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The secret of Dreams and the Alternate realities are what people has been wondering for ages, some thing and believe that the world is in reverse, that is, we live our true life in the dream and when we wake up here we dream there.

Although, this may not be that very simple to comprehend but it is an important and very interesting knowledge to delve into, and I may not promise to bring out everything that needs to be said about dreams for such is reserved only for the inner circles and only for the worthy and that will continue to reserve our African Knowledge from the invaders and the unprepared who will continue to scratch the surface and never find a loophole to jump in.

Another reason for sharing this piece of “Secret” to you is because we have seen that, many misguided knowledge have been shared online over the last few decades and still going on now as I am writing this article, in many Social Medias and on so many spirituality acclaimed blogs.

These so called false teachings are shared by those who aspire to be addressed as teachers of the Mystery Crafts and some are only frauds trying to mimic the real thing, lots others are those who just copy and paste from wherever they find them, and a lot more are those who wants to be seen as Philosophers and Mystics, who wants to be given such look and respects, however in their real lives they are not up to that level, and are doing nothing to get there.

Thus I say to myself it’s time to change all that, but I cannot do this alone for I will need you to join me on this journey to Enlightenment. With that, you will share the truth you have experienced out there, and when you do, the people will come to a perfect realization, an the lies and false teachings will disappear.

OK, on today’s theme, “The Secret of Dreams and Alternate Realities” I will be talking about the true definition of dreams and what it means, interpretations and a lots more, oh, without forgetting the most important aspect of the theme, which is “Alternate Realities”, do not be surprised, this is not a Sci-Fi, it’s entirely different from what those movies says about alternate realities but similar in some way, let’s begin. like they say, in every nonsense there is a sense.


Dreams are not as ordinary as you see or feel they are, at the end of this subject matter, you will be able to see your dreams differently, although that is if you are a true Seeker of Truth, are you?

OK, sometime ago during my secondary school days I used to tell people that our dreams are a picture of our future, this was because I did recalled when I was much younger, though still in my primary school, when I had my first lucid (conscious) dream.

Before I had that dream I remember lying on the floor of our sitting room along with my younger brother who was fast asleep, while I was reading my text book, I felt a bit dizzy and suddenly without caution I dozed off.

As soon as I slept deeply, I had a dream, at first I taught I was just waking up from that sleep because in that dream everything was as it were before I slept, the book I was reading, my younger brother who was sleeping besides me, the weather, the cloths I wore, the color of our carpet and rug, all was same, at that moment I taught to myself “ohps I slept so long”, you know that feelings you have when you wake up from a deep sleep, yes that was what I felt, however, I never knew that I was only having a “Prevision”.

As I woke up, I felt like drinking water because I was so thirsty, so I went to get it, while I was drinking that water, someone knocked at the door, then I went and answered the person, he was a known friend of my dad, so I told him no one was home, then he said OK, “give me a drink of water let me drink before I go”, he added. I did, he drank it, then asked for the time, I checked and told him its 3:55 PM, he thanked me, brought out a pen and a piece of paper, wrote something in it, then handed it over to me to deliver to my dad whenever he comes back, then he finally left.

Subsequently I went back to that spot where I slept and again I stretched down and slept off again right inside the same dream.

The moment I slept off inside that dream (which I never knew it was a dream at first until I woke up here in our real world). It was as if I slept here and woke there, then after slept there and woke up here, so clear, so real.

Did you know that as a very young person I became so confused though I did not remember the dream very well as I should at first, although while I was pondering on it, I felt so thirsty that I went for a drink of water, as i was drinking that water I started remembering that I have done this before, it as a kind of Dejavu, just then there was a knock at the door, yes I was just thinking of that!

Although I became more confused when that person became the very same and exact man I just saw in that lucid dream.

It became more surprising when he asked for the same water, said the same exact words he said in the dream, and asked me to check the time for him, meanwhile I did that earlier while I was getting him the water to drink, as at then it was 3:53 PM, so when he asked for the time by himself the way he did in my dream, I peeped again and saw it was now 3:55 PM, just like it was in the dream, then he wrote and left me a letter on the same white paper at the same very time before leaving.

From then on, I began to see dreams so differently from what people believe, this was my first conscious dream which I could remember from my childhood, and this is the reason my childhood idea about dreams states that “dreams are pictures of a future”.

I know I had so many other dreams before then, but that was the very first one to have hit me very hard and made me begin to think deeper, at least this happened between my 11th or 12th years on Earth, and that was when my journey to the Greater Light began…

So what really are DREAMS, and why do we DREAM?

The Secret of Dreams and Alternate Reality
What it looks like each time you cross over into an alternate reality or other realities outside ours

One thing you must know is, there are different types of dreams, there are those dreams we have which represents messages passed on to us by the spirits, there are those which comes to us because of the things we have kept inside our mind, or thoughts we have created earlier in our minds, these thoughts tends to manifest later in form of dreams. There are those dreams which serves as a message from our loved ones who have crossed over into the beyond, perhaps to let you know what they need you to do for them or to find their killers etc.

There are these other types of dreams too which comes to us due to the awakening of our third eye, this results to the seeing of the future, or the seeing of that which is past, it is called a Prevision. Again, there is this type of Dream which are experiences from one or more of our projections outside our physical body’s or projections into an alternate reality, and that begs for the question which many of my students have been asking, they always ask to know WHAT AN ALTERNATE REALITY IS, after all he who teaches you about dreams must tell you about the parallel world otherwise the lesson will not be complete, so I guess this is the right time to discuss this..



Most of our dreams takes place in an alternate reality, and every one of you have been to your alternate worlds, lived within the body’s of your alternate selves for a few times or so before waking up from your sleep, you know time is an illusion, thus after spending a very long time over there, maybe three days or more, the moment its time to wake up, you will wake up at the exact time you were supposed to.

Yes, when you wake up here from such dream, you will begin to think it was just an ordinary dream, or perhaps as a matter of fact you will just forgot the dream due to lots of things in your mind.

Alternate realities are realms which looks just like ours, and has copies of everything our world has, the only difference is history rewritten, meaning that you might be a footballer here but in your alternate reality you are a doctor. 

THE SECRET OF DREAMS, And your Alternate Realities – By Knight Fredel ALTERNATE REALITIES dreams

How is an Alternate Reality Created? And how come you have “a copy of you” over there? Who is incarnate in that “you” over there, or are they illusions?

You see, when you make decisions and work on them for a while and then suddenly quit and move on into something else, we never know what takes place spiritually

And another thing is this, most persons are ignorant of the truth about the Soul, and it’s place of residence, they fail to understand that our Souls are not inside our body’s, rather our Souls exists in a particular planet and from a very high dimension above this 3rd dimension we call physical world, now before you came to Earth.

So at this point you should know that you are a Soul who exists from a very high state of consciousness, who uses a very high dimensional Astral body, in order to experience life on Earth on a 3rd dimension, in order to incarnate on Earth, you projected your consciousness into a physical body at the time of birth which through that process of child birth you were given gateway into this physical world.

NOTE THAT: For the fact that the Soul exists originally from a very higher state of consciousness does not mean that she is all perfect, the purpose of returning down into the lower realms and the physical world is because she needs to have an experience of being human, learn the lessons of life, and nature, be prepared for a higher calling and so much more, that is why the Soul comes to Earth.

Now when you understand life this way, you will then understand that, what you have inside your physical body is your Souls Consciousness, and that now makes it possible for it to split into as many body’s as it can, and so, the Soul, the real you will remain in that planet or higher dimension and continue to experience all your actions, and deeds from wherever you have incarnated, a time will come, when you have risen above all negative karma’s, and have ascended your consciousness into the higher realm, there you will be able to reabsorb back into the Soul, it is only then will you now begin to experience life as a Soul.

THE SECRET OF DREAMS, And your Alternate Realities – By Knight Fredel ALTERNATE REALITIES dreams

Some persons Souls resides in the 7th dimension which is the worlds and realms of our Ancestors, and they are all awaiting for you to wake up, however, some of you are not ready, nevertheless after this life time, your Souls Consciousness will again recycle back into another physical body without at least meeting its higher self, the Soul.  There are those whom their Soul exists from the 12th Dimension. Such Soul has really gone far in the process of perfection and evolution.

Now that you have understood the concept of life outside the physical world, I guess you are now ready to read what I have to say about Alternate realities and how it is formed or created by no one else but you!

Did I just hear you ask HOW?

Now, let’s say for instance this straight Line is your present timeline on Earth, see the figure below:

THE SECRET OF DREAMS, And your Alternate Realities – By Knight Fredel ALTERNATE REALITIES dreams

Maybe in this timeline, you are currently aspiring to become a famous pop singer of your time, and you not only aspire, you have also began to walk towards it, working hard to meet up, going to the studio to do songs and meeting new artistes and producers daily.

Now, if along the line on your career as a pop singer, you had a serious turn around in life, and instead of pushing forward to proceed on your singing career, you then decided to move into acting, and started going to auditions and playing in movies, now the moment you do this, your timeline will suddenly split into two, note at this point that if you were a pop singer and still working on your career then decided to feature in one or two movies without quitting on your singing career, then the timeline will not split.

However if you entirely quit on your career as a pop artiste and decided to go into a full time acting career, in that case your timeline will suddenly split into two, and that means your consciousness will equally split too, all these will suddenly create a break in your timeline with each going its own way, just like the illustration on the figure below.

THE SECRET OF DREAMS, And your Alternate Realities – By Knight Fredel ALTERNATE REALITIES dreams

After the splitting of both realities which will not even create any shake, and which the only sign you will get is having a lucid dream and seeing yourself still doing that thing you taught have already quitted a while ago. That lucid dream isn’t just a dream but a projection into your own newly created alternate reality, to let you know that things are still moving on, and to make you understand also that your reality has split successfully.

Sometimes when you sleep here, you can suddenly wake up there by chance, and again suddenly jump back into this your normal reality which I tag as the original timeline on the illustration. Ones the alternate timeline has successfully split from the other, the both timelines will look like the illustration below and that is why they call it the parallel reality, or alternate reality, or parallel universe:

THE SECRET OF DREAMS, And your Alternate Realities – By Knight Fredel ALTERNATE REALITIES dreams

Both will exist at the same time and, all will exist as well as move on the same direction, only difference in history, and storyline due to decisions and choices made.

Now I am sure you understand better on what an Alternate reality is, and how Souls incarnate on Earth through the projection of their Consciousness. In addition to what have already been said earlier, when the Soul projects its Consciousness into a physical body on Earth, she doesn’t just send her Consciousness directly into a physical body, what the Soul does is first projects her Consciousness into an Astral body which takes the form of the Soul.

Then the Souls Consciousness resides inside this Astral body, then that Astral body comes down to Earth and incarnates into the body of its choice at the time of birth.

This same Astral body is what leaves the physical body at the time of death, and if its free from all negative and karmic debts, then it will go back to the Soul and awakens finally, but if it’s still bonded by reincarnation and karma then this Astral body which houses the Souls Consciousness will again reincarnate into another body, on and on, it continues until Her Consciousness ascends and evolves above the lower realms, through that, she breaks free from the wheels of reincarnations, More details on this journey of the Soul on our next article.

Thus, now that we have understood the Alternate Reality and the Soul consciousness, then I think you are now fully prepared to learn about the secrets of dreams and with the use of such words as Astral body, Alternate reality and Souls Consciousness etc, I am sure you will come to now fully understand the topic perfectly without confusion.

You see one thing about my teachings, I may say the topic is about dreams, but when you begin to read, you will end up learning more than just dreams, that’s how I write because the ontology used in Spiritual courses are something one needs to explain for the beginners in order for them to understand the topic perfectly.


Dreams are not created by the brain and neither are they hallucinations as some misinformed atheists believe, each time you sleep, your Astral body rises above you, it’s like a chance to stretch itself and enjoy the real world before you (he or she) wake up.

When you take such stroll during the resting of the body, sometimes you begin to experience certain things in that astral realm while your body is asleep.

Such experiences are recorded in your Subconscious memory which can be accessed by your objective memory (brain), but the thing is, your brain records those impressions as dreams and many of such impressions are wrongly interpreted due to the brains inability to comprehend such level of consciousness.

Someone once asked me if our sleeping mode is similar to our death, and if one can sleep and never wake up since every time we sleep our Astral body rises above the physical body, what he wants to know is if there can be any form of malfunction.

Now you should know at this point that the difference between “when you die, and when you are asleep” is the silver cord, this cord is what bonds the Astral body with the physical body, so with that you can project to wherever you wish without the body dying, so there can be no malfunction unless the person is sick or had a sudden heart attack while sleeping or,  there  are instances where someone like a juju priest uses charms to separate the persons Astral body from the physical body, what the charm does is cut off the persons Silver cord.

This is because the Silver cord is what bonds the Astral body with the Physical body, when it separates finally, the person’s Astral body will be unable to bond with the physical body, and thus the person will be unable to wake up.            

So, as I was saying, sometimes the things you experience while your body was asleep is interpreted to you by your brain as dreams, at some time those pictures we see during our astral travel while the body sleeps are most times wrongly interpreted by the brain, this is the reason most things we experience outside the body comes to us as symbols and signs, or metaphors so that we can then interpret them to our understanding.

As you know, most of those dreams are messages from a spirit guard who knows that ones you wake up, you will not be able to comprehend that message, or it may be wrongly interpreted by us, this is the reason such dreams comes as metaphors or just a symbol.

In such cases, when you are being warned of hard time, you will be shown yourself breaking and chewing palm nuts, such dream is a warning of an impending hard time, thus asking you to hold tight and save up in preparation for such time.



Have you ever seen realities where something like a half man half goat exists? Butterfly with the face and legs of a beautiful lady? Etc, oh such only exists in movies right? But then why do some people keep seeing these strange beings or creatures in their dreams, I mean in their lucid dreams, yes not in an ordinary dream but lucid, at first it appears to be real, then before they know it, they wake up from sleep only to realize that it was all a lucid dream.

These worlds exist slightly above our reality, (slightly above in terms of frequency, meaning that the frequency of that reality is slightly higher than ours) however it’s not a 4th dimensional reality, but a 3.4 dimension, thus making it a physical realm, and closest to us BECAUSE HERE WE EXIST IN A 3.3 DIMENSION, and the 3.4 dimension is almost visible to the naked eye too, so when you open your eyes and look carefully, or listen properly, when you really pay attention to everything around you, I am 100% sure that you will realize this reality and its beings.

This is the world you may call the wonder land, where reality is reversed, some mistake this reality to an alternate or parallel universe but no its not, what we call alternate reality is what you just read on the previous sub-topic.

This realm has all the creatures we have here, the rats, the mouse, the lion, the snakes, the ants etc, they are all there, however, in that reality they look strange and act weird, you want to know why I said so? It’s because if for instance you see a rat inside that realm, that rat will have the head of a rat but from the legs down will become like human, and they speak to each other, more intelligent than ours.

You already know about Mermaids, yes mermaids exists within that realm in the rivers and oceans, some people have sighted them more than ones, some tribes worships  them due to the fact that in those days many years ago, these mermaids visited more often to towns and villages, and when the villagers sighted them, they taught them to be some kind of gods and goddesses, thus making status of them or carved images and drawing, creating a shrine in their honor and offering sacrifices to the ocean or river. Read more on this on the previous article titled THE WORLD BENEATH THE SEA.

These people were only ignorant, and what seemed to be an ignorance has today become a serious form of worship, those worshipers did not realize that mermaids were not the Ocean Goddess, rather, they were only a Creation of the Ocean Goddess whom are referred to as her Maidens, and they exist in a realm just slightly above ours.

There are many stories and tales of mermaids, but there are only a few features illustrating the mermen, this is because there were originally only the maidens of the Sea, and the few mermen were created by the Ocean Goddess to serve as the protectors to the Sea Maidens, this is why they are always depicted holding a Trident, that is their weapon, though spiritually charged, just like the swords of an Arc Angel.

The mermaids or sea maidens were and are the messengers of the Ocean Goddess, they represents her, whenever she wishes to transmit messages to a particular person, she sends her maidens, the mermaids, you know they are “shape shifters”, thus they also use the Cobra, so that they hide from man, why they do this is because mankind is not yet ready to coexist with higher and advanced Entities.

So many times they use birds such as the Dove, the owl and the Sun bird, when they arrive the home of the person they wish to visit, they stand or wait within, ones the person goes to bed and sleeps off, they manifest within the Astral realm, and then project their messages through a lucid dream.

Some are sent to protect the person for some time, maybe it’s because the Ocean Goddess heard their petition or requests. By such requests the maidens will come around and be with the person for all times, and they remain in form of those creatures as mentioned above, if they manifest as snakes, you will not be allowed to see it unless you are someone who isn’t afraid of serpents and who doesn’t kill them, someone like myself.

Now how does this sub topic relate with this subject matter concerning dreams?

OK, now when some persons fall asleep, they sometimes unconsciously cross over into the 3.4 dimensions and 3.5 dimensions, by getting there they experience these creatures and begin to see them come alive, sometimes it is overwhelming, at other times it’s just so weird and strange.

Those of you who dream every full moon spending time with some half fish half ladies, where did you think you were?

Some of you have had dreams of you having scaly body and fish tales in a kind of water or ocean, what do you think? You were shifted into the 3.4 dimensions where you were able to manifest in your full being.

You who had such dreams i bet you that you were either a maiden of the Goddess or a protector of the maidens, this is was who you were before you came to Earth, this is why you are an Ogbanje child, thus the reason why you are different from other kids in your adolescent.

One thing is to know thyself, the other is to awaken, you might think that you are having so much challenges on Earth trust me when I say if your mom is the headmaster in your school, and you are one of her student, whenever she disciplines other kids by flogging them, she will punish you more because you are her child and she wants to make you better, blame her if you must, the truth is, you will be thanking her much later.

Now when you miss your road, when the temptations of this world over covers you and makes you forget who you were especially when you are equally a Christian or Islam who refuses to hear anything that has to do with the Ocean Goddess and always binding and casting her and the water you drink, definitely she will block your ways and make you surfer small so that you will begin to think, such challenges makes you to realize who you are for it is in those challenges you begin to question everything and through that you begin to know and think!

After having such dreams such as the type which you find yourself swimming and playing with fellow mermaid, all you need to do is seek the truth especially through an Akashic Reading, and do a reconnection rite to reconnect you back to the source.

Not to bind and cast, after re-connection, don’t just sit there, you have been disconnected for so long and lots of your psychic centers are dormant, so try to reawaken them by practicing deep spiritual knowledge, learn unlearn and relearn, follow the Spirituality of the Mother goddess, not just any and any spiritual path, some are corrupted to serve the system, and lots others are distorted to serve the patriarchy, don’t give in to such, otherwise you will be blinded the more.

When you have such dreams, keep the pictures in mind, don’t force yourself, be close to water, visualize inside that water and be one with it, there is no harm that can come to a genuine water born, if really you came to earth through water, although this does not mean that other elements are not strong.

The fact is, in this generation, many Souls can to Earth through Water, they are so plenty at this time because of the massive awakening, the Ocean Goddess seeks balance on Earth and lots of her maidens and protectors have been brought to Earth at this time, this is why I told some of my students that it isn’t all about making money, there is a primary reason why you were born, when you embrace it, what is money, you will find all you need to stay alive to go or visit wherever you want to visit at any time, and you can be whatever you think or wish to be as long as it serves the greater course.

Nevertheless, the Water Element is the Element of the Creator, and Goddess of all things and all universes within and outside of this multiverse, thus this is why the Souls who come to Earth through Water are seen as Special people, and they are always much gifted.

But when all your consciousness is directed to money and you are being distracted by the numerous challenges and responsibilities you think you have then you will be distracted from your true course and destiny on Earth and by so doing, you will just end up revolving around a circle years after years and time after time blaming the many priests you have met and worked with in the past, and blaming those you think are your enemies.

Oh, this article is so sweet that I just don’t know how to stop writing, there is just so much to teach you, so much to write, and if I should continue writing, I may end up writing a book here on this topic.


This is usually rare because not everyone has the passage to their past life, in order to understand this type of dreams, I will start by telling you a story:

Once upon a time in the year 2008 or so, I had a dream, and in that dream some Hausa people broke into my village and started killing people, it was like a war between the Hausa people and my people, I was surprised because Hausa people are not close to us, they are very far in the North and my village is located in the South, so what may have been the cause for this war, it was so vivid that I didn’t know it’s a dream at first.

I just found myself vividly in my village on a errand and there I witnessed what happened, houses where burnt, saw my family trying to escape at night, though earlier it was day, and the dream was clearly on black and white, yes it wasn’t on pure picture.

When I woke up, I asked my Master whom at that time was my father, he said, if the dream was on black and white, then it’s a history resurfacing, he made some contacts and they told him that once upon a time my village people had issues with some Hausa people who came to sell, and one of my village men wounded one of them in a fight, this caused the Hausa man to go out of the village that afternoon, and by evening he came back along with 100s of his people and they invaded the village fighting and burning houses while women and children evacuated and running out of panic, just what I saw in my sleep.

Two days later while I was still working on solving the mystery of that dream, I slept off and had another one, same vision, but this time the dream appeared to be on colored, and everything was bright and it was my village.

This time I even saw the people I know running and there was real fight and I could feel their terror. Then I woke up, and narrated the dream to my Master who said, if the appearance of this dream was clearly on color, then, it means this is something that might likely come to pass. He made a call to ask if the issue that caused the fight back then was actually settled, and the person said yes, the matter is closed, thus we wandered what this meant.

So what this means is, the first dream was a reminder of what happened in the past, and the second one was a vision of what may likely come to pass.

The general message is, this is what happened in the past, and if care is not taken same event will likely happen again. I think it was a message I was meant to pass on to my people, it was likely a warning.

And if my Master had taken it seriously, then some of the things would have been averted, but it wasn’t.

That weekend we went to the village, then stayed till the next day, while I was there on one evening when I went to fetch water from the tap few kilometres away from my house, as I was fetching, I saw people running, panicking, some on high speed and many who don’t know how to run walked fast, women and children some with loads on their head, all running randomly, I washed my face and saw it wasn’t a dream, oh no, this was happening live!

I finally stopped someone, and he hurriedly said that one of our village boys has beaten up a Hausa man who was a soldier too, although he wasn’t on uniform then, and now he has come back with his fellow Hausa brothers who were also soldiers and they have started unleashing their vengeance on all the villagers, beating and attempting to burn houses.

To cut a long story short, they fought and a war almost was took place as many of our youths prepared and went out fighting, at the end of the day, my Master decided to call the Area Command who put a stop on the matter and made sure it was resolved in court.

This type of dream shows you the past for a very good reason, just like I have seen countless of my past lives and all were in black and white or some kind of color that looks like black and white but not entirely so, some has this yellowish or greenish color, such dreams all means that it’s a past event.

In conclusion

Dreams are not only a picture of the future, it is also sometimes a picture of the past, as well as a medium for communicating with the spirits or with the entities outside of this reality. And when a dream keeps repeating itself over and over, then you must as a matter of fact take it so serious, because such dream is trying to pass you a very important message.

I guess this has been a very interesting episode of our magazine Articles, Stay tuned for the next topic:








What do you think?


Blessed Be;

By Knight Fredel

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  1. Interesting I must say…quite a great read.
    Gotten clearer understanding of some certain things.
    Had similar dreams like the last example you gave in 2008. I got carried away and forgot to communicate it to my Pa as usual. 3 days later, when I called home, he was talking in hushed voice because they were hiding in the bush. I remembered the dream and told him, he felt so bad I never told him when I had the dream, he would have done something to avert or make it not as damaging as it was.

    Thank you for sharing.

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