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EPISODE 24 – Afraka Today

It has been a privilege to realize that things are really acting up in Afraka as many celebrities as well as the youths of today are focused on a none-important things like a TV game show, especially when there are recent happenings surrounding the communities which should be treated first.

Let us Begin with Nigeria Today!

This is 2019, Sowore is still in jail, the society is starving at the highest level, from the rural areas to the towns and cities, as it seems like no one really cares from the throne of government.

The society is treated like chicken, the government representatives (politicians) are like the owners of a farm where chickens are starved and given peanuts, they intentionally starves the chicken (which represents the society), so every few hours they drop some peanuts on the floor in order to make them continue to follow them.

This is the picture of the current happenings today, however, no one is talking and finally what the celebrities could think of today is a TV game show. Sowore is fighting for the youths whom have been marginalized and rejected, he was fighting for the graduates without employment and the young hustlers whom are locked up in jail for no good reasons, he was fighting for a one Nigerian motives, and for that revolutionary move, Sowore was arrested by the Nigerian government, instead of the youths whom he was fighting for to come out and campaign for his release either through the social medias, they (the youths) are busy campaigning for a TV game show participants. and to top it up, the celebrities who should be the voice of the people are equally busy with the TV game show and promoting their participants, is is the level of ignorant in Africa today!

Now who is Sowore?

S.O.S. AFRAKA by Knight Fredel Afraka AFRAKA

Omoyele Sowore is a Nigerian human rights activist, pro-democracy campaigner, former presidential candidate, and founder of online news agency Sahara Reporters, On August 3, 2019 Sowore was arrested by Nigeria Department of Security Services for treason allegation after calling for a protest tagged RevolutionNow. 



S.O.S. AFRAKA by Knight Fredel Afraka AFRAKA

It is very sad to realize that our past is greater than our now. I mean, every mans dream has always been to creating a better future that will intimidate his past, but for Africa, the reverse seems to be the case.
Many are still caught up in the web of white supremacy and religious fanaticism. What they don’t understand is the religion of Christianity and Islam was orchestrated by the same people whose aim and objective is to keep the children of the Sun locked down in their self created matrix.

Look at the eastern Nigeria for instance coming up with the fight for a Biafran country tagging Judaism as their dream new religion, ready to conquer Christianity in order to bring up their own Biafra country which will be totally a Jews country. Isn’t that funny? Who created Judaism? The same very people who own and run Christianity and Islam also control  and own Judaism, thus breaking out from Nigeria to create another country with Judaism means converting the indigence to Jews, which is already happening, it also means that the new country will still be ruled from background by the same very people they are claiming to abandon in Nigeria, therefore logically speaking, there would be no difference between Nigeria and Biafra! Because the silent background rulers will still be there to place leaders as their puppets just like they did to Nigeria, and history will just end up repeating itself again.



S.O.S. AFRAKA by Knight Fredel Afraka AFRAKA

Brothers and sisters it’s time to wake up to the reality of existence and truth. First we created disunity among ourselves, they came and used that as an added advantage, chained our legs and hands, shut our mouths and killed, raped our ancestors for many years. When that circle was over, they removed the chains from our hands and legs, and then transferred them to our mind in a new era of mental slavery.

Today we have more pastors than professors, and doctors, we have more churches than schools and industries, we are gradually falling down and down and there is only one solution to our predicament, and that is “to stop falling and wake up”.

I understand that many Africans will not believe that they are dead asleep and many will even fight to destroy those who try to wake them up from the matrix of religion.
What our religious people fail to understand is that those so called religious movements they hold tight to their hearts were ones imposed upon their fore fathers, those who refused to give in were killed, tortured and many were burnt alive, see THE CHURCH KILLED.

And they fail to see that those stories found today in their so called holy books are 60% distorted histories of actual events that took place here in Africa and 40% allegories and metaphors created by our fore fathers to teach certain mystical laws, truths and ideas using symbols and parables. But today such metaphors are being taken as actual events and stories which as a matter of facts no longer serve the actual purpose it was meant for.

The world we live in is changing and our people are languishing in ignorance. Those who speak up are being called many names including the Antichrist. Yes the whites who distorted the bible didn’t make mistakes in labeling the Antichrist with the code 666, they knew exactly what they were saying, you know why? Because within the skin of the African race is found 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons which is the formula that makes the sin of an African man black! So when they say the Antichrist will have the mark of the beast, and when they say the beast will be known with the number 666, they were actually calling us, Africans the beast!
We are the beast; we are the Satan, the fallen race. This is why they always paint the devil as a black man, while the savior is painted as a white Caucasian.

A bird which was born in a cage will always think that flying is a curse until it takes its first step, rise above its fears and use its feathers and wings for what they are meant for. Africans must learn to use their brains, today almost 90% of the African Christians don’t use their brains anymore, they don’t think, and they don’t research, they only eat whatever they are feed.
I was born a Christian too, i was raised a Christian and i was made to believe that those Muslims who were not Christians would be condemned to burn in hell fire, this was what we believed in until I grew up to realize that those Muslims we taught would be condemned to burn in a hell fire were also teaching their kids that we that are not Muslims were all sinners and would nevertheless, be condemned to burn in hell fire!

Who will save Af’raka? Sorry to disappoint you but no one will save us, no god in the sky will come for us, you as a Christian has been scammed and must accept it in order to move on.

In order to wake up, you must first accept that you are mentally asleep. As you can see, instead of those who know the truth expose the lies of religion, they choose to take advantage of the ignorance of their brothers and sisters by becoming a pastor, then intentionally stealing from them, using them every Sunday to make their pocket fatter and giving their members false hope of a time when their savoir will appear in the sky to save them, or the false hope of a heaven and the threats of hell fire to keep their faiths going.
Messages like this will be considered the work of an Antichrist. Oh yes we know, yet we do it because we actually know that we are not against the Christ consciousness which every individual can attain, but rather we are against the religious movements created to keep Af’raka in control. However, today Africans are the ones keeping themselves in control; they have the keys to unchain themselves but it seems they love their chains. Af’raka needs to rise up, first we hate ourselves so much and hate our own colors and our own ancestors. We need to learn to accept and embrace ourselves. If we do not accept and embrace ourselves, then no one will embrace and accept us.

S.O.S. AFRAKA by Knight Fredel Afraka AFRAKA

This is the message from the depth of truth, this is the message from Awake Af’raka Magazine publication, asking the children of the Sun to wake up to embrace themselves and then drop every foreign religion meant to divide us, because they know that when we are divided we will be easier to conquer.

Should we give in to them? Or should we come together and to rise up and shine!

Written by Knight Fredel © 2019

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