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The Black Man has lost his way and in order to find it, he must first attune himself with all things through the study of Spirituality and the practical application of meditation, all that can be archived through the sincere cultivation of all the knowledge and thoughts required in order to receive illumination.

However, the black man has been confused and brainwashed with loads illusions through mental slavery which suspends his growth and the Evolution of his Soul, the black man has forgotten that before they arrived Earth they all came from somewhere, which means that their life did not begin at the time of birth, and which also proves that their death will not also mark the end of their life, meaning that this life is only a place of temporary existence.

If this is the case then why do people fight over money and kill each other over materialism, yes money is needed to survive here in order to buy foods cloths, shelter and groceries etc but it shouldn’t become a do or die affair, it should be seen as something one only needs temporally and also something one can archive by exchange, do you have something you want to exchange for money? Like a talent? A Gift, goods, items? services etc. If our answer is yes then go on, keep working harder everyday in a genuine way, you will get there, but if you do not have then find a way to, but do not be depressed about it, this is only a temporally reality.

Listen, its high time the Black Man begin to understand why we are here and who we really are, what this 3D reality is and who the travelers are, who the Ogbanje truly are who the Ascended Masters, Arc Angels and so on, the difference between a god and a God, and also, between a God and a Goddess who is the creator and the protector etc, by the time you go deeper into these you will understand that money is nothing and has no place in the spiritual reality where you truly belong and in order to control money one must first learn to control themselves and awaken their Soul. If one is surrounded by negative vibrations one musty learn to vibrate at a higher rate or seek a guardian or a bright Entity to help you remove the cobwebs so moneys can find their way into your bank accounts through the medium you have provided like a business or a service etc.

However concerning foods and shelter, nature gave us everything indeed, but today nothing is so truly valuable a it should from the day the ones who choose to rule the world decided to create paper money so that the world will remove their attention from the real valuable sources like gold and Silvers, Rubies and and diamonds, and so on.


Our ancestors created gold coins, metal coins and silver coins and those where natural, those can be used in exchange for something we need, or we exchange using the old ways of trade by batter, for example I give you an orange and you give me a banana.

Golds and Silver are worth valuable as they are natural and has value, but pieces of papers made with Mercuries don’t have value, but today the world leaders has turned it into the most valuable thing on earth, in fact one who has  millions of such paper moneys can eventually buy gold and silver, isn’t that unfortunate?

Now you see that when we drag and kill each other over those papers we call money we are actually being foolish, you do not have to kill someone for money, all you need is develop yourself and have something you can exchange for money. That is it, why am I saying all this? It is because I am preparing you for the topic I have for you today, The Traveler, if truly you are one, then after reading this article, you will have to learn to rise above the level of materialism, and begin to focus on your mission and journeys to the Stars.

So, who is a Traveler?

Is the traveler anyone of us or everyone of us?

The traveler can be everyone of us in some way, and in many other way it could just be a few of us, this is because there are new Souls on Earth too, and there are old Souls who are yet to evolve as well, and finally there are those who are so evolved, how do you know you are evolving? the thing is, if you can successfully sleep and consciously dream of yourself clearly in another reality which looks exactly like here, and in such dream you are purely lucid, and can control the events of the dream in a way that the dream cant control you, rather you do, then in such case it means you are evolving.

The Traveler is someone who, every night or each time he or she sleeps off, they leave their body’s to another dimension along with one or two other Spirit beings then eventually visits another planet which exists in that dimension they are, ones they get to that planet, they will all, including the Traveler, have one or two duties to perform over there. sometimes the traveler gets to visit three to four more planets each time they sleep here.

Now the duty of the Traveler is similar to those of an Arc Angel, as you might have read in my article about Angels, I made it clear that Angels are highly evolved Souls who were ones human, but then Ascended. I also said that Some human today on Earth were once an Angel but then fallen, yes the fallen Angels, are the ones who descended lower into the pure spirit dimensions and then arrived at the 4th dimension, their plan was to live among man in order to help them evolve, by arriving the 4th dimension, they could now project their consciousness into the 3rd dimension (hologram), by the time they succeeded,, some of them were tempted by materialism and sex, then because of that they were caught up in the net of Karma and reincarnation which made them continue the business of reincarnation, and through Karma and reincarnation, they kept recycling back to this 3rd dimensional reality we call physical realm, after many life times from one life to the other in over many incarnations, then they eventually forgot who they were.



Now in this life time, some have awakened, and have taken back their Angelic status here on Earth in their human body’s, all ready to begin a match towards the path and mission which they once had many thousands of years ago before they were caught up by the nets of reincarnation which was rightly setup by the karmic board, nevertheless, the Higher Angelic Forces had never abandoned them, although they refused to interfere as it goes against the principles of Spirituality, however, they have been tracking them in order to find them and give them signs and symbols that would help them realize who they are. Such persons are called the Travelers.

Here is another point you should take home, there are those who are fully awake, who never descended lower to this dimension with the rest, who just on their own traveled down here to Earth for a specific or more reasons, and who have always moved from planet to planet in human body’s experiencing life from the various places and timelines, who only visit Earth or the other planets because they truly have a mission to carry out, such people are also known as the Travelers. All Travelers have one unique resemblance and that is their ability to be here existing on Earth and at the same time traveling through time to various galaxies and timelines on a celestial quest to carry out their duties.

In this life time, many of those fallen Angels and Travelers are awakening, some of you are today seeing signs but yet don’t understand, you keep seeing the number’s 11.11, 11, 333, 1212, 633, etc., all these are spiritual numbers which when deciphered one can get the message of awakening, warnings or protection.

Some of you see symbols in your dreams and in your sleep, symbols you cannot understand, these are all projected by your Higher Forces  which were part of your crew, they are watching over you, and they are asking you to wake up, giving you tips and advice through the symbols.

For example, 11.11, this is a sudden call from the Spirits to let you know that you are on the right path and they are watching you, or behind you, it also means a new beginning, and it also means that what you arte doing is right and you should keep going for you are in synchronism with nature. to get the actual message for you, you have to be intuitive or you contact your Master who has knowledge of this higher Spiritual number formulae and Symbolism.

Meanwhile, just like I said from the beginning of this article, that most men are only concerned with Earthly possessions forgetting that this life is only a temporary place to be, and sooner one would awaken and all these life struggles will become illusions and meaningless.

When I first awoke from the illusion of this reality, and when I began my first traveling, this entire world of ours on Earth became meaningless to me, it felt like its no longer right, and something is wrong somewhere, although I proceeded on the journey to awakening, I met Spirit beings during conscious and unconscious Traveling and astral projections who took me to places, planets and even Venus and the Sun, and lots of things were explained to me, when I saw the external part of the sun, I saw that it wasn’t yellow, but bluish, just like the stars in the nights sky.

I was made to understand that the sun emits energies, that energy that emits from the sun is what gives us the Life and Light that we enjoy in order to keep s alive, and when this energy passes through the surface of our planet, that surface converts this Energy fields into light energy. Now if you watch well, if man were to be taken above this earth surface and made to fall back using parachutes, once he hits the earths surface which acts as a kind of cloak and shield to our planet, that person, along with the parachute will burn to ashes.

That is to tell you where the heat comes from, not exactly from the Sun, but right from our planets Atmosphere, that cloak is more of a converter, it converts the Suns energy into light energy, thus making the sun look like a ball of fire, meanwhile that is only one out of many illusion’s projected by the our realty.



So a traveler can be said to be an evolving Angel, someone might say there is no Angel in the African spiritual cosmology, but the funny truth is that there are, though many were not called Angels, they were called the Watchers, but I use the word Angel because its more popular and I want my readers to understand who the being I am referring to is.

What you should know today is that, most of you are a travelers too, you don’t just know it yet, in connection with the Ogbanje child article, An Ogbanje can be referred to as a Traveler, because they are fully in awareness of their Source and they are advanced beings, the Rainbow children as some call them, in my book although I explained the two types of Ogbanje, the one I listed under the first category belong to a group of Ogbanje known as Changelings, these ones are travelers too but works with the karmic lords and gods to implement punishment to whomever deserves it.

Just like I responded to one of my followers who requested a broader understanding of the topic, I said to her as follows:

“I will also agree that yes, Ogbanje is like the Indigo, Rainbow children kind of thing, however, that is under the second category, those who falls under the first category are not, rather I call those ones the punishers in my book, they are also known as changeling because their purpose of coming to Earth is either to surfer the both parents or to surfer one of them which is mostly the mother, these group do not live long and keep re-circling until the woman or both learns the lesson they were meant to learn, its like trapping them in circle or a loop, like groundhog day!

This loop is like when something, a reality keeps repeating itself until you learn what you are needed to learn, or you do what you are needed to do before one will be free. The punishment can be caused by ones previous negative action which today comes with a consequence, and this negative action can be anything like a previous abortions, or refusals to accept her Water and Spiritual Source etc, it depends, if its caused by a previous countless abortion, they are trying to make you learn from such habit and to feel the pain of loosing baby’s, if accepting your source is the case the the moment you do, the loop is removed and you are free!

This loop is like this, You will be sent a Traveler every 3 years who will keep on repeating its incarnation into your family, they come and they go before you know it, as you get pregnant. birth the traveler child , after three years, she or he dies, the next year you are pregnant again miraculously with the same traveler, after three to four years, the child dies again, the same very child, you will see the resemblance and watch your activities from the day you birth that child till the day the child dies, some people keep re-circling after 5 years, some if the one they are punishing refuses to learn or do the needful, they will surfer them deeply by letting the Ogbanje traveler to live up to 20 years + in order to finish school, bring lots of luck, etc and suddenly dies on her weeding day or on a very important day”.


THE OGBANJE CHILD and the four elements. from the book by Knight Fredel


So, I am sure  this explanation has given you a broader under understanding of who a traveler is, and its relation to the number 11.11, 12.12 etc, however, will now explain a bit more on the secret of the number synchronicity.


Synchronicity happens when you keep seeing a particular number so often, you get to see these synchronicity each time you look at the time unconsciously, and most times you see 11.11 pm, same day you go out to buy something you hear an advert which mentions 11, your battery goes flat and the next thing you see is 11% and the next day your eyes keep jamming on 11.11, and sometimes its 12.12, so what does it really mean?

11 is a master number in Spirituality and in alchemy, its more of a special n umber while the number 12 is an Angelic Number, or number of the Arc Angels and Entities at that level.

The number 12 also refers to the 12th plane of consciousness which relates with the Arc Angel, and the Soul realm.

So how does that concern you and what does it mean to always see these numbers?

Note: You should always remember that seeing double numbers on clock does not always mean its a synchronicity, or a message, sometimes its just what it is, time. So how then do you know if it’s a message from your Ancestors, from the ET’s, from an Entity or your Elemental Source?

The moment you see such number, how or what did you feel with? your intuition, how was it like? any sudden thought? or weird feelings? OK, we can always say that it does not always come that way, maybe because not everyone is as Spiritually Conscious as some of us are.

all the time,

OK, if you are not spiritually conscious, how then will you know that what you are seeing is a message:

The answer is simpler than an Examination Question! When that particular number keeps coming up on almost all intervals, like you open your book at random, and the page you just opened is page 11, or chapter 11. You decided to read on without thinking, suddenly you decide to check the time and the clock says 11 minutes past 11 (that is 11.11) especially on a digital clock because the Neophytes always notice synchronicity’s ONLY when the numbers are displayed with a digital clock or watch, but when it comes to analogue clocks, they begin to only notice the synchronicity the moment it becomes obvious, otherwise, they don’t!. Unless its digital.

So, to rap it up, always remain conscious as nothing is a coincident, things do not just happen, they only happen when someone or something triggers it to, a house cannot just collapse unless the foundation wasn’t strong enough, there is a cause to everything that have ever happened within this reality and without!



This is exactly how astral projection occurs, the Traveler projects its Astral self off its physical body, and heads towards which ever direction she chooses.

I have explained who the traveler is earlier on this article, although I will explain again anyway, but then I will go a bit deeper on the explanation this time.

Now, all Souls are not considered Travelers, this is because there are Souls who just came here to evolve themselves and learn the lessons of being human, meanwhile, not all Souls have discovered themselves talk more of realizing themselves as a Traveler Consciousness. Just like I explained from the beginning of this article, a Traveler is a Soul who travels many light years in order to arrive on earth, and while on earth in a physical flesh body, they use their astral body’s to to make their Travels between Galaxies and Planets.

Each time their flesh body’s are at sleep, they travel to other galaxies and universes through Astral Projections to find planets and people who need their help or to do their duty (service to others), when they do find anyone who needs their help, they assists them spiritually, just like the Angels, sometimes the Traveler is known and honored as a Guardian Angel by a certain tribe from most of the Planets he or she travels to, and when they are invoked from there, their Soul consciousness perceives or feels it, and the moment the physical body sleeps, his team arrives and they depart, yes each Traveler has a team of their own comprising of an Entity, or an Elemental Spirits up to five or two.

When the mission is so urgent, no matter what you re doing, you will surprisingly feel dizzy and sleepy, and when you feel so and refuse to sleep, you will unconsciously doze off.

What most people do not know is that, you may sleep for one hour, but spend days, weeks, months or even a year or more in those planets you traveled to, this is because there is no time in the spiritual dimensions. The Planets they visit may have time of cause because they are also humans like earth people, but the Traveler is assisting them mostly through the spiritual realm, although there are instances where the Traveler chooses a body other there in order to appear physically in those Planets then carry out their missions, I can perfectly remember many experiences of such.

When that happens, and when the mission is completed, the Traveler returns back to his physical flesh body here on Earth at the exact time he or she was supposed to wake up from that short nap or sleep, what this also mean is that every traveler, is also a Time Traveler!

A Traveler has the ability to move front and back through the Time Grids, you may want to ask what Time Girds are, OK lets see how it goes.

A Time Grid is like a net that cloaks the entire surface and within this 3rd dimension of our Earth, this Grids passes through each space and void, light and darkness, weight and length, through every force fields like the speed of a vehicle or an energy fields.

Now a Time Traveler, in this century on Earth will have to make use of their Astral Body to be able to locate a Time Grid, through the time grid he or she locates the time and year, months etc that he or she wishes to visit, by passing through the chosen Grid, one finds himself in a kind of tunnel-like passage with moving lights of various colors in both sides of the walls.

If the Travelers intention is to temporally possess a body already in existence from that Time he visited, then after the mission he leaves it back to the owner, then in such case at the end of the tunnel of light, one finds himself passing through the entrance and seeing nothing but light and then blacks out, only to find himself wake up in that time he or she chose at the time Grid.

In most times, although not all the time, a Traveler usually makes do with their Astral Body alone when traveling to the past, or future, that is if the travelers mission can be carried out from the Astral realm. To travel through time from the physical reality, one would need a time machine which can move through space at the speed of light, or at a speed faster than light, when that happens and when moving in such speed, it will be very much easier to suddenly shift through time grids.

Thus with this, you now realize that time Traveling do exists, because to the higher dimensional realities, time and space is not perceived the same way as we humans do.

And with this entire article, I am sure if you read without skipping, that by now you must have understood the concept of The Traveler in Spirituality, and you should by now know who the traveler really is.

So I encourage you all to look deeper into the secret of life and most importantly, Spirituality, Although ,I do not enforce knowledge and opinion that comes to me into another mind, rather as a Light Bringer, I just teach, and share those teachings so the ones who are ready, and who such article, lecture etc. resonates with, are the ones who will read, and you should also note that majority will read even if it doesn’t resonate with them, because all they want to do is just read, for reading sake, or they are interested in the title which captivated their attention, many also read for fun, however, what ever your reasons are, the most important thing is that, the message has been passed, and my job fulfilled.

Now, if you wish to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, with a more organized lecture written monthly on an E-Discourse eBook format, which you can print over there in your comfort zone if you like.

The idea is to enlighten you much deeply, train you on the path to spirituality, study the secret knowledge of your Ancestors, knowledge’s which your Dibia’s will not tell you (because they do not know).

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As Written by Knight Fredel

The Mystery Teacher/Founder

Awake Af’raka Community

Writer: Awake Af’raka Magazine

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