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Knight Fre’d-El

From the Ogbanje Child book.

Learning about Karma is something entirely deep, and in every spiritual course, I believe that this should always be the first thing any mystery teacher on the path of pure spirituality should teach their students, because the misuse of freewill has been the major cause of lots of issues and imbalances in life, resulting to negative karmic debts.

Another thing is, there are those who do not believe in karma at all because they are scared of the principles involved and because they do not want it to be true, and there are those who know nothing about karma but yet they think that they do, and would reject it claiming that karma is not right at all, because to them, it stops their immorality and things like that,  we know all that but do not want to argue with them since knowledge on Spirituality is not for everyone, it is only for the chosen few who are prepared to know this truth at whatever cost, for those who are ready to learn, for those who have humbled themselves to understand life, and not for those who wants to eat and take pleasure in life by all means possible not minding any consequences that may be attracted towards their life later on, all they care about is NOW and nothing else, the only law of karma they are familiar with is that which goes with the popular idea which is “if I slap you”, someone else will “slap me back”, anything outside this box is totally invalid to them, meaning that they are not aware of the principles of karma and do not even want to know.

There are those who claim that they are suffering at this time, meanwhile if they were shown what life would have been if they should get those heart desires they seek without more ruckus at this very timeline, they will then choose to rather work hard and focus on the future which will be prepared for them through the redemption of their outstanding negative karmic debts which they created from a past life, as you already know, such is never forgotten by the Akashic as she records every single moment of our lives.

NOTE THAT: Although the art of waiting and being patient does not mean sitting down doing nothing, it means preparing for that future by sowing your seed of hard work in your present timeline.

Do you know that when you change something, it creates a wave on the ocean of life, if you take one decision outside your fate, it changes, and this is why some secret societies use blood sacrifices to change and adjust their timeline, although they are never aware of what we call timeline and how it is changing or changed after such fetish actions are carried out.



There are two types of blood sacrifices; one has to do with offering the sacrifices of blood to a deity in order for that deity to create a purse on any of your karmic debts which might have been creating a challenge and trials in your present, by doing that the deity then lets your future riches draw closer.

Then the second type of blood sacrifice, is not offered or chosen by yourself, but rather chosen by the deity from such occult society, that deity looks at your life, how bad it is, then changes your timeline and reality, and in order to do so, the deity takes away some persons from your life in the process of adjusting your reality to fit what you desire.

If you are not yet rich though not poor as well, and you have a wife with five kids, however due to your desire for riches, you then visit a secret society in order to make your desire come true, after your initiation, you will agree that the deity takes its sacrifice in order to make your dream come to pass.

However, it is believed by such society that the blood sacrifices that will qualify for such needs as proposed by you will have to be given out of pain and guilt, this is why the entity will then take away something or some persons from your life in order to create that alternate reality where you are rich, and to do that, if that wife and children were the distractions that made you not go far in life, maybe as soon as you left school you unintentionally impregnated her, or at the time of problems and challenges you impregnated someone or fell in love and the person urged you for marriage then suddenly you did and started having kids and that brought lots of responsibilities to you which stopped you from going further on your career, thus in such situation that deity will take your wife and your kids away and then push you into another timeline were you will suddenly become rich.

This perception is very deep and full of meanings; furthermore if you do not read cautiously and progressively, you will or may not understand the knowledge revealed herein. Unlike the former type of blood sacrifice mentioned in this editorial, this very one above has its own principles and it is different from the former, in this very one, the deity does not need to purse your karma or bring your future riches closer etc., rather the deity changes your timeline entirely to a fresh new reality for you to experience life differently, nevertheless, that reality will no longer have some of the people you currently have now in this present reality, because the deity had to take them away in order to adjust your new reality so to match your current desires.

Nevertheless, if you were the one, in the eyes of people, you did blood sacrifices, and killed your wife and children in order to acquire such wealth, but they do not know how it works, even the chief priest do not as a matter of fact know how it works, rather they just know that you ought to give your sacrifices for what you seek.

This type of sacrifice does not need to be brought to their sacred temple or alter to be slaughtered there, instead it will be done by the deity through the process of sudden death either through an accident or in their sleep, as for the first sacrifice you will be given an enchanted knife to kill the sacrifice in their sleep, the pain and guilt you harbor within you while doing it, will flow through the blood of your wife and that will be fed by the deity, giving it more power and energy hence giving you what you seek….

…. If this way isn’t taken (as different societies has their pattern of taking their sacrifices), some has to take their sacrifice into their society’s sacred temple as directed by the chief priest, to do that, first they drug and kidnap him/her to be killed at the altar and the blood sometimes is shared among the members, disgusting right? That is what many people do for money.

Ok, let us again proceed with this example of another possibility pertaining blood sacrifices, I am sure it will make you understand better; if in this timeline you were made to be rich in your 40th year old on Earth, and today you are in your 26th and do not want to work hard and wait for that time because to you, suffering has killed you and your problems are the worst on Earth, you will need to change your timeline to that of another alternate reality where you will be rich, and in such timeline you will not have some of the things you do have today, if now you have three kids and a husband (if you are a woman), and you want to change your timeline to that of a rich and wealthy you at 26, then your sacrifice at such secret society will involve you loosing those kids, nothing goes for nothing, that is why it’s called LIFE.

The hardship in the society has made a lot of people to be unable to learn and understand how life works, they think that, just because what they do may sometimes work for their selfish reason, so they now taught that life works that way, they now believe that everyone should do that which works for them, forgetting that robbing people at gun point and stealing also works for some people, but at last they find themselves caught up by the consequences of being robbed by another person who end up stealing their hard earned properties, so at such point in time, it becomes totally unfair.

The society through the use of media projects lies and illusions to the younger generations which they in turn grow up with, they use music and movies to plant such ideas in their mind, those ideas include making them believe that money is more important than anything else, ideas which makes; them see life as a bed of roses. Which every day they watch through their music videos and their music lyrics itself worsens the matter for it makes them believe that in order to make money and get to that level one must join some occult society to know spirituality.

This is why so many people are currently mislead into coming into Spirituality for the aim of using its powers for money making and wealth creation, as well as powerful in the society etc. meanwhile that is not true, and those who come into spirituality for the sake of money are always left with negative energies, some end up cursed, and most importantly, when asked at the beginning some of them seem to lie about their intension, however, when their intentions are not met, they seek for excuses and run away.

Every true seeker of truth who has been vested with some of this knowledge and secret of this universe knows quite well that, when you genuinely seek the true and pure spiritual knowledge out of curiosity and out of love for the mysteries of life and the choice of awakening your inner self to the truth about you, then the universe will bless you abundantly especially when you apply the principles rightly, and live in harmony with the natural, spiritual and universal laws, that is exactly what this quote really means: SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD, AND EVERYTHING ELSE WILL BE ADDED UNTO YOU.



A little number of people who think they have spiritual problems really does not have any. The only thing is, they have gathered so much heavy and negative karma and have failed to resolve them. And the question has always been asked by many seekers of truth, they asked to know how to resolve their karma so that life can continue its movement towards a brighter day? Those of you whom I am referring to will agree with me that for some years now they have remained at one particular level, it’s as if they are not going forward in life.

This is because there is something you are meant to learn from that situation which you haven’t done so far, therefore it keeps replaying for you. Secondly you refused to accept it, thirdly you complain a lot about it miserably and if time is not taken, you will or would have also as a matter of fact damned the gods for not helping you, all these makes one remain at one place/level as far as life in this third dimension is concerned, and when that happens, your karma will be left unresolved.

Some of you may not understand, but if you want to understand this, then you will understand as far as you take this very much seriously, ok let me give you another example, for instance, if you are meant to know UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in this life time due to your past actions from a past life, and if that is what your karmic board wants you to learn in this life time in order to evolve you higher, then at the appropriate time, you will be given the chance to redeem yourself, you will be given the chance to become conscious of what you have missed in order to pay off your karmic debt, then you will be presented with events and situations which will make you to know and learn/experience Unconditional love.

I have to take my time to explain this karma and how it works so that you will understand better because after my lecture in my group, Awake Af’raka Community, I realized that some of my students still did not get it, it is not just about accepting the sufferings alone, when you accept the sufferings, then what do you do with it? You learn from it of cause, you seek what lesson it has for you, and learn from it, when you do, your karma will be resolved and you will evolve higher than you ever were, if money was being blocked from your path, then the moment your karma is dissolved, your ways will reopen and that cash will flow in as long as you have a medium and channel from where the money will come from, and as long as you are rightly reconnected with your element and your Chi..

Now, for instance, all the sufferings you may be passing through today may all be for the benefit of teaching you one very important thing which if you should learn it then you become a better person than you ever were.

Now let us say for instance that the moment you began a new relationship, karma brought with it a lesson to teach you how to Love Unconditionally, for that reason, things became down and financial hardship kicks in the moment you began that relationship, now you may not notice this yet until you start having kids for the man (let us assume you are the woman for the sake of giving you an example), everything may seem well with you and your hubby in that relationship, although the only problem is that, there is not enough money. Such fate was directed by your karma in order to make it happen that way, if it is not karma, then why will you become so broke the moment you began that relationship? I do not believe in co-incidents, do you?

Such a relationship isn’t bad luck or a curse as some uninformed persons may think or believe, or just because you broke down flat on your finance a few months or a year or thereabout before you met that new date of yours, that does not mean anything negative, it is karma, yes karma always waits for that very period and time you erred from a past life, ones that time arrives again from this timeline, then that karma will show up so that you can begin to pay your debt and learn from it before you cross over. This is why some of you have fate influencing your destiny, that fate is tied with your karma which sometimes either may be a blessing or a lesson.

If from a past life you erred while you were in a relationship, then that karma will come when you are also in a relationship too, and your fate will match you with someone who has a similar lesson to learn, or either to learn from you or the situation too.

This explains now that karma isn’t just about kill and be killed, it is deeper than that, and goes way sacred than some of you may think out there, our ancestors never removed karma from their spiritual knowledge and beliefs, but these days, those priests who idolizes those blood thirsty deities cannot solve your problem without creating an occasion to do animal sacrifices, they do not go deeper into finding the persons causes of problem which is why they never mention karma in their teachings.

So all those frustrations and poverty may just be for you to learn one very important lesson, or according to our example above, such frustration and challenges may arise just to teach you how to love unconditionally, not just to your man, but to everyone and to whom ever you call your friend, this may be because (in continuation of the example as stated here) from that past life you had a man and some kids, the man was your hubby, and the kids were yours, but the problem that attracted that karma was that, you could not fall in love when there is no money, you fall sick of the person you were once in love with and even your kids and everyone around you, you then seek for richer men due to the fact that your current man is unable to meet up financially, and due to this, you abandoned your kids as well as your man.

Most times the challenges which the man is facing may be temporary, (Note: this is not referring to the lazy men who do not go out to look for work instead they wish for rich women or hardworking women to bring on the money) now because of the inability to stay with someone who don’t have yet, and because you do not have anything doing too and all you do is depend on the man, and so you leave the relationship seeking for the one you claim is better because he is richer. Such behaviors are being recorded by your Akashic record and Karma via your fate will drag you back to it from a next life because death is not the end.

What is the best thing to do? You must get a job, as the guy gets a job too, if you have something doing, you will not look at money when it comes to relationship, so you both must have something doing, and you both must not fall for each other because of money, instead fall in love and work together towards achieving that goal, as the man brings his riches, you too should be able to bring yours too, that will make you two better and richer, and such relationship lasts very long.

The other day on social media, an uninformed man posted on his newsfeed that “Unconditional Love is an Illusion”, this is one of those misguided fellows who have been erroneously advised by what they watch and listen to in their TVs and music videos/lyrics every day. This is the state of the world today and that is why so many of  young people are continuously creating negative karmas for themselves and when it comes back at them, they cry for help not realizing that in every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.

Now what these misguided fellows believe now is that, one must fall in love for one selfish reason or the other, and that is all wrong, love cannot be selfish and has never been selfish, if you claim to love someone for what he or she has to offer to you, then be rest assured that such is not and will never be love.

Now that being said, at this point it will interest you to know that, when you walk out of a relationship just because of money, such behavior will affect them (kids and hubby) negatively, and because of that it will be recorded in your Akashic, and so karma will then pick it up from there and through the law of attraction It will be attracted and directed to you, thus sending you back to Earth for another incarnation so that you will at this time become the kids whose mom abandoned, when you have paid that prize in that life time.

Then again, you will be sent down here in another incarnation, this time you will be sent back to become the man his wife abandoned, after those, then finally in this current life time, you were now sent back in order for you to redeem your karma, as well as to resolve it by learning “Unconditional Love”! Moreover, failure to do this successfully will make you remain at that circle, period, or situation you find yourself, not moving forward, not moving backward, just there, and this sometimes leads one to repeat their incarnation over and over again until they learn the lessons they are presented with.

Most times in a more special situation you will be able to face all three karmic debts in one life time, this situation is termed “special” because you were reconnected with your Element and Source of being as well as your Chi, so in order to open your ways, your Elemental Spirits may just as a matter of fact bring all those karmic debts forward so that you clear them ones and for all.

This is why when some people newly get initiated into a Mystery School, or a spiritual organization, their life gets a bit difficult at first, some lose their homes, jobs etc, this does not apply to everyone however, it applies to those with heavy karmic debts.

I know a man who reconnected with his element and the first thing that happened was that his shop got burnt and he lost a lot of goods, and many more problems all at a time, but then, the moment they were resolved through the proper application of the principles of life which was passed on to him, subsequently he became even much greater than he ever was.

All those were pure sacrifices for that which he wanted, unlike the blood sacrificing secret societies, instead of this kind of sacrifice as listed above, they use blood to push their karma away so that their current negative state will be cleared, not realizing that they are doing more harm than good by taking such actions.

But when you follow our Pure Spiritual path, you will just pay your prizes ones and for all by bringing your major karma forward instead of pushing them backward, you bring them closer, and then you resolve them ones and for all and with the help of your elemental spirits and your Chi, you become clean and free for all eternity, unless you choose to attract new negative karma for yourself, that’s why we ask our students and followers to always remain clean, especially after re-connection rites so that once their old karma is cleared, their life will become free and open for new opportunities and heart desires.

At times the lives of people got complicated and very bad before they come for reconnection with their element, thus at the end of their reconnection, months later their ways begin to be clear and they begin to see their challenges facing off as they learn to follow the principles involved, they begin to know how to manage their karma, and that helps them wash them away in the right and proper way.

So for those who have reconnected with their element, and who are spiritually active, instead of coming to Earth three times, you will be made to just face the three lessons ones in one life time, and that saves you a lot, this is why those who are fully rooted with their element and source, when they finally have an open way, it remains so for all times, unlike those who use charms and offer blood sacrifices to dark entities, they keep going for more in order to renew their sacrifices and charms and that doubles their karma, thus one day they will end up breaking down finally, but the one who practices pure spirituality and who has resolved their karma is stronger and better as he or she remains strong and powerful and keeps on going higher and higher, unless the person decides to attract newer karma for themselves, as mentioned on the previous paragraph.

OK, so let’s assume you are the woman or man whose karmic debt came with a lesson to know “Unconditional Love” due to her past life’s action as stated above, let’s say she is reconnected with her element this time, so her karma (the three debts which would have taken her three life times to resolve) all will now resolve in one life time because of her connection with her spiritual element and Chi…

Thus, assuming now that you are the woman as stated above, when the karmic circle shows up, you will first of all be abandoned in your childhood by your mom, or it can also happen when you are all grown up, although we are always connected with our elements at childhood, we only loose that connection when we are grown up. OK, this abandonment of your mommy will occur because of the fact that your daddy went broke for a while, so with that excuse, your mommy decided to first of all cheat on your daddy, neglecting her duties and responsibilities to you which made you surfer, then finally causing your daddy some multiple heartbreaks then finally left and abandoned you both in order to remarry with a richer guy, this will make you understand life from the kids perspective.

Now when you grow older, you get engaged, and even if you may be a woman in this life time, the most important thing is the lesson involved, so as you get engaged to your lover, then he abandons you when things gets tough, now, the karma should have resolved there but if you do not accept and learn from it, if you take it far or try to use external means to forcefully make him to stay because yes karma must make sure you totally fall in love with him so badly, therefore if you try to do anything to force him to stay against his will through the use of charms, love portions, etc, or try to punish him by killing him, frustrating him and all that, then I am sorry to say, it will make no difference rather you will be worsening your own condition because with such actions, karma will replay itself again in another relationship which you find yourself, hence this will result to breaking up and starting new relationships, from one man to another, and all will end the very same way!

This is truly the reason why many persons find it hard to stay in a relationship, but deep down they have not been able to comprehend the cause of that circumstances, and many of them will begin to think that it is a spiritual problem caused by others whom they call enemies, or they think it’s because their spiritual husband or wife is blocking their relationship and they go to dibias for numerous sacrifices to no evade such omen, thus the matter gets worse and worse every single day, meanwhile the truth is, they just have a karmic debt similar to this very one which is explained in this article.

But if the lessons are learnt, the final relationship will come for the final trial which when passed, one becomes free and the doors begin to open. Such time is referred to it as the golden dawn/illumination by the ancient Af’rakan mystics, (on the other hand, this will only be the final trial if you learn the lessons presented therein).

Now for this final trial, the events will be created for you to learn that “unconditional love”, thus the moment you enter that relationship, you will see how things will fall apart and break down, even if the man was rich before you met him, even if you were rich, all will just drop somehow, this is all happening to test you as a result to see if you will again repeat the same very thing you did at the first time you created this karmic debt from your past life, or if you have really learnt from the previous debts you paid by the use of your trials and challenges perpetuated by your karmic debts, however if same thing is repeated, if you make same poor choices, then your karma will be doubled, if you finally show care, selfless service, love unconditionally, and no longer feel sad over lack of cash, love your man so much and no matter what you continue to be hopeful and you work hard to support the union rather than running away you now love your man for who he is and not for what he has, or has to offer you, when you do this, then the karmic board will give you some time in order to be sure you are not faking it.

Yes I know those who wanted to cheat karma by faking their actions and watching if things will get better, then when it did not they showed their real self and that was a funny one.

You see life isn’t a bed of roses, it’s a school for you as an evolving Soul, you came to learn perfection, so that you will return to the god level you once were (that is if you are an old Soul, or a fallen Angel), or you incarnated on Earth to learn the lessons of being human (If you are a new evolving Soul) by so doing you perfect your consciousness and evolve higher above the lower realms or dimensions. Thus I repeat; life is not a bed of roses, everything else is secondary, do not get distracted, focus on the primary purpose of life, and you will gain every other thing you need.



The Kemetic sayings also found in the walls of the pyramids, and in the papyrus (Sun Books of ancient Egypt.

Someone asked why I focus on the negative aspect of life, because according to this person there are those who fall in love for money and the man never gets broke and all that and nothing of such happens, that is not the fact, the number of people who abandon their man due to the fact that the man is broke for the moment, is larger than the ones who remain in the relationship because the man remains rich, and so the later is the problem that needs to be tackled that is why we talked about it more.

Again, even if the woman enters the relationship because of money and the man remains rich and so the woman remains there, look nature seeks balance at all time, whatever we reap we sow, I have got countless women who did exactly this very thing, but they come into my inbox to confess and seek for help, not because the man is broke or fell, but because the man grew tired of them and emotionally hurts them by cheating on her, a time came too when she too began cheating on him, so is that a good thing? And lastly some of them begin to seek divorce, and this affects the children which again will still attract karma from her next life.

I have known many women who remain in a relationship because the man has something that they need, sometimes the moment they enter that relationship, the riches remains so, yet they fell in love with his money, hence the question; why did they not fall so that karma can take its course? This was asked by another person, now my answer is, some people do not have karmic debts to pay, and thus the lessons on unconditional love wouldn’t be for them at that time, but if the woman or man went into the relationship for the sake of money, meaning that they do not love the man, or the man did not love the woman, then that is a fresh karma being created.

And that means that the one who went into the relationship for his or her selfish reason was playing with the other persons emotions, and that’s a karmic debt just freshly created, which means that in another timeline, be it in this life or next, some other person will do the same to them, that also means that, this kind of karmic debt isn’t exactly the same with the example given above about unconditional love, we all do not have the same lessons to learn of cause. If she went into the relationship due to money, and if the man’s wealth at some point did not collapse in order for her to show herself by abandoning him and her children, then the lesson that brought her into that relationship isn’t about unconditional love, but rather about something else entirely.

Do you know it isn’t just about the money, some go into relationship for the sake of something else, like myself, majority of these girls come to me and want relationship pretending to fall in love all because I am a Light worker with the Universal Knowledge and so they need me to take them out of their problems and also do some things for them for free like Akashic readings, and all that, and also, to gain my knowledge too, like the last lady I once upon a time had with myself who claimed to be sapiosexual, meaning she loves and falls in love with those who have knowledge, and that meant that she doesn’t love me in person but loves my knowledge and wants to use it for her selfish needs.

But I am a Spiritualist, thus I realized her plans 4 weeks after we began the relationship but was very disappointed in her, so I attempted to help her understand what love truly is through my actions and deeds, and wanted her to learn and fall in love for what it is and not for the sake of my money and knowledge, so that karma will not follow her, but she seems not to get it, so I stopped helping her spiritually as I use to, and stopped any form, of physical and spiritual assistance, she also even began bringing her best friend for me to help her too, knowing full well that because of her I will now do a discount for her friends, -smiles-, they were very brave girls, they wanted to use a spiritualist, their luck was, I was a light worker, not the dark type, however, you know what?

I accepted what they paid me, and I began the work even when I know very much that  the money they paid will not reach for the complete materials for the work, then I stopped and gave them an unsatisfactory result which was where the money they paid could carry, they saw I need more money to complete the work, instead of paying, she used emotional blackmail to make me do it, but I knew her plans all along and did not fall for it, to her then, I became useless to her because I refuse to offer her what she needed, she showed herself by becoming so strongly offended, and so I made them loose their moneys and never got their results.

That was a simple lesson I taught them, however instead of learning the lessons, and since she realized I am now useless to her, so she devised an excuse to use as a point in running away, although wanting and requesting to remain best of friends, I know she is the cunning type, she wanted to hang me around to satisfy her future needs, but I refused, and removed her entirely from my path.

Her actions, to attempt to fool a spiritualist and a Light worker gained her passage into a timeline she will have to pay for her deceitful actions, and that is what she did not know at that time.

Maybe one may like my knowledge and what I do, and that person does not have enough money to sponsor the work they wish I do for her, all she needs is transparency at such time, and sincerity, by asking me nicely and requesting for such aid, I may look at the circumstances and decide to help, like I always do, not by using deceptions to fool a Spiritualist, such actions creates a negative energy around the persons aura, and that will bring her negative karma which she will have to redeem some day, whether she believes in karma or not, it doesn’t matter, karma does not need anyone’s belief, this is why it is very wrong to take such negative action.

Now this is a true experience, and this is happening live in many places and in our society, if I wasn’t a true spiritualist who detected it on time, I would have been emotionally broken/scammed the moment she seek for excuses to leave the relationship suddenly, nevertheless, I had already mentally left such toxic relationship two months earlier when I leant about her selfish plans, so I was only waiting for her to run away by herself. That is how karma is created, and when the karmic debts will begin to manifest through trials and challenges, she will say her enemies are after her, because I have checked and realized that she isn’t ever going to remain in any relationship in this life time, as she is going to fall in and out of relationships until she learns the lessons of Unconditional love.

I understand that many persons out there just speak their opinion based on the current hardship in their life or because of the negative experience in their life and all they seek is to get out of it, however we must not let the events around us to affect our thoughts and our actions, it will only make you do things which is not in alignment with natural law, and that will attract negative karma to you.

If you try to rush your karma to resolve fast claiming that you have learnt, and shouting all the time telling the spirits that you have learnt so things should change fast, then karma will delay, it’s like a computer program set to work a certain way, there are ways it was programmed to work, it is not like the human law just because it is called “The Law of Karma”, the word LAW herein and the word PRINCIPLE is only used to define it in human comprehensible verbal communication, because in reality. Karma as explained from the beginning of this article is more like a force field created and programmed to work and carry out tasks the way it does, if you go against that program, then it reacts negatively, but if you go in harmony with its programming then it will react positively towards you.

Therefore just as I was saying, If you don’t force your karma, and you continue to prove that you have accepted and learnt your lessons, although it is not by saying it but rather by your actions and if you do and work in connection with the universal principles then before you could say hey! You will watch as things will begin to change and before you know it, your karma will be fully resolved!

That could just be the reason why you came to Earth, (not everyone has a mission, or special mission), after learning unconditional love in your relationship, then you will also begin to reflect it in the general society, ones done, it then shows you are evolving, and that will mean you are free to live much longer before you go. And that your consciousness keep evolving into the higher dimensions until She gets to the 12th dimension where the Soul herself has been lying dormant all these while, and when your Consciousness returns back to the 12th dimension, she unites back into the Soul and here a journey which began eons ago when the Soul projected her Consciousness into a Light Body, and then used the Light body to incarnate into a physical body in order to exist here on earth, on such day, the person as a Soul, fulfills her journey.

NOTE THIS: You should note this very important exposure – Karma does not just come anyhow anytime, Karma do not come just at random period, no, it comes on a special moment designed by the cosmic principles through our fate. The period of our life when negative Karma’s are given to us is called THE OBSCURED NIGHT, or THE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL. While the period or circle of our life when our positive Karma’s and our Success are made possible is called the GOLDEN DAWN OR A TIME OF ILLUMINATION.
Now according to the illustration given in this article about the woman whose past life was filled with hatred and who was taught unconditional love through her karmic debts, now the three different periods of her life where she had to experience the very thing she did in her past, those three periods of her life was her DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL, or also called THE OBSCURED NIGHT.


A true life story, the story will begin from what happened in the beyond, then down to Earth and back to the beyond, you may want to know how I knew what happened outside of this realm, of coz I know, I was told by the person who had been there, a Master and a onetime teacher of mine.

Once upon a time a certain Soul was about to be given a Crown of Ancestor-hood and Master-hood in the 7th dimension as an Ascended Master due to the level of consciousnesses he has gained while he was on Earth, he had raised his consciousness to the 7th dimension and was qualified to be an Ancestor (an Ascended Master), when he was about to be ordained, one of the Ancestor spirits who was present at that time said, wait! Look at his Akashic Record, this Soul has not known selfless service and humanitarianism. How can he be made a Master when he has not known Service to others, rather his life has always been service to self, and that has been his way, others voted in, stating that he has to go back to the 3rd Dimension, and learn Service to others, he has to know this before he is ordained, if he can go back to the 3rd dimension and live out his life without descending down to then 4th dimension and attracting more karma at the same time if he succeeds in knowing service to others, then he will be qualified to be ordained an Ancestor!

He was sent to a rural area where he was born into a Christian home, though his parents worship at 7th day Adventist Church, that was where he was born into, this man lived his life like a Master and a Philosopher, he was so good to others, he was brought up a farmer, so he worked in the farm, even when he had the chance to study at the university, he refused, he had talents in music but refused to go further, he just choose to remain a normal peaceful human, he feeds from his farm, and the most surprising thing about him is that during harvest he would harvest all his crops and tubers from his farms and then give them all away to the poor and to the widows  in that community.

He was very happy man, greets everybody, loves everyone, he does not care about money, he was so simple and happy, he also refused to marry, neither did he have girl friends or lovers, he does teach people, he would gather a few people and teach them the philosophy’s of life, he was a Sabbath who never fails church services but never did he talked about any Christian God, rather whenever he teaches, he teaches philosophy and not religion, he lived his life keeping all the Christian principles though, but never acted like he was a fanatic, he was just an exemplary life of a Christ.

Now the day his mission came to an end, he woke up that morning, very early, then he took out all the properties he had, and dashed out everything he owned, his lands, his cloths, his bicycle, his everything, including his farm and foods, then that evening, he took his birth, bide everyone goodbye, when they asked, he said that he was about to travel, people did not understand, then he dressed up and happily laid down and sang a sweet melody, then left his body and that was all.

That was how a great Soul left this Earth.

While he was being mourned, he in the beyond was accepted by the Ancestors on the 8th dimension this time, he had risen above the 7th dimension after his recent deeds on Earth, he was now in the 8th dimension, and here he was ordained an Ancestor!

I guess you got the meaning of the story, this was really a true life story and the man in question is from my place, from my home town, in Ahoada West.

That is how Karma works, look, when you pretend to neglect the karmic principles then that is where you make a big mistake, because I know those who claim to be atheists and who don’t believe in karma talk-less of knowing karma or experiencing it, they claim it’s just a myth, others say it sucks, then a little few claim it is manmade, when I see such people, I laugh because I know that sooner or later, they will find out how real karma really is, and by then, they must have attracted so much karmic debts  to themselves, because karma does not care if you believe in her or not, she just keeps on doing her job.

“Karma does not need to be believed, she needs to be realized and experienced”.

Knight Fredel

However, you will agree with me that each time you come out of a big burden or frustration, you always get better than you used to be, check it out, flash back your life and you will see I am telling the truth. But when your burdens and frustrations remains in one place and keeps coming back and you keep moving in one circle, then it means your karma’s are unsolved, if it’s not karma then it’s your lack of connection with your element, I know exactly what I am saying, because I have worked with hundreds of persons, and I have looked into their Akashic, and whenever I do, I feel what they feel, and I experience their pains for some minutes, if they have one…

To make karma resolve quickly, don’t attempt or be tempted to use any charm to aid yourself. It will worsen matters for you.
Let us for instance say, your karma is right in front of you, using charms is like pushing it forward a bit, the thing about pushing your karma forward is, no matter how far you push it to, it will always remain there for you to meet up with it, your life is always in movement, so if you push it front, you will meet it when you get there, and when you do, that karma will no longer remain the way it was, it will get bigger than it was, this is because of the consequences of using charms to run away from your responsibility, so with that said you will now agree with me that those who use too much charms in their lives always end up suffering, there is a stage you will reach, even charms will no longer be able to push your karma forward anymore.

This is why many Dibias always find a way to take advantage of you, when you meet them, the only thing they will tell you is, you are water, and your elemental spirits are angry with you, or your agwu needs appeasement that’s why you surfer, or, your enemies are after you, then the next thing is, blood blood blood, animal sacrifices.

Some people I have met always say “fuck karma“, this is because they don’t understand how the universe works, our Ancestors did, so why shouldn’t we, for some persons:

All they want is to get what they want right now, and damning the consequences, but they forgot that, if they did not damn the consequences in their past, they wouldn’t have been in this present mess which they are about to run away from again by damning the very same consequences that put them in that mess!

What an elder sees while sitting down, even if the child stands on an Iroko tree, he will still not see it. AF’RAKAN PROVERB


Thus, many people disagree with karma because they want to get their desires manifesting right now, but they do not know that if their karma is resolved, they will surely get it as long as their Elements are fully in connection with them, there are no shortcuts in Spirituality, all you need is to stay clean and stay positive.


Open your heart and accept that thing that happened to you, ACCEPTANCE IS THE BEST WAY TO DEAL WITH KARMA. I don’t mean to accept it up like you eating all the stew in a white rice and leaving the rice stewless, 😆 na, if you want to accept then ACCEPT IT whole heartedly,


When you do this, and when you truly learn from it, and when you remain calm and happy with yourself, because you not just believe in karma rather YOU KNOW IT’S YOUR KARMA WORKING ITSELF OUT, so because of such awareness you will now give it time to fade off on its own while you remain calm. When you do, then you will just see how your entire life will begin to take a different route.

Some of my sincere and serious seekers and students who follow my teachings and who study their Monthly Discourse with passion and transparency have all tried this, and it’s perfectly working for them. Are you willing to try? Or are you still confused?

Thus, that is the very basic step on how to work out your karma. There are no other ways because any way outside this one will only attract you more negative karma than a positive one. Unless the process you wish to follow is the more advanced process, but I cannot give that here, you can always begin with this very first step which is also included in the advanced procedures on resolving your karma.

In order to learn the advanced karma resolving meditation, that has to be studied in our advanced class (Awake Afraka Mystery School)

Apart from other smaller spiritual problems you may have, I know that the major one causing you sleepless night most times is your karma. And many of you, instead of resolving it, you go to native doctors and add more to your karmic load😊 that is not good.

Now do you know that most people think that they understand this karma but the truth is they take it the wrong way? This is why when I am passing this mystical knowledge to my students, I always tell them to read one sentence at a time, they must read it gradually and meditate on it if really enlightenment and spiritual awakening is what they seek, not just reading very fast and jumping to the next paragraph.

If they do, they will always have it at the back of their mind in whatever thing they do, if they want to eat, they will remember it, if they want to bath, they will remember karma, that’s funny but that’s what I do so that I only work out my past life’s karma without attracting any new ones at all. And one good thing about being a LIGHT WORKER is that sometimes you get to work out your karma from an astral realm’s alternate reality where the karmic board has prepared for you.

And most times if you are fully connected with your element, and if it is important for you to work it out from an Alternate reality, then they will make it possible through the help of your Light Worker/Priest, and it will really feel so real that you will not realize that it’s a lucid dream until you awaken here. But this does not happen all the time to people unless it is triggered by a Light Worker who wants to help someone if it is accepted by the Greater Good of all.
This is why many people I know now aspire to become a Light Worker, but don’t aspire to become a Light Worker because being a Light Worker is something you have to be chosen by your Ancestors and those who sent you to earth in the first place.


May this light add more unto yours, and may your path be illuminated.

Read carefully, read gradually, and stay safe…

Blessed be

Knight Fredel


COVER PICTURE BY: Jadranka C Grbic

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