and demon worshipers.
You need to awaken to the truth and realize today that there was no Jesus and the “Christian” is an insult or a slap in the face to the followers of the Messiah. Africans needs to know that Europeans used Christianity to control and steal from Africans; you need to know that Christianity is a scam and it’s disconnecting you from your real self. Discover yourself today, all the popular pictures of the so called Jesus used today is a picture of a gay, Caesare Borgia who killed his own brother, raped his own sister.
This is the picture of the man the Roman church chooses to represent a Messiah.
The reason why they destroyed the picture of the original messiah was because he was a black man; they want every one in the bible including the “Angels” to be white so it can give them the power over the black race.
Only a few years ago that a place called Israel was created, yes, Israel was created in 1948 by the Europeans as a political country, and the ancient teachings of the original Hebrews distorted and mixed with the ancient religions of Babylon which was based on TALMUD.


All those site people visit during pilgrimage where all staged, there was no place or country called Israel during the time of the Messiah.
I have really exposed a lot on this paper my job is to give you the message, what you do with it is not my business, in all my papers; I shall try my best to give you the keys, which shall raise your frequency and energy. Then what you do with the keys and knowledge is not really my business, I play my path, and the rest will be left for you to decide.
But always remember, that knowledge breaks the spells of ignorance.

Please share this article to as much contacts as you can.

Love and Light, always…

Written by Knight Fredel


All rights reserved


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