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I heard people saying that, the Book of life is really a book one can hold and read, just like in Christianity and in Islam it is said that, when you die, a book will be reviewed to see how you lived your life and all that, then if you did wrongly, you go to hell, if you lived a righteous life, it will be written there and you go to heaven.

Now as it is, do you think this book of life story should be taken literally or, should one just take it as a myth, or could it be hiding  deeper meaning within, that is, is it a metaphor referring to something quite similar but deeper.

Yes! That is it, it’s a metaphor, the book of life isn’t really a physical book and when you die no one will be there to judge you, it is you who will look back at the life you just lived to see all the good and positive deeds you must have done as well as all the bad deeds you contributed too.

It is here you will check and judge yourself, after that? You will then go to the in between life and get prepared for another life where you will get ready to come back to Earth in order to redeem your good for the good you did in your previous life, and also, to resolve or pay back for the evil you must have contributed into the world.

This means that if you killed in a previous life, it is here you will freely feel sorry even if you felt happy for killing that person while you were alive, here you will see things clearly and even sentence yourself to go back to Earth and be killed for killing another.

That is how the afterlife works, for more on Death and the Afterlife; check my article on that topic, it is already written out, so click here: DEATH AND THE AFTERLIFE to read.

Now if this is the truth, that is if the book of life is just a metaphor referring to something else entirely, then why will they give it the name Book of life since it’s not even a book?

Ok what is a book? A book is something a person uses to take records of something very important, right? Like an account, a minute, a note, or a journal. Thus, this means that this book of life should work exactly the same way a book does, right?

Good, this now means that the Book of life has to do with something similar to accounts, or journals. So pay attention.

As things may be, this is an advanced knowledge which many have not come to realize at this moment, and there are majority out there who do not want the African people to know the truth, in the past few years I have received warnings from an anonymous and unknown source due to the exposures I write to expose their lies and bring up the truth and secret knowledge for people to know the truth, as a matter of fact this same people make use of our African brothers to hide these truth from the public so that they will continue to be a slave.

They use them to fight us, especially pastors and reverends who threaten me with my life, some go as far as using charms and such fickle powers to project unto me in order to prove to their members that their false Gods has struck me to death in order to keep their faith focussed in their mental slavery, but the truth remains that my Supreme Mother is always here for his Sun.

Although I do not listen to their threats, since awakening the Af’rakan people is my call from the Supreme Mother, the Lady of the Sea, to step you all into the Light, therefore that is exactly what I have been doing, and will do now, so read carefully, and remember my rules, no skipping, not even a word… I will try as much as possible to explain this mystical phenomenon with simpler familiar terms so that you all will understand. 

So what is Akashic? In theosophy and anthroposophy, the Akashic Chronicle is a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. They are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the Etheric plane – Wikipedia.

Well, that is close, as you know; much African Ancestral knowledge has been shared amongst various mystical societies who today claim this knowledge as their own, they all define this same thing with different terms and languages, some do add their opinions to it and claim it to be to be true, others use different terms to confuse you, for that reason, pay attention:

Everything is energy, everything is vibration, your thoughts, your words, spoken words and everything you do, in thoughts or in deeds, all are energy, all are vibration, and they all vibrate at different frequencies, thus, in anything you do, in anything that has ever happened within this universe or outside this multiverse, all has been recorded in the Super Memory base, which is the universal memory that exists in one of the 7th dimensions also known as the Etheric realm.

This is why one who is trained in this craft can decide to touch a wall in a room made of cement or bricks and be able to tell who was there, or what happened there in that room many months or many years ago by tapping into the frequency of the Akashic memory deeply rooted in the 7th dimension of that room/wall.

There is a popular religious saying that states that God is everywhere and sees everything, that was a statement created due to an understanding of a higher power who sees all, and knows all but the truth is that there is nothing up there, rather the ancients needed a familiar way to explain the Akashic in a means that could be understood by all, just like others used the book of Life concept to refer to this same Akashic, however they are all metaphors.

This knowledge, even as I am an Akashic reader, is still difficult to transcribe into a normal human understandable language, it’s so hard and as I write this, I still think deeply on how to explain this perfectly, but I know within me the Great Goddess will assist, you know I looked up on Google to see what others have written so far to see if I can reference any one of them in this article, but I saw that the many explanations on the Akashic is wrong, and only a few are able to come close to the truth.

This makes it even more fascinating to know that I am a step closer, and that means that this article will open the eyes of many, and this also proves why the ancients decided to use the word “Book of Life” to refer to the Akashic record, because it was never easy transcribing an entirely mystical and spiritual experience into human languages.


Now, as we said earlier, the knowledge of things which has taken place from the beginning of time to this day has always been recorded in this universal memory-like bank we call the Akashic, the Akashic is not human, neither is it physical, therefore that makes it spiritual because it exists from a higher dimensional reality.


This universal memory base exists everywhere, in everything and mostly in anything wooden, iron or steel like keys, soil, in rocks and bricks or cement blocks or stones., this is because everything we have here in the physical realm has its duplicates in the higher dimensions, and so those objects like your  keys and woods that are said to house the Akashic records do not really have those Akashic information on the physical realm but from its astral duplicates, this is why it takes only a trained one to tap into that vibrations from its 7th dimensional duplicates.

Science says that they have an instrument which can tell how old a place is by extracting carbon from a land, yes, such information is basically gotten from the outer layers of the Akashic records through some sort of instrument created for that purpose.

Do you know that science, which gave birth to technology, is no different from spirituality? The only thing is, science focuses on that which they can see, while spirituality goes much further into the paranormal, examples of spiritual courses that gave birth to science includes Metaphysics, Alchemy, Astrology and Kabala.

Without Metaphysics there would be no quantum physics, physics, and mathematics, without Alchemy there would be no chemistry, biology, genetic engineering, without Astrology there would be Astronomy or even science itself.

So it’s all connected, the ancients, our Ancestors studied these things, just like Astrology gave birth to Astronomy, they (science in general) always pretends like they don’t believe in spirituality yet everyday as they evolve they keep getting closer and closer to revealing what the Adepts in Spirituality has always been saying, they are close to proving that there is life after death and there are dimensions upon dimensions above ours.

They will get there, it’s just a matter of time, I know they will, because I have seen it all in the Akashic memory and I know they are very close to revealing this truth and accepting that the human body is not the real person but just a cloak, and the true person is within, and is called a Soul.

They will come to accept this because this is not the first time humanity has come to this age and timeline, they always do, and they also get pass this age, and afterwards destroy themselves with their own inventions, and then start all over again with nothing and only a few people left in the world with no much modern cloths and no technologies left, thus they start again with horses and wearing animal skins and shooting arrows.

At that moment any children they give birth to at such time will then believe that it is the beginning of life, nevertheless the truth is, it is only another beginning out of many other beginnings which has come and gone. Are you surprised? Don’t be, that is just how things are.

Ok back to our sun-topic, Akashic record was mentioned in the bible and in many religious texts, they were referred to as the Book of Life, you should know at this point that those religious movements like Judaism, Islam and Christianity did not rightly own their so called holy book, those books were extracted from ancient texts having its root in Kabala and Astrology and Alchemy.

Certain passages, chapters and books within their holy Korans and Bibles or even Torahs were also extracted from ancient Sumerian tablets which have hidden texts from kabala, and many others were taken from ancient testimonies of actual Extraterrestrial events which took place in the time of our Ancestors, today these religious movements are now taking these Entities as their Gods without realizing what they are worshiping is not really the Supreme God but one malevolent Extraterrestrial who wanted to be worshiped by man as Gods.

To learn more on this, click here to see the article GODS OR EXTRATERRESTRIALS By Knight Fredel



Now let’s analyze this Akashic record one more time for a clearer understanding. For instance, it was written, that when one dies, one will be judged right? and a book of life will be opened unto thee, and if one had lived a sinful life, he goes to hell, but if he lived a righteous life, then he goes to heaven.

In the actual sense, what it really means is: if one lived a positive life which did not invite any negative karma, then the person’s next life will be full of rewards and benedictions; and that is what it means by “going to heaven if one lived a righteous life”. But if one did evil, like killing, then one will be sent back to earth to be killed, and that is what it means by going to hell if one lived sinful life.

Therefore ones negative karma was referred to as Hell or purgatory in ancient texts and tablets, while the positive karma is written and referred to as Heaven while the Book of life refers to the Akashic record, and the one they call Angel of death is the karmic Entity in charge of one’s karma and reincarnation.

These Entities are mostly the ones who assist those who are newly dead, and who appear in the afterlife looking confused, and those who have lost their way or are still terribly confused and moving up and down as Earth bounds.

There are those who died here and get themselves stuck in an alternate reality created seconds after they died here, in such alternate reality they still believe they are still alive and still living with their families, not realizing that all they are seeing are all playing out from their imagination and thoughts formed within the 4th dimension, in such alternate reality everything will seem complete as though they were never dead.

After a while this Entity will come over and assist them find their way out, and the only way for them to get loosed from such reality is to first accept that they are dead. It is only when they accept that they are no more alive that their self created alternate reality will begin to disorganize and finally disappear for their true present state to reveal itself.

This Entity helps them realize that this life isn’t theirs anymore, and then shows them the need to move on in order to get prepared for another.


If the Akashic record does not exist, Karma cannot take place, this is why many persons cannot escape there karma since everything is recorded, all that you know and don’t know all exists in the Akashic memory, with it karma is able to trace you, and you know what? Karma isn’t some sort of written laws which other entities wrote down and uses to trace those who violates the laws written therein just like some charlatans and false teachers always claims.



Karma is more like a force field which magnets or attaches itself to someone who has violated its code or something, the behavior of karma might be related to the way an Security Artificial Intelligent (AI) works, for instance let’s for a minute take Karma to be an Security AI.

When you place a Security system powered by an AI in a house, and you programmed it to sound the alarm whenever something happens a certain way, it will do just that, let’s say you kept five people in the room, and you said to them, no going out after 2am, no smoking, no bathing after 9pm and no lighting of fire in the room.

Now you gave those laws because you know of the Security system you have installed in that house, and you know it is powered by an AI, so in order to guard the ones living in that room, you have to make the laws for them, just like we have the two and forty laws of MA’AT which were given by our Ancestors because they were aware of Karma and in order to stay safe from it, they had to create those laws and principles.

Ok back to the AI example: By giving such law, you know that the AI was programmed to sound the alarm whenever someone crosses the door, which means there is a kind of infrared or laser radiation you placed at the door which detects one crossing, and so the AI understands that after a particular time, it must sound the alarm if it detects any sort of crossing.

And whenever it detects any form of smoke the alarm sounds, whenever it detects Water rushing through the pipes after a set time it rings, etc.

Now you should understand that Karma was also programmed the same way by the creators of this Matrix we call physical reality, the point is, this principles helps man to evolve, to become a better version of themselves, the malevolent Entities around may have taken advantage of this Matrix, however, it still remains one of the best evolving ground for the younger Souls.

The truth which many Esoteric and Religious paths will not tell you is this, that the 3rd dimension was created and projected from the realities that exists in the 4th dimension (what this means is that the 3rd dimension is a reflection of the 4th dimension and that makes it a Matrix), it was created because they needed a place where Souls could be evolved and taught the lessons of being human.

These lessons may come from all shades of life, no one is an exception, even the most advanced and oldest Souls who come down here to help others evolve are also, as matter of fact practicing their own lessons in other to become a better Beacon of Light, by sending these Light bringers down to Earth to assist others in the evolution and awakening of their consciousness, they (who sent them) are trying to prepare them for something greater.

Back to the behaviors of karma: and in another example; let’s say for instance you go on to steal a car from someone who was just gifted a brand new car on his birthday, this person may not be rich and can’t afford such a car, but you stole that car from him and that made him loose all hopes, break down and depressed because It will to him feel like one has taken away his happiness, and his joy.

It will interest you to know that the moment you steal that car, it will within a matter of one second, be encoded and recorded into the Akashic, and all will be displayed exactly as it is happening, and that action (of stealing a car) will then immediately trigger the Forces of Karma to be directed to you, as well as be activated on that car stealing record in the Akashic, for a proper tracking.

This means that, even if you die without paying for this, the karma will follow you up into the afterlife awaiting your next incarnation, and the moment you incarnate in another life, that negative karma will be attached to you as your FATE.

Thus, by activating that karma, it goes on to attach itself with that very Akashic records which registered “your stealing a car from someone who was gifted on his birthday”, the karma (which behaves like an AI) will identify the person you stole from and the condition that surrounded him before, and after the stealing took place, then it will measure your intents on why you stole that car, if your intents are clear in some cases, you are free as karma will disarm from your Akashic immediately.

If you intent is deeply dark, then it remains there until the right time to reverse same events by making sure you find yourself on that same condition that man you stole from was and at same time it makes sure you are stolen from too, although in many cases, what might be stolen from you may not be a car but will definitely be something that is as valuable to you as the car was to the man, and when that happens, your karma will be resolved.

That is how karma works, and that is how and why the Akashic was created, remember that the Akashic is as real as the AI, and remember that it may not really be an AI, but note also that it works exactly the same way and the higher Entities who created it, did so through a similar process that looks like programming, so if you ask me, it is more like it.

You should note also that man has always mimicked nature in many ways, and so it should not surprise you to note that nature is more like a programmed system, just like a super computer.

A student of mine has asked me once, he said, where does the Akashic record reside, where is it located in the universal and spiritual dimensions?

The answer is simple but I will start by explaining something I have always explained from other earlier articles and books. And that is dimensions and realities.

You must note that our physical world isn’t the only reality, it is rather one out of many, and they all share the same space but divided by frequencies due to the fact that some of the dimensions vibrates in a higher frequency than the other, the higher they vibrate the higher dimension they are and the realer and less illusionary they become.

For instance, our reality exists on a 3rd dimensional reality known as the physical world, this reality vibrates at a 3rd dimensional rate and so its illusionary, the next is the 4th dimension which vibrates higher than the 3rd dimension, and this 4th dimension is known as the Astral realm of illusion and make belief, and this is the reality that was projected into space in order to create the 3rd dimension which is known as the Matrix.

The next which vibrates above the 4th dimension is the 5th dimension known as Causal realm, this is where the Karmic Masters and the Goddess of Truth and Justice resides from, this is where your karmic debts are discussed and where you visit after death in order to create your next life and choose where you will be reincarnating to.

And above this is the Mental realm which is the 6th dimension, a place of knowledge and information, the first outer layers of the Akashic are found here too, above this reality is the 7th dimension which is the first true reality, why do I say that? It’s because it is much more real and has no atom of illusion therein, unlike the rest; this 7th dimension is known as the Etheric realm and this is where your symbolic book of life otherwise known as the Akashic Records resides and guarded by the Master Akashi and the Karmic Entity

Above this 7th dimension is the 8th dimension which is where our Ascended ones resides, the ones you call our Ancestors or the shining ones; now I will stop here.


The simple answer to this question would be yes, it is 100% possible to make contact with the Akashic so to check ones records, and if one is really good at it, it will be very much more accurate than divinations such as the ones the Yoruba’s call Ifa, and the Igbo’s call Afa.

Ones again many Dibias and Dibia sympathizers will attack this exposures, the thing is I can’t just lie to please others, as some Adepts in Spirituality do now, anything divination is a guess game unlike Akashic reading which involves a more deeper understanding and procedures.

In Akashic reading we make use of numbers and information’s from the ones we are reading in order to be able to trace/find that person’s info from the Akashic. First one who does Akashic reading must know how to go on trance intentionally and with that he or she will leave his body, he must know calculations and must have his third eyes intact, must have a very good experience in chatting with spirits, and rising to the 7th dimension which is where the true mature Akashic memory lies.

And if one is till at the level of killing birds and goats offering sacrifices, then that person can never reach the 7th dimension talk more of locating or having access to the Akashic, it will be entirely impossible for such person.

It took me 7 years to secretly study the Akashic, practice it in secrets, and so on, and then it took me another 5-6 years to become perfect in it, it isn’t something one jump’s in and jumps out unlike the modern so called seekers who are always in a hurry to learn all spiritual knowledge In a limited time and expects to see results almost immediately.

Although if you ask them from the beginning never to rush things, they will always say they are not in a hurry but if nothing changes after 2-3 months they give up and begin to try something else, such person will continue to seek forever because he or she will never find it because to such person, it will be like moving round a circle.

And one can never get results complaining, if you are on the path, then remain on the path, and remain with all hearts and mind, come rain come shine one’s mind mustn’t shake or attempt to disbelieve or lose hope and trust, each time you disbelief in yourself or the knowledge, you go back to square one the moment you attempt to start believing or trusting it again.

The truth is, the moment you launch a mystical course, you have set something in motion, and you will be tested in many ways which you may not understand, it will be left for you to keep the fire burning, come rain come shine, for all you desired to know and to see will all manifest when the spiritual counterpart is ready.

If you wanted a wealthy life when you are currently poor, and you meet a Master to aid you, he will do it but do not expect change in one week, because such cases will have to manifest in the spiritual reality before it reflects here, remember, our reality is a reflection of the Astral realm (the 4th dimension) so whatever you want here must first be created there, this is what people do not understand and this is why many spiritual works have refused to work for many.

So now, those who seek fast wealth might meet some kind of occult or dark art priest who will use sacrifices to make it work faster, but then, the workings of such spiritual mechanism is what they do not know nor understand, nevertheless I’ll explain.

Now what blood sacrifices does is bribe the negative entities holding you down to temporally help you  rise for a while, and after such sacrifices, you may make it big in what you are doing, and if the time passes, you will be asked to again give another sacrifices (bribes) to the entities so they will allow you, and some of these sacrifices may start  from goats , to cows to human and it could end up becoming your loved ones someday, sometimes they request for goats at first to lure you in, after 4 times of giving goats they will now ask for something bigger, then finally human.

There are many occasions when after giving the sacrifices you end up seeing nothing because those dark entities are tricky and they are not to be trusted, they will ask for more and more sacrifices, and do you know that each sacrifices you give, be it goats or humans always attract more negative karmas to you.

Because if your situation is karmic, and you do those dark arts, the entity you gave the sacrifices to will now have to push your karma forward in order to give you a free timeline to do your wish undisturbed, by taking such action which is yet again recorded in your Akashic, you double your karmic debts which you will definitely pay, whether you like it or not.

And a time will come no blood sacrifices will be able to help you push your karmic debts any further, this is the major reason why many people today have been slaughtering goats every few months here and there and all they do is get things more complicated for themselves as instead of things to get better, they get real worse.

What I am telling you now is a secret I have experimented by myself intentionally in a quest to get the truth, you know as an Alchemist, I do lots of spiritual experiments on my own, I research with life situations and I get results, and when I do, I pen them down, so this is tested and proven, although not just by me, but by many others who came before me.


You are free to do what you wish and feel is true, my truth must not be accepted by as the absolute, I am teaching based on my level of realization, illumination, and understanding, thus if it resonates with you, you can accept, if it doesn’t, there is no crime in declining, although you should note:  just because it doesn’t resonate with you does not mean it isn’t true. Think deeply on that my friends.

Back to our sub-topic on making contact with the Akashic:  as I said earlier, yes your Akashic can be checked and read to you, even the lines on your palms are clues on how to find your Akashic records and what it says about your present life on Earth, this is what palm reading is all about especially when you go deeper than just checking relationship, life’s spam, careers and fates. There are much moiré to palm than many online and offline psychics know, this is why I also request for pictures of your palms too before reading ones Akashic.   

You may want to check your Akashic in order to know all about your incarnation, and to know why you are born, who you are, where you last incarnated, and also to know why your troubles, or to find the reasons behind your sufferings and what to do in order to solve them, and so on, try the Akashic Reading today: Chat me on Whatsap with +2348136464201, but I must tell you, it isn’t like Afa divination, it’s a lot more deeper and so requires much higher mobility’s.


The quick answer to this is yes! One can change his or her Akashic record, but then, the follow up question would be, how? Let me explain.

Just like I used an AI to represent and explain Karma behaviors and how it works, I will now use a super computer memory base to explain how the Akashic works, but not, this is advanced knowledge and I cannot teach deeply here as this is my public page, if you want to get a more deeper knowledge and training on the procedures involved, then you have to become one of my students by registering and subscribing to our Monthly E-Discourse, with that you will start off with the basic on Spirituality and then rise up to that level of an Adept, you must be ready to sacrifice your time and mobilization, and patiently study ahead; there are no shortcuts when it comes to Spirituality and its Arcane Knowledge.

Now let’s proceed.

So yes, we can change our Akashic records by resolving the karma in a special way I know, and all it needs is your time, it can be in a week, a month, or three etc, but it can be resolved quickly.

First you have to come to an understanding with the karmic entities, by showing them how serious you to resolve the negative side of your karma, but first before you resolve, you must first know what kind of karmic debts you are resolving, then feel sincerely repentance for it, accept the responsibilities it may involve and then place it into motion to begin.

Then secondly you will have to appease the Karmic Entities and Master Akashi by invocation and summoning, then offer gifts that best suits them, such gifting is a symbolic way to show your remorse physically, after the gifting, you will ask for a resolution in a way which you will be directed to by the Master assisting and guarding you on the path.

The Master can help you do this second stage which involves summoning and invocation of the Entities, and gifting in order to ensure perfection.

Thirdly you will have to exercise a three nights of Karmic resolution rite to be given to you by the Master after his attunement and communion with the Gods and entities who will reveal to him what the exercise will be about and how they want it to be done, then the Master will communicate this message to you, and this time this is what you must do by yourself, no one must take this part for you.

Afterwards the priest will do the rest, which is what I am not going to say here, but it has to do with resetting the Akashic records and it has nothing to do with blood sacrifices of any kind.

Now at this point you must know that there are certain things you cannot change, this is why consultation and psychic reading of your Akashic should be the first thing you must do in order to know the level of karmic debts you have and to know if it can be changed or not.

As for me, I don’t offer blood sacrifices and so I cannot force things to be.


Akashic records are accessible, and can be read to you by a sincere Psychic reader, Akashic records contains all that has ever happened from this life and from your past life and from a life to come, we can access them all.

The Akashic record is the very thing the Biblical texts referred to as the Book of life, and though it isn’t a physical book, the word book was used as a symbolic way to convey the mystical phenomenon of the Akashic.

 And for your understanding too, you should not forget that Karma uses the Akashic to carry out its work, without the Akashic, there is no Karma. Therefore, if you correct your Akashic record today, you correct your Karma.

However, as things may be, there are certain things which one cannot correct due to the fact that such situation is rooted into the fragrant of this universe, thus there is nothing one can do to solve them, even if you go back through time to correct them, that very thing you try to correct will always find a way to come back.

This is why I always advice that before you begin any sort of spiritual work, always as a matter of fact remember to request an Akashic Reading so that you will get a broader understanding of your situation and also find out how best to go about it through the Akashic reading.

It is advised that whenever something goes wrong in a man’s life he or she needs to consult the Akashic in order to know the root of the problem before thinking of solutions.



That is all I have for you today, any question? Ask on the comment section, if your inquiry is quit deep and requires a private discussion, then contact me personally on Whatsap at +2348136464201, or our help line on Whatsap on +2348059300127, Email on

May this Light I have added unto you make yours shine brighter!

Blessed Be!


My Regards,

Knight Fredel





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