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– Written by Knight Fredel © 2021


BEFORE WE START, Let us have a good Look at this. You may have Missed this amazing Episode of our weekly publication.

Do you know that the physical world isn’t just the only reality herein and do you know that there exists Mansions of the Souls for not all Souls are advanced, some are still new Souls and such kind of Souls resides in lower dimensions in order to fit them into the lessons they have to learn…

Now this article will open your eyes on the truth about this ancient quote adopted today into the bible.

If you had missed this episode sometime ago when it was published, then here is your chance!

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Now with that motion I hereby welcome you back to this week’s episode of our Magazine Articles on Pure Spirituality and Awakening, only at Awake Af’raka Magazine, I bring you ancient Insights and knowledge to awaken you from whatever sleep you may have been induced to fall into, possibly through the religious society’s you give credence to, or it may be via the political parties you belong to or perhaps it could just be through some random social media atheists ranting day and night on your popular social media pages!

Therefore, this is why I am writing this article, to enlighten you, and make you see the truths which have been hidden from you for ages, yes, you have been lied to.

When they realized that the Light workers are sharing enlightenment and awakening humans from their matrix, then they also decided to mask themselves as Light workers in order to start writing posts/articles to share them through the social media platforms, they intentionally write corrupted knowledge all to confuse you the more, but I have faith in you because I know that a true Seeker of Truth will surely find and recognize the words of the Light bearers when they see one. And the true Seekers of Truth also knows that “just because something resonates with you does not mean it is correct”, this is because those corrupted Light workers will always write something that will sweeten your mind and make you feel resonated with whatever they claim to be teaching, so be wise, and practice with confidence and courage.

Now, this reminds me of something very important I have been keeping out cos I taught that it is nothing serious but right now its doing so much harm to the seekers and to our people today as I type this. However I’ll talk about that at the end of this article, in as much as I want to say this “thing”, so badly, because of it’s importance nevertheless I’m not so much in a hurry!

Or, are you? Hahah I guess not?

OK, Now lets begin with Todays Teachings and Expose’s: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE WITH THE MYSTERY OF FATE, DESTINY AND TIME – Episode 73

Part One – EPISODE 73

TIME, Past and future 2


The past is not lost, the present does not stay forever, and the future is always under construction through the present actions and decisions as made by you, never get distracted by those who teach and share deceptive lectures and articles online on daily basis which claims that time is illusion and we live in an ever-now, their wish is to distract you from the path and make you confused so you no longer have any reason to go spiritual anymore, and so you will end up reversing back to the religious path you once abandoned.

Yes there has been so many negative and erroneous knowledge spreading online on daily basis concerning this very topic, some are shared by the same people who do not want you to wake up, who intentionally writes these wrong teachings in order to keep you bonded in this matrix, others are shared by their badly informed followers whom of cause are all bemused, and one of these so called negative teachings like I said states that the present is ever-present and they also argue that there is no morning, day and night, and time is said to be nothing but illusion and so on, they also maintain that our morning and night is just a reaction caused by the Earth’s orbit, which when it faces the Sun it brightens up that phase and that phase is called day while  the other phase which is backing the sun (and covered by darkness) is called night.

When you look at those justifications as explained above, at first it will seem as though it’s very correct, however the writers who shared such information online were unaware of the fact that the Earth and the rest of the Planets aren’t the only body in space which orbits around itself, this is because, just as the Earth is orbiting around itself and around the Sun, so the Sun also orbits as well, and travels through certain houses (I mean the sun travel’s from one constellations to the other) over a period of 26,000+ years, these houses which we speak of are referred to in Astrology as Constellations.

Yes the Sun also orbits around itself, but who noticed that? Oh no one from the general public I guess, or just a few Alchemists like myself and a few advanced scientists, yes, only such persons who had dug deeper into this mystery could have noticed and realized that the Sun also Orbits and travels house to house in space and each of these houses has a specific effect on the Earthlings based on the sort of energies they emit into space and into the atmosphere which ofcos spreads to our dear planet, Earth…!

As you all may have known, there are no physical reactions when the Sun orbits unlike that of the Earth which creates day and night due to its orbits, thus on the part of the Sun, there are no material effect so this is why no one ever noticed it or even thought of it, not for once.

Ok, the Sun orbits around itself and also travels through the 12 Constellations/Zodiac houses, yes the Earth with other Planets orbit round the Sun and the Sun orbits and travels round the 12 Constellations together with all the other Planets that orbits around her.

So since travelling is involved, then it means that the location which we all are today is no more the same location in space which we once were the last 100 years.

In fact the location we all are in space today isn’t the same location which we were the day we were born to Earth.

Therefore in that case, time is not an illusion, thus, that is why the things we plant do grow and that is why animals and humans do age, if time was an illusion and if we all live in an ever-now, then we all would never have aged, we all would have remained in one age, one phase and no one would have had to die, because there are energies that we emit and these energies interacts with those within this universe and planet, thus creating and manifesting something which makes all of us to age, because we are currently moving, travelling, nothing in this reality stays in one place one state, never.

The last known completion of a 26,000 years plus circle took place in the year 1999, yes that was the year our Sun ended its journey for that (previous) Constellation known as Pisces, the age of the fisher and at 00.00am 1st January 2000 humanity began another journey with the Sun as he entered this new Constellation, this new age known as the Age of the Water bearer, which is also recognized as the age of Aquarius. Earlier before then humanity had been in the age of Pisces as you may have understood from the above explanation, and I repeat, that age was known as the age of the fisher/fisherman, the age of believers/believing. However this new age which we currently are today begun in the year 2000, and has always been predicted by our Ancestors as the “age of the Light Bringer”(coined as the age of the water bearer).

The ancients, our Ancestors predicted this age of the water bearer, they stated that this is the age when the Light workers will begin to infuse (knowledge) Light into the heart of humanity to bring enlightenment into our world, and to open the eyes of those who are still sleeping, those in the matrix all will be awakened by the Light workers like myself, just exactly what I am doing today, and so before this age will conclude its 26,000 years plus circle, we are sure that by then our Planet Earth would have become as advanced as the one-time Atlantis!

Do you disagree? oh yes you can, I am not a dictator but I make sure I spit the truth at all times, I mean, that which I have experienced and understood deeply through unravelling the Mysteries surrounding it or through the experimental processes i may have taken in order to find out the truth, just like my one time Facebook post which stated clearly that the Sun is not as yellowish and burning fire like as it is claimed by NASA.

You all are just being lied to and all you do is accept without questioning? Ok even the pictures of the so called Sun presented by them always changes over time, the truth is the Sun isn’t that yellowish, and it isn’t like a burning ball of fire, its as big as they claimed but its more light-blueish in color, and its light, which you experience and see here on Earth isn’t how it is, the energy the Sun emits through space, when it gets into our atmosphere, as it hits our atmosphere, it gets converted into Light energy, yes that’s the truth, but outside this planet, its not that bright, it is the strong energy it emits that converted into Light energy, and yes the Sun has oxygen on it but listen, I do not think that this energy from the sun is what we are breathing in and out here on earth, nah! the Sun emits what we Spiritualist call Vital Life Force, this is the life force that makes everything alive, including you, not just oxygen, this is the truth that cannot be broken.

Now let me shock you! If truly the sun is as bright and yellowish as they claim then why does that same brightness don’t appear in the part of the Moon that faces the Sun?

Ok, lets leave that aside, LET US THINK ABOUT THIS: if the Sun is what brings us Oxygen, then why do our Astronauts need an oxygen bag outside this planet and in the moon? As you may have known; Nothing is more important to us on Earth than the Sun. Without the Sun’s heat and light, the Earth would be a lifeless ball of ice-coated rock. The Sun warms our seas, stirs our atmosphere, generates our weather patterns, and gives energy to the growing green plants that provide the food and oxygen for life on Earth, so if the Sun is responsible for all these then why does other planets fail to benefit from it, just like Earth does.

This is what they are not telling you, Our Planet is covered by an atmosphere which only a specially built material can pass through it, this is why an astronaut can not fly from space straight into our Earths atmosphere, no they cannot, or at least not like that, if they do, they will burn to ashes and into pieces before they get to the clouds. The moon and many other planets on this 3rd Dimensional reality has no atmosphere, thus nothing to convert the Suns energy into Light and nothing to give them clouds and so no Sun light, whenever they (Moon and other planets) faces the Sun, they only get a little white light similar to those of a florescent bulb light, not as bright and Sunny as ours, and no clouds and Blue sky to enhance it’s brightness and so on, its just like that and that is why astronauts still require a space suits and oxygen bags in order to survive there.

The planet Mars used to have an atmosphere on this 3rd Dimension and this is why it was once upon a time habitable and had humans on it who only evacuated the moment it was destroyed, and this destruction damaged its atmosphere, the reasons and why this happened will be our lecture some other time.

Anyway I guess that was a very interesting and important exposure, although let’s get back to the lecture we have for today which concerns Time, Past, Fate, Destiny, Future, and Present:


So time is not an illusion, if it was then there would never had been prophecies and Akashic reading consultation would never had existed, and there would have been no one who sees the past because it would never had been recorded in the Akashic record of this Universe.

Ok, many of you are not friendly with the word Akashic or Akashic reading, but you may have heard of Divinations, right? Some of the Igbos call it Afa and Yoruba’s call it Ifa and so on. Yes its popular among those priests who do blood sacrifices to those dark entity’s that end up doubling your troubles and still yet you have not noticed… Well let me once again repeat myself here, our ancestors never did blood sacrifices, please don’t! Those are imported gods by your forefathers during the days of slave trades, our ancestors were higher than this blood sacrifices kind of thing, they built mansions, they ruled this planet, they reached the moon before the whites, and the truth is that they did not achieve all that through blood sacrifices and spilling’s of bloods in honor of some 4th dimensional (astral realm) entities, you have been lied to.

When those deities were imported, it came along with bunch of traditional rituals that goes with it, like the divinations, which was almost true back then, yes it used to be near-accurate in the days of our fore fathers, and in our world today, only a little few out of the many who claim to know the craft truly possesses the true craft of divination, the rest are all mind-games, this is why I choose this path, because it is spiritual and not mind games, I was passed on the knowledge on Akashic by the Ancient Enlightened ones and through my study and research, I realized that it was an older means which our ancestors used in finding the causes of problems and resolving it, it was never divination, or anything like throwing beads and cowries on the floor, no, it was deeper, and had to do with accessing the universal Akashic record of that person or thing which they want to search for.

And when matters gets worse sometimes, Akashic reading at such moment will require leaving the body entirely and using the Light (Astral) body in going back through time and feeling what the person you are searching on felt, seeing what they saw, and reliving those experiences or those events that may have been the original cause of the problems which has brought them to you in the first place, reliving them briefly through the Akashic makes the Light worker understand the clients problems better and with that he or she will now know how to settle it or solve it, although this very process of going back through time in order to access the Akashic is a very advanced method of Akashic reading, and this comes with an after effect of depression on the part of the Light worker, although this depends on the sort of experience he/she finds himself reliving in the clients Akashic. The fact is, the moment he is back into this reality, he will begin to feel what the person feels, and this is usually the reason why we don’t go this far unless it is absolutely necessary.

So, as I was saying concerning the present-day Divination, it is all a mind game, unlike those of our forefathers, no spiritual link or whatsoever, just like a mere game so you must be very careful.

As you may have already known from my previous article on Akashic Records, it was stated clearly that Akashic is the memory bank of this Universe, it is like a memory card, or a hard drive, where all the events which has ever happened within and outside this Universe/Earth are recorded and saved/stored just like you store music and files in your memory cards, however the difference is that the Akashic doesn’t have a “format or delete” function like your memory cards/hard drives etc. and some info’s are prohibited from us accessing them, well that happens rarely.

Even as you are reading this article right now, everything you are doing is being recorded and stored in that Akashic!

Although, Akashic isn’t about telling the future, but through the Akashic reading we can access the past and the present, therefore with the past and present reality, one can then view a possible picture of a nearest future, and it is always accurate but its accuracy always depends on your present actions and decisions, this is because the future events are just like a building “under construction”. Thus anything can be adjusted and readjusted at anytime, therefore when you take a different decision other than the ones earlier taken or agreed upon by you, such actions could change ones future events, however, there are many more things which could change ones future.


Let me explain:

According to the “Akashic” the future can be like the wet and newly cemented surface, it isn’t yet dry and strong, and it isn’t yet accepted as a possible conclusion of a reality or upshot, you know why? it is because the future is always changing it’s form, for instance: I can tell you today that in three years from now you will become a millionaire, then in one year later the future of you becoming a wealthy millionaire could be changed into you becoming something else, this is because the future is always changing, you are more like the creator, like the driver who is sitting at the driver’s seat, you control your life and how it goes or where it goes to, thus whatever you do today will reflect into your future, hence if your future has been predicted and the prediction says you are going to be a millionaire, then you must learn to keep going on and moving on that very track without doing anything differently, or changing anything, not even your look..

For instance, let us say that you were a writer when the future was predicted for you (and the future prediction stated that you will become a celebrity in 5 years coming), although, after the prediction was made, you suddenly jumped into a different career or something else, or you were about to marry someone when this prediction was made, then few months later you decided not to marry him or her again, and you changed career etc, all these decisions will definitely change your possible future, yes because the moment you took such action, you unknowingly changed your future.

Today, if your reason for checking your Akashic record is to find out your future, and then if your future is said to be bright, then you must keep on doing what you are doing, that is follow your heart and keep moving on and on, no stopping, no doing anything differently, once you change path, career, relationship, decision or choices, you may end up changing or adjusting your future as well, as for relationship do not end them intentionally in this case, if it must end, then let it go naturally on its own without you making the decision… We will come back to AKASHIC AND THE FUTURE later, but for now let’s talk about FATE.

#NOTE HERE: If you were ever told that your future is dark and you may lose your life at a certain time of your life (in your future of cos), then you need to calm down and find a way to take a different route, make sure you change your progression and journey, your path and your very important decisions all must be changed to something else in order to create a newer future event which your death is not included. (At least not yet). This will work for some persons especially those who cannot panic or who refuse to panic, because panicking creates fears and fears manifests our inner fears into this reality. (Read that again).

When a prophet or a prophetess or a priestess or a priest gives you such bad news about your future, all you need is to brilliantly relax your mind and find out which part of your life you could do differently and so when you do, then take a different route and change ideas on certain things etc, this may not be as easy as it sounds, it requires your attention, no rushes, for example, if you are a driver, and you are prophesied to have died in a car crash in a near future to come, all you need to do is stop driving for the main time, or look into your Akashic through your readings, and see what the Light worker has for you and he will tell you what you need to do in order to change that negative or dark future or stop it entirely from coming through.

So I guess you have grabbed that part, please note that this is very important and this is the reason many people lose their lives, when they dream of their death or when someone else like a prophet or a priest sees through a sort of reading on how they are to lose a contract or go broke and poor or die as the case may be. Some will leave all their decisions the exact way they are and keep on moving towards that destination as they had earlier planned and this always leads them into their own dogged pit.


What is fate?

Let us take a look at this very important subject which many persons have always skipped, I was once asked, that since humans are and were given freewill, so where does fate comes from?

As you may already know, fate is a directed principle agreed upon in some persons destiny which states how his or her life would be, it’s like their life’s were predestined, meaning that they do not have any control over their own life, which clearly mean that whatever they do, forces their steps, and their thoughts to go in accordance with the higher forces controlling their lives.

However, it was once told that destiny and fate are same thing but I refuse to accept such a theory, in plain words I have explained to you above what fate is, now what do you think is destiny? Ok read ahead and see the differences between fate and destiny both can never be the same thing.

NOTE: These are not dictionary definitions; rather they are definitions from subjects related with spirituality.

What is Destiny

Your Destiny is your primary and final destination on earth which you were given and which you accepted before you came into this reality, that destination is where your mission is located, your destiny is like a life-contract you have with your Source or what you may refer to as God, your destiny is or may be or may seem so simple but it isn’t that easy to actualize, but as a matter of fact; it does comes to pass, although it cannot be forced, and not everyone can realize their destiny, from one life time, some fail and has to repeat, others have the opportunity to fulfill theirs but they are being distracted by the side attractions and distractions they meet in their timeline.

But one thing is certain, and that is your destiny must and will be fulfilled the moment you have crossed your life challenges and have carried your cross and have learnt your lessons, then your destiny will be fulfilled, sometimes that destiny may be something big, something like a mission, like when someone is sent to go to Earth and do something, either to save a people, help a civilization to rise and there are those whose destiny is to assist others whose destiny is to assist humans move past the level of consciousness which they currently are, to raise their consciousness higher and assist their Souls to evolve.

And there are those whose destiny is to come into this reality to learn a lesson or two, so that they can evolve themselves, then those whose destiny is to come into this reality to add something to a generation so to improve their civilization, however sometimes before one can reach to achieve their destiny, they first have to resolve their karmic debts which they have gathered from a past life or from many life times ago. These are the lessons they are presented with at first before they are allowed to fulfill their destiny or rewards.

These are not all the types of destinies we have for there are many, but you must never think that your destiny is related with materialism and anything earthly. Your destiny is not to come to earth and get rich like some of you focus on, you did not board that spacecraft all the way from that far universe only to come here and get rich!

I overheard a mother telling her daughter that her destiny is to grow and marry a very rich man, tell me, how can such be a destiny or do they really think that this life is a playground?

Such mentality had put a lot of Souls into a  recycle mode, that is; they are placed in a situation whereby they end up returning back to earth over and over again in order to repeat the lives they had failed to fulfil their destiny’s, however during their time here while chasing shadows, they end up attracting more karmas which will eventually delay their destiny either in this life or in the next life, they never know that money isn’t even part of the plan, for money and finance are only mediums which humans use in exchange of services and trades and so they are only something you can have surplus if you want just by being real and focusing on your primary mission, which is your destiny, when you focus on your true primary objective, and you are truly on that path with all your mind and might, then everything else will be added unto you, but continue chasing shadows and nothing will work for you, only use money and statues as something you need in order to journey on, not your primary objective, so if you seek money, then do something that brings money sincerely but without losing your focus on your primary objective, then if you discover that you are unaware of your destiny then seek a spiritual wisdom from those who see beyond the 3rd dimension, just like a Light worker, and also if you do not know what your destiny is and if you are confused about it then all you need to do is seek Spirituality (I mean Spiritual training) and begin to warm your inner self and consciousness, when you do this you will begin to awaken and your destiny will be revealed as you journey on your path.

Besides, that is always the best way to find your destiny, and also, always have patience while practicing Spirituality, for when you rush, you lose it, and never you think you can suddenly become highly spiritual over one year of practice, just start practicing and keep doing your thing, do not look at the time and how long, just keep going and keep practicing and before you know it, you are there. That is how it works, I only wish you understand this.

So now I guess you have understood that your destiny is bigger than just materialism or wealth and status, some of you will be given so much money and power on earth even as the richest man on earth but that is only if the destiny you came to earth with requires that you sit in a high seat of power, but if your destiny does not require that then do not even think of being the richest man on earth, however some persons may have multiple destinies, yes, some may have two or three or even more, and such persons may be seen passing through the various stages of life, and they are always multi-personality kind of humans, these people do not fulfill or work towards all their destinies at a ones, no, they are well timed by their Chi (spirit guards) and they are allowed to work on their destinies one after the other, if the current destiny/mission isn’t fulfilled, they are not allowed to move on into the second or third, it has always been one at a time.

If one of the destinies they hold requires him or her to be a public figure or a celebrity kind of person, then yes he will be infused within him/her something that will lead them towards that life style so that they can use their celebrity status and money as a tool to fulfill their destiny.

The moment someone’s destiny is fulfilled, they are made to return back to the spirit form which they originally were before they came into this dimension, when they leave, we call it death, however, some persons are given time to hang around and just have fun for so many more years after having fulfilled their destiny, and when they have stayed long enough, they go, and you call it death, when in reality, nobody really dies for death is never the end. (See also: DEATH IS NOT THE END article Vol. one and click here for the Vol. two Vol. two)

There are times when your fate leads you to your destiny, thus the both cannot do without each other at some point, and that depends on the type of destiny which that person has.

REMEMBER THIS: Destiny is one major event or happening or something that you will do or you came to Earth to do/actualize, it is just one, but fate on the other hand is numerous, and in some situation, not everyone you see is controlled by a fate, not because they are super humans as many of them young mystics thinks, the truth is, they do not have any past deeds that requires them to follow a particular pattern, or vibration in order to lead them to a particular course, or destiny, as we call it?

Their lives at such point is free willed, they have the power at such point to create and recreate a unique lane and road which will lead them to their destination or destiny, no karma or anything to stop them and all they have is experiences and choices, the only sufferings they have are those created by themselves because they always (in most cases) unfortunately fail and they end up doing things that attracts new karmic debts once again and so at such time, fate, again, is also invited into their lives.

Yes, where there is Karma, there is fate, because Fate is that force which directs and moves one’s life towards a must-course which has been made by either our karmic debts and which must be resolved by you, no excuses, OR, which was auto-created for the sake of your destiny so that you will be well guarded towards that mission which you have come to earth to fulfill, and also the fate leads you through various junctions so that you will meet those who have been included in your path so to join you on that mission, people such as the woman who will lead you to another person who in turn will find you useful someday or the fate will lead you to the man or woman whom you will marry and which of cause has been ordained by fate, meaning that your destiny is bonded with that person you will marry in order for you both to fulfil that mission together. Sometimes you get directed by fate to meet people who will obviously teach you lessons and make you pass through certain experiences in life to train and prepare you for that very destiny you were born for in the first place. You want to know what the mission is? Check or consult your Akashic Record!

There are lots of things which ones fate does for each person, your fate also serves as “your traffic light” and if it points left and you refuse to turn left, then it will force you to turn that left or you end up attracting negative karmas and such can bring you great sufferings which you never bargained for.

When you are on the wrong lane, you end up attracting so much suffering, most times your sufferings are a warning asking you to focus, wake up, turn back, or halt!

However many of you never listen, you just keep going, thinking that it is in every situation one has to prove that they should never give up on something they desire, nevertheless such an idea is wrong because there are some problems which you are made to experience by the very spirits who are protecting you, although you will feel its your enemies and end up killing fowl in one dibias house to open your way, and by doing that you stray off the path completely and loose your connection with your Elemental spirits, this is because such problem or challenges which you faced was given to you by your own guard in order to make you stop what you are or were doing, or at most times, to help you prepare fore a task which you had, and which might be the primary reason for coming to Erath in the first place, you see? This is why your modern dibias are 90% scams when it comes to divination, because they usually do not see this and do not even have the knowledge on FATE OR DESTINY, so all they want or do is just to make your way open, for riches to flow in, or to get what you desire, without finding the core reason for that problem, or if there would be consequences and how to avert such consequences…

Well, just like I said in the article tiled: The Goddess Flogs, sometimes when you are doing things which go against your current mission on earth, she flogs you and such floggings brings you so much sufferings. Listen, money is only a tool, not a target and not your primary objective, the earlier you realize this, the more your ways will become clearer, and the more life will also become easier and simpler.

So when next you meet someone who claims to be a spiritualist and who claims that fate cannot control him or her, remind that person that fate was responsible for bringing the both of you together at that very point in his life in order to make the both of you meet and do something together either for his lesson or for his blessings, and either for your lesson, or for your blessings, it’s all in the hands of that fate, and that fate might either be that very one which was attached with his destiny to lead him through that destination, or it could just be a self created fate he unknowingly and ignorantly created through the misuse of his freewill, or through the moment he created a karmic debt for himself.

So it doesn’t matter which sort of fate it is, all of them are fates and there is no way the human life will exist without one because we all came from somewhere and we had an agreement and we have a focus, a primary objective, a destiny, besides, as we came into this dimension we ended up having this temporary amnesia which of cos is necessary, so while in our amnesia mode which we all find ourselves at the beginning of our life in this incarnation here on Earth, we at such time needs “fate in order to assist us to stay on track”, and in most cases fate leads you to that destiny which you seek.

Now you see? Sometimes if your Destiny must be accomplished, then you would need to allow your fate direct your life, however when you run away from your fate, next; your destiny delays, because you would be running around chasing shadows and moving round a circle in the name of some freewill, however when you work in harmony with it, then your life will become simpler, lighter and smoother than you may have expected.

But some Souls are gifted with Freewill genuinely, yes such advanced Souls, it is only when they have been gifted with freewill should they choose the right ways to reach and fulfill their destiny. However, in cases where they misuse their freewill, they unknowingly invite karma and fate into their life and so sufferings begins and the search of a spiritualist to assist them change their path also begins the moment their sufferings becomes so obvious and never ending.


Ok let’s talk about TIME and SPACE! How are they related with past, present and future, then the big question is, “can one really move Backward AND Forward in time”?

What really is Science Fiction Movies portraying in their movies from time memorial up till this day, I am aware that most truth are revealed in movies, let me give you an exposure which many will of cos disagree with but lets ride on; before their movies are indexed and registered or marketed by the mainstreams movie marketers and producers, and movie companies, they must be tagged as Sci-Fi (Science Fiction), yes we have known this truth from the very beginning, however, in their movies they claim that yes time travelling is possible, as a matter of fact even the popular and known Scientist, Albert Einstein quoted a formulae for time travel, this formula proves in its theoretical form that time travel can be made possible, now according to ALBEIT EINSTEIN’s famous equation on time travel, It states; E=mc2, which means that: Time travel is possible at least in one direction.

However, such physics are still under experiments, and this is why they use movies a lot to portray them, you know why? I will tell you why: Before something is proven to be true in the world of science, they first of all create a fictional version of that thing and then attach them/it to the story and then again test its possibilities through their movies before they come out for the final and real thing, look, they keep on developing such movies over and over and over again, do you ever ask why? Or you think they are just fund of reshooting one film over and over again, why are they not reshooting normal dramas that has nothing to model for their science experiments? But the ones they tag Sci-Fi movies or Paranormal movies are always continuously being redeveloped and reshot and they keep on upgrading and experimenting with lots of proofs (exposed within the movie) and deep scientific explanations are also given in such movies, then they act them out to see how possible it may look like and how possible it can be done.

Most of those time machines and devices which were built in those movies all claim to have used/experimented with Albert Einstein’s popular equation on time travel as stated above. And they always try to explain deeper and deeper on its possibilities and how possible it can work out or they check out if it sounds stupid or thereabout. Such movies are not only written by story tellers and the usual everyday screenplay writers, no! They are rather written and vetted by some team of advanced scientists, meta-physicists, quantum physicists, mystical scientists and so on and so forth.

Those time travel movies are used for modeling and testing all the possibilities which can be possible for time travel, and while this modelling movies are going on, there are other team of scientists in the lab doing their thing, working endlessly and experimenting at various levels, all trying to make it work.

You may never know that in our world today some people have already used their astral body’s to travel back in time, and travelling to the past is already possible, we can do it using our astral body’s, but to do it with your physical body’s you need to create an equipment that will mimic the spiritual reality and the ability it uses to move and travel through time grids.

Now this brings us to this discussion on TIME since I just mentioned traveling through Time Grids, some of you may begin to wonder because a lot of you still think time is an illusion, because they say time is human creation, and so lots of you all think that it’s really an illusion, for some of you there exists only NOW. Some of you also claim further that Time is only a machine that divides the NOW into segments and sections so to assist in marking our sections and in fact, to assist in telling time. Thus to you there exists only now, and this now, future and past are all intertwined as one.

Anyway that may seem right for you when you look at it that way; but can you close your eyes and remember when you woke up from sleep today, and try visualize everything that has ever happened since that morning, now stop your visualization and look at the present, what are you doing now? As for me I am typing this article, ok, if time is an illusion, then there wouldn’t have been anything as past, neither will u have a history of you when you were younger, or a baby, if time was an illusion, we all would not age, and we all would remain as if time has stopped, I do not know if you are following up on this knowledge I am sharing with you now.

Look, researchers once said that reality itself is an illusion, that was in 2016, that claimed that life itself doesn’t exist, hahah, now just because they are so learned and their little experiments proved something is illusion doesn’t really mean that you who is reading this article right now do not exist. If you pinch yourself right now, the pain you will feel deep down will never be an illusion to you. So you see, if one set of scientists claims that time is illusionary, it doesn’t mean he is right.

You must know today (if you are truly ready to know this) that in its reality time does exists, and I know those who are arguing that it doesn’t exist in nature, yet the day ends and the next day begins and the more the time moves forward the more older they get, yet they are thinking that time doesn’t exist and it’s an illusion and reality is an ever NOW, so past and future are all a myth.

Ok, now let’s dig in deeper, have you seen the picture of the solar system lately? What does it look like? Of cos it looks just like a clock!

And also note this, the Earth not only orbits around itself, it also orbits around the Sun, and also note that, the Sun doesn’t just stand still, it also moves around itself and also travels through the 12 constellations, one after the other just like the Earth travels round the Sun, so does the Sun and its Planets all together follows the Sun to travel; round its 12 constellations, the Sun orbits too, but it’s hardly noticed, look, it takes about 26,000 years for the sun to travel from  one constellation into the next. And each constellation is known as an age in the history of man.

Right now the Sun has just recently completed its orbit from the constellation of Pisces to the constellation of the Aquarius.

You should know that the period in which the Sun was located in Pisces was known as the age of the fisher man, this was the period where man was focused on believing and having faith, this was the time when man was still fed with fishes and bread like the biblical allegory and metaphor stated clearly about the Master who fed the 5000 people with 2 fishes and 5 loafs of breads.

That was a metaphor but the Christians today misunderstood and many so called pastors are misguiding their members by giving them false teachings, yes it becomes false when you do not teach the subject as it is supposed to be taught, like taking a metaphor literally, that’s very misguiding, for instance do you know who the Son of God and the 12 disciples represents?

I will tell you, the Son of God represents the SUN of God, that’s the Sun while the 12 disciples represents the 12 constellations (represented by the 12 signs of the zodiac).

Example: Peter, one of the closest to Jesus was a representation of Pisces, the fisher. Do you remember the story of the water bearer? That water bearer in the bible was representing the Age of Aquarius, how about the Scorpion who stings from the back? That is Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus, and Judas represents the constellation of Scorpio. There is the constellation of Virgo the Virgin who of cause represents the Virgin Mary….. the false teachings of those Pastors and their Christian dogmas can go on and on taking metaphors to literal stories and claiming that they are a true life event that took place sometime ago (in their dreams I guess), however, the truth will always remain the same, and the truth cannot be changed so easily.

Ask them where the tombs of Abraham and Moses and the rest of them is, they will lie about it on how God took them to heaven live from here.

Then what of the rest of them, like Sarah, like Eve, Adam, and Jacob and Esau etc… oh they have lots of other lies to tell, until even the lies will begins to confuse the liars themselves.

Meanwhile the tombs of other Kemetic/Egyptian Pharaohs which has existed for so many thousands of years some 20,000 years old all can still be seen today, but then why can’t we find at least one tomb belonging to one of those biblical characters? It is because none of them ever existed and the little few characters that do are renamed in the bible with their true stories corrupted and so their true identity lost in the cause of hiding the truth.

They created false cross of Jesus with those of the two thieves by his sides to deceive those Christians who will visit for pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and those believers of cos do not think with their brains, they eat whatever they are fed on. What they were saying was that a wooden cross can survive 2000 years outside? What an obvious lie! When it rains on it, and the Sun heats on it for less than a 50 years it would rot away. But how could this stand for 2000 years, oh! I almost forgot, I guess it’s one of the miracles of Jesus!

But unfortunately they cannot think of this, anyway they just accept whatever they are fed on; they refuse to accept the truth, because they no longer have control of their own brains.


There is something about this reality and our society that baffles me deeply, seriously, a group of persons will find something deep, then instead of sharing, they will exploit it themselves and use it to control the rest of the society, yes there are people who are not yet ready to know certain things, I agree, but there is something known as EXOTERIC and ESOTERIC.

Esoteric is a knowledge, mostly spiritual, that is very deep and preserved only for the chosen few who have proved themselves ready to tread the path of hidden enlightenment, while exoteric is the same knowledge made simpler for the the general public, the exoteric aspect of this knowledge are simpler in sense that certain deeper knowledge have been omitted and its purpose is to assist those seeker find their true path… When they see this general knowledge, they will be made to think deeper, and by doing so they will begin to seek for the greater knowledge which will hold the answers they seek, however those who are not ready will not see anything deep in the exoteric, it will just be like the everyday posts to them…

So then, some group of people are then seeking these esoteric knowledge to use and control the rest of the population, they find the truth and they exploit them all by themselves, that is what I am trying to say here, if such is not done, the knowledge on time would already have been known today, perhaps, what you would be searching for today would have been the higher version of this same knowledge.

With this conclusion I hereby state that Your Past, Present and Future are not intertwined as some physicists claim, and Time is never an illusion. Do not let anyone deceive you by claiming such, if time was illusionary, then we all would never have aged, we all would have remained the way we were, it is because of TIME, that things age, because we are currently moving, nothing in this universe stays in one place, the earth orbits and moves round the sun, the sun orbits and move round its constellation, the very space our planet occupied 2000 years ago is no longer the same space its occupying now, the entire planet is scientific and spiritual, everything is vibrating on various frequencies, thus we must understand that Time is not an illusion, going back in time using your astral body is very possible, going back in time physically will require a device that can speed up at the speed of light, we will talk about this and many more later.

NEXT on this Magazine page is an article titled SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK AAGAIN, PART THREE OF THE DEATH AND AFTER LIFE topic. lets wait for it, coming up shortly in the next 48hours…STAY TUNED.


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