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Are you stunned at the title of this article? Oh no don’t be so surprised because of the biblical quote I used on the title of this editorial, after all that quote was originated from Africa by our Ancestors, although, it will interest you to know that, in our world today, this and many other quotes and passages written by our Ancestors, have been plagiarized by the western world and also as a matter of fact they were all incorporated into their three compilations known as the Bible, the Torah, and the Quran,  all three compilations were tools which they created to be used in colonizing and conquering the world using their self-founded religious societies known as Christianity. Islam and Judaism, ok, this will be story for another day.

Anyway if you want to get a thrill of this knowledge and exposures concerning the foundations and history of the three Abrahamic religions, then all you have to do is visit the previously published editorials, like the first one on my list is titled: “THE CHURCH KILLED, and the second one also titled; MESSIANICS OR CHRISTIANITY”, check the links below or click on the title of your desired article above.




Alright, let’s move ahead, there are so much to unlearn in order to relearn!

Today I wish to reach out to you with another exposure of the world you think you know about, and what “that house” on that quote means, as well as what the “mansion” also mean, yes they are metaphors referring to something quite deeper.

Metaphors have been used for ages by the ancients to explain deeper spiritual concepts which seems harder to explain in pure normal languages, this is why the ancient masters spoke emblematically as well as figuratively thus leaving such coded knowledge for the worthy seeker of truth who is really ready to tread the path of the true ancestors.

Spiritual knowledge is not for everyone, when given carelessly then some persons whom are yet to be found worthy may end up just abusing it. Only the worthy are allowed to find the truth when they seek with the purest of heart.

Now let us take a look at the figure of speech; “In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions”, when you read that out in a hurry then you may just miss out the point, but as a true seeker who have been passed on the great knowledge to an extent, and have understood the secret writings of our ancestors used by the ancients in preserving these knowledge, which if they weren’t preserved that way, then by this time today we would have lost them all, just as some of those ancestral knowledge today has been stolen and plagiarized by other races however some are still yet to be decoded as they have chosen to use the metaphor in creating a so called religion, and reading and teaching them to their members literary, when the truth is deeper than it merely says, just like the one we are studying today, so as a true seeker, when you come across such quotes with powerful wordings therein, then you have to calm and try to break the code.

Thus when the ancients said: “In my father’s house”, they meant the entire cosmos, the universe and multiverse all together as one, then the “many mansions” refers to the different dimensions which exists inside of this universe, humans in the physical realms lives in the 3rd dimension and so do not see or experience anything above that level, unless the person has awakened his/her psychic abilities.

Above the 3rd dimension is the 4th dimension which is the realm of illusion as it is called, this is referred to the realm of illusion and imagination because this reality is full of illusions and all our imaginations, our thoughts, whatever we think and imagine in the 3rd dimension all settle as thought-forms in the 4th dimension. This is the very reality where magic and fetish or negative path of spirituality draws its dark powers from, this is where the blood thirsty deities

and demons exists, when your consciousness has not risen above this level, then most times when you sleep and your Souls consciousness wanders about, it wanders in this 4th dimension, and most of the time are being chased and attacked by such deities which your brain transmits to you as police chasing you in your dreams or masquerades.

You cannot rise above this level when you keep on offering blood sacrifices to these deities, but many do not understand any of this, and they wrongly think that their Chi requires them to offer blood to them before they can act properly, and all that, and their agwu too cannot act or function well without blood or whatsoever, but all those are lies to get you to worship and honor those 4th dimensional blood hungry deities.

Now the Mansions are so many, the 6th dimension creates a border between the lower dimensions and the higher, the 7th dimension is the first of the higher dimensions, and it goes on to the 12th and above but, we hardly teach about the 13th, and above because people are yet to understand the functions of the ones we have mentioned already, let them accept and sink in the ones we have taught and mentioned first before we involve others.

But when a student of this path goes deeply into this path, and follows the rules as it should, then through the studies with time he/she rises above the 10th dimension, then truly at that point, such person will be more than qualified to know more about the realities that exists above the 12th dimension, and when such person is given such knowledge at that level, he or she will be able to understand it perfectly much more than someone whose consciousness is still existing in the 4th or 5th dimension. I am sure you understand my point now.


“Those who create divisions among themselves in spirituality always limit themselves from knowing more”.

Knight Fredel

There is so much knowledge which many persons would have been able to get, and reach a higher level of consciousness, but lot of these people at this level are always dividing themselves from the others, they claim there is a difference between an African Spirituality and a Foreign Spirituality, what they call African Spirituality by origin isn’t even African by origin.

I remember telling you the origin and how it was imported into our lands by our forefathers during the time they wanted to return back to root, unfortunately they couldn’t get the real thing because the whites had already invaded and stolen our mediums which they had to import new ones in order to create a new shrine and temples since a shrine, temple or an alter without a medium is as good as empty.

They wanted such connection with the spirits ones again after they had been invaded and destroyed by mental slavery in the name of missionaries, but then the mediums they got from the importations were only mediums which connects the user with only the 4th dimensional entities alone, and nothing more or above that.

That was how we lost our course, and today, the whites are practicing the real African Spirituality within closed doors designed to scare you away from it, but then only a few blacks today have access to these and yet they (some) still do not know what it is, as they aren’t smart enough to understand the codes and symbols presented unto them.

This is why I say, Spirituality is Spirituality, there is no separation at all, from Lemuria, it was destroyed and humans arrived Atlantis along with their knowledge, then when Atlantis was destroyed as well, Afraka became the new Atlantis, so even the Indian Spiritual Path is also African by Origin and if you follow a serious and advanced Indian Spiritualists you will realize that they do not do blood sacrifices and they connect directly with the higher Spiritual Deities, just like our Ancestors did as well, they do not connect with the 4th dimensional entities, but they can sell you the mediums that connects with the 4th dimensional entities whenever you request for that, yes because those who sells such takes it as their business, and the few Indian Spiritualists who connects directly with the 4th dimensional entities are those who practice Dark Art.

But our Afrakan Priests will not accept, year after year they keep on importing more and more mediums for their works without realizing that that they connect with the 4th dimensional entities, they in fact know nothing about the dimensions, all they just want is a spirit or gods to serve and pour blood to in order to use it for their work and so on.

But they do not realize the side effects of what they are doing, neither do their clients know that the spirits and gods they claim to worship are all imported from India and its likes. They pay, and the spirit or entity is sold to them via the mediums they buy from them.

I am so sorry I am more like exposing them here, but the deception is too much, they make people believe that the gods and entities they are sacrificing to are our true Ancestral gods and spirits when in reality they are not.

I know a lot of people, priests and dibia who went to India and came back with deities as such, some just ordered from here with the right connection.

When I write or teach, I know exactly what I am doing, before I said on other articles that our Ancestors never did blood sacrifices, I knew exactly what I was saying. Our forefathers 400 years ago are the ones to blame for this because they imported the first sets of mediums which is used to connects with the blood thirsty entities.

The true Afrakan Ancestral mediums connects with higher Deities that do not accept or feed on bloods, but our, that is the descendants of our true ancestor’s forefathers abandoned them, however, the whites invaded our lands and took all away, leaving us with almost nothing, thus when the eyes of our forefathers reopened, then we have already been mentally enslaved as well as physically enslaved and lots of our people had been taken away on slave trade, that was when our forefathers wanted a medium which they will use to connect with the deities of our ancestors as well as connect with our ancestors as well, but unfortunately, like I said, they went and imported the new mediums through the wrong connections, as set up by the same people who invaded our lands because they wanted them to fall, by worshipping the wrong gods, they (whites) will be able to have something to say against us.

That was how we changed our pattern without even knowing it, but on these days I am never going to rest until our people wakes up from their deep sleep.

Now I know there is good and evil, thus it exists in every land and kingdoms, this is why I agree that only a few Ancient African Ancestors practiced dark Arts and they do this in secret because the general African way had been nothing but Pure Spirituality and you must also note that; All African kingdoms as at then were all parts of Kemet and Kemet was seen as the Light and cradle of civilizations, all Benin kingdoms, Nok Kingdom, the Igbo kingdom, and the Ethiopians and the Zulu kingdoms in S.A all were under the union of Kemet. But in our world today where every kingdom wants to be superior to the others, so who will accept amongst the Igbos that they were ones united with Kemet. How about the Benin Kingdom, but will they accept it? They all claim to be superior or original race today, when the truth speaks otherwise.

Now there is another thing that require your attention, and that is Gini? In accordance with Indian and Arabian path of Spirituality Gini is a deity/spirit force that can be controlled by one who wields it. Although not exactly as it is in your fairytales movies.

The real ones, how to get them, our ancestors made portals through a box, more like a chest, that is what and where such deity can be invoked from, thus the chest acts as its medium.

Today we are no more told about it in our African way, we all never knew about it until I found out.

How did I know about this?

First I had a conscious out of body experience one night 21st November 2020, in such circumstance I saw the Chest right on the astral realm of my room, and this chest was opened by the three of us, yes three of us went out of our body’s as we were summoned, now after the box was opened this deity was summoned and it came out like a smoke at first, and then manifested in its full form, this spirit gave me the messages I was summoned for, a very important message, it’s for the rest of humanity and I shall give that message through a post on my Facebook pages.

So you can see clearly that our Spiritual path has been compromised, and you all have been lied to, except those of you who have tread this true path of ancient and pure spirituality.

Spirituality all has its origin from Africa, the cradle of modern civilization after the destruction of Atlantis and Lemura.

However, as things may be, I am here to expose those things we have lost so far, now back to the subject matter, In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions, such as explained earlier refers to the many dimensions and sub-dimensions within our entire cosmos and multiverse.

Humans currently lives and exists in the 3rd dimension, above this is the 4th dimension, which we call the Astral Realm, the 5th dimension which is the Causal Realm, as it is known, the next is the 6th dimension which is the Mental Realms as noted by the ancients, then the 7th dimension is the next in line and the boundary between the lower realms and the higher realms, the 7th dimension is the Etheric Realm.

Thus these are the Mansions as said in the ancient texts of kabbala, each mansion has a frequency higher than the previous. The higher the dimension or realm, the higher it is by frequency and so the higher the frequency, the realer it becomes, the lower it is the more illusions it becomes, like this 3rd dimension we are, is filled with illusions upon illusions, which only the advanced spiritualists can notice and be aware of.

That is why most of you today are unknowingly enjoying and mistaking the illusions as real without even realizing that what you have chosen, is nothing but one of the illusions of life.

Well, as we can see, the illusions are so much, but many cannot see or understand which is which, the 4th dimension as said earlier is totally known as the realm of imagination, as far as this is concerned., whatever you think or any thoughts you create here settles in the 4th dimension as what we call “thought-forms”, and when you use certain spiritual energy on it, you suddenly manifest that thoughts-form into this reality. In Sex Magick we can use our sexual energy to make manifest into this reality our desires or wants, which have been earlier created as a thoughts-form.

Sexual energy is one of the greatest cosmic energy in our realm.

I hope by now you must have understood what the biblical mansions refers to, and you now have an idea about the dimensions we live in, and those of the blood thirsty entities, and you also learn about the dimensions you should raise your consciousness to.

To learn deeper, please join our Advanced Online Mystery School and let’s Roll!

Knowledge is Power, only when you apply them at the right place and time.

Read this article again in order to digest deeper its concepts and idea, and watch out for the second volume…


Written by Knight Fredel


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