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In the world of masters and students in the path of mysticism and spirituality, there has been a misunderstanding among us and so, I hereby present this article for the sake of clarity. This in no way has anything to do with mocking anyone, neither does it mean its an insult to any. This is just for the sake of clarification.

For the past few months Awake Af’raka Magazine has been on a research for a while on this issue, and through ancient writings and manuscripts we found as follows:

Many wish to develop great power with little implication, little investment, and little time. It is possible to develop yourself quickly, but self-implication cannot be avoided.

1) Value and exchange

It is important to see value in the sacred knowledge you acquire. It is important to cherish it and not to throw freely at anyone who would then destroy or mutilate it.

The occult knowledge is too important to be considered invaluable. You must keep it for yourself, and reveal it only when the seeker before you has shown signs of sincerity, humbleness and respect.

There is a spiritual cost to reveal occult secrets of great value to anyone without respect.
When monks wanted to learn something from their master, they had to work hard all day, and bring some food with them. Then, the master would see the balance of the exchange, and he would reveal some esoteric knowledge to the seeker. There must not be abuse in the exchange, but nonetheless, there must be a balanced exchange. You must never ruin yourself to acquire occult knowledge, but you surely will not acquire knowledge of great value without some kind of effort and sacrifice. You will develop great power only when you affirm within yourself that *you value the sacred knowledge, and when you physically act in ways to protect and cherish this knowledge.* We call this attitude the *“Sense of the sacred”.* It is a required quality to achieve any great power in any occult field.

2) Time and willpower

You will not develop a psychic power by doing 5 minutes of a method only once. You will not even attain anything by doing 1 hour, and immediately stop because of the lack of results.

To develop great power, you must practice a minimum of 5 minutes per day, every day of the week, and once a week, do at least one consecutive hour. Do something everyday, even a simple salutation to your altar is indeed something, not enough though but just do it.

To develop yourself quickly, you can try with 20 minutes each day, for an entire month. All of those who acted with determination towards their own spiritual path have achieved some transformation and elevation from within. If nothing happens inside, you might not be implicating yourself with a “sacred” attitude, with respect for the value of the knowledge.

Some freaks used techniques for 30 minutes each day of the week, and 1 full hour of practice sometime in the weekend. After only 3 months, these guys are feeling flows of energy, getting results in their personal life, becoming aware of patterns they had that they did not notice before. Upon that, they studied esoteric knowledge, kept a sacred attitude, and took care of their bodies.

Determine yourself and do it. If you take only 5 minutes per day and if you keep the *sacred attitude* to value what you receive. Surely you will get results.

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Love and Light

Written by Knight Fredel © 2019

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