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As the years go by we all begin to loose a lot of our own historical events especially now that most African high schools decided to remove history from their study-subjects. Think about it, this is why this website is here. To give you that history which you were not taught in schools. Both our fallen heroes, African inventors and those who were abused by these white fellows all in the name of slave trade.

The point here isn’t to create hates in the minds of blacks, this is not for the sake of finger pointing and blame games as none of those will do us any good in making Af’raka better. This is for the purpose of enlightenment,, to show us a whole lot of past that wasn’t included in history. This is to prove to you that the history you know was/is a lie. A lot of events taught in schools to have taken place never actually did happen, many were self written to make some certain race look and appear superior to the other while certain credits are given to those who did nothing but destroy peaceful homes.

Now let us take a stroll backwards many centuries ago to find this poor black soul that was humiliated for a reason not yet known.

Her name was. Sara Baartma. Born in 1789 in the Eastern Cape Town of modern-day South Africa, she was well known because of her famous large buttocks, She was exhibited as a freak show attraction in the 19th century Europe.

Sara Baartman’s large buttocks and unusual colouring made her the object of fascination by the colonial Europeans who presumed that they were racially superior to the black race and therefore can use any black of their choice as an object of amusement and caricature. So bad and so sad.

She (Sarah Baartman) was taken to London where she was displayed in a cage like a zoo animal in the streets of Piccadilly, a street that was filled with oddities, idiosyncrasies and all sorts of funny habits.

English men and women paid heavily to see Sara’s half naked body displayed in a cage that was about a metre and a half high.  She was treated like a zoo animal. She became an attraction for people from the various parts of Europe. She was indeed popular but abused, people paid to watch her naked body yet she wasn’t paid or given any percentage, she was just so abused emotionally and sexually. She also never had the chance to see her family again.

Sara Baartman died in poverty in Paris; she died of an inflammatory disease on the 29th of December 1815.

After her death, her body was dissected and her remains were still displayed for the same purpose of amusement. For more than a century and a half, visitors to the Museum of Man in Paris could view her brain, skeleton and genitalia as well as a plaster cast of her body.

Her remains were returned to South Africa in 2002 and she was finally buried in the Eastern Cape Town on on August 9, 2002 during the South African’s Women’s Day Celebration. Her full name was Saartijie Baartman.

May the great Cosmic Mother compensate her in a perfect way for the sufferings and humiliation she passed through in the hands of those who feel superior to other race.
May Af’raka rise again! Hotep!!!

Best wishes Af’raka. 

Written by Knight Fredel © 2019

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