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Life has become so unfair for many, reality turning negatively against them and majority of the population believes its normal because they no longer know the difference between normal and abnormal, based on the fact that the entire world has been conditioned through political and religious means to think in a particular way, however, as a matter of fact, things shouldn’t be happening that way, the world as we know it today has been shaped to suit only a specific sets of people, and if you do not fall into those groups, you are definitely on your own, and the worst is, Africa has been their play ground for such tragic phenomena’s.

People need to know that there is nothing natural about suicide bombings, viral outbreaks, and terrorist’s attacks. These things are staged intentionally for the sake of their depopulation agenda, which is a programmed created by the elites to reduce the population of a particular geographic location, mostly Africa. I don’t know what they are afraid of, but one thing is clear, when the people increases in number, they become harder to control.

There are different types of depopulation agendas currently working perfectly today, and they are:

  1. WAR STRATEGIES – This is a situation whereby the government secretly sponsors a revolutionary program, which will in turn attract the attention of the people involved, many will buy into the idea, and if the revolutionary quest is about freedom, the people will attempt to campaign against the government in a way that may be seem violent, then it will be followed by the government will on the hand sending in the military to stop them and with such procedures, lives will be lost and that is exactly their plan. It happened in Nigeria recently, many Biafran followers and agitators are yet to realize that their recent Biafran movement is sponsored by the same people who joined Nigeria together. They did it before and it created a homicide in the 60s, today they are using the same procedure, though updated with the so called idea that the Igbo people are descendants of Eri, son of Jacob, thereby claiming that the Igbo people are a descendants of the Hebrew people, and with such assertion, they gave them Judaism, claiming that they are the Igbo Jews, making them to fight and reject Christianity, at the same time fusing their traditional system of worship and culture with the Judaism. the so called Biafran agitators still fail to see that the so called founders of Christianity, are the same people who created Judaism, and Islam, therefore they are only playing with their intelligence and with that creating divisions and conflicts among them so that they will find a reason to fight and kill each other.
  1. SUDDEN VIRAL OUTBREAK – None of those viruses you know today were natural, for they are all bio weapons created in the genetic laboratory for the purpose of wiping off certain number of people. They create this virus as well as their vaccines as the antidotes, then they intentionally infect them to the people either through foods or drinks or even drugs, when it begins to kill, they take note of the number of persons who are dying, one the required numbers are met, they then send them the vaccines in order to stop the deaths, this is all depopulation agendas, when pastors claim during their Sunday sermons that HIV and Ebola are both punishment from a God, it sounds really funny because, no God made any virus, they are all human ideas, and human creations.
  1. SUICIDE BOMBINGS AND TERRORISTS ATTACKS – This is another agenda that the people are still ignorant about, ask yourselves, why cant the governments just take down those terrorists ones and for all, and why do they offer them amnesty programs? What is really their plans? Well, the answer is simple, the terrorists are sponsored by the government representatives. They keep them for a reason, suicide bombings which will take a large number of lives in an instant, or a suicide attacks. Just like in Nigeria recently we have the terrorists who pose as herds men, they go to certain geographic location and then take out lives, slaughters and kills as many persons as possible, the government representatives pretends to be doing something about it yet they do nothing, they have the location of the so called Boko Haram yet they do nothing about it, when the Boko Haram wishes to carry out a mission, the roads will be cleared of soldiers, check points will be dismissed temporary, ones the terrorists (with military uniforms) finishes their evil mission, then the so called genuine military shows up. The question is, who provides those weapons for those terrorists, who give them army uniforms? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves. Sometimes we think we are being punished by a higher force, or by God, but humans have been their own publishers, we create things to kill and destroy ourselves for the selfish purpose of control and power.

There may be little or nothing we can do now, but we can stop being the pawns, when the people rises, their game will no longer exist, the reason why there has been no second Biafran war (which is their plan so far) is because many of us are awakened, the ones who died during the recent Biafran homicide in Abia State were those who refuse to see reasons, and many are still going to die in another homicide if they don’t heed the warnings of nature.

I hope this has added a light unto yours, may that light continue to illuminate your path!

Best Wishes,

Written by Knight Fredel © 2019

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