Although we all are different Souls with different missions and visitations to various planets and from various realms and dimensions, but one thing is clear, some of you have been here before and have made contacts with different persons at different times and stages of your lives, made promises to each other, and finally fate brings you two together ones again to finish what you started.

There are some pending positive or negative karma which you two share together from a past life, and such shared karma’s must be resolved together, or it may also be that you two have an unfinished business which needs to be settled, and again, it is also possible that you two have taken a vow from a past life to never leave each other, that you two will continue to meet life after life till thy kingdom come.

Now such a vow was not a blood oath but a promise powered by a Sexual Energy created by the two of you during love making. I will explain more on this later as we progress.

People always mistake Soul Mates with Twin flame and that wrong impression is what I will correct on this article. Now the above definition is a perfect description of who a Soul Mate is, well, let’s dig in a bit deeper, and let’s settle this ones and for all and one after the other.



Who is your Soul Mate? Is he or she the partner you met by the road side recently whom you asked for her numbers and address and she acted positively to your intention? or the one playing hard to get? Or could she be that girl you recently toasted or maybe that guy that just toasted you some days ago. Who really is your Soul Mate?

In accordance with the arcane knowledge passed down to us by our Ancestors, it states that, Soul Mates, as explained on the first paragraph of this article are people who have met and dated, married, or engaged from a much earlier past life, and as things may be, they unfortunately left each other or were separated abruptly perhaps due to death or something, with such sudden break up, their business with each other was terminated.

Now after that when that timeline is gone, they again reincarnate in many different timelines, and life times, although unable to meet each other at such times, they evolve repeatedly and separately from their many incarnations to Earth, thus after what has now seemed to have taken centuries upon centuries, fate ones again brings them together.

When they finally meet as fate would have it destined, they discover their similarities and how familiar their faces look to each other, the likeness and smooth talking and chats, as this goes on, and as they begin to come closer to each other, especially by doing things together and discussing about anything else, then suddenly, that old spark of love, which still resides deep within their consciousness which they have never been aware of will again light them up, and trust me, this feels so different from the regular love as this is a bit deeper, to her it feels like they have been together for eons, to him he feels they have been friends for ages, they suddenly fall in love, and they once again begin their journey, nevertheless, many others whom I have met still do not realize what they are, when I see this, I smile, because I know that fate has done it again, their destiny has been united ones more, and truly truly, they were nothing more than SOUL MATES.

This article will get a lot of persons thinking and asking how they will or can identify their Soul Mates, I will give you a tip, however, you don’t go about looking for him or her, you have to let that Soul Mate come to you. I will talk more about this as we proceed.

It will be best to at this point bring to your notice this most important point, most of you do not know how to identify a Soul Mate like I said, and as I promised, I will give you a tip: You should hereby note that, your Soul Mate can even be older than you are or you both may even be mates in this life time, it all depends on who arrived first into this life, and timeline.

However, none of such physical changes or differences will ever stop you from meeting your Soul Mate, sometimes the woman is married already due to certain decisions or choices made earlier in her life, and at times the man is younger, this forces the woman to suddenly fall for the man, and this goes same for the man too.

Thus before they know what is happening, a relationship has started and such relationship cannot be controlled, or, in many cases I have seen that the man may be married and even older, but then he meets her and suddenly, before they could say the word, a kiss have been recorded already, and immediately without knowing it or planning it, a relationship has started.

Do you know that this is one of the rare causes of cheating in marriages and relationships, but will you blame them? That is just the way it is, and separating them isn’t going to be easy as each partner will feel deeply hurt, they will feel like something is missing from their life, like a part of them is dead or taken away, that emptiness is what they will feel, it would have been better they never met in the first place than meeting and separating abruptly.


This is because, they are being controlled by a higher power, note here that 70% of men in our modern day generation are just not disciplined, and they just go out cheating, and same to women too, this is why I will tell you how to identify a Soul Mate, this will the settle lots of lust some people have out there in the name of Soul Mate, if your relation doesn’t happen like stated below, then your partner isn’t your Soul Mate, and he or she is at risk of meeting their own Soul Mate later in their life.


As a matter of fact your Soul Mate will look familiar to you as if you have met before somewhere sometime, but after checking thoroughly, you fine that truly, as far as this life is concerned, you haven’t met, their character and attitude will look like you two know each other, and you two will suddenly become friends and very much in connection with each other, that is the first sign of a Soul Mate, he or she will look familiar to you, I mean very familiar up to the extent you dream of them, and such lucid dreams are not and never just a dream, they are pictures of the past and they are mostly a time long gone when you two were together.

Sometimes the dreams comes with lots of good feelings and sometimes bad feeling, either a situation where your Soul Mate is falling from a high cliff, and you are trying to help them up, you wake up with a feeling that wants to look like sadness or love at the same time the urge to help the person in question, this is not a dream, this is a symbolic dream telling you what transpired in the past, how you lost your Soul Mate.

If what you have in your head is nothing but sex then she is not your Soul Mate, same to the woman, Soul Mates wants to be happy with each other, find joy and get to the heights of life together, Soul Mates are not stingy to each other, they want to help each other because they feel bad when the other is not fine, that is who a Soul Mate is.

If he or she is a Soul Mate, then you will discover that there will be no need “requesting for a date”, that is like “asking you out if you are a woman and playing hard to get”, and all those drama, this is because there will be no space for that, the relationship will just begin from friendship on its own, you know when your resonate with someone, it gradually rises and before you know what’s going on, you two are already dating. But if you are the guy and you end up begging and begging before the date begins then she is not our Soul Mate, if she were, she would recognize you.

It will be wise to bring this important point to you at this point, sometimes, the woman for instance may be carried away by something at the moment, and when this happens she may end up not remembering you, you do not need to force it, let it go, one thing is clear, you two will always remain friends until she awakens, it is only when the both of you remembers, that your relationship may/will begin, and when it starts, it never ends..



Many times we ask why and wish to know the causes and root of our problems and how to find its solutions; the Akashic Record is like an Oracle, the Book of Life which holds answers to everything that has ever happened and is happening and also, has the records of your past lives…


How are Soul Mates created? Well just like I said already, promises you have made in a past to someone you truly love, from your heart you promised them you will always meet them again, life after life, such promises do work and it really exist, it settles and records itself on your Akashic, by so doing, it creates a fate which will bring you two together again.

Soul Mates cannot be man to man, or woman to woman, Soul Mates are man to women and women to men, nature can never create such fate for lesbians and homosexuals, nah, I have searched and researched over the many levels of Consciousness and I can’t find where negative energies goes with negative, or positive energies going with positive, it has always been positive to negative, active to passive, or negative to positive, passive to active.

It is only when you connect a negatively charged energy with its positively charged energy that current will be allowed to flow through, without that there would be error in connection, this same negative and positive electronic energy or current also exist in life itself, during sexual intercourse, the negative energy (Feminine) must come in contact with a positive energy (masculine).

A healthy sex with a Soul Mate brings more positive energy into the both partners; I don’t know how I will explain this because it’s entirely a spiritual concept but I will explain with the best of my knowledge.

Although during intercourse, both persons will also have to share their both negative and positive karma together, because through Sex we become one, nevertheless it will not be like the type which we do with so many partners or different partners, this is entirely different, since two becomes one through the union of the both partners, their negative karma’s will be shared among the both and resolved together as one, while their positive karma’s will be enjoyed by both too..

Two Soul Mates can never break up so easily, it is always hard and always very difficult to break up from your Soul Mates, this is because your love which you both share has a history and that history has created a strong connection and fate between you two.


There are disadvantages of meeting a Soul Mate, this is not supposed to be bad, in fact it isn’t, but humans and their emotions, through their level of understanding they think it’s wrong but this is something bigger than both partners and cannot be easily controlled thus making them take decisions and choices which may seem wrong to the face of the others.

For instance you were married before meeting your Soul Mate, nothing in this life will stop you from cheating on your current relationship or even breaking up entirely just to be with the one true love, a love and feelings you cannot explain.

Or a situation whereby you are dating someone who happens to be your Soul Mate from a time long gone before meeting another Soul Mate which once upon a time you both created a history together, that history is incomplete and needs to the completed, that connection with the new Soul mate will be stronger than the other, this is because the one you just met is a Soul Mate which you two had met not just in one life time but in a number of life times, and your vows which you two made, were not made with an empty talk, rather it was made right on the same moment you two hard sex together, yes the power of sex, now you see the difference? I will explain this towards the last paragraph.

One of my student once asked me if it’s possible to have more than one Soul mates, and I said yes its possible, especially when you are or you both are old Souls and have met from life to life, timeline to timeline, and you both are truly what we call PARTNERS, which means for your destiny to be completely fulfilled, you need each other, reject it at your own risk.

There are lots problems which Soul Mates will find difficult to evolve together; it’s their past or their present engagement which they had involved themselves with long before their Soul Mate showed up. Such a situation can spring up a sort of emotional breakdown for the both of them, this is why we advice not to rush into marriages immediately you meet someone, breaking up from a relationship is better of than breaking up from a marriage, if you two are still dating, and you leave him or her, they still stand a chance to find another, but after marriage, keeps a bad record for the both of you.

The engagements I refer to above is directed to situations whereby you must have had someone you have promised to marry, or your newly met Soul Mate must have had someone whom he or she must have promised to be together, now going back to say I can’t anymore makes them look like a monster in the eyes of the one whom promises had already been made to,

However, what they must do, is unite with their Soul Mates, they must follow their hearts and unite with their Soul Mates since the truth remains that they both have a mission together which will bring fulfillment to their destiny, and if they neglect this, they will again return back to this very timeline in order to finish that which was started. Who wants to repeat class?


Unlike Soul Mates, Twin Flames can be anyone from the opposite sex or from the same sex; they are called Twin Flames because they are literally the same persons, in different physical bodies, now you want to ask: how is that possible?

OK, remember the previous lecture on the article titled THE SECRET OF DREAMS, AND ALTERNATE REALITIES, there I taught about the Soul, I explained that the Soul is not directly inside the physical body, rather we as a Soul projected our Consciousness into an Astral Body, this Souls Consciousness which resides in the Astral Body now incarnated into the Physical body, thus with this knowledge we now know that at the time of birth, a Soul can choose to Split its Consciousness into two, or more then incarnate into two or more Astral Bodies which will also again, incarnate into two or more physical bodies born into different families.

The Soul sometimes does this in order to help fasten their missions on Earth, to experience and resolve two or more Karmas at the same time.

So this two Souls consciousness in a two different physical bodies are called Twin Flames, some mistakes a Twin Flame to a Soul Mate, this is the error that needs to be corrected, this Twin Flames can either be your fellow female or your fellow man, and not always will the both of you get attracted sexually, but then let’s look at the signs that shows that one is your Twin Flame.




YOUR Twin Flame will always have exactly same character with you, your like is his or her likes, most times you both will almost have same hand writing, and same dislikes, at some rare times you both will look alike and people around will always think you both to be brothers and sisters or twins at most times.

Not just because you look alike but because you both have same attitude and character, or habits.

You cannot just normally find your Twin Flame because it has always been on a rare occasion.

And just like I said, marriage cannot always work out with Twin Flames as they are not always same sex and same gender, sometimes your Twin Flames will or may be a man while you are a lady, or the other way round thus making it impossible to date or marry your Twin Flame.

Then there are those who, out of ignorant abuse their twin-flame energies by being attracted to themselves sexually, I mean same sex relationships, they think because they look alike, and do things alike, therefore since they are also either homosexuals or lesbians thus they can date, but that is an abuse that comes with a consequence, such same sex Twin Flame Consciousness who decides or choose to engage in sexual intercourse or relationship will never become the same consciousness again, the moment they unite in sexuality, they will separated in Consciousness forever, this means that they will be unable to return to that same Soul that projected them.

There are those few lucky ones who end up finding their Twin Flames in an opposite gender, however, be it as it may, they are sure open to date and marry, but they would be better off as friends because they are just the same persons, and because they are the same persons, they will find it hard to corporate perfectly, for instance you are hot temper, your twin will be same, and sometimes you two will find it hard to agree on one thing even if you believe that you are same persons, the feelings you get dating yourself isn’t as sweet as dating your Soul mate, only those who have been into this situation will understand better.

Same Sex Twin Flames who unite in sexuality brings upon themselves calamities because of their current vehicle, man to man, means positive to positive, joining the both together brings a massive break down of both consciousness creating multiple errors.

But when your twin Flame is the opposite sex, you both are not vibrating at the same frequency, she is negative, you as a man is positive, thus the union brings a perfect connection and that is what nature accepts.


Your Soul Mate will always come at the right time, if you both are destined to meet, not everyone has a Soul Mate so don’t join the chorus of those who go seeking for their Soul Mates, it’s of no use as only destiny and fate decides who is your Soul Mate and when you will meet them. If your meeting in this life time will not add anything to your evolution then meeting will nit be allowed, you may continue top pas each other life after life and will not see each other, that is fate for you.

But when it is important for the both of you to meet, you will definitely meet, nature has her way of directing you to yours.

Someone may want to ask why I said that not everyone has a Soul Mate, yes and the reason depends on your past life. Some of you, over the centuries from life to life you had never told a woman you love or a man you love (if you are a woman) that “your love for them will continue in another life”, only when you make such promises with each other out of true love, that your Akashic will draw a Fate and Destiny for you both to meet again.

Sometimes you two have to say these promises and never break up in that life time unless such breakup happened suddenly and not your fault, then the relationship will continue from another life time and your passion for each other will continue from where it was abruptly disconnected.

Again, as a matter of fact there is need for you two to make that promise out of a deep love through your love making moments, yes sex is one of the major fuel which powers the promise you make with each other, saying it with your mouth is just so empty, but when a Sexual energy is involved, it stamps for real.

Those who make such vows without their sexual energy only happen to meet in another life though but with such event, their Soul Mate attraction isn’t as strong as those who make or made such promises while on their love making section.

Now you know, so when next you realize that you haven’t found your Soul Mate, just relax, you will still find someone you love deeply even if he or she isn’t your Soul Mate, if you want, and when you do, it will be your choice to either let that person become your Soul Mate by creating it as explained above, or you can let it end in this life time, nevertheless, a wise person will choose to make promises of “never letting go” with each other during one of their perfect sexual moments.


Be happy with yourselves as you are among the lucky few who have found yourselves in this life time, it’s not easy for two people to travel from so many life times ago and after crossing lifetimes to lifetime’s they finally meet again in this life at this timeline, and even after their meeting they are able to recognize each other, making their sparks possible ones again, and finding that peace of mind and happiness just as they used to from another life where they made that first promise and vow.

Written by Knight Fredel; The Mystery Teacher


As dedicated to Sharon-Mavis Chisa


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