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NATURE, GOD and MAN By Knight Fredel nature

From time to time man has struggled in search for God and his kingdom. Many seek God in the church while some go to the mosque. But the question is: who is God? Even science could not answer this question and so they just bypassed it by claiming that, God is imaginary. The fact is, as imaginary as it seems, everyone, be it an atheist and a theist both will agree with me at this point that there is really a higher consciousness which has been in existence long before humans came to existence, and will ever continue to be. Both the theists and the atheists will also agree with me that, there are higher powers or forces that are highly more advanced than the ordinary man, and these forces still exists around us. Both the atheists and the theists will agree with me also that this force is a consciousness and its ever evolving. any atheist that refuses to accept this fact laid out above is only lying to himself.

The early men noticed the reality of life and were wise enough to realize that “life did not just start on its own without a first cause!” Now, that first cause is what we seek to understand, science made us understand that this entire galaxy began with the event of an explosion which is known as the big bang theory propounded by a scientist known as Darwin. The question is what ignited the big bang? In accordance with the law of cause and effect, there must be a cause before an effect; also, what initiated the first cells and atoms which then in return metamorphosed into the first life forms? Are there dimensions higher than this physical realm? Are there beings higher than us? Who are they? Does life continue at a higher level of consciousness after an earthly transition? These questions are clearly beyond the understanding of mainstream science, and it is this same question that inspired the early men to create the concept of a god in the sky who sees all and knows all.

The ancients went really far in finding answers to their dying questions that they searched for knowledge and truth, in that process, many herbs were discovered, herbs which can temporally shut down the biological body, many initiations were carried out to discover “the beyond” and also to understand its nature and all its principles. Many initiates took those herbs and did not return, some took them, and did returned to tell the tale, and that has made us understand that truly, life exists after death.

Now fast forward to this day, science claims that those experiences where mere hallucinations, my question is, how do you hallucinate when your brain activities has been shut down, when the heart has stopped beating, when the nervous system has stopped working, as at such moment if I may ask, where was that hallucination taking place? I bet science does not have answers to things beyond the objective reality.

NATURE, GOD and MAN By Knight Fredel nature

Now human’s needs to understand one thing, God cannot be found in a monastery, neither can God be found in churches and in mosques. God can only be found within each and every one of us, and within each and every plants, trees, the air we take in, the food we eat, we earth we stand upon, the fire we use to see, the Sun, the moon and everything, yes God is in everything and everything is in God. When the metaphorical Jesus said that “If ye would destroy this temple he rebuild in three days” (John 2:19), he was not referring to a physical temple, he was allegorically referring to his body. Have you heard of the sayings which states that “our body is the temple of God”, such sayings are correct for our bodies are really the temple of god, the god we seek outside of us also lies within each and every one of us and the god which exists outside of us which we do not see is the nature surrounding us.

“This is why I wonder at the ignorance of man, for he destroys the nature he sees and then worships the god he does not see, not realizing that the nature he destroys is the God he worships, and he also does not realize that within his deepest part of him is also the God he seeks. Rumi once said that he searched for god and only found himself! At this instant one cannot understand the God surrounding us through the manifestation of nature without first understanding the god within us, the god without, is a manifestation of the god within”.

As it is, nature is wide and cannot be merely explained by physics as our objective senses are limited to so many dimensions of nature. For instance, the human ears cannot, as a matter of fact, pick up certain sound frequencies, and there are certain light and colors our eyes cannot see, yet they exist around us in a reality sharing the same space in time but vibrating on a higher frequency. What we call dimensions are not places literally above this realm or below this realm, rather they are this realm vibrating on a very high frequency in time, the only way for man to realize these higher realms is to raise their consciousness.

Thus, the journey to understanding the God without, begins with the journey inward, as man discovers himself and realizes his nature within, he then grasps the meaning of the nature he sees without, by then he realizes that he does not exist in the universe, rather the universe exists in him.

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