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Welcome to another Edition of our weekly magazine articles on African Spirituality, today I wish to teach you something about the Great Goddess and your true spiritual path! Especially, the reason why you sometimes surfer (for no good reason, winks)



The reasons why some of you do surfer out there, thinking that your problems are caused by something else which its truly not the case, because sometimes what you think as the cause of your problems might just not be. And this reason which I am about to give to you is very complicated and that is why am going to take it little by little so to make you understand properly, please read carefully.

The thing is, when you look at the title of this article, you may feel the Goddess is mean or cruel, as in, why should she flog? And for what reason? Well if you ask me I would metaphorically say that the Goddess does flogs, but then how many of you all know this? Or truly seek the knowledge of your ancestors sincerely for the selfless sake of enlightenment and the awakening of your Soul and Consciousness instead of “searching only” for the benefits that comes along with the practice of Spirituality?

Okay, let me ask this very important question;

How many of the so called awakened ones today entered this realm of Spirituality without first having one or two serious problems to solve, that is, the so called problems then lead them far into questioning their current religious society and at the same time search for a Spiritualist or Spiritual powers which they would use in order to solve their problems, now is it not by coming into the path of Spirituality for the aim of solving their problems that they began to find hidden truth and mysteries of their life and existence including their origin and root?

That is the benefits of the “flogging” , because without Her punishment, which includes taking everything away from you, you would never had been redirected into this path of your Ancestors. In fact, if She does not take away everything you have, (from your Spiritual guides, to your Elemental Spirits, and to your material successes), you will end up cursing your Ancestors in ignorance, and thinking that the foreign gods are responsible for your life and successes you enjoy, when in reality they are not!

So you see why you are disconnected from your elemental spirits the moment you keep threading the path of ignorance and superstitious beliefs, in order to bring you back on track, you needed to find answers, yes on your way to finding yourself, and why things went bad you are definitely going to meet scammers on the way, well that’s your sacrifice, pay it without complaining and be happy to find yourself here today because the truth is rare to find, and some others masking as priests and Priestess out there will continue copying our works and credit themselves for it but never will they be able to help their followers because they know nothing about what they teach.

You can imagine how hot is Nigerian weather (finance and economy is down) thus most lazy people are today trying to make a living by pretending to be who they are not, however what they fail to understand is, Spirituality and things of our Ancestors cannot be used to deceive people or defraud people, it comes with great consequences and that is what they do not know, you can imagine when most so called spiritualists jump into my inbox asking me for spiritual help because their world is on fire yet they kept pretending on their public page to be all powerful and tough but dying inside. I reminded one to stop what she’s doing and get into her true career, but instead she blocked me. People hate to hear the truth but unfortunately I’m a Light Worker, I tell you the truth as it is, and not what you want to hear, even if you are going to pay me millions I’ll never tell you what you want to hear, I’ll hit you with the truth as it is.


Knight Fredel

Points to note:

There are those who pretend to be interested in the enlightenment and wish to learn the truth and pure Spirituality all to impress the Priest or the Spiritualist so that he will assist or favor them thinking that they are for real, true seekers, this article is not for such persons.

The truth is, such kind of stylish procedures used for seeking help fails really fast, for either the works you request for may end up not working, or it will backfire you directly, this is why people must be careful because not all Spiritualist they meet online are here for play, some really do have strong root with the deity they are bounded with.

And when you do things in a ticklish manner, so will your spiritual works also reflects in a tricky behavior.

This is why 80% of you who seek spiritual help online are mostly spending so much yet get little or no result at all. Then there are those who are pure Christians and just wish to collect the spiritual benefit and still go back to church, like hating the vulture but using its feathers, although, in one way that may work for you if you go into Dark Art but at the end of the day, you will be destroyed because you will be having the great curse following you all your life.

Spirits hates tricks, especially on this higher plane of Consciousness, just be open and have no doubts in yourself and the one working for you, be open minded and don’t just let the Priest or the Spiritualist do everything for you but also learn the crafts yourself, it is your right, I don’t mean that you should learn today to dump in the trash tomorrow, and neither do I mean you should learn for its benefits then later continue practicing your Islam or Christianity, what I mean is to completely follow the path of your Ancestors in purity and then continue from where they stopped. Please take note!

I know a student of mine who did not come for any Spiritual help or whatsoever even when she got a lot happening in her life, she just joined the class and practiced sincerely while she has no doubt or regrets, she just kept on moving forward with her practices and as well running her daily activities, she learnt and also became wiser as she understood through my teachings that; the failures of life were al as useful and important as the successes.

She meditated on it and focused deeply on the path, then when she fails, she smiles and accepts it with all arms open, like really opened her heart to the failures, she got the lessons she was made to learn from such failures, and finally she succeeded in her financial and career life.

By practicing Spirituality, she understood the truth about life, and how or where to place her steps, what to do and when, the negative circles of life and the positive circles, etc.

So as you can see, it boasted her wellbeing and guess what, this pure practice made her better and better every day.

You see that? This is what many people today are unable to do, in fact this is now like a luxury which many cannot afford, even when they can, they want the easy way out, they forget what a wise man ones said; The fortunes you get in a flash, disappears in a flash as well.


Now back to the subject matter, how does the Goddess Flog? If you have read the very first part of this article titled THE GODDESS FLOGS – By Knight Fredel (that’s me ofcoz)then you must have understood one or two things about this, just that I had points I didn’t mention last time which I wish to mention this time and today I also want to expand on the topic as well as touch other sides which I failed to do last time.

This is why this article continues, sincerely you should know that some of the published articles on this magazine page has a second part as well, not all though, but some of them only, and most of them also have even a third part and on each part I write, I deeply expand more on the topic and so expose more on the areas I did not mention on the last part. As a matter of fact, Spiritual Knowledge has no end!

So how does the Goddess flogs, well, the truth began when you were disconnected from the element you were born with, and you began to follow religious groups that doesn’t align with your root, your source, and your element, by doing that you began to drift away from your true spirituality, the more you go into religious groups that don’t belong to you in the first place, the more you drift off without realizing it, and when that happens, your Chi (Spirit Guard who followed you into this world) begins to drift away from you as well.

That marks the very beginning of your problems.

Yes, some little few still made it by being Christians but do you actually know what they did behind closed doors?

Nevertheless, some do not have the same deep mission as you, because your mission may be far more important than those of others who you think are Christians and doing well, your mission may require you to be in total connection with your elemental spirits, your Chi, and your God or Goddess which belongs to your path/dimension/world/spirit tribe you come from.

Oh yes! We all came from somewhere, don’t you know that there are different dimensions and realms, or as some call them, the spiritual worlds, which exists right above our physical world. Do you remember the article I published last week? Titled: IN MY FATHRS HOUSE ARE MQNY MANSIONS?


Go read about it to get a broader understanding of this subject matter.

So, after you have drifted away from your true path, what then do you expect? The Great Goddess, whom is like the leader of your elemental tribe, and of your path would find a way to hit and redirect you to your one true path, yes, this happens at first through symbolisms, that is by the Goddess giving you a sign through figures, numbers like 7, 6, 9, 8, 11, 12, or combined numbers such as 11.11, 12.12, 03.33 etc. Such numbers and symbols sometimes comes along with some mystical dreams and so on. These continues for years, and when you fail to understand, then She knows just what to do, she flogs you!

How does she flog! By causing whatever you do to fail, by stopping to help you and letting you remain on your own, when you really remain on your own, things will crumble, and you find unknown hardship or financial challenges, also, She flogs you by asking your “Chi” to leave you for a while, in order to see how far you can go alone, the sufferings and lessons of life will then redirect you to the path of your Ancestors which she has prepared for you!

This is why 90% of those who came into this Spiritual practice were all motivated to search for spiritual ways to solve their spiritual problems, and after that they begin to find the truth which they were never told, and at last, they will be redirected.

Nonetheless, our world has been hijacked by adverse dark entities who resides in the 4th dimension.

This is why we see lots of dibia’s supporting such kind of Spiritual practices which involves blood thirsty entities and blood sacrifices.

Though, the truth remains that the true Goddess, the Queen of the Stars, or Queen of heavens as some religious groups coined her title, ‘does not and never accepts blood sacrifices.

This very fact has been refuted by those who do not want to grow, I mean those who wish to remain at that 4th dimension and who have unconsciously refused to evolve their Cosmic Awareness above that level of Consciousness.

As a matter of fact, She, the Great Goddess whom is the Creator, will never ask one or more of her creations to go and offer another creature to her as sacrifices before she will bless that person, even logic does not support this to be true, if truly you can think deeper than just reading the surface then you will certainly understand.

Ok, let me tell you something you may not have heard about, this is because you may not really understand what is meant by the word “Dimension”, and I do not want you to be confused while reading this article, I need you to understand everything completely, but then if you want a deeper and separate explanation on this, then you must refer to the article IN MY FATHERS HOUSE ARE MANY MANSIONS,

Click here to read”.

Ok, that said, now read carefully as follows:

“There are hierarchy’s in the spiritual realms which exists above this our physical world. These realms are not just one, or two but many realms, and they are called Dimensions. Take note,

Now when I say “above the physical realm”, I did not mean that there is any realm or dimension literary up above us, rather all dimensions and realms shares the same space in time, only that each realm or dimension is separated from the others by their frequencies and vibrations. This means that if the dimension or realm vibrates at a higher frequency, then it becomes realer and less illusionary than here, what I mean is that, the higher it is in frequency, the lesser illusionary it will become. The lower its dimension, the more illusionary it will look/be.

So our physical world vibrates at the frequency of 3.3 dimension, but the astral world which some call the spiritual world vibrates at 4.1 dimension, so as you can see, both of cause shares the same space but they don’t have the same frequency, and that is what separates them, so if you are incarnated in a 3.3 dimensional body, you will only be able to experience this physical world, and when you leave your body, and then go into a Light body, or as we call it, Astral body, then you will be able to experience the higher dimensions which your consciousness can rise to.

Now if you have read up the article I published previously titled IN MY FATHERS HOUSE ARE MANY MANSIONS, then you would understand that the 3rd dimension is the physical realm, and above this 3rd dimension is the 4th dimension.

Now according to what I said above, that each realm is divided from the other by its frequency, let me again explain this in another term using the 3rd dimension and the 4th dimension as a case study, both dimensions, also called realms are vibrating at different dimensions, however, they are sharing the very same space, meaning that the 3rd dimension (physical realm) is occupying the same space with the 4th dimension (Astral Realm) but the question is, when you are here in the physical realm you can’t see people or beings from the 4th dimension (astral realm) why? It is because both dimensions are vibrating at different frequencies, one higher than the other, the astral realm vibrates at a higher frequency than the 3rd dimension, that’s why it is less solid and more real than here, although still illusionary compared to the 5th and 6th dimensions.

But then, do you know that some dibia’s whom have experienced the Astral realm, which is the 4th dimension, now thinks that the Astral realm is the all there is, to them, we only have the 3rd dimension (physical world) and the Astral realm (which they call our spiritual world), they know nothing about anything above that level. This is why they think that the gods they offer sacrifices to are the all and all because they are all residence of that Astral realm (4th dimension).

Because of such ignorance they do not realize that there are dimensions upon dimensions above the astral realm, dimensions like the 5th which is known as Causal realm, and the 6th which is the Mental realm, and the 7th dimensions which is the Etheric realm, and which is the border line between the pure spirits would/higher realities and the lower worlds.

Therefore, by being ignorant of these dimensions above the Astral realm, they also become equally ignorant of the higher Deities that resides within the higher dimensions since all they know is the Astral realm and their blood thirsty entities.

I am so sure that if you read that very carefully, you have by now understood the confusion relating with the word “dimensions”, which I have been trying to explain to you, I guess this is a better explanation and a proper way to expose this knowledge to the neophytes, I guess.

Now that this is said and understood, so let’s proceed, ok, thus if the Goddess which we call the Queen of Heaven and even the real Ocean Goddess does not reside in the 4th dimension or in any of the lower dimensions below the 6th and 7th dimensions, then it simply means that She is above anything related with anger, pride, fear, terror which the 4th dimensional deities feeds on through the bloods they offer them via sacrifices, thus if the Goddess is not a residence of that realm, that means she is pure and above the art of accepting blood or rather let me put it this way, it means she cannot ask you to go out there to kill another of her creation in order for her to be appeased, that cannot happen.

Those of you who claim that the Goddess accepts blood sacrifices, ‘do you even know the workings that goes on during when a blood sacrifice is being offered?’

I will tell you: “those blood thirsty entities and deities do not drink physical blood, they feed on the energy that flows out of the blood along with the life force, that energy is and can only be prompt by terror and fear, and it can only be flown through the spilling blood. This is why the Dibia’s or priests who coordinates such sacrifices often makes sure they scare the animals before killing it, to make them cold and filled with terror, some flings the cock or fowl up and down just to make it fear and full of terror before cutting of its neck at that exact moment!

“if its human sacrifices, they make the one to be sacrificed to feel lots of terror and fear before killing that person, if the person does not feel fear or anything close to it before he or she is killed, then that sacrifice will just be as good as waste”.

So tell me, if the Goddess does not exist in anywhere close to the 4th dimension, then why would She accepts such dark energy, why would a Creator Goddess need you to offer her such. It doesn’t make any sense; the Great Goddess does not need your blood sacrifices in order to bless you. 

She only punishes you when you decide to be stubborn in order to make you surfer a bit so that you will retrace your steps back to your Spiritual tribe, to make you reconnect back with your element, banish all negative entities you must have invited into your path, and raise your Consciousness through the practice of this Pure Spirituality of your Afrakan ancestors.

What we must understand is that we are not alone, because we did not come to this world alone either, before we projected our Souls Consciousness into the material body in order to experience life on the 3rd dimension, we were given certain Spirits to accompany us, you know why? Because the physical realm is a very dangerous and negative reality, and if you must survive here, then you must have three things intact, your Spirit Guide which we call “your Personal Chi-Uwa”, or just your Chi for short. Then your Elemental Spirits about two of them. And you must be in connection with them, as well as with your element which you were born to earth with.

These keeps you strongly rooted on the path of Spirituality, and you will be protected from all negative experiences that may come upon you, but some of you are the causes of your problems, you destroyed yourselves unknowingly and also knowingly. You fashioned the steps you followed up to this stage, so why do you complain?

The moment you get into some sort of religious movement and began to deeply worship and praise something that either don’t exist, or do not go in alignment with your Consciousness, that is the moment you got yourself disconnected from your Spiritual root which involved your Spirits guides and elemental spirits leaving you under the instruction of the Great Goddess, all to teach you a lesson, so why not learn that lesson, and begin to retrace your steps back home, just like the biblical prodigal son.

I know that some persons were initiated into foreign religion’s from childhood, but how about when they have grown up and the spirits are giving them lots of signs yet they refuse to understand nor even hear, that is when the Goddess decides to step in, and ask his or her Chi, including their elemental spirits to step aside so that he will find himself empty and left with nothing, thus, when his life starts crashing down, then he will then realize which path he should have followed.

I am sure you now understand why the Goddess Flogs and the purpose of this article.

Let me tell you something, do you know that, ordinarily following the left hand path in Spirituality which involves blood sacrifices also chases your Chi-Uwa away and as well disconnects you too from the element you were born of, especially when you end up offering blood sacrifices to your Chi, who will not accept but will leave it for other 4th dimensional entities and demons who will come and act as your Chi just to feed on the sacrifices, and on  more permanent base, one of the 4th dimensional demons will end up replacing that Chi for you so that it keeps coming for more blood.

People really do not know what they do, they just do them because they are so ambitious to gain something or benefit something in a hurry, thus they just follow whatever rule or practices a so called Dibia offers them, this is why I always say that the people are really the cause of their problems and yet they do not know.

Some are doing well of cause by practicing dark arts, yes, they initiate themselves, replace their true original Chi with something else, replace their elemental spirits with some demons etc. and they keep offering them sacrifices time to time just to keep them actively in charge of their life, what they do not know is, they  are still going to come back after this life to surfer for their deeds, and they would be keeping some big loads for their unborn children and generation to come, you look around you and find some family so poor, this is usually the reason, however, only one or two persons who have finally found the truth can change the fate of the entire family if truly they are serious.

Now, do not ever think that the Goddess is angry with you, no She’s never angry with you, all she’s doing is redirect you back to your path!

In conclusion


I want you to understand one more thing, you all need to know that you are not all born to be superstars and richest men and that, not everyone is meant to be rich, although if you discover who you are and where you come from and why you are here, even if you are not meant to be rich, you will not be poor either for you will get all that you seek or want at any time, any day.

Lastly, after you have done your reconnection ritual, learn to free your mind, and have some patience at the same time doing the things you know how to do best, if you are a sales man, you go ahead and do that without too much fights, also, you must as a matter of fact learn to have your own hand work which the Goddess will bless you from, you can’t be working for some man or woman, making them rich and expect your riches to come out from there? Oh no! Start your own business immediately you finish your reconnection ritual and focus on it properly, with open mind and purest of heart, with that you will get things working for you with your Chi returned to your path along with your Elemental spirits as well, and if you begin to practice this craft as I always advice, then you will learn to become spiritually active yourself, and learn to not only connect with your Chi but to also commune with her as well, including your Elemental spirits, just like I communicate with them too when I want and they do the same when they bring me messages as well.

Why do I say “patience”, after your reconnection ritual, well as you know, when you build a house so wrongly and you employ another builder to give you a solid house, what do you think he will do? He will break down the old one in order to rebuild so to give you the very best.

By the way, never forget to have your own business, it is very important, if riches are what you seek!




As written by Knight Fredel (The Mystery Teacher)

Next Article will be published soon: FATE AND FREEWILL by Knight Fredel; THE OGBANJE CHILD AND THE SNAKE by Knight Fredel…


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  1. My eyes were closed but now opened.Thanks for this meaningful and educative article.,I promise to share the same with many friends who don’t really understand about all the ‘dimensions’

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