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Since the dawn of humanity, mankind had always seek for the greater forces that makes this universe possible, such force was studied, thus resulting to the creation of groups and societies whose interests were put into the the creation of doctrines of knowledge all for the purpose of connecting with the universal being which some call God, Cosmic Energy, Divinity and the Universal being/truth. Therefore the art of fasting has been one way which the ancients used in raising their consciousness upwards towards the frequency in which the gods/God/Goddess they pray/connect with vibrates at.

On today’s Episode of our weekly Magazine article, we will be talking much more about Fasting, its true nature, not the religious prayer and fasting done on Churches and Mosques today.

Fasting is actually the process of raising ones frequency; if you have religiously fasted before, then you will be able to recall that each time you decide or choose to fast; it is either because you needed or need something from the Divine Being you think you serve, or you want a connection and a lone time with your Divine, so how can you connect with such a Higher Force when you are busy vibrating from a very low frequency in this 3rd Dimension.

This is why raising your frequency becomes the best way to come closer to your personal Guard or Divine Being so that your prayers or request can of cause go through.

The fact is there has been lots of plagiarized version of our Ancient Knowledge being practiced by some foreign imported religious outfits today, and such misguidance and corruption of this ancient knowledge only corrupts the mind thus the main purpose of such fasting in itself becomes lost. Now this is why I decided to bring you this knowledge today on this episode of our weekly magazine articles.

Why food and anything concerning eating cooked foods are removed from your diets during fasting, it’s because, when you continue to eat cooked foods and drink up soft or beer, you will end up continue to reduce your vibration and frequency and this will make you unable to raise your consciousness upwards to the frequency of your deity or gods which you honor or worship.

You must know that, when you eat cooked foods daily and you have sex weekly or steadily and many other physical and worldly (Materialistic) activities, you end up staying far from your spirituality and that makes you less spiritual and more physical and that means none of your requests and petitions will go through or reach them your Divine.

Fasting was created by our ancestors to help them stay more spiritual and less material. That is the actual essence of fasting.

With proper fasting, one will reduce his or her material energy and then increase his/her spiritual energy, that is/was the essence of fasting.

The process by which fasting is done today is seriously wrong and erroneous because the purpose and meaning of fasting is and has been changed.

Especially when many person’s do not know the true essence of fasting, and a lot of others too thinks that they must all stay hungry and starve themselves but that not true.

Since the purpose of fasting has been removed from the Christian faith and Islamic faith, this means that the main reason for the fasting will never be actualized, however let us now assume that those Christians know the purpose of fasting, then they would have come to a realization of themselves, and so they will awaken their subconscious, which will in turn serve its purpose. Unfortunately, in our world today, the case is different.


See the images above…

Some of you think you are fasting when in reality you are/were starving yourselves, now is the right time to show you the truth on how to really “fast” in order to increase your frequency and raise your consciousness at least above the lower dimension, this will make you vibrate at the same frequency with the deity or gods/goddess of your interest, with that you will be in strong connection with them and you will be able to get your needs/requests fulfilled faster than you can imagine.

Now, with such a strange and new understanding of this craft, the procedures on how to begin this Spiritual exercise should now come into your mind, however you must never worry much about this because I will reveal everything to you one at a time, after all, what then is the purpose of this online magazine weekly publication if not to enlighten you properly in order to unfetter you from psychological slavery and the lies that they have told you so far which has kept you bounded for so long.

They say knowledge is power, “but knowledge can only be power if you practice what you have read and studied, if you let the knowledge reflect on you then that knowledge becomes powerful especially when you apply those teachings to your everyday life”.

Fasting was created by our ancestors to help them stay more spiritual and less material. That is the actual essence of fasting.



Fasting, isn’t starving, to begin, you must first of all get this at the back of your mind, when you accept this, that fasting is not starving, then that is the first step to a successful fasting, yes, it is to rise higher than you ever were. To fast is really not difficult, it is very simple process and that is what I am about to reveal to you.


  1. To begin your fast, you don’t eat any cooked food, for at least for 7days, (not one day, not two days or three, if you fast for 3days or less I put it to you that the fasting will be unsuccessful). This is because 3days or less is not enough to cleanse yourself of all toxics and negative energy’s, and also raise the frequency of your consciousness higher.
  • To fast, you don’t need to eat any form of food at all, only eat fruits, and yes fruits will cleanse your bodies from toxics and that will make it easier to increase your vibrations and the fruits will also make you not to feel hungry, because if you are hungry, I mean very hungry, your vibration drops, and that will make your fasting so unsuccessful.
  • In order to have a successful fast, you are prohibited from making love/having sex with the opposite gender, which means that, you must never think of having a sexual intercourse with anyone during this period.
  • You must walk with bare foot during this period, no sandals, shoes and slippers or anything of such, this is because the under of your feet emits psychic energies and when matched to the ground it connects you with the land spiritually, with Mother Earth and this keeps you bonded and protected from any sort of negative energy or even deities.
  • Also, you must never go in a bad mode, never feel sad, or hatred, this is why you are advised to retire into a quiet and calm place for your fasting, somewhere like a beach, a natural environment or just retire into your room and stay indoors, this you must do in order to stay focused and not distracted with the daily activities and events of life. You must also try to work on your mode and emotion, so that it does not affect your vibration because anger, sadness, hatred, etc. are all considered negative energies and if you remain at such level, then your vibration will drop down and your consciousness will be stuck at the 4th dimension.
  • To really fast the ancient way, you have to remain in a meditative mode. If you don’t know how to meditate, try to learn ‘cos it’s very important to quiet the mind and awaken your Soul. Meditation is actually a process of quieting the mind, as some ignorant dibias who only know about the blood sacrificing process of dark spirituality, they will tell you that meditation is a foreign pattern, I laugh each time I hear such… Our Ancestors started meditation thousands of years ago, they could silent their mind, quiet it and then apply the art of concentration in order to achieve this.
  • Do you know that Concentration is a very important art in spirituality? That will be the next topic and you will realize that concentration isn’t just as simple process as you think, concentration is an art of channeling your consciousness towards a particular thing or objective or someone, either for spell casting, healing and so on, yes you cannot cast spells without learning the art of concentration. So at least meditate by 6am,9am,12pm,3pm,6pm and 00hours(12am). As a matter of fact meditation will really increase the frequency of your energy above all negative entities…
  • Reminder: Don’t forget your fruits, never you allow yourself to go hungry, don’t eat anything snacks neither should you drink alcohol during this period. Do not allow yourself to eat any sorts of “cooked foods”.
  • You are free to take in soft drinks if you want (but you must neither take in beer nor alcohol during this time, and the soft drinks must not be too much).

So, as you can see here, these are what you must do in order to fast in our ancient and true traditional and spiritual way. Now in order to make this “fasting” very strong, then you need to retire yourself from your everyday life activities and move into a cool and quiet area, just like I have stated somewhere above, you should seek for a place just like the beach or similar places where you can and should connect with the land by walking with your bare feet alone, not with slippers and sandals or shoes but rather walk around with your ten toes in a meditative mode.


In conclusion, I hereby close this section and episode of our weekly magazine platform, Awake Afraka Magazine but before I go, I would like to remind you a few points which you should never forget, not for once, not twice:

These Points Include:

1) Fasting is not starving.

2) You must eat fruits in order to clean and flush off the toxics in your body in order to make you full and not hungry.

3) You must stay away from sex.

4) You must never attract Anger, Sadness, Hatred, Envy, during this period.

5) You must never drink alcohol during this time; soft drink like Fanta is fine but not too much.

6) You must at least fast for seven days and above, but not less than seven days or not below three days for such is not enough to raise your frequency.

I hope you have read and understood every single line from this article, this is not one of those careless and random articles people share online these days, this is a very serious and important knowledge which I am revealing to you.

If you are a true spiritual seeker, or a practitioner of this ancient knowledge, then you must begin now to put this into practice because spiritual knowledge can only manifest its true benefits when you practice and allow it to reflect in your daily lives.

So if truly you wish to grow in Pure Spirituality, then you must learn to practice and not read and dump.


As written by Knight Fredel




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