We Af’rakans have been kept in the dark concerning our history and our heroes. They don’t want you to know who you are so they told you that your history started from Trans-Atlantic slave trade, but that’s not true as before slave trade was greatness in Af’raka. Our ancestors were well profound on astronomy, science and technology. We taught the west 90% of all they know today, that is why it sounds funny when I hear and see our youths of today tell people ignorantly that the west gave us everything and if not because of them we would still be in the dark bla bla bla. Now seriously, this shows how ignorant we are today.
There is a reason why history courses were removed from our colleges and high schools, the education sectors were initiated by those who don’t want you to know your history.

Do you even know why our ancestors were adopted through slavery? Do you think those who were taken as slaves were common people? No they were highly intelligent men, families of great inventors, engineers, astrologers, technicians and scientists etc. they and their families were taken and forcefully converted to slaves, the families of those great minds were locked up in cages like animals and tortured to hell, their wives were raped while their daughters were defiled right in front of them, all was for the purpose of breaking our great minds. Then the moment they (the engineers, inventors, scientists, astronomers etc) were broken, they were now forced down to pass on their knowledge to the whites, due to the fact that their families were suffering and they needed to free them, these great minds, our engineers, scientists etc were now forced to teach them what they know, they (the whites) forced them to create, manufacture and invent for them, they were exploited and their families were tortured, raped and killed right in front of them. They loved their families, so they really had no choice than to do as they were told so that their families will live.

Many years later after slave trade was stopped, the sons and grandsons of those great men continued the legacy of their fathers, they manufactured and invented almost everything you know however the whites always take the glory. We know those who made the first successful airplanes, but we don’t know those who made the most important parts of the engine that made the planes work in the first place. This is the type of things they don’t want you to know.
On this web site I’ll give you all an exposé on our great men whom the media do not want you to know. Today I will introduce to you a man named Alexander Miles, Born near Circleville, Ohio to Michael Miles and Mary Pompy, Alexander Miles is the 19th Century African-American inventor known best for patenting his design for improving the automatically opening and closing elevator doors we enjoy today. The patent was issued on October 11, 1887 (U.S. Patent 371,207).

Miles moved to Winona, Minnesota in 1870 and there met his future wife, Candace J. Dunlap from New York City, New York. In 1879, Miles relocated his family to Duluth, Minnesota shortly after the birth of their daughter, Grace.

Before moving to Winona, Minnesota, Alexander Miles began exploring his passion for inventing, first by creating hair care products while working as a barber in Wisconsin. After Miles and his family settled in Duluth, Minnesota, he began operating a barbershop in the four-story St. Louis Hotel. By using his earnings to purchase a real estate office, Miles became the first African-American member of the Duluth Chamber of Commerce. In 1884, he erected a three-story brownstone building in Duluth, transforming the surrounding area to “Miles Block.” Shortly after, he began developing his concept to improve the function of the elevator door.

Despite John W. Meaker’s patented invention of the first automatic elevator door system (U.S. Patent 147,853) in 1874, many elevators still required the doors and the shaft to be manually opened and closed. Miles became concerned with the dangerous risks associated with elevators once he noticed a shaft door left open during a ride with his young daughter. Due to people forgetting to close the shaft doors before utilizing the elevator, there were many reported incidents of people falling into the shafts.

Although Meaker received the patent first, it was Miles’ innovation that made electric-powered elevator doors widely accepted around the world. Today, the influence of his patent is present in modern designs for elevator systems in which automatic doors are a standard feature.

Then in 1899, Miles and his family relocated to Chicago, however, due to Chicago’s economic challenges at the time, Miles and his family relocated once again to Seattle, Washington. Partly because of the success of his invention, Miles was known to be the wealthiest African American in the Pacific Northwest region by the time of his death on May 7, 1918. After all these years of enjoying his invention, it was in 2007 that the west finally decided to induct his name into the “National Inventors Hall of Fame”.

Love and Light

Written by Knight Fredel © 2019