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As a matter of fact, I already know that majority of the Nigerian/African population will not see anything wrong with this very observable fact because, 90% of our Af’rakan brothers and sisters are all religious fanatics; however, if I do not say it, who will?.

The reason why we as a nation, and as a continent haven’t moved forward in civilization is because religion, especially Christianity has taken away every sense of reasoning from the minds and thinking faculties of many persons, imagine a situation whereby a patient is admitted to a hospital and, instead of the medical doctor to look into the illness scientifically and medically, they instead begin to bring religion into their profession. They go as far as preaching to the sick patient and asking them to give their life to Christ, claiming that it is only the faith in their so called Savior that can bring upon a miraculous healing to any illness, this of cause is wrong, as a medical doctor, he or she is supposed to be thinking of ideas and better ways to cure their patients illness medically, by research and serious experimentation,  instead of giving up hope in certain cases and waiting for a miracle healing from an imaginary savior.


I ones told a friend that if you ever find yourself in a situation whereby you are in an operational room of any hospital, and the surgeon, just before performing his duties on you tells you that you should pray for that surgery to be successful as the work is not in his power but in the hand of an imaginary Savior, in such a case do not proceed with such surgery, ask the hospital management to kindly refer you to another surgeon because life is not a duplicate, many of these medical professionals are jokers, they play with people’s lives in the name of evangelizing for their religion.

The truth is, Awake Af’raka Magazine is here to expose and explain deeply on cases that makes Africa go backwards, WE need to know where to draw the line, yes when it’s time for work, they need to put down their religious fanaticism, that is the only way they can reason deeply on how to save lives, that is the only way they can induce more scientific ideas on how to carry on their treatment to better save lives, if the pharmaceutical companies were all religious fanatics, there wouldn’t have been any drugs and medicines manufactured today for the purpose of healing and saving lives, new methods of medical therapies for certain illnesses wouldn’t have been created, the reason why many civilizations have advanced so high today is because, they never put their hopes on an imaginary Savior to come cast upon healing on their patients, they researched, they studied and experimented, they treated patients with professionalism and got healthy results and improvements.

Here is a case gathered by Awake Af’raka Magazine:

British nurse Sarah Kuteh on the image above was fired for talking about her faith with patients (Image source: YouTube/Christian Concern)

A medical professional who attempted to offer a Bible to a cancer patient was “rightly sacked” from her job, a court has heard.

British nurse Sarah Kuteh was fired from Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, Kent back in 2016 for talking to several patients about her faith in Jesus and even choosing to hand out Bibles.

According to the original complaint, after a patient stated that they were “open-minded” about religion, Kuteh quickly explained that “the only way he could get to the Lord was through Jesus.”

“(She) told him she would give him her Bible if he did not have one; gripped his hand tightly and said a prayer that was very intense and went ‘on and on’; and asked him to sing Psalm 23 [The Lord is My Shepherd], This is coming from a medical professional ho is supposed to create ideas and experiment on various means which she can save the life of that patient but instead she is resorting to a blind faith.

According to court documents, the nurse also told a bowel cancer patient “that if he prayed to God he would have a better chance of survival.”

As a result of these encounters, Kuteh, a mother-of-three, was fired from her job for “gross misconduct.”

This is what many African doctors and medical professionals needs to learn, there was ones a patient who suffered appendicitis, but this patient lost his life because he found himself in a hospital filled with  so called medical professionals who were all religious fanatics, he wasn’t a Christian, and the nurses and doctors all wanted to convert this patient to their Christian religion, they came in the morning to pray with him before the surgery, but he refused because he wasn’t a Christian, they told him that Jesus is the only way and the only one who could save him, he refused, and I am sure they operated him without concern for his well being, they did not wash his busted appendix properly, and he died.


I am sure a Christian out there reading this would say that the man died because he did not have Christ in him, but the truth is, he died because we had medical professionals whom were religious fanatics, they were lost in their religion that they forgot the life of that patient rests upon their shoulders. They were busy preaching and evangelizing for their religion, wasted the time they should have used to go into the emergency room, forgetting that, one wasted minute can kill a man.

What I noticed from doctors and nurses who are fanatics is that, ones they noticed that you are not a church goer, they will not give you a hundred percent attention, all they will do is tell you that you are suffering from such illness because you haven’t received their Jesus as your lord and personal Savior, I have ones visited a hospital were the nurses saw those patients who weren’t Christians as sinners, they look at them as though, they are ill because of their sins, they pretend in front of their patients as if all is well but end up gossiping about them secretly, making fun of many and talking ill about their situation using words like “god forbids”. My question is, how can those who claim to be life savers end up stigmatizing their patients, when I walked into the hospitals reception, I was so disappointed to hear those words, I stood for over two minutes listening to all they were saying about a patient they had in their care, and when they saw me, they were sure embarrassed as they never knew someone was standing behind them and watching. I mean these three nurses left their positions and sat on top of their desk backing the door and gossiping. I just at that moment, made a u-turn.

I have another case where I was added into a social media group, then someone complained of being clinically depressed and seeks solution, then I referred the person to a psychologists, asking him to visit a specialist hospital, then suddenly a so called medical doctor came in saying that she is a medical doctor and she is advising the depressed patient to seek out Christ, claiming that it is only through Christ that he will be well again. I asked the so called medical doctor where she got such kind of medical advice, I mean how can a medical doctor instead of thinking of a possible solution to a problem decides to fall into the trap of mental slavery. However, in the case of a chronic depression, it isn’t the job of a medical doctor’s, thus, a good and honest medical doctor, will refer the patient to a psychiatrist or a psychologist because depression is entirely a psychological predicament.

How can we grow when our world is tearing apart and no one is saying anything, if civilization is what we seek, then we will never get there with such frame of mind, when I tell people that religion has destroyed Africa, people did not understand, though the problem has really gotten so deep that, if nothing is done today, we may end up falling into the hand of self destruction.

Think of the likes of Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and the rest, would they have been able to advance their civilization with a religious mindset? The answer is a capital no! There are things we may think is nothing but deeply it’s damaging our root, and when the root dies, the tree dies. A word is enough for the wise.

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