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THE LIES THEY TOLD By Knight Fredel lies

Many things are happening today in the society that the media will not show you. Many TV and radio stations swore to speak the truth but a lot of them today are owned by the government and the majority which are private owned stations have been bought off by the same elites. They shut up their mouths by giving them large donations and so these stations no longer have a say on what is really happening, whatever they wish to broadcast concerning any politician or top government officer first needs to be approved by the government house officials. I have worked in a radio station before and so I know exactly what I am talking about. That procedure of approval before broadcast makes it possible for these events taking place behind the scenes to escape publicity and therefore keeping the society in a continuous state of ignorance. This is what has been going on in the past and still going on today as I write this article. The media has become a tool used by the elites to manipulate the minds of the minority in order to make them think  the way they program them to think and to make them see only the things which they want them to see. The media today is used to make the innocent person appear guilty while the guilty appear innocent.

Recently in Port Harcourt, of Rivers State Nigeria, there is a recent trend going on now from broadcast stations all over the State, the government of Port Harcourt has issued out a sort of guild which over looks and approves or disapproves any advert before it goes on air (whether on internet promo/adverts, or radio/TV adverts) all to make sure they over see and analyze everything before it goes online/on air.

Why are they doing this? Just to make sure they reject anything that exposes them or the government and their secrets.

For instance, if I want to advertise my public lecture, they will analyze it and make sure my subject of discussion will not include any eye opening subjects like extraterrestrials, etc, because such a subject will bring upon a question on religious gods, and lots will be revealed, and for that reason, since the government are not ready to expose such, they still want to control the masses, which by far is their gain, if their masses should realize the truth, they would no longer rely on  them and they would no longer be controlled by politics or religion.


The African culture, history and traditional/spirituality system is not left aside in this case as they have been affected negatively by the media. They have used the media to demonize Af’raka and its culture.

THE LIES THEY TOLD By Knight Fredel lies

I have always asked this question to many film directors but I don’t usually get a good feedback because they don’t sincerely have anything to say.

I mean, why do Nigerian/African film makers demonize their Traditional gods and cultures in their movies. I do tell them that what the movies they produce today are a misconception and a misguidance tool to self destruction created by their low self esteem and ignorance. Through the sales of those movies they are now assisting those who came to conquer Af’raka to obtain their result. I asked, how many Indian movies (Bollywood) have they seen where an Indian traditional priest is being defeated by a foreign priest or preacher?  How many of such movies do they witness India portray a white god as superior to theirs? I mean have they ever seen a Chinese movie where a foreign preacher defeats a Buddha priest? Or has the Indian savior Krishna ever been demonized in their movies? When have we seen Zeus demonized in Hollywood? Why then do we demonize our cultural heritage and traditional priests, gods and goddesses in our movies. Had their been a time when the Hollywood movies presents any of their ancestors and gods in a negative way?

THE LIES THEY TOLD By Knight Fredel lies

Last time I checked on Hollywood and Bollywood movies, mermaids were presented as benevolent beings. Elementals like the fairies were presented as benevolent beings too. But back here in Af’raka, we have assisted the whites to use our media’s to demonize our own culture and spirituality which are supposed to be our root and what makes us stronger. Today all that is thrown away and demonized for the foreign cultures and religion to be promoted. Note: Disconnection from the root is self destruction.


Media is a tool we should be using to improve and repair all that has been demonized and destroyed in order to put back Af’raka, our cultures and spirituality in good light. If we must have a God, then our Gods should look like us. The American gods, the Indian gods, the Chinese gods all look like them. Ours on the other hand should look like us.

When media is misused, it has dangerous side effects. Social media’s for instance is being used today by Nigerians to portray their country in a negative way, showing the rest of humanity how weak and ignorant we are. These are things we need to correct. Nigeria is not the only country with corruption and religious fanatics. Fighting, bashing and writing against ourselves on social media is a way of telling the world how weak you are.


DISCLAIMER: The reader must understand at this point that I am a believer of oneness and none separation of humanity. However, my focus on Af’raka hasn’t changed that, the teachings here on this magazine Articles is to raise the frequency of Af’raka so that they may fit into the frequency of other more advanced races. A website that focuses on humanity as a whole will be created ones this is achieved. It is said that charity begins at home. And that is why I choose to begin in Af’raka. Thank you.


The elites of the various African counties are today using the media to manipulate the minds of the people at the same time covering their ill actions. In order to do this fake lives are now being promoted. Things that will add little or no value to the society is what the media is paid to view to the masses. When the elites are up to something, they sponsor comedies and celebrity gossips, most times they do this by paying some celebrities to stage a divorce or stage a wedding among themselves or a situation whereby a celebrity marries a low class girl or a groundnut seller which will in turn create gist all over the internet, and memes will be created and  so on, all for the purpose of distracting the society from what is really happening. People are still yet to see this truth. Because their minds are trained to accept things without question.

The entire Af’raka has been starved and given peanuts and continuously using the media to program their minds to think and and see materialism as the ultimate reason for coming to earth. The masses has been made to worship money as God and by so doing other universal principles and spirituality are now forgotten. This is happening today and may lead to self destruction. Religion portrayed this explanation I just gave as the symbolic golden calf of the biblical mythology.

Written by Knight Fredel © 2019

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