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From my upcoming book, titled THE REALM

The realms are planes of consciousness where Souls exist. The reason why we are here is because we Souls are heading towards perfection, to be better than we were, to be perfect and reach a union with the universal good, some call it the Divine intelligence. Now this has nothing to do with the Christian/Muslim gods, no! This is something entirely different. I will tell you as we progress.

What I call “the Realm” is a plane of consciousness housing spiritual beings that exist on that level of consciousness. If you are currently on earth it means you are enrolled on a school of life given that the realms, the earth (physical realm especially) is the home or school for souls whom are here at this time to learn the lessons of being human or to fulfill a given course or something. When we drop this cloak we call body, we as a soul wakes up in another realm above this physical realm/world. Just like a mystery school I know refers to those higher realms as the nomena worlds; it was taught by the ancients that these nomena worlds are the true reality and realms while this physical world is a reflection of those nomena worlds.

In order to understand this, let me use an analogy. Imagine a projector that can be placed in a vast space, this projector can be connected to a computer in order to project a 3D image into the space. That 3D image is a created computer animation of a virtual reality, the man is more like, in order to enter such a virtual reality, you will have to create a virtual body in your computer animation software, that body will be projected into the virtual reality created by the computer animation software and projected into space through the projector device, then for you to be conscious inside that body, you will need to project your consciousness into that virtual 3D body you made, by so doing, you become conscious in that virtual reality you made. That is or was how this realm (physical) was made; it’s nothing but a hologram, an illusion of an original, a reflection of the nomena world.

People who have not taken time to think deeply will not understand this point and yet they will argue and ask, how can this world be an illusion? The truth is, the world we find ourselves is not real, we are like actors taking roles and costumes, after our parts are done, we leave the set to re-costume and pick up another role, all to raise our consciousness to the highest perfection. All mankind are more than they think they are. We are Souls having a human experience. We came from the Stars and to the stars we shall all return, when our duties here is done.

Nevertheless this book “The Realm” talks deeply about this physical world and how it works, I understand perfectly that most mystery schools give more attention to the spiritual realms or realms above this physical realm, however, I am going to talk more on the physical realm because that is where you and I currently exist, and in order to live happily here, you must understand how it works, its principles etc. “Life doesn’t come with a user manual, and what works for me do not or might not work for you”, is a statement used by the ignorant and those who feels they know it all. Why would something that doesn’t work for me work for you? Yes that can only happen if I did not do it correctly, and you discovered a better way of doing that thing, then what doesn’t work for me will then work for you. But if l do something and do it without error, then it will work for me, and will work for you as long as you too do it without error.

Thus, I will give you the user manual of this realm, as well as the hidden treasures and how to make it here, its secrets and what the leaders of the world are hiding from you, I will reveal them all.

Anticipate as I release this eBook


Written by Knight Fredel © 2019

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