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The thing is we always remember our male ancestors, and no female ancestors were ever mentioned, and do you know why? it is because, the current system of Odinala or African Spirituality is corrupted and was never the ways of our Ancestors.

Before you crucify me, listen first, the African continent was began by women, Women first walked this planet, before our males came, it was the women who were give the truth and mysteries of life, the knowledge on Spirituality and ,medicines, before they (women passed on that knowledge to men. Still yet, in the days of our Ancestors, only virgins were given the right to be priestess, not men, men were only allowed to do herbal medicines and healing to serve and assist the Priestess.

So how can we then honor our Ancestor men. without remembering the Ancestor women? isn’t that insane?

female ancestors

When the ancients said “Ancestors or ascended ones” they ,meant both men and women because it was both who ascended, not only the men. but both.

Now you know why i said the recent culture and tradition is corrupted and distorted during the slave trade, look. they not only brought foreign religion. they also distorted our traditions in order to reduce our ultimate power!

More on this will be spoken of in the book, MANY RIVERS TO CROSS.

Therefore I urge you readers to think deeply on this insight, honor your women, honor you Ancestor women, if you do not honor your Ancestor women, it means you do not respect your mother, your sister, tour female friends wife or and your wife-to-be.

Now some of us really do not know who the Ancestors  even are, this is why through their corrupt knowledge they end up getting information and requests for blood sacrifices from demons and dark entities who claim to be their ancestors.

OK now I will explain from a chapter in my book (many rivers to Cross) so hat you will understand the difference between an Ancestor, and a Forefather.

This book was inspired by the Great Mother, the Lady of the Sea, also known as the Queen of the Stars, her aim is to pass on deep enlightenment, and help you unravel the secret knowledge of this universe, which was once passed on to our ancestors, and after many years of slavery, the knowledge was corrupted which left our people to practice all sorts of things, and this includes those who claim to be practicing African Spirituality, most of them all are practicing corrupt and distorted knowledge, and that means that; they are all brainwashed.

The Great Mother wants you all to wake up to see the truth as they really are, as a matter of fact, since our world has become so distorted and full of chaos due to the fact that our people has been misguided, this is why the need to pass down this knowledge to you becomes a necessity.

female ancestors

Do not be so fast in judging me just because I said “our today’s African religion or spirituality is corrupted”, I have my reasons and I will explain the differences between the path of our Ancestors, and the path our people are following today.

To you all Children of the Sun, this knowledge is rare because nobody has really stood up to speak out, they either follow blindly or they know the truth but due to their corrupted minds and dark Souls, they choose the blood thirsty gods, and as you all know, these form of gods supports the practice of dark arts which generates a variety of evil acts perpetuated today.

However, the Spiritual path our Ancestors followed did not support evil, nor the taking of life; they made it clear that if one cannot be able to give life, then one is not allowed to take it away from another, no matter what! Life isn’t for us to take!

This does not mean that the Spirituality of our Ancestors do not teach Dark Arts, no, it teaches and our Ancestors are well vested in the art, nevertheless, as it is said, that guns don’t kill people, rather it is people who uses gun to kill other people.

Dark Art isn’t all about evil, it is an advanced form of Spirituality that has to do with Darkness, in this path of Spirituality, Darkness is seen as the Mother, for out of Darkness comes light, this goes way deeper and advanced, meanwhile, Dark Art can easily corrupt the mind of its practitioner, if such persons mind isn’t well trained.

This is the reason why this path of Spirituality is kept secret, even those traditionalists who claim to practice Dark Arts today, do not really understand it, they only had the opportunity to take a glimpse of this course, and they became corrupted in the field even before attempting to go further, that is simply because, they were not well prepared.

“He, who does not understand Darkness, will not comprehend Light”.

This book will be used to expose the exoteric of our practical knowledge on Spirituality in resonance with our true Ancestors, and will also bring upon a revelation of deeper African facts which will build ones will towards the highest stage of Enlightenment, such level of understanding is what most Africans have always lacked, and we see most white men reach such stage, that is because they have been practicing the ways of our Ancestors behind doors, but then they deceive you with distorted information passed on through sponsored media publicity, religious teachings, music and Sci-Fi movies all claiming that such organizations are a devil worshiping and ritualistic  secret societies.

Such sponsored conspiracy theories further makes you think they worship the devil, and so while you run away from them and such organization or traditional mystical groups etc, they on the other hand get more busy studying, practicing and designing their cities with mystical symbols originated by our Ancestors, used in attracting Advanced intelligence from space who in turn offers them superior knowledge on technologies and so on.

Meanwhile we Africans whom are supposed to know those secrets by right, however, our priests and priestesses who are supposed to be the most advanced spiritual beings on earth today are busy killing and slaughtering innocent animals and offering them to dark Entities in exchange for fickle fortunes and fame which does not last. Isn’t that amazing?

Do not misunderstand me, I am not saying that all the secret societies are good, please take note, I am referring to some select few whose origin was/is created on the foundation of our African Hermetic/Alchemy/Spiritual/Symbolical Knowledge.

As a matter of fact, we are supposed to have reached that stage in order to take back our crown, but we cannot because our traditionalists who are supposed to take control are still busy with their so called blood thirsty demons and their continuous spilling of bloods alongside their practical corrupt knowledge.

female ancestors

As most of you already know, I am an Alchemist and a Mystic, the Mouthpiece of the Goddess, and so my mission to awaken our people, especially the African woman whose potentials has been depreciated based on the fact that the corrupted and distorted African Spiritual knowledge does not respect the African Woman and its plans are to demonize her and make her a slave to man, that is because they are afraid of the unlimited power a woman wields and in order to completely take control of the world, the African woman needs to be asleep and lost.

This is why it is becoming more and more important as the days go by, for me to bring up this knowledge to the world, for it is when the Woman realizes who she truly is, and is when her goddess within awakens, that the Earth will begin to heal again.

The chaos in our world will seize the moment our women are awakened to the truth concerning their being and origin, and her deeper spiritual connection with the Universe restored, as well as to restore her connection with the Great Mother Goddess whom they (women) are her vessels and maidens.

Ok, I will talk more on this very topic as we proceed in a future chapter, however for now; let’s begin with our Ancestors, who really are they?

Don’t be surprised to realize today that, what you have been taught concerning who the Ancestor Spirits were has been false.

Many persons believed that the ancestors have already reincarnated and still reincarnating life after life, others think that they now exist only in the 4th dimension as Spirit beings and guardians of our traditions.

Well, there is no need to disagree with anyone, because people talk based on their level of understanding due to their current evolution and level of consciousness.

Consequently, who are the Ancestors really? Are they literary those who were taken away during the trans-Atlantic slave trade about 400 years ago? If that is who you call Ancestors then you must note that these set of Africans are today, due to reincarnation, they are all reincarnated into different physical bodies and families at different locations on earth, they were chained and taken as slaves, killed tortured, and their rights were taken away from them, they were not free, thus, that means one thing, that they were all suffering a negative karmic consequence, and if that is the case, then it means that their Souls consciousness were still evolving and so, they cannot be our Ancestors; rather, we might say they are/were our forefathers, right?


What about those that refers to the head of their family tree as ancestors? Oh, remember that in accordance with history, they only migrated from other regions and landed in the current region where they gave birth and had children who had children and thus, this group also imported mediums which connect with the blood seeking gods, and their shrines, which looks like the ones we have today in remote areas where they kill animals and offer their blood to the deities through such mediums, with this said, therefore this set cannot equally be your Ancestors, they are your forefathers.

However, there are those highly advanced set of Humans, Africans by origin, pure and full of love, whom were pioneers of African spirituality and tradition, those who gave us the ancient knowledge passed on to them by the Gods, and are now ascended into the higher dimensions and today are all referred to as the ascended ones, or the shining ones, isn’t that who our Ancestors are?

Oh yes! Those are truly the Ancestors, they are ascended, and now currently reside in the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th dimensions today watching and doing their jobs from there, guarding those who call upon them and so forth.

As you can guess, from the word “Ascended Ones”, we get “Ancestors”, thus, if they are not ascended, they cannot be your Ancestors.





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