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A lot have gone wrong in our world today, where are the Gods? They hide their faces in shame! The flowers and roses are groomed and stained as innocent colors are washed away,
Our Earth is soiled and defiled with blood of the blameless, and the elites have no say.
The people of Af’raka are tired and the awakened seek the true path of our Ancestors but then, they are deceived and indulged into a dark craft which we had once upon a time grown above in the days long gone, in an era of the Gods, darkness, blood and fire.

Our Ancestors are and were enlightened and had grown above the level of blood sheds and dark entities, although the current dibias and shamans would not accept this truth because they do not wish to stop making money off those who seek their help, thus they disagree with us by giving us their excuses on why we/them must offer blood sacrifices to their Deities which I consider negative and dark/demonic, because a high vibrational and powerful Gods who exists above the 4th dimension can never ask or need any form of blood sacrifices, only those Entities who are yet to evolve do such.

How then will the people know what is true and what is not if they are not told the truth on what’s really going on and on how we all got here? Now the truth must be told, and today, if you read carefully and gradually, then you would be able to grab this secret which had been hidden for ages.

Let me tell you something before I begin the main lecture, let me tell you why the fakes and dark paths are today taking leads in our countries and homes, it is because they are using materialism as a tool to attract our people towards it.
Yes they make promises of wealth after some sort of spiritual works and these gets into the minds of our people who are currently in a bad situation financially, thus they now believe that Spirituality is all about money, some are even threatened after some sort of divination that if they do not do what they are told, then they would lose their life or even the lives of their loved ones, albeit, at the end of the day, after so much blood sacrifices and spiritual works, they still do not get what they seek, however, in some cases, only a few do!

This is because the few who made it successfully after a spiritual work all made it through genuine hard works and creativity. And most of them do not rush after a spiritual work is done, they do not create a time frame to expect their changes, after such work they just kept working hard and sincerely, with an open mind, then they finally make it or get what they seek, although that is the right mind set for everyone who seeks and does spiritual works, it doesn’t matter what type of spiritual work, just have an open mind, and keep working genuinely, and never expect moneys or lucks to appear out of the blue, just like that, like, really?

So that is why some of the works done for some of these people happens to work, but look, after they have got what they seek, then they usually have to keep giving blood sacrifices at a particular interval and failure to do such comes with lots of crashes in their lives, furthermore these crashes or consequences sometimes comes without warnings.

This things works in a way that looks like they are giving you something from their right hand and taking it back with their left hands, isn’t that dreadful, and if you go back, they will request for something big, like a cow, especially when the dibia knows that you have got some money, and at certain situation there are things you may ask for and a human life will be taken in exchange, although they will not tell you at first, all they will say is “bring goat”, but will warn you in parables, and surely you will not understand, if really the dibia has a very active dark demon, then the demon you call Gods will turn things around for you, and then takes someone in your life in exchange for what you have asked for during the ritual.

When you have enjoyed for a number of times and you forget to return to the dibia, he will again summons the Deity (demon,) and that Deity will cause you an accident, which is just a warning, and when you do not understand, the Deity will take another life, maybe that is when you will now remember your dibia, whom you will now go to, and with his help you both will appease the Entity with lots of gifts and blood sacrifices again! Then the circle continues.

And you want to tell me that such Deity/Entity is the same Deities our Ancestors used to create the largest civilization man had ever seen, and to raise their Consciousness and so many things which we all know that the 4th dimensional Entities or demons cannot do!

Ok, let’s go further, do you know why they (dark path) attracts so much people, it is because of their target towards materialism, but it comes with a dreadful prize, when someone is tired of his life and what is happening to him, he turns to such spiritual practice, all to find their way to also gain from such dark entities, they want to make the money by all means, so at such point in their life they do no longer care if someone will die or not, they encourage themselves with the sayings “Nothing goes for nothing”.

Ok, that being said, let’s go on to the second wrong and fake spiritual knowledge spreading online today, as you must have known, there is this group on social media (online) who complicates Spirituality the more by claiming that everything is within us.

Yes they are partially right but the truth is, they misunderstood the allegory which states that “everything, the Gods, the Goddess’s, your reality and the universe is within you”. They can’t differentiate between the actual Gods from the metaphors which were passed down to man by this same Gods, today these set of people misunderstand these things and are taking everything to be metaphors and claims that the world is within us, not outside of us, we know that this means something deeper in Spirituality but not the very way they are taking it to be, and that is why they have and are confusing people in dozens every day, thus creating further confusions in the world of Spirituality.

Now let’s get to business, someone once asked me who Amadioha is, well, she said Amadioha was said by someone to be within us, just like Ikenga, I smiled, just because Ikenga in accordance with our actual Ancestors means the “Essence of Willpower” and refers to our 3rd psychic center/chakra, the Solar Plexus does not mean that Amadioha, or Sango as he is called by the Benin/Yoruba tribe is within us too, both are two different things, and does not mean the same thing.

Amadioha, Gods
This is Sango, also known as Amadioha (the Gods of Thunder)

So back in the days before and during the era of our Ancestors, the Gods lived among man, why? To raise the Consciousness of humans, and to pass down certain knowledge to them, thus Amadioha also visited Earth and was among the beings who came to raise the Consciousness of man, he arrived different parts of Af’raka and outside Af’raka as well and was known with different names, they all came in order to make our Ancestors think deeper and realize that they can do all things and can rule their fate.

They offered knowledge to man. Due to their level of advancement they (the Gods) could do things humans never taught was possible. This was why they were called God’s and Goddess’s because they were above mankind in advancement and evolution.

Our Ancestors began to work towards what they taught them and thousands of years later, they were able to meet up with the level which the Gods wanted them to reach. And when they did, the Gods left them with Charged Mediums which our Ancestors kept inside alters and temples, such is used to communicate/commune with the Gods that customized that Medium. All the Gods has/had their own customized Medium for contacts and communion.
When charged and put to use during an invocation ritual, what the Charged Medium does is to connect straight to the higher dimension where the Gods they wish to communicate with exist, this happens whenever they are summoned with the right procedures and in some cases with the use of “Charged Words”.

So the moment they saw that our Ancestors were now strong enough to journey through the rivers of life on their own, therefore the Gods then decided to ascend back to their reality/dimension where they rightly belonged, and only made contact with our Ancestors through the Charged Mediums, this happens whenever they are invoked or summoned especially by the High Priestess or Priests

However, there are instances where an advanced Spiritualist or High Priestess/Priests can sometimes communicate with the Gods or even the Goddess without the use of any sort of Charged Mediums, this is so possible because, one who has reached a higher level of Consciousness through the practice of this pure spiritual path of ours, could reach out to our Gods through Cosmic Attunement/Communion and especially through the use of Power Meditation.

But now the problem is; how can some of you understand what I am trying to say if you do not know how Af’raka once was, or at least a little bit of its history, because as a matter of fact our people are made out there to eat whatever food they are fed or forced into their throats due to lack of this exact knowledge in which I am attempting to pass on to you!

So in order to get a clear picture of the gods of Af’raka and the settings of its civilizations and so on, we will begin by giving you a bit of its factual idea expressing the concepts and settings of our Ancestors back then.

Once upon a time many thousands and thousands of years ago, Af’raka was united under one name, Kemet (Kemet as you may have heard isn’t a name for ancient Egypt; it’s a name for all the African kingdoms that came together to follow one principle, one knowledge one Spirituality and one politics, and it once included the Benin kingdom, the Igbo kingdom, the Yoruba kingdom, the Ethiopia, the Zulu kingdom, the Nubian, the Kenya’s and so on)

I cannot mention all of these kingdoms who came together as one Kemet, even Egypt was not exactly called Egypt then, they were called Nubia and the indigenes were called the Nubians, and it consists of the present Sudan and the present Egypt, and I will tell you how they finally came to be known as Kemet, pyramids were built in all these kingdoms just like you see in Egypt today, many of those pyramids have been broken down and destroyed so that you cannot trace your heritage to Egypt, when the Igbo’s discovered that they ones had pyramids in their lands too, which some researchers discovered underground after an excavation, they became confused about their origin, because there has been rumors that the Igbo’s were descended from the Hebrews, and many have bought into that idea, can you imagine that?

Today, in order to remove the Igbo peoples mind from the pyramids and its heritage which would have linked them with ancient Kemet, they quickly mounted the forged belief in a sham history relating the Igbo’s with the Hebrews, what they did not realize is that since they wanted to separate from Nigeria, the whites had decided to give them Judaism so that they can continue controlling them through that Judaism just as they conquered them and are currently doing with Christianity, this is why they planned the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, then turned him into a Jew while in prison, on his release, he became a Jew, and the story of Igbo’s coming from Hebrews began to spread, all those were planned, and no one is seeing it!
Just like the Nubian was attacked by Christianity at first in the 4th century, but they did not and could not penetrate, then they used Islam and after several trials they entered and converted them all to Muslims, this was after Sudan had broken out of the Nubian, and the Egypt name began to come up during the time they were conquered.

The west who conquered us intentionally divided us; they did that to separate us so that we will be easy to control, because Af’raka is more powerful when they are united. Although, you need to know that it is our forefathers who started the division anyway, they only continued from where we stopped, but how? And what really happened?

After the first set of our Ancestors ascended, I mean the ones whom the Gods lived amongst with, through the advanced practice of Spirituality, they lived a very healthy and spiritual life, then their descendants followed thus and ascended also, the third set ascended successfully too.

Then it got to the 4th generation whom descended from the 3rd generation as mentioned above (this was about a thousand years plus before the Trans Atlantic slave trade), this 4th set which came before the generation that existed during the time of the missionary and slave trade era are the ones who messed things up, and they are the forefathers of the ones who existed during the slave trade era, whom I refer to as our own forefathers (not Ancestors), after that generation, came ours.

So those generations which I labeled 4th set above are the generations who messed things up for you and I, they are the ones who began the divisions among we all, separating from the Kemet and fighting to dominate others, power and pride kicked in, and concentration into our ancestral Spirituality were all abandoned for over a century plus.

Gods, Ocean Goddess
Ocean Goddess

They began their thirst for power and control, they fought wars amongst themselves and began to take over weaker kingdoms, they fought each other dragging who will rule who, then kingdoms which were defeated was now drawing away from Kemet and the old ways of our true Ancestors, gradually they were separating from our one true Source, our Spirituality and Traditions were no longer kept as it should, some refused to stay under one umbrella anymore, and so they began to fight their way out of Kemet.

This kept happening and the Af’rakan kingdoms kept moving out one after the other from Kemet, gradually the Nubian and the Ethiopia became the Kemet, and as time went on, the Ethiopians left that umbrella too over some conflicts, this was what went on until the Nubian alone became the “Kemet”.

Already before then, the other Southern part of Sudan had already left and separated from Nubian Kingdom, leaving only its North attached with the Nubian who were now the current Kemet, and you should note here that this is the reason why people began to think that Egypt was called Kemet in those days.
But as things may have it, the Northern part of Sudan also left Nubian due to division and further conflicts, and so it finally came to pass that the present Egypt, which was once called Nubian, and whom were once a part of Sudan, now lastly referred to as “Kemet”.

They became the Kemet for another thousands of years, even when other kingdoms were conquered and colonized they weren’t, they were the last to be conquered finally with Islam, and even if they were conquered the masters still kept and maintained the ancient ways, and the mystery school of ancient Kemet still remained active but kept underground within the Pyramids, this is why their Pyramids survived up to this day, (though not all of it, some were destroyed as well, but many others were not).

They used the Knights of the crusaders to attempt to conquer Egypt but they couldn’t, after many trials they finally were conquered with Islam. But they couldn’t destroy everything; because the Egypt was the cradle of civilization thus it had lots of hidden knowledge and secrets within its Pyramids and its underground mystery schools. So they rather exploited it.

Before then, although the Crusaders (Christian soldiers) attempted to fight and conquer them but failed, so the Knights who were their commanders and horsemen, (about nine of them) found their way into the pyramids and its mystery schools, there they found what they tagged as “the treasures”.

What did they do after finding those so called “Treasures”, from that moment, they initiated and called themselves the Knight Templar’s, and afterwards they went underground with it, those treasures they claimed to have found was not literally treasures of gold, diamonds, and silver, no! What they found and tagged as “the treasures” was the ancient knowledge of our Ancestors, the deep and greatest knowledge on mystical geometry, mystical sciences, pure Spirituality, alchemy, etc, thus, with such level of knowledge they achieved their greatest height of civilization, and that was how they built their world to the level we know them to be today.

Just as I just said, these nine Knights of the crusaders packed this knowledge and allegorically called it the treasure in order to hide it from others, they claim they found those treasures (knowledge) but we know that they stole them and went underground, stayed there and studied, practiced and learnt the ways of our true African Ancestors and how they ruled the world.

They used that knowledge to conquer Egypt by using Islam few years later as a tool for mental slavery and control, as already stated above. They conquered lots of African countries including Igbo kingdom and the ancient Benin kingdom, by then we were busy fighting ourselves and being corrupted by power.

That Was How We Fell!

The Mediums given to us by the Sango, Amadioha, and the rests where sold by us (the ones who are corrupted by power and materialism).

Throughout the days they were busy fighting and conquering themselves, some of the whites trickily came as tourists and we sold the Mediums to them, although some were taken by force, and some were also stolen after our own people betrayed us and taught them how to get in, they in turn took them to their countries.

They Hide the real Mediums and artifacts underground in their secret society which was formed using our ancestral knowledge, but then sample the duplicates in their museums to prove to you and I that they have no power.

That’s why till date they don’t do blood sacrifices too, just like our Ancestors, because they are practicing what we were practicing in the days of our true Ancestors. The only difference is, today they used it to form a secret society and they used conspiracy theories to scare you away from it, they used same conspiracy theories to scare you away from the great symbols of the Gods which were passed down to us from the Gods.

They made it look bloody and demonic, but behind the scenes they do something pure and orderly, connecting with higher realms, making use of the great spiritual knowledge on sciences and medicines/herbs and they learnt how to attract the Gods into their land, and attract the higher beings from other planets to them just like our Ancestors did, and they did it, and it worked for them, by just applying the great principles of geometry which allowed them to design their cities using the exact geometrical symbols and shapes at the précised locations which makes some of these symbols to point directly to a particular star system, also some of those symbols are built at the very points which they discovered to have carried so much cosmic energies.

Now that was exactly what happened; anything else you hear out there is nothing but fictional stories created for an agenda of mental slavery, control and conquer.


That was how we were defeated and conquered, that was how we lost it all, our spiritual advancement, our pride and our wealth!
Since we were defeated, the descendants of that defeated generations started looking for ways to return back to Spirituality, this was during, and towards the end of the missionary era.

Now through connections from same people that conquered them, they were able to import another sets of Mediums from India in order to replace the ones their forefathers had abandoned which were all sold out, they have now seen the use of Spirituality, they have now seen that they are slaves and will continue to be slaves if they do not do something, so they decided to return back to their tradition (though not all of them).

But little did they know that the Mediums they were importing were not exactly the ones their true Ancestors used, and these new Mediums they imported were made to connect with the 4th dimensional entities, meanwhile our Ancestors had passed that level of Spirituality about 5000 years plus before then, however, these forefathers of ours did not realize this, they did not know that those lower dimensional Deities which are imported are the tools the missionaries used to tarnish the image of our traditions, they (the missionaries) now claims that we worship dark Entities and demons, they said our religion or Spirituality was demonic and fetish, all those began when we started using and invoking those dark Entities and thus, our women, upon seeing how they are given blood, and even human blood at some point, and how those imported Mediums changed the traditional rituals, principles and cultures of our people, especially in the areas of misusing the feminine energies and which concerns the negative and enslavement of women which still happens today, all those began when we started worshiping those 4th dimensional Entities and all that also began during the days of “the missionaries and their Trans Atlantic slave trades”.

A point to note is that; those Mediums and its traditional knowledge along with their knowledge are all Mediums of the left hand path.

Aja Ala (Earth Goddess of Sex and Fertility

Now when people tells me that we used blood back then, I disagree because during/before the days of our Ancestors, there was Atlantis, those from the lost continent of Atlantis also found their way into Af’raka at that time when Atlantis was destroyed, as we all should have known, Atlantis was the greatest and most civilized continent along with Af’raka, the Atlantians had the technologies which our present world had not been able to find nor discover today, and same with our Af’raka.

Thus, that being said, our Ancestors had passed that level of Consciousness which concerns blood sacrifices and taking the life force of innocent creatures, they also had technologies along with a higher level of Spirituality, unlike these days.

Today no one had told you anything on the true history of our Spirituality and its journey up to this time, as a result of hiding these true histories and knowledge from our generation, confusions are hard-pressed into our path, and this is done by spreading false histories and traditions, promoting the negative/left hand path of spirituality which isn’t going to do you or anyone any good, because it can never evolve ones soul nor create an ascension, so easily it is being promoted daily and because of that people like yourself will begin to think that such path is the true way of our Ancestors.
The truth is, the negative dark Entities and Gods of the 4th dimension today are all invoked using the very same names as that of the Gods of our Ancestors, however, the problem is, those Gods of our Ancestors don’t exist in the 4th dimension, this is why they do not answer or respond to your calls whenever you (they) use those Mediums which connects with the 4th dimension, and by using blood on them, they end up attracting the dark and negative 4th dimensional/blood thirsty Entities who will now come in place of the true Gods we intended to invoke!

Let me explain this in another way in case you do not understand properly from the first explanation, so what I mean is that; those Mediums they imported needed blood to charge them, and when they charge them with blood at the same time offer the blood as a sacrifice to the Deity they invoked, they always call upon them by using the names of our true Gods of our Ancestors, but unfortunately their Consciousness and the Mediums they are using only connects with the 4th dimension, so when they call or invoke them using the true names, our true Ancestral Gods will not show up because they do not exist there at the 4th dimension, so instead of the true Gods to come answer the invocation, it is the 4th dimensional dark Entities that will come feed on the bloods and act as the Deities you invoked.

So what they do today is call those dark Entities with the very same names as those of our Ancestors, this is the confusion which has become a very big hitch today.

As some of you may have known, those dark Entities are tricky. You must have heard where some spiritualists always claim that demons are tricky.
The blood sacrifices and killings etc are what gave the missionaries the impudence to look down on our Tradition, thus giving them the nerve to label our tradition evil and demonic, that’s how they won over our women and children, as you may have known, our women and children are always the target to mental slavery, and self hate, so they make sure they made them hate our system of Spirituality first before anything else, well that is story for another day.

So why am I telling this long story? It is because I wanted you to know a bit of your history before we finalize on the truth regarding your true Gods and Goddesses/Mother Gods.

So, now you know your history, now we can proceed and conclude!

Ok, now you have to also know that the Amadioha or Sango that we have today isn’t the true one but just a blood thirsty demon, same to the Goddess whom they claim to honor in the name of the true Oshun, Yemoja and Olokun and co.

Today we fail to realize that the true Earth Goddess or Ocean Goddess cannot ask you to kill one of her creation in order to appease her. Even common sense tells you that it does not make absolute sense.
And finally, our Ancestors had a principle which goes like; you must not take away something which you cannot give, and so a man must not take away life from another creature, no matter what level it is, be it an animal or human, they are all creatures of our beloved Mother Goddess.
You understand now?

The real Mediums which was used to connect with the true Gods of our Ancestors which exists from the 6th dimension/realm to the 7th and above were all Charged with Cosmic Energy and the Gods and Goddess themselves were honored with gifts of fruits, sweets, and cloths at times in what we call gifting rituals, but not with blood, and not by taking the life of another.

The Gods in this regard do not eat the fruits or gifts in person, rather it is the energy of gratitude and love in which you have and emit from your heart at the time of the gifting ritual that they are after and which they feed on, the positive energy of love, gratitude and so on are what the positive and higher Entities value, unlike the negative 4th dimensional Entities who feeds on negative energies like fear, terror and hate.

That being said, now how can you connect with your original Gods of your ancestor’s?
Many of my followers have been asking me these same questions since I preach against their blood thirsty paths, and well, I give my simple to say, but hard to practice response, and it goes thus:

In order to raise your Consciousness, you start by first raising your psychic energies/vibrations and perception of the world, your reality, then awaken your psychic and energy centers, awaken and activate each one after the other, thus the higher psychic centers you activate, the higher dimension your Consciousness will attain especially when you maintain a higher spiritual principle, very important! And that is one step! There are others but I cannot reveal everything on a public page, to learn more of this all you got to do is join our class and study deeper!

So in order to raise your Consciousness successfully, always raise it to the very dimension where they (the true higher Gods/Goddess you seek) exist or even above it but never should your Consciousness remain anywhere below the 5th dimension (Causal Realm), if such happens then your Consciousness will never be able to connect at their frequency and so cannot reach them neither in prayer nor through invocation, unless you have such Mediums which our Ancestors once used for such purpose which have been stolen by the west during the period of the missionary era, already mentioned earlier in this article.

But if you are to use such Mediums, don’t depend only on it; learn to raise your Consciousness first so when you use the Mediums, it becomes so perfect.’

The good thing is, if your Consciousness should match with the frequency of the Gods/Goddess you are trying to invoke/commune with, then by closing your eyes with focus and complete application of the principles involved in this system of ancient Spirituality, and then you would be able to invoke them especially when you apply the art of power meditation. Thus with that you will reach their level of Consciousness and when you do, they will commune and speak with you, most especially if your Chi is very active and awake as well, and then you will hear them very clearly.

You see? This is what the whites know today but will not and never tell us because they want you to remain in darkness while they continue to exploit us and our lands/resources, if you all know the truth about yourself and your Ancestors/Gods, then you will all wake up from the deep sleep some of you already are today, and when you wake up, Af’raka will rise again! And they will be out of power!!

Did you know that the Mediums and artifacts they sample in their museums today are all imitations and duplicates of the original Mediums which were all stolen from Af’raka and hidden underground in their secret societies today, they use them to acquire great knowledge, help from the true Gods and power which they have practiced and applied them to their everyday life and in anything and everything they do, thus making their world a better place, yet they claim to be Atheists and Christians, really?

Did you also know that the idea of creating a “United States of America” was mimicked from Af’raka; this is factual because Kemet was a onetime “United States/kingdoms of Africa”. I guess you already know of this if you really read this article from the beginning, since I have mentioned it in details.

It was through uniting their {American) kingdoms that they were able to conquer the world.
Who taught them that? From the knowledge they found in the Mystery Schools of Egypt inside that was where they learnt everything including the knowledge on Geometry and Mystical Symbols alongside Kabala, Alchemy and Spirituality.

This is why the symbols like the triangle, the Cleopatra’s needle and the building of a pyramids pointing its tip straight to the star system of Orion, or Sirius B, all depending on which one of the Star Systems they are attempting to invite its people/beings or creating a portal for, and finally the pentagrams, are all rebuilt in Washington Dc and other countries within the same America, they are doing exactly what our Ancestors did to make contacts with beings outside this planet as well as to raise the frequency of their cities and kingdoms as well, etc

The whites who studied and learnt the true ways of our Ancestors had all those things rebuilt, and recreated its duplicates (for the ones they couldn’t carry out of Af’raka) in their state capital (Washington DC), browse the internet and you will find a lot of similar symbols of our Ancestors all decorated in their streets and towns

That is not all, the crest and barge of some of their police force is the pentagram, and another is the so called six pointed star erroneously called the Star of David which isn’t called that by our Ancestors. The White house was designed using the Geometrical symbols of our Ancestors. All are done in order to raise powerful vibrations and connect with the true Gods; they learnt how to even make contact and invite advanced humans from other planets for trading. The beings gives them advanced technology and all that keeps them going higher and higher.

And so while today they (the West) are going further and higher while we the original owners of that knowledge are busy clapping hands on Sunday churches with our women’s wig falling off their head in the name of Jesus and shouting hallelujah 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

That is what China does too. But China didn’t steal theirs, rather it was passed down to them from their Ancestors and they had maintained it to this day unlike Af’raka, India did the same, just that in recent times the Indians are starting to fall prey to Islamic religion or western religion, and this is causing their Spirituality and root to begin to shake, before now they never promoted any sort of religious movements on their cable or public TV apart from theirs, but today they are beginning to promote Islam in some of their TV series, they must learn lessons to what happened to Af’raka, because the same people who brought down Af’raka are the same owners of Islam and Christianity.

Today instead of us to rise up and awaken, we still find ways to ridicule our own culture and tradition on public TVs, even right now as I type here, a Nollywood movie is playing where they are showing our tradition as devilish and presenting the Catholic Church as powerful thus claiming that our Spirituality and Gods are not strong, by such actions, they are intentionally promoting the Gods of our oppressors. This is the height of ignorance which we are experiencing today in our world.

Now even the movie being played now on African Magic had nothing to do with the Gods or religion but somehow they always find a way to get the Gods involved and the next thing is binding and casting our own tradition and cultures in the name of a movie or drama, really?



The thunder thing used by priests isn’t really controlled by the God Sango or Amadioha; first of all you should know that Sango or Amadioha are the same Gods but the different tribes and locations is what made them to be given different names, this is because many of these Gods visited many towns, countries, kingdoms in the past and all was to raise the Consciousness of the people they came for at that time.

Sango taught them (our Ancestors) the craft of making thunder and lightning. Stopping rain and making storms, But it was for protection and must be used only for a very good and useful reason.

Somehow the knowledge reached today, and since our Ancestors, before using it always invokes Sango to report the issues relating with the Justice in which they seek before they strike. In those days it doesn’t just kill people though, after the reporting which is done through the chief priest and some ritualistic procedures, then if they get a go ahead from Sango, then they use the craft, then if the person killed in question killed someone, and justice is needed, then after such work with Sango, ones the Chief strikes, then it will kill him too, but if he is innocent, then it will not strike him.
Furthermore, if he stole something, it will strike him but not kill him. Unless it strikes him up to three times and he refuses to confess or return the things he stole. Then it will mean that he is not worthy and so he will die the 4th time the thunder comes back and seeing it in any compound such people are considered evil, that their evil doing is enough.

The thunder will keep coming and coming until the justice has been redeemed, that is how it works, or perhaps, how it once upon a time used to work unlike today. And back in the days, the chief priest who knows how to use the craft is the one who will use his hand to send those thunder to strike whomever is guilty, and it will do as it is said, if really someone was guilt, but as people used to think, today I am letting you know that the Gods; Amadioha or even Sango are not the ones striking the thunder by their own hands, but the chief priest who knows the craft of thunder and lightning for the guilty.

This is why in today’s world, it doesn’t matter if you are guilty, because our Spirituality has changed and so the true Sango isn’t even the real one they invoke before sending the thunder, thus they send the thunder today to whoever they see fit, they don’t care if the person is guilty or not as long as the Chief priest is paid. If he is paid and their dark Entity which they claim to be Sango today receives its blood sacrifices, then the priest will make you look guilty by sending the thunder to strike you.
As you can see, when the negative Deities were imported into our lands, we not only had our true Gods/Goddess lost, we also lost our culture and tradition and at the same time a lot of things got spoilt at the same time, even priests today are no longer sincere, and even a fake person can be a dibia and nothing will happen to him or her as long as he or she keeps feeding the Entity with blood.

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As Written by Knight Fredel
(Your Mystery Teacher/Light Worker)

Courtesy: Awake Af’raka Magazine/Awake Af’raka Community
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