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Welcome to another Edition of our weekly Magazine Article, today I will talk about what the uninformed refers to as Bad luck, and for those lady’s or men who desperately need a partner to spend the rest of their life with, you all will also find this knowledge very interesting and very helpful, especially, those who seek to pull crowd in their various investments and careers, without leaving out those who own small businesses or even big businesses? All are included and will find this article very inspiring and illuminating…

Many of you out there think that everything Spiritual has to do with slaughtering goats and chickens then offering them to deities,  thus asking them to help you, blab blab blab; the thing is; it doesn’t always work that way.

African Spirituality must not be focused on selfish interests otherwise it would become a misuse of power, however, there are those who sincerely need help, and in such case, a little touch of that spiritual help can make their life meaningful, and that is one of the reasons most of us are called, to help people work out their negative circles in peace profound.

Now in order to solve a problem, first you need to know the source of the problem, which stands as the CAUSE, when you know the cause of that problem and why it happened to you, then it would be easier to be able to know or find the solution.

As the truth may be, we do not work on the EFFECT of a problem, we work on it’s CAUSES, unlike some traditional modern day Dibia’s and Shamans who do lots of blood sacrifices, all they do is look at the EFFECT of the problem you are suffering, and then begin to attempt to remove it by force using their blood sucking entities.

When you agree to their work, subsequently the next thing you will be told is that, someone is behind it and or, they may say a Deity is after you, so you must settle it with a goat sacrifice, and when that happens, the first week the problem will seem as if it wants to quench, although after a month or two, or even a year later, the problem may come  back in double fold, and if you go back to them (as they always expect) they will always have something to say which will have to do with more  demands of blood sacrifices, when you accept again, you will end up continuously killing fowls and goats, feeding their demon entities, and that circle will continue.

Now without wasting much time, what do we always mean by the word good or bad luck, in fact what is luck, and does it have anything to do with fate? After this discourse, we will then talk about the solution to bad luck and all that, please if this lecture means a lot to you, then do not skip any word or sentence by rushing to the sub-topic “solution” at the end of this lecture, read gradually, and you will get there, if you do not understand your problems perfectly, then you will not understand how to solve it…



Luck has close connection with fate as both are drawn to the person through his past actions and deeds, one can also state that: both words in accordance with spirituality, are closely related, for example, one can say: “what happened to you is your fate” or “what happened to you is your luck”, thus both words seems similar in meaning.

So, what is Luck, this is a good or bad experience that you pass through in your life, or a positive or negative situation that is forced to happen to you, for example, you want to get married and so desperate to find a man or a woman to spend the rest of your life with, however as things may be you realize that you can’t find a lover or partner and it all seems like you are no more attractive, and yet you know within yourself that you are really OK, and those who are worse than you are getting married, even those perceived to be ugly, fat and etc., and you who is complete can not, now if its not your attitude and character which chases your partners away, if those habits of yours are OK, if you were not a player before now, then something is precisely wrong somewhere.

You find out that you keep meeting people you like and one thing or the other pushes them away, or you never ever meet anyone at all, and with that you can say you have bad luck in meeting a hubby or a wife.

How about those who open shops and from day one to this day they have never made close to a thousand naira a day, some began well, made it big at the beginning, but somewhere along the line, they began to fall.

Do you know that those who sell in the market are always competing against each other? You go into a clothing line and discover that all 20 shops sells the same thing which makes customers go into the shops that attracts them the most all by luck, and so in such case, some shop owners can make it better than all  because they desperately did something spiritual to make others fall while  they shine, it happens.

This makes so many shop owners poor, frustrated and unhappy as their responsibilities are much more bigger than their income.

What about those who finished school and don’t have a good job, others don’t have at all as every single place they approach keeps turning them down, all these can be labeled as bad lucks which can be attracted to one through his or her fate, and such fates can be self created or, they could be created by others on their behalf just to surfer them, it can be whichever, however the most important thing is, their luck is always failing them.

Conversely, as things may be, just as it is stated above, some fates are self created while others can be created for you by choices made by others which affected you somehow, and there are those who acquired much enemies and these enemies can seek the dark path of a spiritual knowledge or priest in order to deal with them, there are those who do this because you offended them in one way or the other, but there are those who are and have never been offended by you or anyone close to you, although , due to the envy and old crisis they had with your  fathers or grand fathers, they might have done something to your generation, such dark charms can be programmed through the use of traditional spiritual mediums such as voodoo or juju, etc.

By the time they successfully do something dark for you in order to frustrate your life, some dark principles might also be created which states that no member of that  persons family should be successful in life, and if such is the case, and it happens that you are born into such family, then this might also affect you unless you are so spiritually minded and strong then such petty spiritual work will not affect you, as such curse was also created for my family, the fight was between my great grand father, and that grudge was passed on generation to generation, but it’s all over now because they met their match.

One thing those who practice and follow this dark path of spirituality must know is that, they are not really practicing the true dark path of witchcraft which deals with the primordial dark matter or the darkness which is referred to as the Mother and the Universal Good.

What they are only practicing is corrupt and evil ways which can never evolve them rather it will only succeed in bringing them down, this is why most people who do these local village witchcraft’s are not even better than yourself whom they want to bring down, some of them are so poor and too frustrated, others may be looking for wealth but cannot get there, some might be within the middle class, and only a few end up rich because they might have added other practices to theirs like belonging to a ritualistic society which will help them boast their level in the society.

Thus, their path can never stand the true Dark Art which is eventually the true Light, because he who truly practices Dark Art will never want to hurt a fly. Also it is said, that guns do not kill people, it is people who use guns to kill people, Dark Art can corrupt someone if the persons heart is not strong enough to absorb the Light.

OK, some of you might want to ask, how one can know the origin of ones problem, or family problem, oh yes you can through the checking of your Akashic records, just chat up Whatsap +2348136464201, its all very affordable, all that has happened and still happening are all recorded in the Akashic, and what ever it says its, it stands, unlike Divination which 80% are all guess games, this is why three to four divination can be so different, and when the person reading yours is skilled at mind games, then they can give you something that seems true even I it isn’t.


If I may give more explanation on good luck, I would say, good lucks, as you believe it to be isn’t exactly so, for what you call good lucks are karmic rewards from your own past deeds and actions, same with bad lucks which is the opposite, however that is not all, something can intentionally and indirectly block that good luck from taking place due to the law of freewill, yes just like the law of karma states that you get exactly what you give, although the law of freewill states that each and everyone of us can choose to do anything, or create a new fate other than what we have predestined.

So if your past actions results into the experience of good luck in your life time, due to the law of freewill, you can either make one decision which can ruin it, or someone else can intentionally do it for you, that does not mean that your good luck which you deserved in the first place is no more, no, it isn’t, instead it is only pending or delayed due to recent decisions and choices made by you or someone else.

Now one of the only thing that can bring you bad lucks instead of the good luck you deserve is the negative energy and low vibrations emitting from your own body, theses causes your aura to fall so low, the fact is, when your aura remains low for a long time, it can even make you sick, this is because the low aura and energy which you emit has lowered your vibration causing a sort of immune system depression, which can attract towards you any kind of infectious diseases you come across.


PSYCHIC DEFENSE MECHANISM – An Ancient Way of our ancestors -By Knight Fredel        

Another thing is, when you surround yourself with gossips and those who envy you so much, especially those who hate you, then truly your aura will be affected negatively even if they do not use juju or charms on you, nevertheless, I know that some of you might not know what an Aura is, right? OK I have written about it intensively on an article from a previous Episode of our Magazine Articles titled Aura and Telepathy, click here to see.

Nevertheless I will briefly define what an Aura is to you here and now, but you still need to see the above article to get a full knowledge on what it is, its always good to read an expanded explanation in order to be perfectly cleared.

However for now I will just say; An Aura is an electromagnetic energy emitting from the fusion of your Souls consciousness within.

This Aura shows how or what level you are vibrating at, for instance if you are currently so angry and full of hate and grief, your Aura will have a dark reddish or black color, if you are so happy and fine, filled with positive thoughts, your Aura will adopt a sun-like shining color, more like a glittering gold, or a shiny silver or diamond, so bright, but it all depends on the person, sometimes in some other person it can glitter with the 7 primary colors of the rainbow.

Now, have you seen a candle light in the dark, if yes then you must have seen the rainbow-like colors that surrounds the candle flame? That is how an Aura looks like. You may attempt an experiment on this by lighting a candle in the dark and watching the Aura appear, it is possible you have seen it times without number but you probably haven’t intentionally taken notice of it, so try the exercise.

The reason why you don’t see people’s Aura or even yours is because most of you are too physically trapped into this physical reality that you don’t take note of anything outside this objective reality, It takes an advanced person who has mastered the art of Concentration to see the Aura of a living thing, especially those who have awakened their sixth sense, yes I do see it, including the Aura that emanates from trees and other plants.

At this point, in regards to Good luck and bad lucks, you should know that the Aura of another person can affect you in one way or another, either positively or negatively. The Aura of a given environment do affects how we feel too, that is why some of you may travel to a new city and fall sick, but there are cities you will travel to for the first time in your life and you will not fall sick.

That shows that your Aura and vibration is in agreement with the surrounding, now when you meet someone new and suddenly your mode bounces down so low, it means that the persons Aura is affecting yours negatively based on the negative thought that person may have  for you or because the persons Aura has been affected negatively by a bad luck charms which is making you feel uninterested with the person.

So, there are many ways your Aura can be affected so badly that it will penetrate deep into your Astral body, affecting your thoughts and creativity, with this we begin to fail in anything we do, like you can ask for help and no one will help you, you have a shop and no one sees it interesting enough to buy from you, also you may want to get married but relationship after relation you keep going back to single moving round a circle, all these can happen due to bad Aura and low energy fields enveloping your body which can be originated through one of the following:

  1. Charms and voodoos produced by an enemy to bring down your energy and in turn bring you down! These sort of things cannot work on you unless your Aura and Energy fields are down, if they are not healed on time then charms becomes easy to penetrate into you, otherwise no one can be affected by witchcraft attacks or voodoo charms etc, although in order to affect you, those charms will first of all reduce your vibration, making your Aura to drop frequency, or, they will first of all project fearful dreams to you, thus the moment you are in deep fear and terror, your Aura becomes open for anything to come in, and that is the very moment they attack you.

  1. Excessive sex with various partners whom unknown to you have within them too much negative and karmic debts to resolve, each time you make out with hem, you exchange their negative karmic debts with them, and also, their negative vibration alone can bring down your vibration. Your sexual contact and love making with your partner makes it possible for you to exchange their negative energy’s with you, in that same process you two will also begin to exchange among yourselves karmic debts, this is why they say when two people comes together in love, or marriage, they become one, which literally mean that their negative karma are shared among themselves.




Let’s take for example; you have 20% negative karma to resolve in this lifetime, and then she has 50%, this means that  her 50% negative karma becomes shared with yours too and your 20% negative karma becomes shared with hers, so making your 80% positive karma to be shared by her as well, and her 50% positive karma to be shared with you, now if you keep making love with different partners, it means you keep taking their negative karma’s and they keep sharing your positive karma’s as well, and if they have much bad energies, it means that they can drain you so low after each sex.



This is another reason why some of you feel drained after a sexual intercourse with your partner, and when you have sex with another, you feel refreshed, that tells you that, a lot of girls or boys out there have lots of negative energies within them and their Aura needs serious healing, because their negative energies are enough to drain you so low, which can bring you lots of bad luck.

To learn more on this topic in order to get a deeper perspective of the spiritual dimension of sex and love making then get my book THE ART OF SEX MAGICK or you can refer to my article Spirit Husbands and Spirit Wife, or Sexuality in Spirituality thus to understand better the spiritual effects of love making and what it truly represents, also to know what it was really created for, apart from the fun aspect and making babies.

  1. Negative thoughts harbored within by you or the ones closer to you can have a negative impact in your life. If people around you have negative thoughts towards you all the time then it will begin to affect your energy body, that means sooner or later it will begin to manifest physically, though that would be very easy to bypass if only you can raise your frequency much more higher than theirs, but some of you can’t do that on your own and that is where I come in.

Now you should know there’s a good news for you though, as a matter of fact yes, there will be solutions for all three and more causes of bad lucks and poverty listed above, but the fact is most of you would not be able to find them yourselves, just as earlier said, and I repeat, this is where I come in.

NOTE: there are those whose fate is tied to a particular depressing reality due to their deep negative Karma inherited from their previous life, this kind of persons has to, as a must pass through certain challenges in order to resolve those karma and be free, when this becomes the case, any spiritual aid given to such persons will have to take a while to manifest as I have to find a way to hasten their Karmic burdens so it can resolve quickly.

If it was supposed to take a lifetime to resolve all karmic debts or 10-15 years to resolve, it will then take  you 2 or even 1 year to resolve such karma and so that the person can be free, also the work I do will also assist the person to peacefully work out his karma’s without stress, for instance if his sufferings had to do with being cashless and hungry all his life, his situation would be able to step up until he resolves his karmic debts.

Isn’t that a better deal for such persons on this category? Instead of going to kill and slaughter animals for months after months and weeks after weeks with little or no result due to a tied karmic debt, sometimes the deities you offer those sacrifices to will be able to push your karma further away so that at present you can see changes, yet, as you proceed with your freedom, the time will again arrive for that same negative circle you attempted to skip to repeat itself, this is the reason why many persons kept having their problems come back to them like two or three years after a very expensive spiritual work, especially the ones which deals  with offering blood sacrifices, and when it repeats, they again keep pushing it further by offering more sacrifices, the truth is, whatever you think you are skipping today will definitely come back in no time.

And it will get to a level which no amount of sacrifices you give will make it skip again. And even if you die before it repeats, your death isn’t the end of your life as only the uninformed thinks so, for your death is more like dropping a flesh suit in order to pick up a fresh one then continue your journey, and when that happens, so will your past karmic debts begin to show up at the right time most especially at the very time you choose to begin your career.


Karma is real, and it doesn’t need you to believe in it or not in order for it to take place in your life, it happens,, you should also note that, Karma is referred to as a law or a universal law, not because it is literary similar with the human kind of laws, it was stated as a Law  due to lack of words to explain a spiritual concept in human terms, otherwise it isn’t really a law, but a kind of force that you trigger into action each time you make a choice, or take an action. The moment you place something in motion, whether in action, or in thoughts, Karma as a force field will be triggered, then begins to act along side with the Akashic records, taking note of every single deeds, or thoughts etc., thus reacting with your thoughts or action (as stated above) making it possible to come back to you, in a equal and opposite reaction.

OK Much has been said, now it’s time to offer you a Solution to Bad Lucks, Poverty and life frustrations as well as the solutions to the lack of finding a life partner.

As for marriage issue, note that if the origin of your difficulty in finding a partner has to do with your taste for a prince in a shining Armor, or a Snow White kind of princess from the tallest castle, or if the cause is due to your past and youthful behaviors like sleeping and dumping ladies for fun, or if you are a lady you once loved sleeping with men for money until you discovered that you are 30 years plus and now in need of a man, then unfortunately you can’t, or if you always and never stay in a relationship due to your inability to date without cheating, or your ability to want to control your partner and all that, if these are your cases, then you have to chat me, privately because your case is entirely different and  isn’t a spiritual matter, however, we might have something for you, but you must open up to me so that I know exactly how to handle your case. And yes! Your enemies can use your youthful bad behaviors in relationships as an advantage to tie you down, however, it is you who gave them that chance, chat me and we will think of a solution. Whatsap only +2348136464201, or email our Help Line on

Some of you don’t open up, listen, you have nothing to be ashamed of, just like you don’t lie to your doctor unless you get a wrong treatment, same here with spirituality, lie to me, and get a wrong solution which will not work!

Ok, let’s look at the long awaited solution.


Congratulations for reading up to this level, you are a mastermind and this knowledge is made for your kind, although on the other hand if you skipped this article, then I prohibit you from reading any further, and I say go back to the very beginning and begin to read along otherwise you will get lost in this article. Patience is very important when dealing with spirituality;

If you really and truly need this help, and yet you did not read this article word to word, then be rest assured that you will not be able to understand what you are sufferings from, how it works, how they attack with it, its origins, and if that happens, then the purpose of this article will not be met, however you can choose to reject my advice at your own risk.

To get the success you deserve, you need to know patience.

OK let’s begin:



You will have to do what we call back to sender using the Thunder Candle, Back to Sender Oil and soap: these items are available on our Awake Af’raka Online Store now.


In order to destroy whatever they did to you, you don’t have to do them back, this back to sender only returns the charms back to the sender, unlike that of the modern day priests who sends it back to them and make them taste what they did, no, if you do that, then you are no different from them who did it to you and your Karmic Debts will not be compensated, and sooner or later it will again come back to you and the circle will again continue, so it is always advised to always stick to the path of Light, for the highest good.

Now to do this you will also need the following:

Dry gin, cola nut (the type which can break into 4 parts) and an Alligator pepper, because in whatever you do, you must first involve your Ancestors, this is why it’s good to first and foremost reconnect with your Ancestors using my procedures which I only share privately, and also, if you have to connect with your Ancestors, you will also  need to connect to your Source, offer them gifts and be one with them, so whatever you do will go directly… Like I said in my earlier book titled THE OGBANJE CHILD AND THE FOUR ELEMENTS, I made it plain that some of us  came to earth through Water, others through Earth, Air and Fire, depending on the person, thus whichever Elements you came from becomes your Source which is where you need to reconnect with in order to gain Spiritual ground, strong and protected, inspired and guarded by the Elemental belonging to that realm, or by the Gods or Goddesses, like in the Water we have the Lady of the Sea.



Now in order to begin step two, then it is agreed you have done the first step, therefore now is time to clear your Aura and raise your energy and vibration with the Love and Attraction portion I make all by myself. will also be available on our online Store, click here to buy.

This portion raises your vibration, because if your vibration or frequency is low, as stated from the beginning of this article, then whatever you do will not be interested to anyone, and it will seem as if you have lost your luck, now after using this portion alone with its Soup, you will feel your luck shining again after a few weeks depends on how badly damaged is your Aura as those badly and deeply damaged takes more time to heal,

However, it is always advised that we do something for you right from our Alter before you begin using this portion, what we first do is, involve your Source of existence, if for instance you are Water, we will involve the Lady of the Sea to assist you get your way opened for good as long as it is for the highest good, and then we offer her gifts of Blue clothing and jewels, nine eggs, a special spiritual powder, and a mirror etc, we place these items in a basket and float it into the river or Ocean, and let it sink, but before then we will invoke her first, invite the Ancestors to come and take witness of this rite, and every other positive spirits and elemental s. this is a very important thing to do.

Also note that I am not giving any procedures here because this is public, thus lots of people from all shades of cultures will read this article, including those who just want to peep, and those who steal African Knowledge then converts it to theirs (plagiarism), so for security reasons we don t exactly share everything especially the procedures. Nevertheless we give you something to go home with, and if you are interested and really need our metaphysical aid, (help), then you will send me an email, or chat me on Whatsap to complete the steps and order for your items.


(is optional but still very helpful and important as well) 

This involves using the good luck oil and soap we make here for the purpose of gaining luck, this can only be used whenever you are going out for business, work, seeking employment etc. And this should be used after the first and second steps are done.

For Actors, Comedians, and Musicians, we will give you the Crowd puller items instead.


That is all you need, so simple, so effective!

These portions/soaps etc are all metaphysically fined tuned to penetrate deep into your Aura, in order to cleans and heal every single negative energy attached to your Aura, so you regain your glitter, your luck and whatever you desire, to make you shine.

Now you see? There is no killings, no sacrifices to blood thirsty entities, which will end up attracting you to more and more karma’s by pushing you gradually into the dark side, yes you do not need to kill any animal to get your luck shine, you do not need impatience to get it back, all you need is to ignite your inner fire with these procedures and continue to pursue your desire, and you will continue to shine, and with time, and with patience and passion well applied, your dreams shall all come through.


As written by Knight Fredel








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