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There has been rumors on the internet about Ishtar and Easter Sunday, and lots of Christian fanatics defends this so much that they create unfounded historical evidence that had no place in the history of mankind, The fact is, why are most biblical concepts always in conflict with pagan holidays and beliefs.

Let’s look at Christmas, some Christians claim that it’s a holiday that celebrates the birth of their savior, but then if you should look a bit deeper, you will discover more truth concerning that very day (December 25th) whose holiday it really represents, you can check it up here since I have written about it on the two special articles THE BIRTH OF CHRIST: MYTHOLOGY OR HISTORICAL and on the other; WHO IS HORUS THE SUN GOD By Knight Fredel


However if you must know, Easter wasn’t all associated with the death and resurrection of Jesus, rather it was a day kept aside by the ancients to celebrate Ishtar, whom is pronounced Easter, who is and was known as the Goddess of Sex and fertility, she represents rebirth and resurrection, she birthed a Son on earth known as Tamuz, this holiday was first associated to Ishtar and Tamuz, before it was adopted by the Christian founders as the day Jesus resurrected.

In the days of our ancestors, when the farms are not doing well and the rain refuses to come, they usually call on Ishtar and she always answers by making the crops green and healthy, the women who need child or children and wishes for pregnancy, even if they are barren, and they call on Ishtar the right way, she makes them fertile again and brings them what they desire, she is born of Earth element although, also represented with the Moon, the Earth goddess and the Water Goddess both use the Moon, just like the Wind Goddess and the Fire Goddess use the Sun, and she was and is also known as the Goddess of Love and Light as she brings Love and laughter wherever she goes.

The origin of Sex Magick (which I am writing about on my next book) was associated to her worship and Spirituality as she had trained women who were priestesses and whom use their sexual energy’s to heal their land, which was deep spiritual art which many are abusing today in the name of play boys and play girls.

Sex was taken very serious and sacred in the days of our ancestors that they made a law that if you do not love someone, then do not make love to that person, and they always had charged beads (for women) and charged hand bangles (for men) for protection, if they must have sex, Some of you might ask; why use charged objects in order to have sex?

The answer was exposed in the former article “SPIRIT HUSBAND AND SPIRIT WIFE do well to hit on it and read in details, but as usual I’ll give you a short insight on why they use such charms during sexual intercourse.

It was discovered that during sexual intercourse, the two partners exchange energies, it’s like I give you mine, and you give me yours, now some ladies or some guys are toxic in sense that they have accumulated so much bad energy’s and karmic debts which are all negative, now when they have sex with someone who  is clean, they end up giving that person some good amount of bad energy’s or negative karma’s, it will be as if both of them have shared the negative karma’s and bad energies.

This is why most times you experience bad lucks after having sex with some people, kits not like that, what you experienced isn’t and wasn’t meant for you, it was and belonged to your partner, but after the sexual intercourse, he or she has giving you some of it to go home with too, and when you go, you start seeing negative experience, your d=energy level will suddenly drop, you will feel dull and suddenly you will find it hard to make sales that week or month if you are into selling of items and business of such.

Now this was why our ancestors do charge those objects in order to protect themselves from that negative vibes which might be exchanged between the both of them. There are more, but I’ll stop here, if you want more on that topic, look up at the Spirit Husband and Spirit wife article when you are done here.

Ok, so Ishtar was related with Sex, Fertility and love, and thus, Sex was kept Sacred and still sacred in our world today just that people were made to forget Ishtar and her knowledge on sacred Sex, although I am here now, and I will bring them all up.

In the days of our Ancestors, Ishtar was attributed with immortality as she carries about the symbol of Immortality as they said she holds the power to immortality, and the discovery of ones higher self, this I am sure refers to Arcane Knowledge.

“Ishtar”, which is pronounced “Easter”, was a day that commemorated the resurrection of one of their gods that they called “Tammuz”, who was believed to be the only begotten son of the moon-goddess (Ishtar) and the Sun-god (Baal)

What you must know is that many tribes and towns call these Gods and Goddesses with various names based on language differences, for some, Ishtar was known as Isis within the Northern Africa, like Kemet, and Horus was same as Tamuz, for the western Africa Ishtar was known as Innana, or the Eastern Africa call her Semiramis, the South also call her Innana. So wherever you hear those, it’s all referring to Ishtar, Ishtar was a name known by the Middle East Africa and which later was adopted by the Sumerians, and Mesopotamia of the ancients.


Ishtar was also, in Igbo land referred to as Ani, the Earth Goddess, and has other names in many other tribes.

Another question I was asked was that, why did the whites changed every other names of other holidays they adopted but didn’t forget to change the name of Ishtar from Easter Sunday since the word Easter and her Eggs and Bunny symbols had no place in Christianity or in Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Well I always tell them the truth; look, of all the Gods and Goddesses, the ones the whites feared most in  Africa was Ishtar, the (Earth)Goddess of Sex and Fertility, and the Star of the Sea, also known as the Queen of Heaven, which many people refer to as the Ocean Goddess too, these two has shown them lots of things they are still unable to explain during the days they attempted to exploit us, when we were still strong  and protected, when we haven’t abandoned our own.

So while the Christians taught that  the Ocean goddess was Evil, they are at the same time worshipping her as the Queen of Heaven or as Mary, while the earth Goddess is still given her respect every Easter in the name of Jesus’ resurrection,. Thus while they think its Jesus they worship, the truth remains that they actually indirectly worshipping Ishtar and Tamuz.

 With all these said and certain questions answered, I am sure you now know who today belongs to, many of you might want to ask that if today isn’t Jesus day of resurrection and December 25th isn’t his birth either, then when was Jesus born and when did he die and resurrected?

That is another sharp question but you know what? I have written about it so deeply and I explained who Jesus is and also made it clear that he was imaginary and self created image by the Caucasians, a symbol used to brainwash Africans in order to exploit them and enslave them for their selfish ego, see the article Messianic or Christianity, click here.

So, we now know all about Ishtar, and note, this article will be updated further and more information within this week.

Most of those added information will be gotten from he answers il be expecting you to ask below.

Blessed be

Knight Fredel


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