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Read Slowly, And Digest gradually, there are lots to be learned…

Once upon a time on my journey as a Light Worker

A child was about to be brought into this world by my female friend and student of my Advanced Class, but that night there was a complication, she called me after delivering the baby boy, and told me to help save her first son, she said her hubby had always wanted a son, and their first child was a girl, she said now the boy is here and her enemies are trying to take him away from her, she said the baby boy is currently having shallow breathing, and didn’t cry at birth as every normal baby does, she said the doctor said that there is life in the baby’s body, but the problem was that he isn’t crying nor opening his eyes (of cause the eyes shouldn’t be open that much at that time), to cut long story short, she said I must save the baby.

Ok I hung up and wanted to try as much as I could to stop whatever thing that was making the Souls Consciousness of that child refuse to incarnate into that body, but first, as usual I checked the Akashic reading to see what had caused this problem and why.

After checking through her Akashic record through an Akashic Psychic Reading I told her I can’t do anything to save the baby and she must let it be, life has entered the baby’s physical body, but the Astral body together with the Souls Consciousness of that child has refused to incarnate at the time of birth as it was supposed to, thus something stopped it from coming through and it had to do with her karma, this now means that the Soul of the child was still hovering around her but then refused to come into his body because of her huge karmic debts which has to be paid, so in that case, she had to let nature carry out its course.

However, she angrily said damn nature, and damn karma! (ahh, but she was my favorite student o, and she had just reached her first degree on my class, now today she’s damning nature) because of a desire, why then do some of us go into the path of Spirituality and why do we have a Master or Spiritual backup/backbone or spiritual father when we don’t take advice or listen to the master when he gives a serious note or warnings. Some of these students who claim to need a spiritual father usually don’t listen to the Master when he or she gives them answers and also gives them the right direction to follow at certain point of their life.

So, as a matter of fact, she refused and said I must save the baby, I refused again, and told her I will not, because there would be consequences, she shouted at me and said fuck that consequence she wants him to survive, she said she wants him to live and that’s all.

I told her assuming the child was once alive before now, and have lived up to 1 year old or more before this tragic incidence occurred, then it would have been a different ball game, and we would have done something (depending on the kind situation on point)

However, in this case, the child is not yet a child but an un-incarnated physical body, what I mean is, the babies physical body at that moment had no souls Consciousness in it, it was just a physical body with life force in it and all that, awaiting the incarnation of the Souls Consciousness,

Ohps! at that moment, she got angry later on and said maybe I was fake, she said if I can’t do it I should have just said it instead of those excuses, she said I wasted 2 hours doing nothing but thinking of what excuse to give her, I smiled and put off the call.

At that moment She actually forgot the countless Akashic readings I have done for her and her hubby, and how she referred many more people to me, and how she praised the accuracy + other jobs we did together.

In Just one day I became a yahoo boy; a 419, just because I did not fulfill one of her request for the first time since our meeting.


By Knight Fredel ….
This is an article with exposures on knowledge which is very revealing and will definitely offer you certain wisdom on questions you may have wanted answers to on this Spiritual Journey…

Do you know that people can easily forget all the good things you did for them in the past if one day you suddenly fail to fulfill one of their requests. I have experienced that a lot on this journey as a Light Worker, sometimes I spend sleepless nights working for someone’s progress, and just one small misunderstanding the person will just loose all the respect he or she ones had for me, and just start talking anything that comes out of their mouth, it is very sad, but we forgive them and move on because they are only un-evolved and one day they will get back to their senses, some have the courage to come back and we flow on together, but others can not because of shame and their ego.

So for this lady, when she said it, I just laughed and moved on.

She called a strong dibia from the left hand path, he went, did what he did to force the child to come alive, it worked! Wow! and for a few hours I was now a 419, 48 hours later she sent me a text saying that; that thing I can’t do, others did it, she said how she trusted me but how I disappointed her, she blamed me for taking her faith away from her usual blood sacrificing dibia’s and finally made her believe in me and now that major work has come I can’t do it to prove myself, now those same dibia I preach against their work are the ones that did it and made it work, she said I was a disgrace.

Trust me, I replied with the following words copied from my SMS

……”Blessed Be, and as you know, I don’t have pride, maybe if I do, I would have wanted to prove myself and make it work for you just because you are a woman and you are beautiful thus I wouldn’t want to fall my hand and all that, but I am sorry I no get shame, and I no get pride, I am just like that, so whatever I do, I did it for the highest good, and if I refused to do this work for you, and asked you to let it be, then it must be for your own good, why then do you call me your Master when you can not trust me? does that not show how pretentious you have been all these while with me?, Ok, now you got what you wanted, I hope it remains so for you, just like you wish, but then if any day you realize my honesty, you should not hesitate to reach me, and I will always be here to do my best… cheers… take care and Blessed be”……


That was what I said, seriously, “I no dey forget that day”… as you can see I added this last part telling her that if any day she realizes my honesty, she should not hesitate to reach me, and I will always be there to do my best, because I knew that she will look for me and I was just trying to give her a go ahead to contact me freely since I already know that something will happen soonest and she will seek the 419 to aid her out.

Now, 7 days later, I got a distress call from her, she called so many times, I did not pick up, it was late and I was working… yes I was working,,

She sent me a text and a Whatsap chat at almost same time, she said her first daughters stomach has swollen, she said it’s like she ate poison, and she trust my Akashic, she wants me to check it out and help her do something, she also said that she is running fever and now she is not saying anything, she is so silent…

I then replied her chat since it was a life and death situation, I left out the fact that I am now a yahoo boy or 419 😁 and asked her to tell me what she ate throughout the day. She said her daughter had eaten only what the rest of the family ate, she said their family doctor had just arrived, and nothing is happening,

I now asked her to call that same Dibia she called the last time because my hands are tied and I can’t leave what I am doing, and yes it was very true that I was very busy that night, but then she begged me badly and said that they had earlier called another Dibia including that very one throughout the night and they were all unable to help for all their advices and spiritual works all failed instead the problems began to increase.

I asked her to tell me how this whole thing began, she said it all started with fever and it began around 2pm like something unserious, and by 6pm her stomach was like a pregnant woman, she didn’t go to school on that day because it was Saturday, so she was very sure that her daughter was ok, besides nothing was wrong with her earlier, as she was earlier fine and was healthy.

As we were talking I checked the booklet I was given during the day I was ordained a Knight (Light Worker), I saw that, her sickness started on the 7th of December 2019, wow!

Now this meant that she gave birth to that her son on the 1st of December!!!!

1st December, and 7th December and also 11th December are all used by karma, so all forces of good stays away from those days for negative karmic energy/forces to take place and carry out their job, and most importantly they are called the dark days just like 1st 3rd 15th 17th and 30th August…

….According to the warnings from our Ancestors, it is rightly stated on this booklet that it is a very negative day for travels, marriages, asking someone out, and whatever happens on such days are 70% karmic, he or she who falls sick on such day will hardly recover, you do not make travels on such day…

Lewis Spencer who was an Imperator of a Mystery School I Know also wrote a Book titled Circles of Life and tried to explain similar things though not as deeply as it is on the booklet given to us on this journey, also, the dates were not précised as well as they don’t apply to everyone unlike the ones on my Booklet, which are 100% précised and written down by our Ancestors in the past, the reason and purpose was to direct us all and make us understand the reality we live in.

So this reminded me of the day the baby was born, how I checked and saw that it was karma and the child was not supposed to survive, the Soul personality wanted to incarnate but the karmic energy which was triggered by the lady from a past life was the very force trying to stop her from birthing that child so that she will feel the pain of losing a child just as she made another woman felt the same way from a time long gone.

That day was 1st December I recalled, and today was 7th December, I said to myself that these are not ordinary, I remembered vividly when I told her that if the child was saved, there would be consequences, But when I tried to recall these to her, she bounced it off, I was like a nobody to her but she still knows deep down in her heart that I could still help her, yet she refused to take my advise and she even decided to come down/descend herself downwards to the blood sacrificing level which she had risen above before, she descended just because she wanted to save the child without heeding my advise, even called me fake and 419 because I refused to do as she said…

So I asked her, what do you want me to do?

She said the other Dibias have been on it since then till this late night and it’s getting worse, but again I told her I will not have a hand on it because I warned her earlier that saving the newborn child would come with a consequence… the idea was for you to feel the pain of loosing a child, and if you refused the first from going, the other will be taken, your fate will have to be reshuffled. Life is so deep that if we listen to those who have reached certain level in spirituality, then we will know where and how to place our steps..

Ofcos yes!

(After I recalled December 1st saga, I knew exactly what will happen, I know that for instance: when nature and karma says they want to collect your cap, and you use force on them and say no, then they will just silently and quietly choose your pants and you can’t stop them at that time)…

Now it was morning, she called throughout, I did not pick, those who know me well know that from 6am to 12pm or 1pm is always my sleeping hour because I don’t sleep at night, it is either I am working on my book, website, or editing a music/production, or I am at the altar saving someone’s life.

So by 3pm I had taken my bath and had my lunch, then I went for my phone to see about 23+ missed calls, about 15 missed calls out of all were hers, then I saw messages, hers was inclusive, ok, fast forward to her messages, she sent me a very sad news of the girls demise.


By Knight Fredel
There are so many Knowledge out there but only a few truth… This will expose a lot, and also it will open your eyes on something you may never have known earlier. KNOWLEDGE THEY SAY, IS POWER!


DATES – 1/12/2019 AND 7/12/2019

Her daughter was removed from this timeline because she tampered with it. By tampering with natures work, she unknowingly created an alternate reality where the daughter was not included, in that alternate reality she created, she did not have a daughter, she has a son, and that is why the daughter had to be taken out from this timeline in order for the son to stay because as a matter of fact, she must feel that pain of losing that child, in order for the karmic debt to resolve itself, but if she fights it too much, if she goes on to a Dibia to do something in order to bring the person back, like sending charms for the person that projected that charm to her daughter, then she will again repeat this same scenario of losing a child, unless she learns, this is the reason many women keeps giving birth and their child keeps dying, and it keeps happening because they keep firing and fighting back.

LESSON NUMBER TWO – For the better or for the worse if you trust a Priest or a Spirituality and you call the person your Master, then you must have no reason to doubt them just because they were unable to do one thing for you.

This has been the problem many persons I have come across with always have, today I am their Master. and just out of the blue, I become a bad person just because I failed to do something they have asked of, sometimes all I needed was more time but some of these people are always in a hurry to understand and to see the TRUTH.

So from this new year, if you must work with me, or take me as your Master, then you must learn to TRUST ME completely, and learn to know PATIENCE. With that, you will get a great success in any work I do for you.

Please You must TAKE NOTE.

The only thing I kept saying is, If we humans can always take our time to understand how this universe works! If really we do, I swear, our world will be or would have been a better place, everything is not about charms and blood and more charms, and everything is not about hitting back or revenge! There is time for everything, that is why our Ancestors passed down the knowledge of contacting the Akashic Record, because they always get to know the right thing to do in order to harmonize with the universal good, they always go deeper into the study of the mysteries of life so that they will understand how our world and the realities above ours works.

Everything is not about “aww I am suffering for too long, I need a power to make me rich”, why not first find out why you have been suffering for too long, nothing happens by mistake, look at this woman for instance, she went into my Advanced Class not because she wants to understand the universe and learn the mysteries of life, it was clear that her 3 years with me was just focused on the spiritual world to make her life better, to banish all the things she don’t desire and only attract good, then at the beginning I gave her what she wanted, she felt good, but when it got to the point where I didn’t give her what she desired, I became a bad person immediately. without any waste of time…

Every day of my life, I mean literally every day of my life I keep having so many people who keeps on telling me how much they love me, yes they always love me from the beginning, I know myself and I know my aura so I am not surprised, but then I asked someone today on Whatsap, I said you love me right? She said yes, and I said to her, now, first I am working for you at the moment and it happens that everything is going well, number two yes you were patient to at least give it time and now you are growing and you are happy, now you love me, ok, but the question is, what if one day you give me a kind of job and I make a mistake on the process or refused to do it or something happens and the work did not give you what you expected, will you still love me?

She “Lol” at my question and later she said yes, that she will still love me…

Ok I asked again “What if someone says a negative thing about me and two or three people agree to it, like this lady’s experience I posted above, like after the first work on 1st December and maybe she goes to her Whatsap statues to tell her tale in her own perspective and she calls me a 419 publicly, will you still love me? Or will that her post not change how you feel about me? Will you be patient enough to find out the truth just like it took 7 days for the same woman that called me 419 to realize that I was right all along, now if for instance she went online at first and says negative things about me, and her followers begins to power her, do you think she will be able to come back online later in order to say to her followers that I was saying the truth and she was mistaken? Can she do that? Can she swallow her ego and pride in order to go online and confirm to her followers how she was mistaken and how I am not a 419? Can she tell them I was saying the truth and she was mistaken?

She took a while before she says she will still be there for me, hahahahah I already know that these are just words….

We Light Workers have seen things in the hands of those who do not understand us, sometimes even when we are telling the truth, some of them will still think it’s not and they will choose the lie, some will feel they are our senior since they senior us by age, they begin to act like they themselves also have sense too, like they also know something’s, to p[rove that we are still their juniors. then there are others who claim they are smarter and very smart and they try to prove it because thy think we are trying to be smart, but the more they try to be smart, the more they loose a lot of things they would have archived through us, and by trying to be smarter, they seem more foolish in our presence, but we do not tell them. We let them be –

But we were prepared for such PEOPLE and we have procedures for such situations, that is why, to be a Light Worker, you must know the following:


The Journey of a Light Worker begins from this…

If not, we can’t work for the LIGHT, because along the way we will be crucified, we will be misunderstood, we will be mistaken, some will even think we are 419 just like that woman above, and there are those who will want to fight us using the cops, but at last we will still succeed.

Do you know that the life and story of the allegorical figure known as Jesus in the bible was only referring to the Journey of a LIGHT WORKER!

Remember it is an ancient story of the Sun of Ma, and yes the story was rewritten and at the same time the one in the bible is still not complete because they omitted a very important part, the chapters which talked about his preparation in Egypt, yes the so called Jesus in his youth before his 33rd birthday, he journeyed to the Mystery School in Kemet (modern Egypt) in order to study and gain mastery in the knowledge he possessed and shared with the world.

According to the missing passages, he was trained and he was tested before he was ordained a Light Worker (referred to as Christhood), after that ordainment he now entered into the world and began his work.

Check your bible and you will see that the bible version of the stolen story of Christ only talked about his birth, then jumped to his 12th birthday, and then skipped to his 33rd birthday during his baptism and how he began his job as a Light Worker. But then they didn’t tell you he journeyed to Egypt to acquire the Knowledge even if he was called, everyone needs a Master, even if I was called for this, I still needed to be guided and trained in order for my inner potentials to sprout out.

Those who claims to have everything within them and do not need to be guided in this spiritual journey are all mistaken and cannot be a fulfilled Spiritualist just because they said they are. They are all mistaken and are all misguided as well as misguiding others…



That is why I smile each time I see people teach what they don’t know on their Facebook timeline and claim they do not need any Mystery School or class and don’t need a Master, isn’t that absurd?

Remember that the Jesus’ 33 years old was a code, every Light Worker must pass the 33rd degree (I m not referring to the Masonic 33rd degree), the Masonic degrees and knowledge therein are not as complete as the others (names withheld) So the Jesus story was plagiarized from an older story of the Sun, which was trying to describe to us, the Journey of a Light Worker.

It is that simple, life is not a bed of roses, life is only understood by the deep thinkers, and if you live in harmony with the natural laws of our Universe, then we would hardly have to cry unnecessarily.

To be ordained a Light Worker one will be very much tested and if you fail, you go home, Ones a lady I was training failed and I declined her request to continue and she refused, but I cannot be forced to teach so I refused too and she called me bad names but who cares? I was only doing my job and I had to do it rightly…..

To finally be ordained a Knight of the Cosmic Mother/a Light Worker, that person must pass through 9 major Chambers, each chamber has a passage that leads to the next chamber, and you keep going forward, however you will be tested before you can gain entrance into the next chamber, for instance, by the time you conclude and succeed in each chamber, you will be given a tag, for example, if you successfully pass through your first chamber, then you will gain the tag which is termed “DUTY”, that means you have known your DUTY, and you are ready to pass on to the next degree/level.

When you conclude your course over the many months of practice and training or it could even take a year or so from that second chamber, and you are tested, if you succeed, and they give you a tag with the term “JUSTICE” boldly written on it for example. It means you have known JUSTICE, If the chamber you enter teaches and trains you then tests you at the end of the course and you succeed, if they give you the tag with the term LOVE, or SINCERITY, or TRUTH, or PATIENCE etc, it means you have known LOVE, or SINCERITY, or TRUTH or PATINECE, each of them are given at the end of each course, that is how you will be tested until you get to SINCERITY, the tag means that you have passed that degree and have gained mastership on that very thing written on your tag. If its TRUTH, then it means you have gained mastery on TRUTH. there are more, there is CHARITY, there is TEMPERANCE, and there are more.


By Knight Fredel
There are those who claimed that the Ancient Africans do not have a procedures for dedicating their kids to the Gods and to the Goddess or to the land etc. That is not true, in fact the Slave Masters copied this very ritual from us/our ancestors and made it seems like on Christians dedicates children to the Creator. The Ancients has always known this from the earliest times and that knowledge on Child Dedication has always been preserved for only the true Sons/Suns and Stars/Seastars of Af’raka who are worthy enough to receive such truth and not abuse it…


Now lets see what we have here…



A Light Worker is an advanced Spiritual being who was/is born into this reality for the aim of helping the other humans evolve and awaken towards a higher level of Consciousness, to help them solve their problems and help them realize who they really are, and why they are here so that they will get to grow and evolve into the Light, and remain in line or get back on track with their actual destiny.

A Light Worker doesn’t take away your load, rather, they make it lighter, and they tell you how to walk, and which way to walk throughout your Journey of Life. They are or where once upon a time referred to as “the Guardians”. as their duty seems a bit similar and same with that of a Guardian Angel. Although that is only possible when you engage them as your personal or private Master.

A Light Worker does not open the door for you, he or she gives you the key, but you alone must open up the door and walk through it, because a Light Worker does not interfere with natures work, neither do they interfere with your growth on this space, something’s must be learnt by you and you alone, their work is to guard you through it…

See, Earth is the only planet with multiple creatures and beings of different species, unlike the rest of the planets, Earth was more of an Experimental planet which at last became this beautiful with so many types of beings, this is why the devolved seems to attack those who are not their kind, this is also why Earth became a good place to school a Soul, because we all as Souls now have lots of things to learn due to the fact that we are living in a multi-planet.

OK those whom we call our Creators did used the craft of genetic engineering to create our human body’s, but what makes them different from the genetic engineers of today who are responsible for creating Agric fowls is that, the creators use genetic engineering to make the human body, then use the knowledge on necromancy to direct a Souls Consciousness into the body they have created in order to make them a living Soul, a Being.

But those Genetic engineers we know today who are responsible for Agric fowls (broilers, old layers etc) do not know the spiritual science known as necromancy), so after creating the fowl, they use their artificial instruments to make it have life, (life force) which makes them to be alive, but then within the core of this creature there is no Soul, unless they get themselves possessed by some entities or wandering souls.

Now through a reliable source I have been told that a few who have been practicing necromancy have now for the past 7 years been able to direct any nearby Souls into the human body’s they have successfully cloned in their labs, and the ones they create in their labs, now all these are African Knowledge hidden a long time ago in our various mystery schools different pyramids in Af’raka, but they tell you those pyramids are nothing but ordinary monuments, and tombs for past pharaohs, when in reality they are different spiritual chambers where deep knowledge were hidden for only the worthy students.

So what am I saying, OK, our Ancestors Priests and Priestesses were Light Workers, and they did not hurt a fly, they went deeper into the mysteries of life, they are nature scientists, they know what karma is and they lived in accordance with such natural principle.

The reason why the dibias today worsen your matters when they work for you is because they neglect karmic principles, meanwhile our Ancestors worked in harmony with Ma’at, when they know that something will do you more harm than good, they will stop it, sometimes when you try to save someone from dyeing, the moment you save that person, another person dies. However some unlearned Dibias and African Traditionalists claims the Ma’at oonly belonghed to kemet and that was funny to hear you know why? It is because they just showed us how ignourant they are, this is because even Igbo and Benin and Yoruba na so many tribes and countries in Afraka back them were all under one umbrella known as KEMET!

So you see? There are so many things these people are unaware of and yet they claim to know much more, unknown to them that they have known nothing more than how to kill animals and offering them to the dark deities, and also they only know of some certain herbs and some negative crafts used to kill people or to fusttrate their lives or to make them sick, or poisons and how to make them, charms to cause accidents and a few water demons mistaken flor the Great Ocean Mother and many more.


Our Great and True Ancestors had knowledge on karma, reincarnation, alternate realities, timelines, and self tampered timelines, time and space, after-life, death, psychic centers, and so much more, they try not to tamper with time and fate no matter how they try to help someone, they are always careful not to tamper with the person’s original life’s plan, and destiny, the only thing is, if they realize that something will tamper with the persons primary purpose on earth, then they will make sure that they stop it, so that the persons primary purpose on Earth will be reserved as it should.

Sometimes it’s good to let things be, or sometimes it is just better to help the person to work it out with karma than forcefully saving the persons life.




Truly speaking, a Light Worker is like a human angel, an Earth Angel, who always stands to be a symbol of light unto the rest of humanity…

They are always ready to put others first and always knowledgeable and also they are healers and seers, they also love to explore the hidden and mysteries of Life…

Thus for all said on this article, and all said lastly above, I guess you have now understood what and who a Light Worker really is now, right?

Blessed Be and thank you for reading……






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