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Episode 74

Episode 74 … Welcome, to this weeks Edition of our popular Online Magazine Platform: Awake Af’raka Magazine, the home of great exposures and knowledge on Arcane and ancient hidden Secrets, now…




Welcome, to this weeks Edition of our popular Online Magazine Platform: Awake Af’raka Magazine, the home of great exposures and knowledge on Arcane and ancient hidden Secrets, now today we will bring you a very interesting topic concerning the true symbolism of Atheism and it’s claims on life after death with its comparison along with what Spirituality says concerning the Journey of the Soul.

Although I will leave the conclusion to the reader on what they (you) think of, “concerning this topic”, nevertheless I will first of all share to you, all that I have been exposed to and known through many ages and through personal experiences, again I will also let you know that I cannot teach what I have not experienced myself, especially when it comes to this knowledge.

However, you must understand that the knowledge shared herein is and was taken from an ancient doctrine which has lived thousands of years before us, remember I made a post on this last two month in my Facebook page and also in my Community group on Whatsap, alright, the post was about the Soul, Death and the Afterlife, and I also said I will publish the full topic here today, well, here it is, I mean the article I promised, but then, let us first of all revisit the previews post one more time before we proceed, here it is below:

 Death is not the end

humans are god men
“Hu” means god
there’s a reason for calling us human

Our body’s are like space suits,

We wear them in order to experience life on the physical realm/world.

When its worn out,

We drop it and seek for another one…


The womb men (women) are the gateways through which Souls come to earth and
wear a body…
without her you can’t wear a body and can’t arrive here…

Take note: We as Souls project our Consciousness into a Light body, this
Light body is also known as the Astral body is what houses the Souls Consciousness outside of our physical body, and it takes the form of our previous body, it also can change or shape shift its look into whatever it wants.

Now during a child birth, the Astral body, or the Light body passes through the 7th psychic center of the pregnant woman, this psychic center is located at the top of her head, (her crown chakra) that’s why some women at that point feels slight headache when this happens. Ok, the Astral body continues to pass down through her sixth psychic center (located at the forehead) then it journeys down to the fifth psychic center (located on her neck) then the fourth psychic center (which is found at the center of her chest), then down to the third psychic center (found above her navel) then down to the second psychic center on her abdomen and then to the last one which is located just above her reproductive system (which is known Spiritually as the gateway).

So at this point the Souls Consciousness inside the Light body continues it’s brief passage into our world by proceeding into the baby’s 1st psychic center, that is the body we are incarnating on, then straight
into its 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and we settle in the sixth psychic center! (located on our forehead).

This is why most spiritualists always says that the forehead is the seat of the Soul! The moment it enters there and radiates its energy throughout its newly formed baby body and stretching its energy’s throughout it’s newly formed body giving it life by activating every nerves and organs (from the hands to the legs and all that) giving it life and letting the Universal Life Force into the body giving its body the final touch then suddenly, it comes
alive! Ready to experience life in this 3rd dimension which we all refer to as the physical world.

This was how you came to be here, this was how you were born unto earth…

Your Soul, the real you who projected its consciousness into this Light body you are wearing within your physical body, remains there in a higher realm or dimension, she will only wake up, when your work here is done, otherwise, your Souls Consciousness in that your Light body will continue to reincarnate from one lifetime to the other, until your work is done and your karmic debts are resolved, and until your Souls Consciousness has as well raised its vibration and consciousness to that very dimension that has the Soul itself, if the Light body and the Souls Consciousness within does not ascend above the lower dimensions, it will be unable to return to its self, the Soul, this is because the Soul itself and its Consciousness must be in match with each other in order to be in bound with each other, when the Soul receives its Projected Consciousness, only then will the Soul awaken fully.
Thus death is not the end…

To be continued!


So, that was it, just a simple short post I shared but then it explains a very complicated subject in a very simple manner for easy understanding of the secret and mysteries of life, well, that is why I am known to expose hidden truth to enlighten people in order to wake them up to the reality and realization of their true self.

Meanwhile, an atheist can never accept all these things explained here above, not because they know better, rather it is because they are too proud to calm down and read in order to understand, nevertheless they have made up their mind to see any Spirituality-related posts as incorrect and fictional.

As a matter of fact you must understand that, the majority of the population on earth cannot tell exactly where they came from, even if they’re all either Christians or Muslims who believes in hell fire and heaven after their mortal death, or the atheist who criticizes Christianity and every other spiritual beliefs and who claims that humans do not have a soul and that god or gods do not exist… Thus, they are all unable to tell what happens after they die, they are all afraid and deep down inside of them, they seek to find peace concerning this topic.

Lets begin with Atheists: Now you as an atheist can’t figure it out even if you claim to be “just a biological being”, deep down you wish to know where you came from. You go online claiming to be one who understands life and who cannot be religious as you know better than them who are, and also, you sound so certain on your pages giving clues from old scientists, and using science to explain nature yet deep down inside of your heart and mind you are like a lost kid, in a maze-like-forest, a very much large maze indeed, however, all your movements and searches all leads you to that same spot which you always find yourself.

Listen, how I wish you all could mellow down and humble your selves in order to understand that: Science does not create anything, rather science mimics and study’s creation. All you seek is evidence for Spiritual powers meanwhile the powers and spiritual energies are everywhere staring at you. The Spiritualists says something, and the scientists runs off to catch up with it, science doesn’t create anything, rather science studies creation, You as an atheist has a lot to understand, especially when you keep on saying that, there is no universal entity such as a God or a Goddess, by the way, such kind of conclusion begs for another question, which is “what then is the cause of creation?”, because everything has a cause, however, when that question is asked, then the concept of the big bang theory comes into play, yes the big bang theory”.

Nevertheless, you should know that I do not dispute the fact that there was no big bang! Yes there was a very big bang which destroyed the former earth, the first half is scattered in space which is known today as the asteroids and the second half is what recovered itself and became the earth you see today, but you see? That happened so many eons upon eons ago and that wasn’t the beginning in accordance with Spirituality, because before the big bang, there was life on earth, can you beat that? I will talk about this in full details on another article, but you must understand here and now that there has to be a cause because according to the law of cause and effect, something must make something to happen, and if there is a Goddess and a God, then they are entities who are capable of existing outside Time itself, yes that’s it, so stop looking for the cause, for the Creators are the cause, but the atheists do not accept that there are creators, ok, then lets go down to their level for a minute, so according to atheism there is no creator and humans have no soul thus we are nothing but only biological beings, so if we die, we die for real and seize to exist, by the way, if there are no creators, then who made everything to happen? Because something cannot just happen on its own, something must make it happen, and such thing must exist outside of time itself in order to make this world of ours, you understand right?

By the way, atheism was created for an entirely different reason, but many do not understand this, neither do they know the truth about atheism, so many of them, if not all atheists in Africa do not know what truly is atheism, this truth is what I will tell you, to make you understand why atheism was created and I will tell you why atheism caught the interest of many black African and whites in this generation, I will share this light as we proceed through this article.

So as I was saying, you as an atheist do not accept that there is a creator out there and so you randomly post things online in an attempt to awaken your fellow humans to your level of understanding, however, those who refuse to accept your ideas are referred to as fools and gullible, they are idiots, all according to you black atheists, you are all full of insults and in the midst of all these, deep down inside of you, you are lost as well, for the truth about who you are is still the missing piece of your life puzzle.

Even when you still believe that you don’t have a Soul and you still accept that when you die, you just die, however, deep down inside of you, you are aware that such can not be the over-truth, because your intelligence fights with your thoughts, for you know that you as a human was not brought to life just to die one day after years of hustles and work and after a huge success and building of an empire for instance, you just die someday and that becomes the end of your existence, but wait! you really accept such?

I mean you get married and have kids you love so much and then one day you just going to die and all those things are all going to be for nothing, like for nothing? Really..?

That’s the same question which many of you today have deep down inside of you, thinking deeply but wearing a mask online claiming to be an atheist who believes in nothing and in no gods or God and who likes to teach that humans are all soulless beings and then the creator of the universe is nothing but a myth! only a fiction, like seriously?



Africans today has been blowing this atheism matter out of proportion, lots of them all wants to become an atheist and none religious persons, however they are unaware of why atheism was created in the first place, they are totally unaware of what atheism really represents, all they want is to join a cool group where they will be free to post carelessly about their former religious organization, to ridicule them and of cause pick a fight online blasting and insulting the Christians and their supporters including African Spiritual groups.

Many of these atheists are people who were misled into accepting atheism and its concept when in reality, if they never wished to be religious, then being a FREETHINKER, would have been the best thing to do, rather than becoming an atheist, at least a freethinker can as well be a spiritualist, however an atheist claims that spirituality is fictional. Isn’t that an awful thing to think?

Now lets proceed further so we can understand from a deeper perspective and from a perspective that has been carefully analyzed for you to see their many reasons for being an atheist in the first place.

  1. WHY THEY BECAME ATHEIST: So many of our people all want to be free, they are tired of following any rules and principles and tired of the church telling them what is a sin and what is not a sin before their God, and they want to be set free so that they can all do what they want without being questioned and without feelings of guilt, they want to try out all sort of erotic lifestyles, they want to watch pornography without feelings of guilt or whatsoever, they want to double date and cheat on their women, they want to be free to commit fornication, they want to practice anything they like, anything such as becoming homosexuals, and if they are women, they choose lesbianism, others some decide to be masturbating, and fornicating and etc. They all want to be free to be themselves without any sort of dogmas limiting them from anything, this category of atheists are so many today online and all they usually do all day is bash the religious body’s with critiques and insults at some point.
  2. WHY THEY BECAME ATHEIST: There is this category who became atheists because they wants to belong to a group of intelligent people (as they taught) thus they think that atheism is like a new world order of some sort, and so they think many of them get paid in millions for criticizing Christianity and Islam, these dreamers become atheist for such reason.
  3. WHY THEY BECAME ATHEIST: Here are another category who became atheist because they seek knowledge and wish to know more about quantum physics and every other scientific subjects.
  4. WHY THEY BECAME ATHEIST: Here are the genuine ones who became atheist because they are science students or scientists and this needs a full detailed explanation which I shall give to you below, keep reading.

So what’s the true purpose of Atheism? :

In the old days when time was younger, and men were evolving, the scientists who practice medicine, physics, chemistry and so on were made to take an oath to become an atheist and practice atheism throughout their scientific careers, this is because they do not want them to place their mind and belief in some external being, like a God, Instead they were made to rather believe in themselves and it doesn’t end there, they are given a oath to take, to swear that they will save life no matter the cost, for life comes first (this is for those who practice medical doctor), somewhere along the line, they are made to accept atheism and never base their trust in an external being.

This atheism was created for those who practice Science, no matter the area of interest the student choses to focus on, Science is Science, and if they understand one thing which is: there is no God to help them during their works then they will perform much better, especially the medical doctors, they will not give up and place their trust in their religious Gods, some of these so called doctors end up giving the patient their religious book to study in order to accept their lord as their personal savior instead of looking for more possible ways to save that patient, however if the medical doctor is an atheist, and the work gets tough, they will neither give up nor hope for a miracle, and as a matter of fact they will not give the patient a bible nor try to covert them to their religion by making them to accept their lord as their personal savior, instead they will make sure they do their best, for they believe in themselves so strongly and accept the fact that no external body can save the patient, rather only a good and perfect treatment which when carefully administered then it will save the life of that patient, and not prayers.

So this can be applied to other areas of Science too, and in such case they will have no other choice than to believe in themselves and with that they all became so good in their scientific crafts, when there is a challenge in their experiment, they will never begin to pray to a God in heaven to inspire them, rather as a good scientist, they will think deeply and go for researches and many other procedures and trials in order to get the answers they seek, so that is true atheism, it was meant to serve its purpose in the world of science, thus making a true scientist better, that is why many true scientist and medical doctors out there are atheists, when they are met with a challenge in their hospitals, they will not give their patient bible and ask them to pray for their sickness claiming and advising them that at such stage they will be requiring a miracle from God, instead of that the medical doctor will do all he or she can to cure that patient, they will believe that they can, rather than carrying bibles like many Christian doctors and Nurses do today.

A belief in nothing, Is a belief in itself.

Atheists claims that they are not believers; they do not believe in God or Deities and not even in the gods of their forefathers which is currently lying dormant in their various family houses mostly in their villages, lot’s of these dormant entities are the cause of their misfortunes but they are not ready to understand how they can banish them for good and cleanse themselves and their (willing) family members, oh yes I do not support the gods of our forefathers because they were all imported and not originated from our true Ancestors, and these gods are lower dimensional entities and blood thirsty unlike those of our true Ancient Ancestors who only gave honor to Pure Spirits, Pure Deities and Creator Goddess of the 12th Dimension along with Her Pure Elemental Deities and none of them accepts deals on blood sacrifices.

Nevertheless, they are also unaware that these dormant entities are destroying them because they want them to go seek for spiritual advise and divination from priests who are at their level so that such priest will advice them to reinstall their dormant entities and also, take up the mantle as the chosen one of the family to become the priest, you know why? Well this is because they want him or her to be the one reviving and feeding them with blood sacrifices while they (the blood thirsty deity’s) offer them slight lucks and business successes, however, they usually will continue to make them give higher blood sacrifices and there will come a time when they will even take human sacrifices without letting them know, this happens when they (the so called chosen one) request for something big from their so called gods, and then, as you already know, nothing goes for nothing, therefore if they are really in anyway given what they requested, then surely someone they love so much will be taken in exchange as the sacrifice.

Such events happens yearly in our various society’s yet some African Nigerian youths are busy claiming to be an atheists and stating that spiritual powers do not exist, this is laughable, because 80% of these so called local atheists are currently being frustrated in one way or the other by these negative dark entities as well as those being hit by their enemies through charms which they are currently suffering it yet they are at the same time claiming that such powers do not exist.

Nevertheless such life frustrations and sufferings were and are the major reasons why they left their primary Religion for Atheism in the first place.

They leave the church out of anger and disappointment from their Religious groups, some of them have been Christians and year to year they get the same messages and themes of breakthrough and yet nothing changes within them rather their pastors and Reverends are the ones getting fatter along with their family, however the members are gets slimmer except the few who were never poor from the beginning, and those who life redirected their career on their own via various means.

As for their pastors and their pastors families doing better than their members; it continues for several years upon years, and this pushes them to try various other churches which on their own they realizes that they are all the same thing, and there is something fishy about the churches in our locality including their Holy book which is filled with many different complicating truths, thus the interest to dig in and so on became their most important mission, and when they find certain truth about their religion and how they were created for something else entirely different from what they were taught from childhood or whenever, including their hidden historical secrets, this makes them very angry cos’ they were not fully prepared to find such a truth, so in that case such persons end up leaving their religion out of frustration and anger, thus they end up choosing atheism instead, without knowing the full purpose of atheism and why it was made or created in the first place. All they just wanted was to leave anything religion and seek for where they will be free from all dogmas, a kind of group and not religious in anyway, unknown to them that atheism is secretly a religion on its own, keep calm, I will explain why I say so as we proceed.

And without missing a point, there are those who after leaving their religious society, they come into Spirituality, their traditional spiritual system, and this set of seekers are mainly interested in leaving their religious groups and finding solace in the traditional system, thus in the process, they find dibias and so called spiritualists who might have claimed to help them leave poverty with their spiritual work, and after payment, these things do not work for them, in some cases they only met a dubious dibias or a scammer, or the dibias or priest they found might have been good and perfect in his or her work, however the client may have been the one who has been in so much hurry as I have noticed from a lot of them from here, so whatever the case, the fact is they keep on moving from one dibias to another and after a while, perhaps after a year or two, they conclude that there is no power in spirituality as well, then their final bus stop becomes Atheism.

Let me tell you a short story, there was a time I had a student who was once upon a time a hardcore Atheist, and his life was destroyed by such deity’s and his body was filled up with a charm my people call “Agbudoyi”, this charms makes the victim appear uninteresting to his clients and customers or even his lovers, when I saw him talking I could feel the energy of this charms emitting from him, yet he claimed that spiritual powers do not exist and he concludes that they are only imaginary, I was smiling while he spoke, then lastly I told him if ever he decides to seek the deeper mysteries of life, my door will be opened unto him, he said his life was perfect, and showed me a lot of his past successes which were done in his business, and he boasts that no God helped him, he said that, all his successes were created by no external powers but himself, I said ok, but asked him if he has ever heard of that insect that we as kids usually catch and roast in order to eat, it is a big insect, we catch and roast them and when they begin to roast, lots of oil boils out of it and so sweet oil, he said yes he knows it as a kid, then I told him a story:

“Once upon a time, this insect was caught by two kids, and they began to apply salt and pepper to it. as we use to do before roasting, afterwards they threw it into the fire, meanwhile, all these while the housefly was watching and flying up and down around the fire, so as they placed that insect on the hot charcoal heat in order to roast it, the housefly at that point got the chance to speak to the roasting insect, he asked him to run, he said look, the boys have gone into the house to drop the salt container and the pepper, now do not just stay there, fly, run, go away, run and fly very far from here so he can survive, the fly had pity on him because the fire was really burning him badly, but then he had the chance to jump out of the fire, but guess what he told the housefly, he said no no no he can’t leave now because he is making oil and not burning, he told the housefly that cant he see that he is making sweet and fresh oils”.

Lol, funny right? I told this story to him and he laughed and and I laughed with him but while he was still laughing I stopped laughing and told him that “the burning insect represents him and people like him”. he stopped and I told him to speak no more, instead he should go home and contemplate on the moral of the story.

Well, he left that day and came back about two months later, this time he said he wants to understand who he really is, and what life is all about, I asked him of his atheism beliefs, he said he had been thinking about my story, and I might be right. This was the beginning of his enlightenment, this was the start of his true life experience as I assisted him banish those deity’s around him, and cleansed him of those charms, he paid for the items and for my time of cause, but he returned about 1 year and 2 months later to tell me how right I was, and in fact he would have come earlier but he had delays, however, all I did and told him all worked, immediately, he said he wants to join my Advanced Spiritual Class so he would learn and become a practicing Spiritualist. This is a true life story, and there are more, but I can not tell stories alone for the knowledge itself is also important.

NOTE: The choice of what you do with the knowledge I offer you is truly up to you, my job is to share this knowledge to you as an ordained Light worker that I am, that is my job, and all this is to bring enlightenment/illumination and peace into the society. But majority of them will not understand, nevertheless, I will always do my best to introduce Light in the midst of darkness, just like our ancestors made me understand that: Stars don’t shine in the day, they shine in the darkest hour.

Now based on the sub topic, many of these atheists thinks that they are not believers, they said that they are not like the Christians, the Jews and the Muslims, they say they believe in nothing. But on this day I am saying to them that they are all wrong, for when you believe in no God or Spirits forces, then you are actually believing that, you believe in nothing Spiritual” so I am sorry to disappoint them all today because as it stands, they are also and still a believer, although unlike the Christians, the Muslims, and the Jews who believes in a God who resides in heaven and a Satan in hell blab blab blab, they (the atheists) on the other hand “believes that there is no God”, and that is also called “a belief, because as a matter of fact; a belief in nothing is regarded as a belief on its own”.

So this is a very good point and no one has ever thought of it before, at least none that I know of cos’ I literally searched the web, the libraries, the books, and the social media in order to find a similar point/idea so that I will know if someone has already taught of what I am thinking, but seems they are all thinking that atheism is not a religion and not a belief, but I ask, what makes Christianity and the likes a religion? well it is because they are believers. Thus this makes this point very much clear, unless they just want to argue for argument sake, and to me I do not always enjoy argument, rather I like intelligent debate with no insults or hatred attached, and when your opponent gives a perfect point, you accept it or you dig out a more acceptable and higher point than that of your opponent.

Nevertheless, amongst the atheists we have online today, we hardly find one without an insulting nature, very good in sarcasms and always ready to fight your ideas in order to make sure they are considered winners or rather so that they are seen as intelligent, but then, they are not in many cases, and their purpose is mostly to ridicule your idea, especially when spirituality is involved.

Atheists thinks that anything Spiritual is imaginations and Charms do not work, to them they are all figments of their imagination (not ours).

If you argue too much with them, they will make fun of you with some mockish comments and end up asking you for evidence.

Some go as far as posting on their pages that if one truly has spiritual powers they should come out and pick a date in order to stand in front of people and prove that spirituality is real and not fallacy. Like seriously, those true Pure Spiritualists who are wise will know that such is an insult and so such wise ones will allow them to continue to wallow in ignorance, thinking that they are soul-less biological beings, that is they (atheists) do not have souls, and end up using science to prove their points, without realizing that, science does not and have never created anything, rather science has only been mimicking and studying creation.



Now after having such fun mocking spirituality on their social media pages and timelines, deep down inside of them in the real world they are afraid of the afterlife, because they do not know what will suddenly happen if they die since they already believe that there is no after life, they are silently and continuously being hunted by this taught of death and they engage in lots of fornications, some do all the things spirituality says do not do, because they claim to be awakened and free from all beliefs, and those who were once upon a time a Christian, as an atheist today, they now do the opposite of what their bible says, some even go as far as using the bible as tissue paper’s and posting online, like seriously?

Do they need to do all that? Well the thing is that they (some) are actually frustrated and they feel that, joining atheism and claiming to rise above Christianity and the rest of the religious groups then bashing and insulting them will to them be the best thing to do at that point.

And there are those who become atheist because they think that atheism today is like a money paying occult system and money will be paid for mocking Christianity not knowing that lots of the mocking’s, insults and sarcasms that these atheists post online is only as a result of some sort of anxiety and fear or frustration caused by their former religious members who continuously fight them online based on their decisions to hate God today…

However, I smile each time I see their posts on Deities and African Spirituality, I smile because they are almost 40% right when it comes to Religious societies like Christianity and Islam or Judaism, but when it comes to African Spirituality, they are wrong, I mean, how can someone in Africa claim that Spirituality is fantasies and all African Gods are all imaginary Gods, and not just that, they also believe that humans do not have a Soul, not me, them (lol) because I have had countless Soul travels, and Astral projections including shifting my consciousness from this reality to the other while I am still sitting or consciously in this physical world, ok, there are those who have matched charms and legs swollen, and doctors in more than 5 big hospitals claim that they are unaware of what it is and claims that their X-rays and lab tests found nothing and so they cannot do anything, but then the persons is dying, such persons had come to me before and with some serious advanced Spiritual methods such charms were flushed out of them…

Let me tell you a short story:

Once upon a time, I had a girlfriend in my early days at Omoku, (She is now an ex-girlfriend today).

According to what I know, this girls grand ma don’t like me, She says am a devil, and when the daughter (my girl back then) refused and picked up a quarrel with her, meanwhile, as they were shouting at each other, her worrisome grand ma laid a cause on her, according to her, she threatened that she (her grand ma) will deal with her (my ex girlfriend) for insulting her, and the next day there was a big boil on her both eyes, they were covering the eyes, she was almost going blind because the pules and swelling on her eyes were pressing her retina deep inside her eyes, she had gone to the hospital to no avail, the hospital cannot really pin point what sort of thing it is, and how such thing can be cured, that, in fact the more drugs and injection she took the larger it grew, until she was unable to see.

I then asked someone to go get her for me because I have seen what it is after reading her, so he did, and I went and took some herbs you may have seen today and think it’s just a grass, I squeezed them, and added the enchanted oil on it, gave it the required time, then applied to her both eyes, after that I made the herbs cover both eyes and then used white purified handkerchief to tie it on her eyes, then gave her something to make her sleep for at least some good hours, it was 12pm, she slept and woke up by 7pm, took her back to her house, purified her room, made sure she ate, gave her another relaxation substance to make her sleep well, and I changed the herb to a new and fresh one while she slept, I noticed the balls ripened and pulse came out of it, plenty of it, looks like catarrh, I used gloves to remove them, cleaned her eyes, and applied the herbs water on her retina, inside her eyes, and closed it for her, put more in her mouth made her drink it all, then squeezed the ones with an enchanted oil, placed on top of her eyes on the balls ,and tied it with a purified white handkerchief, just like I did, earlier, and let her sleep, by morning, as the Sun began to rise in the East, I uncovered her face and told her to wash it with the water I had earlier worked on, and behold, the thing was gone. And her eyes were open…#


Now back to the subject matter concerning Atheism and Spirituality, so in accordance with black peoples pattern of atheism, I guess those experiences pointed out in the previous paragraph are also figments of my imaginations right?, how do we detect charms or let me put it this way; how do we know that it is charms? Well, whenever you take medication, it gets worse the more you take them, and the more you continue to take drugs and medical assistance, the more it continues to get worse; And again the more you seek for help, the more it threatens and gets much worse. When it continues to happen that way, then that will mean it obviously isn’t just a normal illness, but something else, something beyond science. Note here that there are other ways to check the cause or source of ones illness and problems, for example, we have the Akashic Readings or Psychic Readings and Spirit Consultations. As you can see, we have numerous ways of finding out if it is a charm or not. But a typical atheist cannot understand this, because they are so in a hurry to be free from all dogmas that they eventually forgot where they came from…

Ok now let us proceed, I have said enough on Atheism, now let me tell you a little about Spirituality and the Journey of the Soul, then I will let you make your conclusions on the comment box here on our web magazine page, or on our social media pages.

What Spirituality says

Ok, thank you for reading up to this stage, now lets talk about Spirituality and what it says about Atheism. Well Spirituality does not accept the concept of atheism, because they are spreading corrupt and invalid knowledge online, and they always fight and insults whomever do not accept their thoughts, and Spirituality of cause are of two types though, the Dark craft which 85% of our black people are into, and which does not belong to our Ancestors, the Dark Craft was imported by your forefathers years after they abandoned the true ways of our true African (Af’rakan) Ancestors, meanwhile if assuming that the doctrines and the practice of our Ancestors was not protected by the few Light workers, then by now, we would have lost everything.

The Light workers has passed down this knowledge and protected the ancient writings of our Ancestors and cultures within the closed doors, they took an oath for this and they hand over this Light to the next generation, that is when their time here comes to an end, and with this, the knowledge is preserved from one generation to the next, and awaiting when our people will be ready to return home…

The second type of Spirituality is the Pure Spirituality which does not include blood sacrifices and demon worship or the art of killing and taking a life using your powers or which does not also include the use of Spirituality for selfish interests, they are not believers rather they are practicing Spiritualists in nature, they practice ancient Spiritual knowledge, Spells and many more, pure practical Spirituality, they learn to use their abilities, which they develop over a period of time (for those who are patient) this patience is important and members are taught the art of patience via their everyday deals. they are tested without them knowing it, and only a few pass into the next stage, then on and on, the higher you go, the stronger you become, and the closer you get to the Spirits who offer their blessings to you.

This pattern of Pure Spiritual practice was what I was trained for, and the time has come for me to bring in Light unto this dark era.

Spirituality goes much deeper than what Atheists says out there, when this Pure Spirituality is generally returned and practiced deeply, it will and would prove that Human are not Soulless as they think and believe, yes it is their own self constructed belief that says humans are soulless, nevertheless the atheists always claims that they do not believe in anything however like I always say, they believe that there is no God, and no Soul, thus when you die, you just die, this is wrong, very wrong, because the presence of Divinity is everywhere, even the trees the winds the birds all show to us the presence of a Divine Being, Nothing happens by chance, there is always a beginning to everything, and whatever has a beginning, has a rebirth.



Well, you all may have already known a bit about this aspect concerning the Soul and its journey to Earth, even in this article, I have explained briefly on the Journey of the Soul, if you scroll up a bit and if you really read from the beginning as well then you must have understood how the Soul projects its consciousness into the Light Body which is also referred to as the Astral Body, and then uses the Light body to incarnate in a physical body.

It is quite funny for a man to begin doubting himself claiming that he is merely a physical being with no spiritual capabilities or existence, as a matter of fact and as I know, humans are Spiritual beings, this is why the ancients who seeded this planet refers to us as “Hu – man”, “Hu” is not an English term but an ancient term, even certain Eastern Spiritual groups who understood this concept always chants the “Hu” as a form of Mantra for awakening the higher consciousness within. This word or term “Hu” simply means “God”, or “Supreme being”, therefore the English term “Human”, refers to us all as God men.

This is because we are all Divine beings experiencing life on Earth as physical beings. I have told you all before, even in some of my articles that the Human isn’t just a physical being but a Spiritual being, now this brings us to the question of the Soul, who or what is the Soul.

The Soul is a word that the Atheist do not want to hear about today, this is because they are not able to comprehend what the Soul really is, they claim that we all do not have a Soul, or rather; they do not  have a Soul, thus if they die, they just die and seize to exist.

Now such kind of thought isn’t nice at all, because you cannot just seize to exist, just like that, after all your hustles, you learn to speak, read and write, you learn to walk, and you learn so many other things while growing up, it didn’t end there, you pass through a lot of life lessons and most of them are hurtful and some sad and horrific, then you experience all these things and one day you just die? Like you seize to exist? First by using the human common sense; I must say that, such a way of thinking is not healthy for anyone here on Earth, then secondly I come to understand perfectly well that the ”Atheists are not capable of understanding and comprehending such an advanced concept of existence”.

Oh yes, there are various dimensions of knowledge and the higher you rise above the lower level of consciousness, the more you begin to understand the higher things of life at that level you have risen to, and once you have risen above such lower level of consciousness, then the knowledge on atheism will begin to sound like none-sense, so people needs to look higher, think deeper, and always look up to the stars, this will bring them higher and closer to higher cosmic energies and certain questions will be formed within which will cry for an answer, and such persons will of cause never rest until they find that truth.

People needs to understand that they are not just physical beings, they are Souls experiencing life in a 3rd dimensional realm, the physical reality, the Soul journeyed down here in order to evolve, to awaken it’s full potential, so to fulfill their mission which they may have or which they might have been sent to fulfill, the fact is we are all here with various reasons, and some of you are here to reconcile with your past life, thus your karmic debts must be paid in full.

Many of you all keeps using ritual sacrifices to seek deities who end up assisting you to skip your karmic debts instead of letting you pay or resolve them, and by doing such (i.e. Skipping it), you end up ruining your life the more without even knowing it. Then in your reality you will be experiencing the smooth path of life and how things relating with your career and life as a whole becomes successful throughout such period with little or less efforts made, this will make it possible for you to be unable to notice anything wrong in your life, because when it comes to money, you will have it and whatever life pushes up to you becomes easy to solve especially when money and power/connection is involved.

However, such wealth comes with a price, for each animal you sacrifice at the dibias shrine, (i.e. if he is really a true priest) represents someone or something so dear to your heart, something or or someone especially, someone you could never have let go so easily, secondly that person or something might have been so important to your destiny and may have a sort of meaning in your life as well, but then you will have to loose it in exchange for whatever you asked the dark path entity for. Anyway, story for another day!

There are those who have ascended above the lower level of consciousness, who have become higher spiritual beings or almost close to becoming spirit guards, thus such Souls are returned back to Earth in order to assist other evolving Souls to ascend and raise their consciousness higher, most of these higher Souls are what you refer to as Human Angels, or Light workers, they are different from the other humans you see around, some do have certain karma to resolve at the same time the mission to illuminate a society or the world or a people, sometimes without doing this, they will not be able to ascend or evolve higher to a particular level of consciousness, nevertheless it is always about evolution.

This means that, everyone is not here for the same purpose. and this also means that all Souls are on a Journey to Earth and their purpose here also varies.

Note: In order to understand this properly, you really need to think beyond the ordinary human comprehension, in order to gain the higher concept of life, for life itself is one big mystery waiting for you and I to resolve it, and it is much deeper than what the atheists all believes in.

Let’s go a bit deeper

If I may go a bit further on the explanation concerning the Journey of the Soul in accordance with the Ancient Knowledge on Pure Af’rakan Spirituality, the Soul, which is yourself is on a journey, and ”Earth” is and was never your home, and neither are you going to heaven or hell after you drop this body because the heaven and hell both exists right here on Earth’s 3rd dimension, and note, you do not have a Soul, rather you are the ”Soul” in its human body, experiencing life in the 3rd dimension.

This concept of life and reality is so deep that you got to think deeper above the normal human conception in order to understand life properly as it is, otherwise you will only experience the illusions which is everywhere in the 3rd dimension (which is your regular physical reality), yes the 3rd dimension is filled with lots of illusions, just like the Astral realm which we call the 4th dimension, it is another dimension filled with illusions upon illusion, if you are a Christian, when you drop your human cloak (in death), there is a 98 percent chance that your Astral self (spiritual/light body) will wake up there in the 4th dimension (Astral realm), and in such state, your deepest fears will all come alive, if you are so afraid of hell fire, no matter how you imagined the hell fire to be, you will find yourself there.

And you will continue to burn in your imaginary hell fire until you realize on your own that the fires you see are not real, if you so expect yourself to be in heaven, then you will find yourself in an illusionary heaven as well, and you will continue to remain there until you come to a total realization of the illusions you have created and how they affect you in your after-life the moment you leave your physical body behind.

NOTE: This is why you must learn to mind the kind of knowledge you give access into your sub-conscious and into your consciousness while you are still alive here on Earth.


Now I must explain briefly before I finally conclude on this episode, in order to make sure some of you are rightly on track, for now let’s keep atheism in one corner and lets be realistic for a minute or more and embrace the truth about life on what it has always been.

Yes I know that there are as many Sources of Life as possible but there are the four major ones who are defined by each Element of nature, and this makes it even more interesting because when you mention the four elements, then my book, The Ogbanje Child and the Four Elements comes into the mind.

Ok now I will as I promised, give you the brief knowledge on how you got here and became a human being on Earth, I will briefly give you this thoughts in writing below but I will go much further in another episode, yes we cannot drive in all the knowledge into this one Episode, definitely we will make a part two to avoid getting some of you bored with too much reading, nevertheless from the beginning of this article to this very point I am sure you have seen some of the exposures on the Souls journey to Earth, that will go a long way if you can sit cool and read with an open heart and able to see the enlightenment hidden within the words and note, like I said Atheism do not accept what I am sharing with you, and that is none of our concern, we have shown them the truth above, it is now left for them to dig into these things I have shown to them so far, along with the ones below, then meditate on them, just like I have always said: Knowledge is Power, but only if you can apply that knowledge and wisdom to your daily activities, otherwise its just going to be like another regular and everyday words.

However, when you apply them to your life activities and in anything and everything you do, you get to experience the magic of Spirituality, the wisdom of our ancestors cannot be lost just because some few persons has decided to destroy our world with lots of fake life and corrupt knowledge along with religious indoctrinations.

Now according to what I am sure of, Souls are the real human, for instance the real you is the Soul whose Consciousness exist inside of your astral body, and before you came to earth, you were nothing but a Soul, or a deity, or a Light worker like myself, and you can as well call us Souls at that moment, however when you want to come to Earth, the only way you can is through a woman’s womb, in order to be born into this 3rd dimensional realm.

Using myself as example: Lets say the fact is, if I use a star gate or portal to pass into this reality directly from the higher realms, People will or might not see me physically cos’ I may appear to them as light or I will be invincible to them, this is because I will be vibrating from the higher realm I came from, so I will not be visible to anyone unless that person can read energies from higher dimensions through their third eyes, etc.

So as a Soul that I am, I will need a human body in order to be born unto earths physical realm, thus the first thing I will have to do in such a situation will be to choose a parent to-be in order to come into their life as their kid, especially when they have all I need to prepare me for my mission here, as well as the karmic debts I have to resolve, etc.

Now they have sex, and we make it go in, then I get assigned to incarnate on that body forming inside of her, ok, therefore as a Soul, I will then go unconscious in my Soul realm or wherever I came from, then I will keep my self (Soul) unconscious as I project part of my consciousness into my newly formed astral body which will look like my developing body forming in the womb of the woman who is now about to be my mom.

The Astral body which has your Souls Consciousness is referred by many persons on various organization as spirit body or ghost after they die.

So, after the Soul projects its consciousness into the astral body, the Soul now comes to life in that Astral body, while its real self, the Soul goes into something similar to comma, it lies there, while it uses that Astral Body to incarnate at the time the human body is born, however before then it follows the pregnant woman anywhere she goes and this has been confirmed by pregnant women who out of fear keeps complaining that someone seems to be following them when they are walking alone, because they hear footsteps behind them almost all the time when they are walking all alone, and in many cases they sometimes it feels like there is some kind of being around them especially when they are all alone.

Thus you must understand that, the astral being which carries the Souls Consciousness whom is about to incarnate as a human being now follows the pregnant woman anywhere she goes until the moment of delivery comes and yes the astral being will then incarnate into the baby’s body the moment it comes out, and ones that happens as explained from the first post in this article then the baby comes to life, and a new life circle begins, this is because to be on earth as a human being you must come through a woman, for she alone has the gate way between the material world and the spiritual world, but many girls are unaware of their position on earth and that is why they continue to abuse their portals daily creating further complications for themselves which in turn damages their destiny in a nearer future.

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Written by KNIGHT FREDEL (The Ogbanje Child),






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  1. Mind blowing knowledge, the more I read your articles, the more I realizes I know nothing, may the Great Goddess fulfill you with more knowledge so you continue to enlighten us, Aseee…..

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