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How to detach from a lovers energy and reattach with the Cosmic

When you come to think of this topic, you may first be confused because you are unsure why I said Lovers Energy, what is lover’s energy? First to understand this you need to understand the type of energy I am referring to.

Now, do you know that we are all alive and strong because of the cosmic energy we receive from the universe? This energy field does a lot of good to us, and yet, many are unaware of such energy, neither do they know of its existence and workings. The cosmic energy from the universe makes one stable, to speak with authority, and gives the ability to be heard, to be able to have faith in yourself, if by any means you lack such energy due to the fact that you have been drained off, that means whenever you ask someone for financial aid for instance, that person may not find you interesting enough to give anything, because you will look dull and if one can perceive your look, one would say you smell dirty, and unattractive.

First of all let me explain the possibilities of emotional attachment which can result not only from your lover, but from others, have you ever gone out to see someone, or after talking with some persons, the moment they leave, you will suddenly feel drained. Yes it happens, sometimes after making love with some persons, you suddenly feel as though you are drained off your energy and what follows next becomes similar to bad lucks and financial challenges.

This same thing happens periodically when you are in front of a powerful political figure, due to the charm he wears which was prepared by a spiritualist to helps him gain popularity and favor from the people, such charms, in order for it to work, it will first of all drain your energy and refill it to the politician (for instance), the more energy he drains using the charm, the more mighty and powerful he will look in front of the people, and that will make him to be loved by the people and followed like a sheep.

Your cosmic energy at such time usually drains off from your body in large quantity, that is if it can be measured, this happens at that moment you stand in front of such person, this also happens because that charm makes people fear him, or agree with him on whatsoever thing he says and makes people around support them like sheep following a shepherd.


After your energy fields have been drained, you will suddenly feel drained, and when you are drained, you will also feel like your luck and star has been taken away from you, which makes you have bad lucks in whatever you do or try to do, however, it isn’t really your star that was taken, but your cosmic energy.

Meanwhile, when it comes to yourself and your lover, which is where I coined the word “lovers energy” and this is where emotional attachment comes in, it works almost the same way as the charms explained earlier on the 4th paragraph.

Emotional attachment kicks in when the love you have for him/her becomes too much and you so much attach yourself to him/her, at such case you will end up draining him/her because you will no longer get your Cosmic Energy direct from the universe, you will now suddenly begin to drain from him/her, and them from you if she/he loves you same way, meaning that you both will now begin to fall short of the cosmic energy and when that happens the relationship suffocates and it begins to feel like there is no air, you get what I mean? At the end of the day the both partners will say oh, I think we should take a break, which of cause leads to break up or divorce.

Whenever this happens in a relationship, the persons involved will become so emotional with each other, or if the lady’s love is very much higher than that of the man, then it is the man who will be draining more from the woman, and if that happens, this means that the person whose energy is being drained off will become so emotional to the other, will become so much in-love, and that will make him or her jealous due to the assumption that he or she is cheating, and if that person is eventually cheating, the one whose energy is been drained, may crush emotionally and become depressed. This is why you hear that a girl or a guy takes suicide after their partner breaks up with them, it happens, and you may wonder on such news not realizing that it isn’t normal, well, now you know.

I am sure you now understand how this cosmic Universal energy works, this very thing has been suspected by many but they have been unable to tell what exactly it is.

That energy which is drained from each of those lovers is what I put together as “Lovers energy”, read carefully, the moment we found someone we love so much, that beautiful feelings which we have towards that person is what we call Love right? Good, now, when you are so much in love with your partner, and it becomes too much, then you will suddenly get so emotionally attached to such partner. And when this happens, you end up disconnecting from the flow of Universal energy fields flowing into you and so you will then depend on your lover’s energy fields.

Someone asked me some time ago during one of my teachings, she said were does the cosmic energy pass through into our body, the answer is simple, the cosmic energy passes into us through our crown chakra (7th energy center in your body), ones you are disconnected from your cosmic energy, then it means that you will now begin to receive same energy from that lover of yours because as a matter of fact, you are now so attached to her. Thus, this will make your lover who’s energy you drain to start having that bad feelings and sadness or depression, and whatever she or he feels, you too will feel it, and that will make you so emotionally attached with her.

However, since your lover is human, and still receives her flow of cosmic energy from the Universe, she will become exhausted of such energy because it now means that you both are now sharing hers, or if both of you are so deeply in-love with each other up to the extent of becoming so attached with each other, then you will now both share the cosmic energy within you both by draining each other and that is what causes relationship suffocation.

At times, in such case if you had another lover, you will gradually seem as if you are a distance away from him or her, and closer to the new partner you are emotionally attached with, even if your new partner is very far literary, and the old one is living with you, the fact is, you will feel more love for the one you are so emotionally attached with, and if she feels sadness you too will feel sad, and at all times you will want to make him or her happy, and you will always feel you haven’t done enough.

Again you will always have a negative thought of something bad happening or about to happen to her the moment you haven’t seen her or spoken to her on phone, due to network issues, or you may start feeling that she is with another man because her number was switched off, or busy, such thoughts can reflect in your dreams too and that will make things worse.

If this continues, the emotional attachment will get to a level which may become hard to easily detach from, at such stage you will fall sick each time she does, whatever she feels, like anger, or sadness, you too will feel it as stated earlier, and it will also seem like you both are connected intuitively due to the little show of unconscious telepathic signs, like knowing what’s in her mind, and she knowing what you are thinking, ok that may look like an advantage, but then, what about the disadvantage? You both will gradually feel exhausted with each other, you will both be suffocating in the relationship and finally it will crash and when that happens, you will be emotionally devastated and consumed, and may not recover for a year or more; some go as far as being suicidal after such crash.

This has happened to me so many years ago during the days of butterfly love; I guess you know what that means. As you may already know:

“I do not teach what I have not experienced myself, all the spiritual knowledge I teach and pass on to the public and to my students were all practiced and experienced by myself, this is because, I do not want to teach from other peoples experience by reading and cramming books, I teach from what I have experienced and successfully figured out. Therefore, if one sincerely follows my instructions and procedures in whatever I ask anyone to do, then I am 101% sure that person will get a positive result, if I did it and got an A, I see no reason for you to get an F if you did studied well and followed every single thing I said”.

Now you must know this today and detach yourself from this self emotional attachment, when we say detachment, we are not saying you should break up or divorce anyone. Detachment from the spiritual ontology and terminology refers to a process of being consciously free from any form of attachment whether in love or in obsession.

During the process of activating ones 7th energy center in your body, the detachment from your loved ones is necessary on that final stage of activation of the Crown Chakra (7th energy center) Thus, without detaching from all lovers, family and friends, or with materialism, one cannot attain the level of Enlightenment. This is a very important stage in Spiritual awakening as without it one cannot evolve pass the 7th dimension.

In that case as explained above, you now know that detachment does not really mean you will now have to caught off from the person, no, all you have to do is free yourself from that person spiritually so you are no longer emotionally attached with him or her, to do this, follow the processes as outlined in this Magazine Article to reconnect yourself with the flow of universe’s energy, with that you reclaim your original cosmic energy.

Then in situations related with the charms used to drain people off their energy field, this requires something more tangible, I repeat, this is to protect your energy from those who use charms like the politicians as stated in the 4th paragraph of this article, so in this case one needs a stronger spiritual object to do that, and that object comes with an oil which will be used to maintain ones energy fields wherever one goes.

Although, if you have already been drained off by someone or others and you can feel it so strongly, and it’s so severe that you feel like you are not even getting more from the Universe, then you will need a special spiritual treat, contact me for such directly. But first, follow the exercise I outlined at the end of this article.

On the other hand, this article isn’t about activating the crown chakra or attaining the level of Enlightenment, rather this is about the flow of the universal energy, how to get to know when one is being drained, and how to disconnect such negative connection, also its about detaching from your lovers energy fields and reuniting with the right energy source which is the universe, and also, whenever you find yourself in the midst of someone who uses such charms as mentioned earlier, one may end up being drained too.

This is why sometimes when you go out to meet people, after talking with someone you suddenly feel very drained and weak, this is because someone out there used that charm, and whenever one is drained with charms, the person who uses that charm gets more luck and looks more powerful and continuous to be successful in whatever they do, the one drained on the other side will then begin to feel weak and drained and that brings him or her bad lucks for some time until that energy field is replaced.

This would have been a very good lecture which would have awaken as well as help a lot more people come to a realization, and such enlightenment would free many from such negative situation. However the only problem I have with this generation is reading, yes majority don’t like reading, and they skip a lot, they do not understand spiritual ways, if they finally read, they read it as if they are reading a story book, and they skip a lot of paragraphs, this is mostly because they are unaware that spiritual knowledge is not just meant to be read, rather it is made to be studied and practiced in order to gain wisdom through the experiences one acquires from it.

I always say to such persons that, there is absolutely no need to begin reading at all if you know you are not interested in the topic or subject, and you must know that spiritual knowledge is a treasure only given to the worthy, this is why we devised a means to mimic the ancient Mystery Schools created by our Ancestors by creating an inner class for the true seekers to register and study under my guidance.

Spiritual knowledge all has a counterpart, just like the deep knowledge we share on this open Magazine platform, each and every one of them all have its deeper part which cannot be given to the public. It is forbidden by our Ancestors to expose certain kind of deeper knowledge to the unprepared; we only do that when a heart is fertile and ready to be tilled and cultivated then the secluded part will be brought to the light.

This is the only reason why these knowledge were all preserved enough to reach you today, if not for such filtering, all would have been corrupted, just like the many others which was brought to the public because of its nature, yes they were open knowledge meant for enlightenment, just like the ones I share here, but today, they all have been corrupted by the different organizations that claims to practice and teach spiritual knowledge.

Today I decide not to add or remove, I just go ahead to teach, write and share what I know, and what I have experienced, rather than what I have studied.

Now let’s go to our final sub-topic, which is the exercise I promised from the beginning of this article, use it well, and practice it rightly.




Ok, at this point, I will now give you the perfect exercise for such situation as discussed in this article.

In order to heal yourself from an emotional attachment, firstly, look for a quiet place, maybe under a tree with less or no noise at all, away from the neighborhood, maybe you can choose to look for an open field with no sun directly at the place you would see, yes such exercise must be done in a cool and quiet place, somewhere you can contemplate and meditate, if possible somewhere you can feel the cool and clear air, maybe winds and so on.

Well I guess you have now understood the kind of place you should be, even if what I listed above isn’t what you have, all you need is get a place which is quiet, and note, I do not support meditation from our bedrooms when it comes to exercises of this nature. Alright, let’s start.

Do exactly as I say, get a drinking water, clean and clear, drink, now sit down with crossed legs, if you must do this, then you got to need a mat if you are going to do this outside, of cause you are going to be outside, so get a mat or a wrapper/cloth you can spread on the ground for this exercise.

How to sit crossed leg; first if you cannot sit crossed legged, then just kneel on the mat, afterwards, sit back on your back toes as you kneel, hope you know what I mean by sitting back while you are kneeling? Its like, as you kneel down, you just rest yourself back to by coming down as if you are sitting on your back toes, that’s all.

Although if you can do the cross legged posture then proceed as follows, don’t be fearful and lazy, attempt it first, stand straight on the center of the mat you have spread on the floor, now cross your legs while standing, as you stand crossed legged then sit down while your legs are still being crossed, ok are you done? Then you are good to go. I hope you are.

Next are your fingers, let the tip of your thumb touch the tip of your index finger, this will create an OK sign, some claim its 666 but that is ignorance, that symbol is a pure spiritual posture for radiating an electromagnetic energies within your body, there is always an energy field flowing out of the tip of your fingers, if you are fully awake, you will feel it, if you are not yet awake, then you will not feel it, and if you don’t feel it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

When you touch the tip of your thumb on the tip of your index finger, you connect both energies to run through each other in a circling form, now the workings of this will not be explained in an open class such as this, so let’s leave that.

At this instant, if your hands are making that symbol on the image above then you are doing it well so rest the back of your palms on your knee and stretch out your chest by being erect with your face straight ahead.

Done? That is a good meditation posture, learn it.

Ok. Now let’s begin, start by taking a fresh deep air into your lungs, at this time do not think of anything and anyone, only concentrate on the air you are taking into your lungs, do this 9 good times, as in take a breath, full your lungs, once your lungs are full, you then hold your breath, yes seize it and make sure your mind and body is relaxed and calm, let the air remain and circulate inside your lungs first for 9 seconds at least, do not let it feel suffocating, then exhale all, I mean everything, and make sure the lungs are empty after exhaling, when it’s done, without wasting much time just inhale again, and repeat same thing for at least 9 times.

If successful, you relax your mind  and remain in that posture, now you should close your eyes, once its closed, we will now start a visualization of the girl or boy you are emotionally attached with, it’s time to detach from him or her, ok for example’s sake let’s say she’s a lady and you are a man, thus close your eyes and see her clearly, make your visions clean, if you are not good at seeing or visualizing or creating your own image within your mind, then you have to learn because that is the first stage to make Magick possible, you cannot cast a spell or do any form of spiritual jobs of such if you cannot visualize, you can take a week out to learn visualization, do this with all enthusiasm and passion, ok after visualizing her standing next to you, make your vision clear, now see yourself letting go of her, see the space between you two and see her shifting off from you as if a force is pulling her, the more she goes, the more strength you feel, and the more you feel free and feel her distance, make sure you feel it because the moment you visualize it, you are creating it in the Astral realm, so as you are visualizing, make your Will strong so that it will  begin to happen in the Astral realm, see her shifting off and getting blurry from your sight, and finally disappear from your vision.

“I taught about WILL and the art of WILLING something into existence in the advanced class, however ill just say here that to Will something is to make something happen and exist”.

As she vanishes from your vision make sure you feel her gone, like she has left and you are feeling her absence, it must feel real, now, after a while as you are feeling the emptiness, see yourself recovering immediately, sometimes some people shed down tears at this point because it’s like losing her from the astral, that’s the only way to detach, they shed the tears and they after that, they begin to recover from it, and ones they recover from it, they will now begin to feel like they are no longer emotional with her.

So you too can try this, if it doesn’t touch you up to the extent of shedding the tears, then don’t force it, make sure the entire experience in this mediation is real.

Now visualize yourself looking upwards and seeing  bright light like a sort of energy ball, like a white blue Sun, let this Sun bring you a feelings of hope and fully recovery from her absence, make the Suns energy direct itself into the top of your head, and feel the vibration, if you Will this properly, then you will begin to feel it a few minutes later while you are doing this, how long you do this part depends on you, make sure the suns energy is directed into the top of your head and make sure you are feeling some tingling feelings on that top of your head as you do this, and finally, make the affirmation: My Energy Source flows from the Universe, the Cosmic Energy, and Today I am Free from all Emotional Attachments or Whatsoever, May the Blessings be, Iseeeeeeee, or Aseeeeeeeeeee.

That is how to use your own inner powers to detach from a Lovers Energy and reconnect with the universal cosmic energy.

In our Advanced class, this is what I do teach, I make sure my students at the right time begin to learn and practice this Will and Visualization techniques properly, this is what we refer to as the Craft of the Mind, or Mental Alchemy, or Witch Craft, Witch in this term means “Mind”, that is the original meaning of that word before religious people started referring to something else as witchcraft and the name was associated with those who attack others at night, and to pure evil, when in reality Witch is someone who has mastered their natural abilities and can close their eyes to use their mind and make manifest whatever they choose. 

Do this Exercise every day for 7 days, choose a time you know you can, and do this exercise with all seriousness, while on it do not do it as if you just want to try out, such will never work, do not start it as if you are not sure of the exercise, it will still not work.

To succeed with this, do it with all passion and enthusiasm, make sure you do it with your Will, and do it while you are calm, when your mind is so calm and relaxed.




Now if you feel that you have been drained for so long, or just recently, this is what you must do to get back on track:

First you get a purified and charged cleansing oil, charged with the full moons energy, (whenever I mention charging with the full moons energy, people begins to think that it’s by keeping the oil in the moon light, I always tell them not to be too fast to do these things themselves unless they have been passed on the knowledge from a Master, when I say Cleansing oil, they usually think it’s any oil they call cleansing oil from spiritual stores and markets and all that but t isn’t, these are a combinations of various raw oils from a particular seed and trees, which we mix together using spiritual principles and rules, also these oils cannot charge whether using the suns energy or the full moons energy by just dropping them on the sunlight or moon light,  first we have a special substance we add to the oil which attracts the energy into the oil, without it, you are wasting your time, and finally we have a special way of directing the moons energy into the oil, it isn’t by just dropping it on the Moon light, same to the sun, if you drop an oil in the sun attempting to charge it, then on the truth of the matter it is not charging you are doing, rather it is cooking).

So you are going to need cleansing oil and some cleansing soap, both the oil and the soap I will do them myself, and then work on it from the spiritual angle before charging.

That is to raise your energy fields to get yourself back on track,

Now to protect your energy at all times from energy vampires like those who use charms to drain peoples energies, all you need is a charged ring or necklace that is spiritually charged, it must be made in a special steel or it should be pure gold or silver so to make it possible to activate and charge whenever an electromagnetic energy is infused into it for the sake of protecting your energy fields from charms made to drain you, this also protects you from negatively charged partners who might after sex drain you up, yes it happens and I spoke of it on an earlier article and it protects one from other form of negatively charged charms made to destroy you in one way or the other.

This is all I have for you today, such a long and interesting topic, but the most important thing is to carry out these exercises if you are a victim and also to help yourself get protected from such sort of negative experience.

Read this article again and again at your own time in order to absorb the knowledge and fully understand it from all angle.

May this bring you Love and light, freedom from emotional depression and attachment, and good luck after carrying out these exercises, Iseeeeeeeeeeeee

Blessed Be

Knight Fredel



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