Every sincere seeker of truth will always find the truth they seek if they knock rightly at the right door.

There are countless reasons why the ancients decided to keep all mystical knowledge away from the public eyes. The secrecy associated with occult knowledge has nothing to do with the elites trying to hide knowledge from the masses, and neither is the knowledge reserved only for those who wish to use them to control the world, such ideas are propounded by those who are ignorant of the true path to spiritual knowledge and awakening, what every true seeker needs to know is, the knowledge they seek is always accessible to all those who seek in truth and in sincerity.

It is true that many people today wishes to know the mysteries associated with life yet they seem more attached to the flashy activities of life instead. However, I  am not saying in conclusion that these so called flashy activities of life are wrong in anyway, because I certainly know that, everything in life has a place they fit in, that is, life is like a very big keyboard where everything has a key in which they fit into, therefore all parts of life has its importance and role to play, on the other hand, when one becomes so deeply attached to something in a way that letting go becomes a big issue, such thing, even though its value is imperative, notwithstanding ,at such moment it nonetheless becomes bad to such person, just like drugs are meant for healing, but when someone becomes addicted to such drugs, it does more harm than good to that person.

I did a research on the most successful and wealthiest people on earth and I found out that these people were never so attached to materialism and wealth, they were simple and focussed on their goals, they invested, they lost, they were patient, they were passionate, they were determined, and finally, they succeeded. They never seek fast wealth and fickle fortunes, they developed themselves, worked really hard to grow whatever it was they had, and when it was right, they succeeded. With such degree of approach, these people were able to go within and also focus on spiritual awakening; yes it is true you cannot control so much money if you aren’t spiritually advanced, because since the spirit controls the physical, it controls also everything within it.

However today’s youth have a distorted idea about that, they all want it fast and now! They rush in and out of everything, those who managed to go into study on the esoteric path all wants to see results in a flash without perfection on their path, some wants to use the spiritual knowledge in order to tighten themselves so that they can prove to their unseen enemies that they have arrived, some wants to use it for the sake of showing off to their mates to make them see that they are now higher than them, that is like, using spirituality to decorate their ego.

These and many others are the reasons why the ancients withdraw this esoteric knowledge from the public. The one they presented to the public through writings were written on metaphors, all to preserve the truth from being defiled.

Many people today do not yet understand, they feel that knowledge should  not be hidden, however in reality, no knowledge is actually hidden, if one wishes to access it, he or she can, and to do that they need to walk right at the door, and ring the bell!

You can imagine what usually transpires between the so called awakened men and women in an open and closed social media groups today, they insult themselves when they do not agree with each other’s teachings, knowledge at that moment is defiled and made to look useless in the eyes of those who are still coming up and who might be present at such moment of social drama, sometimes they fail to look deeper into their arguments, sometimes they are all saying the same thing in diverse perception, instead of furthering their research and looking deeper  from each other’s perspectives, they end up insulting the knowledge and the one who presented it, these are the reasons out of many why these knowledge are kept secret for only those who are ready and have proven themselves worthy to eat from the tree of knowledge.

i hope this has added a light unto yours,

Best wishes

Written by Knight Fredel © 2019