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ORACLE AND OUR ANCESTORS By Knight Fredel oracle

Knowledge is the Light of this century and enlightenment must take place for people to ascend above their current level of consciousness. When we were kids we didn’t know the workings behind many spiritual phenomenon, but today a lot has been brought to light, and that light I am ready to shine on your path!

In many places today, there are those who commune with voices they claim its their ancestors, these voices, sometimes through certain divination can predict certain things for the person who seek such wisdom, and yes, these voices are said to have wisdom of almost all things. Who are these voices, and why do they posses all answers to questions asked.

In accordance with certain mystical principles of reincarnation, it is true that our ancestors who dies long time ago have reincarnated many times, and many who died are currently living in other bodies today, so then, which ancestors are these traditional priests communing with?

In many places today in Af’raka, certain traditional spirituality practitioners claim that our ancestors are in the spirit world and they guide us through our actions and deeds, but I disagree with these people for one good reason. Look around you, the kind of children being born in this century and in this generation are highly advanced in intelligence and brilliancy. Look at the sudden awaking going on among today, how people are suddenly discovering the lies and deceptions of religion and the sudden awakening from mental slavery, the sudden loss of interests in churches and religions activities by these new age children. These events explain one thing and that is “we are our ancestors” and through reincarnation we are here again. The journey continues until we reach perfection.

Our ancestors were wise and great people whom at their level of consciousness as at then, they did great things, but that doesn’t mean that they all reached a level which they will no longer return. Honoring our ancestors and respecting them is very good, but worshiping them as a God is not right because many of our ancestors no longer exist in the spirit realm, they are here with us in another body. Then, the question of an oracle comes in at this point. Who are the voices and beings the Oracle priests do consults for people?

Now I shall explain, if you keep an open mind.

Our body’s may decay after transition, and our Souls may leave to reincarnate, but theirs an aspect of us that lives forever on the astral realm, that part of us is our mind. This part of us exists as energy after we depart, it contains all our experiences on earth and all our wisdom, this part of us is stored in the universal memory bank known as the Akashic record. This record is like a large library, in each village or town is an Akashic record of all the wisdom and deeps of all that have incarnated in that town. Now the oracle reaches such realm where this record is situated and searches out the answers of the questions directed to it, this Akashic records contains all the minds and wisdom of the towns forefathers and ancestors. All the priest needs to do is attune to its frequency using any good spiritual medium, then get the answers it needs. There is a sayings that says that @there is nothing new under the sun@, yes all you think you are passing through today have been experienced by someone else in your town or anywhere in the past, and there has been a solution too in the past many centuries ago, so when you ask for solutions, your oracle will search just like Google does, and get you answers which will eventually help your situation.

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That journey to enlightenment begins today.

Knight Fredel © 2019

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