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My mother was and is a teacher; I can’t help but think of the different children she has molded into becoming the men and women they are today.

A teacher drains up themselves to add their light unto others; and that is where I got that personality from. That I am a teacher of mystery subjects today wasn’t by chance, the thing is, I picked up that trait from her. The only difference is, she doesn’t teach mystery subjects, and due to her religious background, she doesn’t like what I teach and neither does my father.

Growing up wasn’t that easy for me, although the early days may have seemed very flashy, however, as we all know, the road gets harder as a man grows, but all my parents ever wanted was for me to be an ordinary normal son.

Although, what they did not realize was that, it is only the extraordinary people, who can actually do extraordinary things, and those extraordinary things are needed to make our world evolve.

Even though it’s not my fault that I’m a weird type of person, and neither is it my fault that I’m seen as abnormal, the fact is that, I am too insane in characteristics and personality to fit into the society I was born into.

Another thing is that; “we all have that inner self which we show only to ourselves and sometimes, to our lovers, and we also, as a matter of fact have an outer self which we show to the society, nonetheless, in my own case I choose to show my inner self to the society and I don’t have an outer self to begin with”.


You see why I’m too insane to be part of this very society? It’s just who I am. I am not a pretender; rather, I’m just so pure and so original that the societies we live in isn’t compactable with my personality, that is because they cannot control me or enslave me in anyway, as it is, if there are more persons of my kind, that would make it so impossible for the dictators and slave masters we call leaders to control or use them, this is why they hate us, and attempt to scare people away from being themselves.

The truth remains that I don’t belong here, I am a visitor from a higher plain of consciousness, and my work is to come down here, resolve my little karmic depts., and assist our people to evolve.

When I learnt about the illusion of this reality we call physical realm or physical world as some call it, and also, when I realized through my course on spirituality the existence that awaits us all after our body’s die, I discovered that the world we live in is a holographic projection of another reality.

This reality today can only be accessed ones in a while when we are deeply sleeping, and our Souls Consciousness through our astral body rises to that true physical reality which today it’s now understood as a spiritual world, sometimes such experience is perceived as “a dream”, some claim it’s a world of illusion, more illusionary than here because when you are there, whatever you imagine begins to materialize in your present.

Now, where does our Souls reside, if its consciousness was projected down into this lower dimension, then where exactly is it?

Well the Soul is the real you, thus you don’t have a Soul, rather you are the Soul, and your consciousness was only projected here so you can experience life from this level, therefore you as a Soul exist in a 12th dimensional reality and uses a Light body to live over there, the truth remains that the 12D is really a pure spirit reality  with no limitations created by the use of time and space, and its actually 12 dimensional in space, unlike this physical dimension which is only 3 dimensional and at the same time a hologram and also limited with time and space.

But the 12th dimensional reality on the other hand isn’t limited with time or space or anything, it’s so real and limitless which is why the inhabitants of the 12th dimensional reality always says, that time is an illusion.

Ok, how then did we get here? Our Ancestors made us understand that, our consciousness as mentioned above was being projected from our Souls Light body (which is our original body’s where the Soul resides, and the Light body which our Soul inhabits isn’t like that of our 3rd dimensional flesh body we all use here on earth, rather it’s more like an energy of light kind of body, so bright to the physical eyes and it looks like its glittering, like there are thousands/millions of universes/galaxies within its skin).

Thus your consciousness was being projected from this Light Body which houses you (as a Soul) and sent into this holographic reality we call physical world, and then further projected into a holographic body (flesh body) atthe time of birth (which is our physical body),

Thus, in point of fact, what this really mean is that; we are all living in an illusionary world created to help the fallen ones experience life from this level of consciousness and also, to learn the lessons of being human, as well as resolve their karmas, and ascend back to the higher dimensions, when that is done, their Consciousness will be led to return back to its true self, the Soul (N.B: while our Souls consciousness is being projected into the 3rd dimension, the true self which is the Soul on the other hand is being kept in a static mode awaiting when its consciousness will return back)

Also note that, this 3rd dimensional holographic reality was also created for the new Souls, to serve as a lesson ground for them as they evolve, to teach them the experiences of being human, both from a negative aspect and on a positive path.

Thus we are like actors in a play, and after the play is over, we all retire to who we were before the play, therefore just like we choose different characters and different roles for the different plays, so it is with the circles of reincarnation, that’s why it is only when we comprehend it this way, that we then begin to truly understand our reality for what it truly is.

You think you are rich or poor? No you are neither of them. Rather you are what you have chosen to be in this lifetime, everything is predestined, however, we all have the power of freewill at our disposal. Thus it is possible for one to change his or her fate. More on this later…

The 3rd dimension was created by the projecting the 4th dimension into an empty space, this is why the 4th dimension (also known as the Astral realm) exists not above us, and neither is it below our realm, rather, it shares the same space with this 3rd dimension, only that, its frequency was reduced down below the 4th dimensional so that those who exist here will be unable to experience life in 4th dimension.

It is true that earth wasn’t always a 3rd dimensional planet, fairly it was a 4th dimensional planet, that was why eons ago the gods lived with man, and our planet wasn’t as solid as it is today, it was in that age that our people could teleport without the use of an automobile, or communicate without the use of phones, because it was entirely a 4th dimensional planet with a 4th dimensional Astral body’s.

Although our Souls were still in the 12th dimensional realm, and our consciousness were still projected into the 4th dimensional body’s, nevertheless, today our Souls consciousness are now projected into the 4th dimensional astral body’s which is then projected into the 3rd dimension at the time of birth. This is why when you pass out, you first wake up in the 4th dimension before you now head upwards, that is if you were more evolved and ascended before you died here, if you were not, you will be sent back to earths 3rd dimension through reincarnation, and that will be done from the 4th dimension, when you are ready.

During this time, (when earth was a 4th dimensional planet), all continents were almost one, and they were almost as if joined together to form one gigantic mass of land, and many races from many planets outside here do visits earth thus making this planet to become a planet with many different star races, including our ancestors who weren’t truly from here too but rumors had it that they came from Mars, they came down here only after Mars was destroyed. And they were the first to arrive here, thus making them the original owners of earth, although back then there were other beings who weren’t really human-like although they were humanoid, but they never had a flesh body, they had what seemed to be like pure energy body’s, I know today they are extinct here because we can’t see them from the 3rd dimension, they exist on the 4th dimension.

Today some of you can only experience the 4th dimension in a dream state, and if you have, you will agree with me that it looks exactly like this physical realm, and whatever we do here reflects there as whatever we do there or create there also reflects and manifests right here in this physical realm. Only those with a 3rd eye active can experience the 4th dimension and above in a wake state.

As a matter of fact most witches do astral travels to this 4th dimension to hunt people’s fears and use their negative thoughts against them by making it manifest, this is because all your thoughts, be it positive and negative thoughts all settles and hovers around you in the 4th dimensional space and thus can be made manifest here in the 3rd dimension through your Will power, if its positive thoughts, or they can be made manifest through your fears if its negative thoughts.

Throughout my growing up I have always felt this urge within to experience truth and resolve the mysteries of life, this was what pushed me into spirituality and mysticism early in life.

As a Light worker, I discovered that it is my duty to always share the Light unto others that they may find their way out of the darkness that surrounds them.

And with that, I realized my position as a Mystery Teacher, and as a Light Worker to the Great Mother, the Lady of the Sea, I understood the principles of the four Elements, and I learnt the ways of our true Ancestors, this was how I received my illumination, after many years of study, training and enlightenment, and through that, the Great Goddess made me realize my duties to Africa, why I was born here in this timeline, thus the journey began.

Just like I always say, that the two most important days of a man’s life is the day he was born and the day he realizes why he was born….


So in order to give back what I have understood and remembered/recovered from my Souls Consciousness, I taught of something I can do in order to set a trail in the sands of time for our generation, and for the generations to come; such trail will become a land mark for them to follow and be lead into the path of Light!

At that moment of contemplation, I received my inspiration, through an intuition from the Great Goddess for a second time; this was in 2017, and that intuition made manifest the birth of Awake Af’raka Community.

The Light that finally showed me the path of the Ascended Masters, our Ancestors, will forever illuminate your individual paths as you study with me; thus, if you have chosen to follow my path, then you must realize that there are “Many Rivers to Cross”, and this is just the break of a New Dawn.

Get Ready for a Happy Reading

By Knight Fredel


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