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Our fear of death affects us more than we think.

Once upon a time, it was the very Third time I had an astral projection, on that day I could see our reality so clear, this made me realize that humans only experience 1% of their reality using their objective senses., this means that your eyes can only see 1% of the entire reality, the remaining 99% is not seen by almost everyone. And that also mean that there are so many things we are not seeing, but yet exist around us. It is only when you begin to tap into your higher consciousness that you begin to experience more of your reality. And as it stands, those things that you cannot comprehend at this level will appear to you as Light.

Now, on the day I had this experience, I was in my alter and it was raining, back then my alter was in Omoku, and I was lying down after a bath, it was 2pm, and note here that; back then, at the exact time I carried out this successful astral projection, there was this fight in Omoku between some cultists and co, so I was just lying down on that faithful day and just then it began to rain, I decided to continue my Kundalini exercise which I began the previous day or so, I actually used a herbal substance I was given by a Master of mine back then, this herb was just allowed to be used ones when ones Kundalini Serpent proves too stubborn to rise to the crown.

Ok mine did proved stubborn of cause, it will rise to my heart chakra and it will stop, so I used that herb like a day before this very D-day, now as I lay down, and relaxed my body to let it rest in order for me to rise or shift a bit above my body in order to let the Kundalini begin to rise up to my crown chakra.


Ever since I began training in order for my Kundalini to rise, it always does rise just that it stops the moment it gets to my heart chakra like I said above, however on this day it happened that the twin energy, feminine and masculine sides of the Kundalini began to rise up, to my surprise it crossed my heart chakra, and went further and finally  to my crown and the moment the both masculine and feminine energy met at the crown of my head, I blanked off, saw nothing else but light, after what seemed to be like minutes, I was now freely able to stand above my body, it felt like I was at the ceiling of my room, looking down at my body on my bed.

Now it was still raining outside from that Astral realm I was, after a while,  I decided to land right on the floor with my feet not still touching the floor even if I tried as much as I can to make it touch the floor, it still refused to, it felt weird though as I walked pass the wall on the air into my compound, I could feel very light and whenever I jump up I would hang there in the air, as if I were on the Moon, I could go up and up or down when I attempt to walk on the ground, I again discovered that my legs were not still touching the ground, yet I was still walking.

Now as this is about Death and the Afterlife, we are trying to seek for answers, to know where that hell fire can be found, or heaven as well, but with the look of things, there was none, it’s just levels of consciousness all the way through.

And there is no much difference between “the death of a man and a man’s Out of Body Experience (OBE)”, apart from the fact that; in an OBE, we are in control of our Astral body (where it goes, how far it goes, and when it returns back to the body).

Again, in an OBE, our physical body isn’t yet dead, and also the silver cord, which connects the Astral body with the Physical body isn’t yet caught off and neither was (is) it in anyway disconnected from the physical body.

But then, every other experience one has during an OBE is exactly the same experience one who dies experiences too, how do I know? It is because I have died before.

As I was saying, it was like I was just floating in the air, when I decided that maybe I should come out to Ahoada road in the same Omoku, I just had to think of that location I wanted to visit and boom! I was there, so there was no need of trekking, just think of Port Harcourt and you are there, this is why they say time is an illusion, because it doesn’t exist outside the physical world, but there is no doubt it exists here in the physical world unlike what other teachers may say…

Ok in Ahoada road, here I suddenly saw more people and more buildings, portals and openings into other realities and space not seen before while in my body, more technologies or what exactly do I call them? Of cause they are techs, and more different kind of humans, and more humans I know do not, or no longer exists in this our physical world, they were so many.

I went into my friends shop in that Ahoada road, and I saw him attending to customers and clients, I then talked to him and he did not hear me, right inside his shop was another opening, I decided to follow this opening because I knew that moment that he isn’t or wasn’t that spiritual so he couldn’t sense my presence, and this opening or portal were never visible to the objective consciousness/physical eyes.

As I approached this opening, I saw a staircase that led downwards, and it was so wet and kind of damp and old with those greenish particles that grow on blocks/walls due to a longer exposure to so much water.

And Note; this stairs goes downwards towards the back side, also note that this my friends shop has a stair case originally at the front of this shop building, thus, the stairs in the front exists truly in our physical world, but this other stairs inside my friends shop that leads downwards towards the back side does not exist in our own physical world. It’s rather a portal, because it never led me to the back of the building in our physical world, instead it leads to an entirely different reality, and how weird can this be?

Now as I walk into this staircase, each step I take down the stairs I feel a sudden force pulling me down and so fast like am descending, I followed on till I got to the other side, now at the other side I could see my dad’s elder sis who just died two weeks back before this OBE, she was the very first person I saw over there the moment I came into that reality from that stair case.

Again, I could see that she was looking much younger. Now she was smiling and that reminded me of something, in my Spiritual studies, back then in one of my Temple Degrees, we were made to understand that if you are older and you died, once you get into the other astral realm, one can adjust their face to look the way they once were in the days when they looked their finest, so it was so clear that this was exactly what she did!

As I came out more into that reality, I saw 3 boys or more, I can’t get then exact figure for now, they wore boxers only, and they were looking confused, and sad, I wanted to talk to them but I was so excited about the things I was seeing, for instance the ancient cars packed by the side of the road or should I call it street? In this reality, the corner buildings all looked ancient but ok, like a ghost town really, then looking at the far front I could see that the road was going further and narrow, the more I go the more I see the light, and the more bright I become too.

This reminds me of something I learnt some time ago, we were told that our world here in this physical reality was once a 4th dimensional reality, this was back then, many thousands of years ago, but something happened and the frequency was reduced so low to a 3.3 dimensional reality, thus I wondered, maybe after reducing the dimension of our planet here at this physical realm, maybe the houses and cars and objects that were 4 dimensional all remained in that 4th dimensional world, and so we who are now in a 3rd dimensional body, living in a 3rd dimensional reality will be unable to comprehend or even see them talk less of touching them unless we leave our body.


And there are so many other beings I could see in that 4th dimension which some call the astral realm, then I taught my consciousness was only able to comprehend the 4 dimension, until I realized also, that as at that day, I was actually evolved to the 7th dimension, and since my consciousness has evolved to that 7 dimension, that was why I could see anything from 4 dimension up to 7 dimension. Although today I am beyond that dimension, ok let’s proceed.

While I was looking around, seeing and observing the reality, I then stopped, and pinched myself, I did not feel pain, I pinched myself no paid, then when I taught about the pain as in “I supposed to feel pain na”, the moment I said that, immediately the pain came, then a female voice whom I later discovered is my guardian said to me, go back the way you came, your time on earth isn’t done, if you cross this road, your silver cord will be caught off and that would be goodbye, so I returned exactly the same way I came, and got to the stairs, saw the boys again, they really look like they were beaten, saw my Aunt again, when I wanted to go through the stairs she stopped smiling, but I had to ignored her this time and walked up, each step I took seemed like I was ascending upwards, that was the feelings like.

So that being said, this experience of mine proved to me that there is no hell fire outside this reality and you only feel pain if you truly believe and fear the existence of that very thing. So if you fear hell, you will die and go to a hell of your own making, because the astral realm will create hell for you exactly the same way you taught it to be.

If you go to the astral realm today and open your third eyes, you will be able to see that there are so many types of Jesus over there, the different pictures and images created by the many different faiths all are recreated in the astral realm.

So, the only things I have seen outside this reality are realms upon realms, and each realm has another opening that leads to another.

Dimensions upon dimensions, that’s all you will find, the world or realm slightly above our physical world is the 4th dimension or the Astral Realm, in this reality is where you find people who are believers and who have lots of loads of karmas to resolve, you pass this reality before you ascend upwards, though you can experience every other reality from one place, all you need is raise your consciousness to that level.

Now according to my narrations here, those 3 boys wearing boxers and looking confused where still alive as at the time I went on that exercise, but it was during that exercise on Kundalini awakening and OBE that those boys were killed by the JTF, because as I came back to this reality, I checked my FB page and saw on my newsfeeds pictures of same boys, according to the reports, they were killed few minutes ago and dumped at Omoku civic centre for people to come and see in order to identify them.

That was how I knew that they were not wanderers, they were recently lost souls, and yes, they were all wearing those boxers I saw

So, when I see a religions person say, oh hell is real, I begin to remember these experiences, and I smile, there is no such thing as hell fire, even the bible did not speak of hell fore, rather the bible spoke of hell, which means suffering, trial, tribulation, etc.


Back in the days, in order to be ordained a Knight in an ancient Mystical Organization, name withheld, but its members were also known as Templar’s, they had each person tested after many years of studies, and during this tests, before you pick that name KNIGHT OF THE COSMIC MA, You must first have to die.

And it is when you die that you will be made to face your fears, if you can defeat that fear, then you will return, if you do not defeat that fear, you will die permanently.

And when you wake up successfully, then you will be asked to RISE, KNIGHT OF THE COSMIC MA. This same process of initiation and Ordaining was also used by the Igbo Ancestors whenever they wish to Ordain a DIBIA, but today anyone who just buys and imports a  blood sucking mediums and wears red cloth has become a Dibia, back then a DIBIA MUST DIE and RESURRECT before you can be called a DIBIA…



Now back to the ritual before the ordaining of a Knight/Dibia, see, during this ritual you are asked to willingly step into the triangle with an 8 by the center, drink a substance containing a herb which helps easily separate the physical body from the Astral body, so that one will temporary die, when you die, then everything you feared, is what you will see, if you fear snake so much, then you will wake up there with thousands of snakes all around you, and on your body, then it will be left for you to face that fear so you can ascend into the 5th Dimension, ones you have crossed over, you will return into your body

Yes, that is the right thing to do, if you remain in the 4th dimension as a Dibia, you will end up killing fowl and all those negative things they do out there today, meanwhile as we must know, our Af’rakan Ancestors didn’t get to the height they reached by just killing fowl and goats, and offering such sacrifices. They were advanced in many ways.

So after the training, you undergo that process then are ordained by your Masters, you know, you have to cross over, so you can proceed on the journey to a higher level of consciousness

It is at that point that those who still believe in hell fire will now see their own hell fire burning them, and those who feel that they are going to go to heaven, it is then that they will find themselves in a heaven of their own making, some will be carried away that they will remain in that fantasy world, for years, which is just minutes here on earth, in those days the masters will not help you, but in our time, if you don’t return after 8 minutes, they will use an antidote and release you so that you will not die physically, because if the brain dies after 8 minutes, then you will die.

But then if you are released, you will be banished from the organization, meaning that you will not be ordained a Knight, and that means that you will not be accepted into the advanced degree of the organization WHICH IS WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO LEARN THE MAJOR SUBJECTS THAT WOULD MAKE YOU AN ADVANCED SPIRITUALIST, AND FOR THOSE WHO ARE CALLED TO BE A LIGHT WORKER, IT IS AT THIS ADVANCED STAGE THAT YOU COME TO THAT REALIZATION…

SO what happens when we die, this is it, it takes three days for an advanced Soul to leave, day one, he loses his body, then remains there inside that body, while his subconscious begins to show him pictures of his past actions not from other life time but from this life, it begins from the day he was born, up to his 7th birthday, all the experiences he had from then down to that day that he died, he sees them all, like a dream, when it is done, he judges himself by himself, then rises above his body, then sees his people crying, that is the second day, he tries to communicate with them through dreams, and all that, then on the 3rd day, he  is taken and escorted by his guardian who will take him back through the Element he was born of, then arrive his reality, there he will begin preparation for what’s next, either to return and correct his mistakes, or to return and pay for the wrong he did so that he too can learn from both side, let him see how that thing he did to others taste too.

Some other Souls have their own procedures, all Souls are not on earth for the same reason, and some are considered more special and came for something more different so their leaving will be different from the regular Soul as listed above.

But there are those who don’t leave at all, who still hovers around from the 4th dimension, and there are those who the moment they die here, they switch into an alternate reality created by themselves, that reality looks exactly like here and if they were sick, they wake up there one morning so health and recover, begin their daily activities, sees their loved ones, everything goes on well, not realizing that they are currently existing in an alternate reality created by their subconscious, but they sometimes come out of it with time.

So, where do we go after we die?

Some say we walk through a tunnel of light, and ones you pass through our memories are wiped. That is not true, a lot more happens after we cross over, not just that, and our memories are not wiped, we are just given a temporary amnesia, this is because “IN IGNORANCE MAN ERRS, AND IN SAME IGNORANCE WILL MAN BE REDEEMED”.

Well I have now answered your question a bit further, but then, this is just the beginning, there are more to come as I will be publishing the PART THREE of this article in few days, do well to ask your questions so that I will make sure I answer them on the next article.

The thoughts on DEATH and RESURECTION is really deep, and can fill up a book, but I am, though not giving you the full ting, but at least what I give you can make you realize the truth and if you want more, then you are free to join my class as one of my student so you can be taught to the deepest.

With Love,

I am your mystery Teacher, KNIGHT FREDEL









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