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Welcome to this weeks Edition of our Weekly Magazine Article, today I bring you a Special Edition to illuminate your path on this journey towards enlightenment, this subject matter which we are about to discuss today is a topic which has been wrongly quoted and explained in various groups and blogs online and offline, however on this day I shall clear all misunderstanding and misguided knowledge which you may have wrongly subscribed to on your journey towards the search for spiritual knowledge.

Meanwhile, I would like to apologize for missing out last weeks publication, as well as that of the week before last. We had a lot of updates going on in our Magazine platform, and in our Community’s Inner Groups I had lots of spiritual duties to those who came for my spiritual and metaphysical aids, thus I had to pend the writing in order to fix them all to an extent before I continue here, however, today we are fully “Live” and I will be talking about “Juju” and “Voodoo”, and what they really are, seriously you may have asked at several occasions to know if they are really related with our Ancestors? Or, you may have wanted to know if they are a part of the left-hand path of Spirituality known as “Dark Art” or “Dark Craft”? Or perhaps you have once inquired deeper about them, to see if really, they could be used “to do good”? And many more.

This is the exact purpose of writing this article, to enlighten you on all aspects possible, to make you realize what you have never known all your life, which of cause you have wanted to. Also I will be exposing to you my dear readers how Juju and Voodoo came into existence in the first place as well as what they are used for, I will also on this same article teach you about the Dedicated Spiritual Alter and Sanctums, especially to show you why you need one, if really you want to return back to your roots, to learn and understand what an alter really is (even if you think you know what it is) and also I will bring you knowledge on the dedication of a true Af’rakan “Alter” or what some of you may call “Sanctum” or “Sanctuary”, how it really look like, and the difference between the Af’rakan Alters and that of a Juju Shrine!

However, most of you all are yet to understand from your perspective, what an alter really is, or how it is made or activated and also many of you are unaware of how the true Af’rakan Alters are dedicated or set up through the right procedures and principles which must be in accordance with our Ancestral spiritual laws.

To some of you, you may just feel that setting up a table, and covering it with some sort of white or red cloths with a standing mirror and a few other symbolic items is all you need to make an alter charged and active (from a spiritual point of view), but no! that is not an Alter, rather it is just a table for meditation and that’s all. In order to transmute such a table arrangement into an active Alter will require a few other processes and principles which you may have never been told, this is why I took my time to write down this knowledge, many of you out there have been lied to, and its time to awaken your consciousness from such lower level of awareness to a higher and advance consciousness thus to make you experience the true realities of life.

Meanwhile, at this juncture, I must ask; Do you have an alter at home? I mean you are a practicing Spiritualist, right? Ok, if that is the case then you ought to have an alter, because there has to be something that acts as your medium of contacts with the spirits you honor and you ought to also have or create a Sacred space within your home to be used for two things, one, your Alter, and two, as a space for your spiritual practices, meditation and rituals.

So if truly you are a deep and serious practitioner of Ancient Af’rakan Spirituality, then you ought to dedicate and keep something/someplace very sacred for such higher energy, this creates fields of energy’s around your home, bringing positive spirits closer, most times having a true and dedicated Alter makes you stronger and more spiritually active.

Those of you who have a Sacred Home Alter are hardly attacked by external forces or spirits because of your Alter, if it is well dedicated and charged especially with a medium which connects you with your major Gods or Goddess, thus they will always make themselves present at all times or at least they will at most times leave you with their elemental Spirits for your personal protection and needs.

However a student of mine once asked me, She said “why is the alter of a Light Worker like myself not similar with that of the juju priests and the likes?…”.

Well that is a question I needed to answer not just to her but to all my followers and readers because a lot of them out there have been asking similar questions and they all wants to learn more about this very subject. Ok, as a matter of fact I responded to her questions sincerely and as follows: I said and I quote – This type of Alter in which I make use of, is different from those you see from a dibia’s home because we are not juju worshippers, and we have nothing to do with blood sacrifices and all those kinds of blood thirsty entities.

Now, with such a responds, more and more questions began to pop up, I mean questions like: what is Juju, and what do we as Light Workers worship? Well that question will now bring us to our next discussion… WHAT IS JUJU AND AND WHAT EXACTLY IS VOODOO?



Many of you may have heard the words “juju” and “Voodoo” but then do you have an idea about what they really are? Some of the few persons I have come across with always claims that Voodoo is an updated version of Juju, but then, is that the truth? Is Juju really an outdated version of Voodoo?

However, is that really true?

Ok, before we proceed further, let me first of all quote from the Dictionary Britannica: Juju, an object that has been deliberately infused with magical powers or the magical power itself; it also can refer to the belief system involving the use of juju. Juju is practiced in West African countries such as Nigeria, Benin, Togo, and Ghana, although its assumptions are shared by most African people. It is neither good nor bad, but it may be used for constructive purposes as well as for nefarious deeds. A monkey’s head is probably the most common juju in West Africa. The word juju is believed to be derived from the French joujou (“plaything”), though some sources claim it is from the Hausa language, meaning “fetish” or “evil spirit.”

Ok that is for Juju based on foreign definition from an online dictionary, now lets also find out what they will say about Voodoo:

By looking from the Merriam Webster Dictionary online, it defined Voodoo as follows:

1 or less commonly vodou \ vō-​ˈdü  \ : a religion that is derived from African polytheism and ancestor worship and is practiced chiefly in Haiti2a: a person who deals in spells and necromancy b(1): a sorcerer’s spell HEX(2): a hexed object CHARM

Now with these definitions we can now clearly see that yes, truly, they are both not the same thing, and none of them are an outdated version of the other, or the updated version of the other, they are both two different things!

Now that we have seen that they are two different things lets now talk about them from a higher point of view, we will also talk about the alters and shrines, is there a difference between the both? And why is the ancient Af’rakan Spirituality in which I practice have a cleaner alter and its kept neat, unlike the Juju shrines which are always kept dirty and all their things are always made dirty and unkempt? Well, we will touch those points today, read ahead, and read gradually, no rushing.


A Juju Medium

So many thousands of years ago, our Ancestors, not fore-fathers, I mean Ancestors, they were really connected with the great Gods and Goddess, they were nature scientists as they investigates the entire universes, yes they of cause visited other planets through portals and openings created by them and used as Star-gates, that is to show you how far they had reached in the path of Spirituality, they did communed and communicated with the Great Goddess who was seen as the Creator of the Universe and of Earth.

They (our Ancestors) made use of certain charged Mediums which is and was used as a means to connect with the Deity or Gods which it was made for, however after some thousands of years later (which is about between 400 – 500years ago) when our forefathers came into existence, they were the ones who abandoned the ways of our Ancestors, and some of them through the process of betraying their fellow brothers in the name of revenge and wars, allowed a foreign race to colonize us and thus, those mediums which connects with the the higher Deities all were stolen and some were lost.

Then during the slave trade era, when things had gone rough and bad, when our lands were taken away and some of our forefathers turned to slaves, thus some of our forefathers who wanted to begin a reconnection back to our root to revive our Gods and begin to reclaim their rights began to seek for means to get it done, unfortunately there was no Mediums, and in order to do this, a Medium was needed, and that was how the recent Mediums known as Juju was imported from the Eastern world!

Yes, Juju is not a God or gods, it is a Medium which connects with the gods, unfortunately the Juju Mediums that were imported into Af’raka were not the type our Ancestors used. they connects only with the 4th Dimensional Deities and Entities of the lower 4th Dimension. This is why they are blood thirsty gods, and this is why everything about them are dirty and bloody. Juju practices are nothing but Dark Arts practices and the gods that the Juju mediums connects with are always asking for blood and this is why they are always demanding for sacrifices.

If one needs revenge, then that person can use Juju, because this is for those who wants to take the law by their hands, this is why Juju practices are full of negative stories of those who send their Juju gods to strike and kill other persons, and things like making them surfer and frustrated, and also intentionally sending illness to their enemies, also with certain Juju Mediums, the shaman can connect with their lower 4th dimensional water deities for money rituals which sometimes comes with a prize as if the person is given the wealth, then the deity (via that Juju) will then take something away from the one who needed the money rituals, this is why those shamans don’t do this kind of rituals for themselves, they only do it for those who comes to them and ask for it.

In some cases the Money ritual will begin without any sacrifices of human but the entity will be given a goat or cow sacrifices, then it is later that the deity will collect any of his or her loved ones as the prize of such fast luck/wealth.

So this is how it works, I hope you are getting this concepts as I have decided to reduce the terms to much simpler ones in order to help you grab what I am trying to say.

Now, with this explanation I am sure you have understood that, Juju, is originally a medium of contact with the lower 4th dimensional gods/goddesses, juju mediums only connects with the astral realm (4th dimension), and nothing more, Juju mediums can not have such higher vibration to accommodate deities above the 4th and 5th dimension, so that is how it works, that is what Juju really is!

Ok, so the question now is; if Juju is a medium, what then is a Voodoo? Let us find out!




Now you may be wondering what a Voodoo is, and what it is used for, yes so many persons have undoubtedly claimed that Voodoo is an updated Juju, but that is not the truth at all, the truth is that, Voodoo is a Spiritual Practice, call it a branch of Spirituality or, a category, its all the same thing, Voodoo is a spirituality much like a deeper path of spirituality.

However every Voodoo practitioner who deals with the 4th dimensional entities all have a Juju in their shrines, yes A usual Voodoo practitioner do not have shrines especially when they are an advanced practitioner who deals with the 12th dimensional deities and the 7th dimensional deities, they have a charged Alter instead, though the ones who have shrines are the ones who connects with the 4th dimensional deities only and they are not advanced in the craft, they are almost not different from the Juju practitioners, just that they know a little more than the juju people.

Meanwhile, those Voodoo practitioners who deals with higher dimensional deities all have higher Mediums which I cannot tag as Juju, they are rather referred to as mediums, and many of the Voodoo practitioners at this level, even those who connects with the 5th dimensional Deities all do not do blood sacrifices and they are always very good in spiritual practices that involves Necromancy (invoking the dead and that is if they are not reincarnated yet) and things like psychic reading, be it palm reading or Akashic reading and the use of Spells, yes Juju worshipers do not know a thing about Spells, Spells are known only by the Voodoo practitioners, and also note that what they call Voodoo are what tour ancestors practice, I mean the advanced Voodoo that do not connect with lower dimensional gods and deities, I am referring to higher and advanced Voodoo practitioners who connects with 7th, 12th dimensions.

The ones we call sorcerers are all part of the voodoo family, yes, as you can see, they really know much more than the usual Juju dibia’s and co, and to rap it up, yes, persons like myself is a Voodoo practitioner or a sorcerer who practices the ancient Pure Spirituality of our ancestors, we connect with the 12th dimensional deities and we work with Spells, Necromancy, Psychic readings and so much more.

I am now certain that you may have now understood what a Voodoo really is, and have have now seen through this write-up that Juju is a medium used to connect with the 4th dimensional deities, and Voodoo is more like a branch of Spirituality that deals with Spells, Psychic readings, Invocation and banishing of negative entities, psychic readings and many more.

If you have any further questions concerning this very topic, then feel free to contact me through my Whatsap number: +2348136464201 or via my Help centre Email address


Everyone who practices Spirituality needs an Alter, a well prepared and dedicated Alter, which must be dedicated to your Elemental Spirit, lets use Water as an example, let us assume that you are born of Water and fully reconnected through the processes which I give, then in such situation you need to dedicate and enchant your Alter to that very Element and its Goddess.

Another example, If your Element is Earth, you got to do the same with the Earth Goddess, and so dedicate your Alter to the Goddess of Sex and Fertility, (the Earth Goddess), and so on, so as a Spiritualist or a practicing Spiritualist, you need an Alter especially those who are still training to become one, who are also registered members of my Online Classes, yes in my Online Course I introduced the Alter from the very first month because, it is very much important.

Those fakers who delve into Spirituality for the aim of using the powers and the Spirits for selfish desires for material successes will eventually not be able to set up an Alter in their house, this is because they are scared of what their friends would say or what their family would say if they see an Alter in their room, but those who are true and genuine Seekers of truth and Spiritualist will never be scared of public opinions and would always do what they are supposed to do at all time, with strong focus and concentration, they arrive where they always desire.

Some persons like myself have a room kept for the Alter, this is for those who can, and it is more appropriate however, when I use to live in one room back in the days, I had my alter by the side of the room, and many persons hardly come around and so many so called friends ran away, you see? people are afraid of the unknown, but I keep telling them (fake friends) that “you can never know the name of a tree by looking from a distance, in order to know the tree’s name you need to go closer enough in order to know what tree it is, otherwise, your guesses may just be wrong”.

Therefore you don’t assume too much, rather as an enlightened seeker that you are or trying to be, you should try as much as possible to understand something properly before you lay conclusions, especially the beginners on this path who may not know that the mind and the intuition are similar, sometimes the mind may say something or make them feel something and they mistake it for their intuition.

When it is the mind then it is assumption, though such assumption drops like a message, this is why you might mistake it for an intuition, dear seekers, pay attention.

Ok, the Alter is same thing as Sanctum, just two different names but same meaning, however, the Shrine isn’t all the same with an Alter, I will tell you why.



This is much like a sacred place where priests and shamans at that level make contacts with the lower dimensional entities, or spirits, this is a place for sacrifices and blood offerings unlike the Alter, and if you notice properly, the skulls of the animals which were given to the Spirits for sacrifices are often kept inside that alter, you know why? to bring the vibrations of the lower spirits and to reduce the vibrations of the place (shrine) as well as attracts negative deities.

Before I realized that this Shrine and native practices were not my path was when I noticed something, yes I noticed that each time I walk into a Shrine, by the time I come out I catch fever and begin to have malaria with immediate effect. This has been happening and I was always asking why until a true Light Worker who made me wake up, told me that my vibration and consciousness is to high for such places, thus each time I walk into that place (shrine) I end up reducing my vibration, and again, the kind of vibrations that surrounds such place affects me negatively, unlike it affects those shamans positively.

Shrines are used for the sacrifices of animals to those lower dimensional entities, just like I have stated above, such a shrine only harbors negative energies, not positive, and the only deities that is attracted into shrines are negative deities, but the ones that are attracted to the Alters are positive deities and remember, if you are using the incense stick called 999, please don’t unless you are working at the level of shrines, blood sacrifices and lower entities.

Many of you do not understand what incenses are used for, you may think it is just for the use of making the alter or shrines smell nice or bring good perfumes and so on, but that is not true, or let’s say yes it brings good fragrance but, let’s look a bit deeper on what an Incense stick/dupe really is.



Some of my Students usually ask me what incense are really used for, or if they are just used for its beautiful fragrance or if there is something more, well the answer is yes, there is something more.

Ok, Incense is used to bring positive or negative entities or Deities closer, like inviting them, as you burn your incense, its special fragrance comes along with some special energy from the natural herbs used in making that incense, that energy penetrates through the dimensions and so on, moving and spreading its energies far, you may not know how much further your incense stick travels to each time you light them, this energy, when released by the incense while burning, it invites certain deities according to that incense and its type.

So for the 999 incense which is very popular within some areas and local stores, this incense is used for inviting deities from the lower 4th dimension, yes this incense does not go further than the 4th dimension, its energy stops at the 4th dimension and nothing further.

This brings in such deities at that level, the moment they get this fragrance, they follow it down to the place where it originated from, and there they hang around for the person’s invocation or request.

Nevertheless there are incenses like Sandal wood incense which penetrates further and straight to the 5th dimension and above, just like the original Rose Incense, they do not attract negative or lower 4th dimensional entities, rather they clear them away and make them vanish from the vicinity where such incenses are being burnt.

So now you know this secret I hope you now understand that incense is lots more than just fragrance.

Lastly, you must understand that Incense is used to create a sacred energy around a particular place, “sacred” here in this context could mean that the place is fully charged at the level of the 4th dimensional and lower entities or, it could be at the level of higher dimensional deities.

Therefore the shrines owner do not use any incense which stares up higher energies, those dibia’s who have shrines and does blood sacrifices and who at the same time use such higher incenses are mostly the ignorant ones who think they are wise, yes they are unaware; please note that, apart from 999. There is some other incense at that same level, just like there are so many other incenses at the level of the Rose, padmini and Sandal Wood mentioned above.

That is it about Incense; I hope you have learnt a lot today from our online magazine article on Ancient Af’rakan Spirituality.

We have combined three subjects and have treated them all accordingly, remember to always read and reread again for better digestion, spiritual knowledge isn’t something that can just be understood in a minutes or in a one time reading, this is not what you read in a hurry either, you can always save the page to come back later when you are less busy and relaxing then read with deeper understanding and at such moment, enlightenment will be yours, that is if truly you are a Seeker of truth!

Today we have discussed about Voodoo, Juju, Alter, Shrines, and Incense… So I am sure you may have questions to ask, and or you may ask for some Spiritual help/aids, or you may wish to have an enrollment into the Advanced Class of our Community in order to be trained and be taught the true ways of your ancestors, as well as the knowledge on Pure Spirituality.

Therefore if you have any question, please contact me on my Whatsap line @ +2348136464201, +2348150206279 or email us on



By Knight Fredel





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