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Knight Fredel wrote:

Before you learn to turn on a machine, first learn to turn it off……


Greetings and welcome to another edition of our weekly magazine articles, and on today’s studies, we will be talking about Spells.

These days so many newbie’s, who do not believe that they are novice have been going into things that is destroying their lives, unconsciously they use these charged words thinking that it will make them invoke riches or command their wishes and it ends up striking them back, without their knowledge they awaken something within which ends up becoming a danger to their lives, or they unknowingly invoke an entity and they don’t know how to close, revoke or banish them.

And that is what they do not know, or are not patient enough to take their time to learn so that they can understand; I always tell my students that before they learn to turn on the machine, they should first of all know how to put it off, or at least look for the button that can be used to put it off. This same principle also works with Spells and Charged words,

Spells are not for fun, and should never be joked with, some mystery schools only pass on Spells to their students at the advanced level or degree of their studies, and they spend many years learning how to banish entities and spiritual beings and deities, some do not know why they always teach banishing before they teach invocation, this is just what I have been saying, the masters know quite well that you must understand how to put of a machine before you learn to put it on, a wise person reading this will understand why.

However, as a matter of fact I will be teaching you about Spells today and everything you need to know about it. Some of you may already feel like you know what Spells are or what charged words are but the truth is, there may still be one or two things you may have lacked in the definition and understanding, and here on this page I may have the missing pieces, like I always do.

So I will start with the definition before I go further into the advanced discourse, although what I am exposing here is and will always remain exoteric, and not esoteric, if you need the esoteric aspect of the knowledge shared herein (that is the most sacred and deeper aspect of this knowledge which is the deeper aspect of our Spiritual knowledge) then you have to register and join my class. Become one of my students and I will teach you all you need to know about this topic, but first, I will teach such at the right degree, and I will begin by training you on the art of banishing entities, before we learn to cast spells..

One thing I have learnt from many persons out there is that they have so much pride, that pride does not allow them to seek deeper, after they succeed in one or two exposures, they end up feeling like they have gained the world, not realizing that spiritual knowledge is very deep, and most of the spiritual paths they subscribed to are not African-friendly, meaning that, they are cultured by the whites and they are not compatible with our tradition, however, ours is freshly created to suit the African way, to teach without removing anything from the course just like the various other so called mystery schools do, yes they emit a lot of things for the African jurisdiction and chapters of their schools but then they teach the truth and everything only to their people, I have been members of such organizations and I know exactly what I am saying because I have been member of such organization…

So when reading or studying from my page, read with an open mind, not a closed one, so that the Light, as shared in this pages will be illuminated on your path.



Spells and charged words

Back in the days of our Ancestors, there were these special words used in special languages which were passed down to them by the Gods, these words and special languages are referred as special because they have been charged by the Gods to undertake certain task, when these words are said or chanted, the Entity’s respects them, and the sound of such words vibrated on a particular tune or key has the power to carry out a particular task, the Star gates, or Portals can be opened using a spell, also, an advanced spiritualist can create a spell of his making, and make a particular task respond to it when ever it is casted rightly, but to learn how to do this, one needs to be very very advanced, because there are so many other things involved in spell making, so at your level, you should first of all, learn the already made spells, and learn them at the right time.

You know when you have a phone, and you create a password to lock that phone, that is one of the reasons why spells are made, to protect certain things, just like inside my alter, I have always know there is an opening right in that room leading somewhere else (another reality), but can only be visible from the 4th dimension, however, I still believe if the right spells are chanted from this 3rd dimension, I know there would be something, because right there is an ancient site of my ancestors, and lots of spiritiual activities were carried out right on that spot.

But then, some of these were locked up by spells, so you can see that the spells are called passwords because it also works as such.

There is this saying that goes like: our words are spells and whatever we say are same thing as casting spells in our paths, that’s not true, spells are not same thing as spellings, do not subscribe to corrupt knowledge, spells are special words, and are not just anyhow words, just because the English language borrowed a lot of words and two words look alike does not mean that they mean the same thing.


Yes people abuse Spell’s a lot today, for they think its fun reading out Spell’s especially those written in ancient languages, they never knew that as they are calling out such words they awakening something somewhere or within, especially if the spell they casted isn’t just a spell used for locking something, maybe its a spell they use in invoking an entity or a sort of spiritual being, and it takes only an adept in this craft to reverse whatever they do or did to themselves.

I once had a student whom I found out has been reading the 7th Book of Moses, and at that time I saw others rushing to buy this same book too, this particular student of mine, that was before he became my student though, he had made his life so useless by just reading out those spells from that book.

You know some people have chosen to believe in nothing, they call themselves Atheists, they say there is no such thing as spirituality and also nothing like spiritual powers, this means that they do not believe in spells either, ok.

That my student, though as at then he wasn’t my student, he as a die-hard Atheist, thus in his mind, he taught he was just reading an ordinary book for the sake of knowledge and fun at the same time, he was just interested in reading many books of such because he is aware that this book is and was hidden from the public, and from the Sunday School class, so he wanted to know why, and he taught he would find out why by just reading through the pages of the book. Again he confessed he also wanted to post on his Facebook status about the book as in, bashing the religion of Christianity, oh that was his plan, but it turned out rough.

Now let me use this time out to tell you something before I proceed, listen carefully, being awake is not all about bashing churches and Christianity on social medias, its about waking up completely and activating all dormant psychic centers, because those religious books were all plagiarized from an older scrolls and tablets all having their origin in Africa and Sumer, so why bash them? they were rewritten, and some things were added to make them suit their religion, but then there are certain passages that are still untouched till date.

Thus the books are not the problem, the problem is the religion itself, and those misguiding their members in the name of preaching, however, we do not go about cursing them online, by doing that we call for war and it will make those who are still brainwashed to see you as negative, or darkness, they will think you are coming to take their faith away, and you know that is not true, but when you awaken truly, and be spiritually awake as explained above, then you can teach or talk to them in truth, and that truth is what they will use in listening to you, not fights, not war, not curses, all those will only bring more negative energy and the purpose will be lost.

However, this particular book was hidden from the Bible and the Koran, as well as the Torah, because of the Spells written therein, such spells have their uses, especially those in this very book of Moses are used for invoking Demons, but then he doesn’t believe in such powers so he went ahead to read on.

As he did read the book, he unknowingly invoked so many entities including what I may call demons, he did this without knowing what he was doing, in his mind since he is not seeing them physically so it’s not working, not realizing the principles of spirituality, and not realizing that there are realities upon realities above ours and the only thing that separates them from another are their frequencies, and the one slightly above ours is the one the deities arrive at, and it requires one with a pacified third eye to see them since those realities all share the same space with ours, the only thing is they vibrate at a very much higher frequency than ours, and that is why some of us cannot see them physically.

I have been teaching about the Christian Bible, the Koran and the Torah, stating that they are all taken from an older texts written by our Ancestors and rewritten by the invaders, and I remember saying that the first book of Moses, down to the fifth in the Bible are all written in Allegories, and metaphors so that the uninitiated and uninformed will not be confused or end up summoning deities they are not prepared for, let’s take the book of Psalm for instance, that book is a book of Spells, but why it’s not 100% active is because they (the whites) have rewritten it and translated as well as transliterated the passages from its original language into theirs which has no base in spirituality. if you want the original spells in the book of Psalm, then re-translate them back to Latin or Hebrew.

Thus by changing the passages from its original ancient tongue to English, the Spells in Psalms lost their originality and so cannot work perfectly unless you begin reading or chanting them from their real ancient language and on the right Key and Octave.

Thus, this book in question (the seventh book of Moses) is an ancient book of spells used for summoning entity’s and deities of different types including those ones you call demons as stated above, now when you call those words of Spells as directed, you will be invoking those deities to come to you, and that book does not exactly tell you why and what you are invoking, and it doesn’t also tell you how to banish it too because it was written for professionals, not neophytes, so whatever you invoke through that Spell will surely remain with you, and lots of them can come into your life and bring you dark energies and bad lucks, some of those demons can make one run mad if one does not banish it after invocation, especially when you invoke them for no reason.

So as I was saying, the young man unknowingly summoned lots of Demons to himself, and he doesn’t know how to banish them, from the day he read those spells out loud in its original ancient language, those entities came up to him, that night according to him he had lots of nightmares, some are filled with dark shadows hovering around him and pressing on him, and so on, he could hear whispers in his ears when he is awake, and all these makes him uncomfortable, he also finally began to lose much amount of money’s in his business, and nothing about him seems to work anymore, and his life was going off timeline, his lady whom he was supposed to marry suddenly became sex addict and doing it with his friends, and causing problems for him and finally breaks up.

It was after she broke up from his life that she came back to her senses and began to regret everything and all her actions, this got him thinking and that was how he found this page and wanted to join my Advanced Class, he was registered of cause, but then, after the first months discourse, he brought the issue of his life struggles to me, after checking on his Akashic record, I could see and realized what he had done to himself, thus I suggested banishing and cleansing rites, and after that, the book must never be opened again, the books original language was Hebrew.

This has been happening to many other people, they think since they are awake thus they can just read any ancient book they choose, some claim on social media that they do not need a teacher, they say they can research and learn on their own, stating that the knowledge is within them, oh yes I am not refusing that, but then, that is always how they end up destroying themselves, because they had no one to guard them through the stages of Spiritual awakening.

Spells are just like a password to something, or to command an energy field and to make it happen, some mystery schools I know calls them passwords, and you must never ever pronounce them just like that, they all have their uses, as explained above, just like our planets have energy centers all over which can be opened as a portal and which can take one into another star system or another location within seconds.

There are certain spells which can not work unless you have grief and anger in your heart, and there are those which works only when you have love and happiness within, you must feel that happiness and love before you cast such, and many of you out there are feeling depressed and angry about life, imagine bombing into such spell which requires such dark energy within, and you cast it, that moment you make mention of that spell in that angry and sad mode, or grief/depressed mode, that moment the spell will be casted, and you will unknowingly awaken something somewhere, without realizing it.

Or maybe you were filled with so much excitement, and at that moment of happiness, you cast such spell that requires such mode, you could at that moment invoke something or open something that may affect you negatively if you do not do something fast.

Thus there are energy centers in our body’s which I can say serves similar purposes as the portals and energy centers in our planet, and there are spells which temporary opens up one or two of those energy centers and if the person is not careful, some lower entities can pass through such opened energy centers in his or her body and with such passage he or she will be possessed by that entity, thus anything he does will be done under the influence of that entity that possessed him or her. That is one very way people get themselves possessed or attached with an external entity or being.


Some of my readers have always asked me this question, and I kept telling them no, the reason why I say no is because they had to get to a particular stage in their Spirituality before they can be able to create a Spell, and to create a Spell, the person has to create an energy field that works with that Spell, it’s like programming an application for your computer systems and when we do that, we make sure the program or app we have created is compatible with the current Windows our systems are running on, that is the procedures we also have in mind when creating a spell of our own.

But I will not delve so deep on this procedures, because I would not like to expose something I should have kept secret until the student is ready, so the straight answer to this question is yes, you can create your own spell, but to do that you must be very much advanced in this craft to be able to create a fresh spell.


The thing is, I know of four languages used for spells, in, but two out of these four are the major languages passed on to our ancestors for the purpose of spiritual communication with entities, and spirit beings, those two languages are understood by 90% of the Spiritual entities and even demons. and those two languages does not belong to any particular tribe or people, as you may have been made to believe.

I know you will be wondering what language I am talking about, ok let me quench your thirst, the language is Hebrew and Latin, the other two that made it four is the ancient Kemetic language and the ancient Sumerian languages.

Take a moment and think deeply before you conclude, I know many persons thinks that Latin is owned by the Vatican and Hebrew is owned by the Israelites, the Jews. So whenever they see these languages, they remove interest, but today you must know that both languages are African by origin, and used only within the confide of the mystery schools and by the Masters and the Priests and Priestesses for their spiritual works and Spells for communicating with the Spirits and other Entities etc.

Although those in the Sumer were the very Masters who used more of Latin, and in Africa, especially the Ancient Kemetic Mystery School, Hebrew, known as Habiru was used back then only within the temples, not a general language, same to Latin.

But today the whites have claimed these languages and refuse to tell you the secret behind them, Latin for instance does not belong to any tribe, it’s the language of the gods and the spirits/goddess., it’s not the language of man, and it was the survivors from the lost continent of Atlantis that brought some of them down to Kemet during the times of their search for land and where to stay.

The Hebrew language is another mystical language with its origin may not be in Egypt (ancient Kemet), but it was used within the temples and the mystery schools by masters and priests/priestess, and as a matter of fact each Hebrew letter has a deeper meaning and a mystical/secrets hidden therein, those who hate religion and have created hatred in their heart will not be able to find this secret because to them it now belongs to the Jews and the Christians.

Although, that is the major reason why they hid it there in the first place, and when you say it’s now owned by the Jews, then you miss it, you not just miss the knowledge hidden therein, you miss the fact that our own people have were the first to use it, and middle east was all part of Africa before the map of our continent was redrawn.

Those languages were passed on by the Gods unto man, our Ancestors. Same with Latin, which has existed even before Africa was founded by our Ancestors, I repeat; this languages were not owned by any tribes or people, it was owned by the gods and was passed down to man for spiritual purposes and not for general communication purposes, this is why spells were written and created with them as stated above.


Spells and charged words by Knight Fredel

Spells are used during rites and rituals, when one needs to invoke or banish an entity, or a spirit being, or when one wants to communicate with them entities, that is when one needs Spell’s, again you can use your Spell to open your Chakras temporally, and also, to command your wish, or to seal off a ritual, or to make something lock up so that negative energies will no longer be able to come near, or like I myself when I charge a ring for a client, as I send that ring to him through postal services, before I do, I must first of all place a Spell on it to make sure it cannot be tampered with as various hands will be touching it before it will finally get to the owner.

When something bad happens to you, and you know it is caused by an external force, you can use a spell you know for that purpose to cast it off, or, maybe there is a bad entity 9juju) sent to you to destroy you like thy do to me so often, all you need is a strong spell made for thatpurpoise, cast it and it runs away..

Spells are not casted alone, and are not casted the same way, you need mystical symbols to add up with the spells in some, at certain times you may need a substance or some metal rod to conjure the energy, that will act like the wands, there are many ways one casts a spell, it all depends on that kind of spell or the purpose of that spell, it is the purpose of that spell that will determine how you will cast it.

Ok, although there may be other few uses of spells not listed here, however, when you use spells without knowing what that particular spell is for, then you are abusing it, there are different spells with its own uses and its own purpose, so you must not just use a spell you are not aware of or just call it out, just because you can read and you seek to know and be aware of certain knowledge, no you don’t do that

Finally, if you wish to learn Spells and Charged words, and all those, then you must learn to start from the scratch and learn the basics in Spirituality, this craft is wide and must not be taken for granted, if this is what you want, then go on, but do it the right way, do not rush, it’s very important you start from the basic, this is why I have an Advanced class with its specially written Awake Afraka E’zine Discourse, it’s a Discourse for all my students, to begin the path with guidance and love, to be there so that they can be trained on the craft and given all the keys and tools they require to make them fully packaged, the Spells will not be given to them at a start, I first of all teach them what they need to know about Spells, and then teach them how to banish entities and finally then teach them the use of spells, but these are from an advanced class, not the neophyte.

I know a lot of people go into Spirituality just to seek ways to solve their problems thus they rush, if you do this, you will be like a child lost in a maze, no matter what, take your spiritual journey one step at a time, and I promise you that you will enjoy this path and become the happiest one day, I know this because I have seen a lot of persons on this path, trained them and I know how it all ends, some who succeed at last follow this basic steps, and those whop fail, are the ones I call rushians (people who rush to much, and when they don’t see changes in their business after a month or two they quit, and when they do, they loose it all)

Ok I hope that this topic today has added a Light unto your path, and if you read carefully, you will understand the purpose of this article is to enlighten you about spells, and teach you what it is and what its used for and why, the do’s and don’ts, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email or chat me on my Whatsap line here, or my Whatsap on +2349132816928.

Or you can also drop your comments below on what you think about this article.

May the Light and Blessings always be

Baruch Bashan! Baraka Bashad!!

Knight Fredel


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