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Welcome to another edition and Episode of Awake Af’raka Magazine, in today edition we shall talk about the abuse of occult powers and spiritual knowledge.

In Af’raka today, there is this thing that needs the urgent attention of those who claim to practice spirituality. These set of people are the major problems we have in Af’raka today and the public needs to know, these people use the knowledge they acquired in mysticism and spirituality to gain occult powers which in turn they use to harm other people. These set of so called spiritualists are the reasons we are not going forward in awakening our brothers and sisters from this matrix, because many of the uninformed religious fanatics are now afraid of our spirituality and our cultures.

You can imagine a case of someone who possesses clairvoyance, however, instead of using the knowledge for the highest good of others, they decide to use them to create pain and suffering to the helpless. Some use this knowledge to cause madness and other similar misery to others, many others use this knowledge to gather wealth for themselves at the expense of others, sometimes in the process, innocent bloods are shed.

These kinds of persons are ignorant of the natural and spiritual laws; they delve into practical mysticism without first acquiring knowledge and full guide on pure spirituality.
For those who do not know, this is why our ancestors had what we call mystery schools and as well as mystical  programs which helps to teach those mystical knowledge in a way that helps the practitioners to live in harmony with all natural and spiritual laws.

Such programs do not open up those advanced mystical knowledge to the public, they reserve them for the select few that is those who have proven themselves worthy to receive such sacred knowledge. These programs are divided into degrees and portals where each student is tested before being passed into each passage or portal. But today a lot of persons now feel that knowledge of this nature should be opened up to everyone, and many who teach and expose these knowledge to people end up creating monsters who devour people at any given chance, this is because they had a bad teacher, and most of all, they were not ready, mystical knowledge should be passed on to only those who have proven themselves worthy to receive such knowledge, and they must be tested and passed into the next passage, or halted in order for them to retry again whenever they are ready. With such procedures, only true and sincere mystics will be created.

Many persons have come to me so I may teach them the craft, some ask to be given deep knowledge on dark arts, yes I may possess these knowledge but I’m fully aware of how these knowledge can corrupt someone, I cannot teach people dark art without introducing the path of Light and Love. Because you cannot understand one without the other, they are like the two sides of a coin. For instance, if I just teach you about dark arts, and most of its practical’s are given to you, one day someone may offend you, because you haven’t understood balance and because you are unaware of knowledge on how to rise above negativity, fears, and because you haven’t faced and risen above your lower self, you will be forced to hit the person and eventually hurt that person, and that is against the rules that govern magick, by hitting that person you unknowingly set into motion the law of karma which will hunt you until you eat exactly the food you cooked.

Another instance concerns someone who haven’t opened his psychic centres and risen above the lower realms, these people if given the chance to explore spirituality and its powers, due to their pride, they may use them to show off, magick and spiritual powers are not made to be used to decorate your ego by showing off to make people fear you, or see you as some kind of super human, neither are they made for those who wish to use it for the sake of cheating others in a game or lottery. Magick used for such practices comes with a prize, a consequence which many will definitely run away from. Magick is for those who wants to advance their Souls, use their abilities for the sake of others, not for selfish purposes, this in no way means one who practice mysticism can’t be allowed to protect themselves, however, if you practice spirituality in truth and sincerity, from the purest of your heart, then you will not be needing any protection, because vibrating from a higher realm alone keeps you in a higher frequency which those vibrating from lower frequencies can not reach you. It is only when you attack others with your spiritual powers that you will be so anxious to protect yourself from unseen danger as well as dangers which you unconsciously created for yourself.

However, sometimes there may be cases where you may be pure yet there still might be those who possibly will want to attack you, all you need do is follow the rules of self defense, that is defend yourself without hurting them, rather you bless them because as a true mystic, you should know that their actions are caused by their ignorance and if you hurt them intentionally, then there will be no difference between those who came to hurt you, and you who is hurting them back, also, it is not our duty to take the life of another, even if they wanted to take yours, all you need to do is defend yourself and move on.

Many persons don’t really know how deep spirituality and mysticism is, they just feel it’s something one can just use to become spiritual enough to surpass others, but no, apart from those spiritual practices from the dark arts which includes talisman making, spells and how to use them, invocations of elemental and deities, making of love potions and other types of potions, manipulation of nature like forcing the rain to stop or start, inducing thunders and many more, there are many other knowledge on the path off Light which a practitioner supposed to learn first and which many people neglect, these knowledge includes the mastering of the elements, awakening ones psychic centres, rising above the lower realms, and being in unity with ones higher self. Also included on this path of light is understanding the natural and spiritual laws, and how to live in harmony with them, learning to awaken ones inner abilities like telepathy, clairvoyance and astral projection, these will put one in rapport with the universe, and then it will raise ones frequency. That is the true purpose of spirituality, when we seek the path of light, then master all of its knowledge, then every other thing will be added unto us. And at that point we begin to unravel the mysteries of life, which helps us live a peaceful life in love and in harmony.
This article is for those who feel that spirituality is a place to acquire powers in order to use against others or something you go into for a selfish and materialistic purpose.

To those people who misuse our Af’rakan ancestral knowledge, note that there is no honour in destroying your own. Af’raka has fallen so low due to the invasion of religious movements from the west, these religions demonized our cultures and traditions, they demonized our gods and goddesses, and made our spirituality look bad and evil, please do not aid our oppressors.

Furthermore, do not join the circle of spirituality out of frustration, and when you want to practice, do well to join programs designed to assist your evolution. Learn first to face and rise above your demon within before you delve into the deeper aspects of metaphysics. Learn to master the four elements and learn to be in unity with your higher self. With that, you will step into the Light and your darkness within will be very much controlled.

We are here to raise the frequency of Af’raka by awakening people out of the illusions of this world. By pointing out the religious deceptions and how to face the realities of life, we do not want to aid our oppressors by proving to them how evil our tradition is, when in reality it is the fault of the so called practitioners.

There are these other group who misuse Af’rakan ancestral knowledge. These group I tag the fraudsters are no different from some pastors whose sole aim is to misguide their members with trickery and lies all to enrich their own pockets. Some of these so called spiritualists do use the social medias in deceiving people that they can make them rich and wealthy, some claim how they can use our Af’rakan spiritual powers to draw lucks or quick monies to them, all these are a pure frauds and they promote a misconception of the true ideas of our Af’rakan traditions and ancestral knowledge.

People need to know the truth about spirituality, and what it stands for. People needs to realize how pure the path is, how our gods are not demonic, and how our history did not begin from slavery.
Those who are guilty of all I have listed above must be warned to desist from such act as they are aiding our oppressors in damaging our root. If truly they wish to practice spirituality, then they must knock at the right door, learn from basic, and understand the principles of nature, its natural and spiritual laws must be their guide, and ascension must be their ultimate goal.

I hope this article has added a light unto you.
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