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The “Awake Af’raka Community” is an esoteric movement of men and women who dedicate their lives in searching for the Greater Light of Cosmic Wisdom. We are nature scientists and researchers of hidden knowledge of our ancestors.

On the other hand, The Order of Ma’at is the inner path of this organization with the mission and vision to return Ma’at back to Af’raka. Ma’at is the Goddess of truth and justice, a fifth dimensional manifestation of the Cosmic Mother, the Star of the Sea. The doctrine of Ma’at teaches Love, Sincerity, Hope, Faith, Chastity, Duty, Temperance, Fortitude, Truth and Justice, the followers of Ma’at are to observe the two and forty laws of Ma’at which raises ones energy fields and draws us closer to divinity, these laws of were observed by our ancestors, it brings positive karma to its keeper, because it is written that the seed you plant in a neighbors vine yards grows in yours, now imagine everyone planting positive vibrations in the vine yards of others, imagine a version of Africa were people watches over themselves, no betrayals, no service to self but service to others? That was how our ancestors lived and ruled the world before they became greedy, before pride and ego took over and we were conquered. I know the time to return to root is now. So let’s rise and learn to live in harmony with the universal laws which includes the 12 laws of karma, the law of freewill, the law of gratitude and law of none-interference etc. These laws are to assist the students to live in harmony with the Divine intelligence and with the universe bringing them closer to ascension which is the wish of all true mystics and alchemists.


The teachings of Ma’at include training on alchemy and pure spirituality to guide the students on their path to ascension.

The Order of Ma’at started long time ago in Kemet (ancient Egypt) then spread to other parts of Africa; it was later abandoned after the fall of the children of the Sun.

A world without Ma’at is hell. For these reasons and more we are returning Ma’at. Some few mystery schools today touch a bit of the knowledge of Ma’at but we are returning every bit of it, thanks to our connection to the Egyptian mystery school, we have been handed over certain ancient manuscripts containing these knowledge, added to our researches and through the communion with the goddess these knowledge are being put together as “Discourses”, to be handed down to those whom are true seekers, not impostors.


All members of this sorority (sisterhood) and fraternity (brotherhood) are hereby meant to pass through the seven portals of wisdom and awakening. In each portal which we call SANCTUM DEGREE, you are exposed to deep esoteric knowledge to awaken you from the matrix in which you have been initiated into since childhood.

The society that you find yourself today conditions you to be who they want you to be by controlling every aspect of your life, transforming you into a robot for the selfish interests of the elites who are the representatives of the dark forces of this world.

We believe that you joined or wishes to join this movement because you long for answers and feel right inside of you that something is wrong with the society you find yourself today. Some of you joined or wants to join because you have the intention of changing and awakening Africa and your society in order to return back to that level we once were before the coming of the missionaries and colonial masters.

However, in order to change the society, that change must first begin with you. This is the reason why this Souls Ascension Program was introduced by this movement, in order to awaken the society, you must first awaken yourself, therefore we teach you spirituality, raise your energy fields and expose the truth about Africa, the truth about your ancestors, the truth which has been hidden from you.


The purpose of this movement is to show you that you do not have a soul; rather, you are a soul who has a body, an avatar, for the purpose of coming down here into this third dimension.

We will have lots of experiments and esoteric topics to share with you.

You will need to pass through self initiations at every passage in order to prove yourself worthy to enter into the next class.

Meditations and various teachings on chakras and energy centers will be taught including knowledge on herbs and healing powers, chants and mantras, vowel sounds and occult powers.


Apart from those, you should be prepared to learn the scientific secrets of this universe for mysticism is all about the sciences which cannot be seen but can be felt.

It is normal AND entirely fine if you disagree with some of our lectures. It’s OK to disagree, but all we know is, our teachings are not based on beliefs, they are based on facts. It is ok to maturely question our teachings, with that you will find more answers. Although when money is involved no matter how little, Africans begin to run away, we expert everything to come free, forgetting the hard works put in by persons in order to get it done, and the money spent to receive these knowledge, the time spent on research and bills etc, a typical black rather pays for sex and drinks, clubbing, than pay to be trained in the part of enlightenment, majority has pride, others rely on their personal philosophy that claims “all knowledge is within them” yet they haven’t unlocked themselves to access them, they haven’t realized yet that knowledge is needed to unlock that knowledge which is within you. Internet search cannot help, such online searches are good to find exoteric knowledge but not esoteric. Only those who haven’t really tasted “deep esoteric knowledge” goes on to call or mistake an exoteric for an esoteric. However, to such persons we let them be by not judging them because they are not ready.

There are those who wants to grab and see manifestations immediately, they study one discourse and expect everything to start turning around. Some wants these even without practical’s which they haven’t crossed.

The only advice here comes from Socrates, he said “the fortunes that comes in a flash, disappears in a flash. Please let’s be guided.


Suns and Sea-Stars, we are not here to make you a believer. We are not a religious movement. We are not looking for your moneys. We are here to make you a knower and to raise your frequencies so that Africa will rise again, and we have started this awakening with ourselves, therefore today we have chosen to spread that Light to you.


For those interested in studying with us on an advanced class, send me messages on whatsap on +2348136464201 or message us on

Visit our Digital Magazine platform websites for more lectures and eye opening articles.


Best wishes and peace on your paths

Written by Knight Fredel © 2019


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