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Black Mary and Black Jesus

Welcome to todays Episode of Awake Af’raka Magazine Articles, I guess you enjoyed the previous Episodes, well today we are back with an exposure that will leave you more enlightened.

Christianity has really distorted and confused everything about history, mixing allegories and metaphors with actual events and mixing sun worship ideologies with the teachings of an actual Rabbi whom was not white at all but a black man, mixing his story with that of the Egyptian of Horus the Sun god and all that.

Christianity has really lied and many truth needs to come up to the surface, and even I who is writing, if time and carefulness’ is not taken, I may end up contradicting things trying to give you the actual fact, so I’ll take it carefully, one after the other. This we must study on the story of the illuminated. This is one of the highest controversial stories ever.

True artistic face of Yehoshua 

Yehoshua Ben Yosef was not born on December 25th as the Christianity doctrines claimed. He is not Jesus either. His father Yosef whom you call Joseph gave him the name Yosef and Benjamin which he answered throughout his life, Ben was a second name so he was known as Yosef, he was born within March and April, actual date not yet found. Some gave it any date they liked in April but I’m not going to do such, the truth is the actual date is not known, but we know he was born between, 31st March to the first or second week of April. He was a Hebrew by birth and grows up among the secret society known as the Esene brotherhood, a mystery school whose headquarters is and was in Egypt. His father Yosef and the mother Miriam or Mary were all initiates. So young Yosef was brought up in this brotherhood where he passed through various initiations and he learnt the art of healing, he was the greatest master of all times because he was the only one to go through the final initiation into a rank or degree known as Christ-hood, this initiation took place at the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt’s Sun City. This is where he was given the sacred name Yehoshua which means “that which is inspired by Yahweh”. Now this shows you that the Hebrew language was actually an Egyptian secret and sacred language used among the initiates which has its secret hidden meaning among its letters. Like taught earlier, this language was given to those who were lead out of Egypt by the Moses who among other priests left with them and formed a settlement and then named themselves the Hebrew people,
Now Yehoshua began his work after that initiation as a Christ or Messiah, he was a light worker who spread the teachings of light to the people. After his transition, he got those who believed in his teachings; they called themselves the messianic, meaning the followers of the messiah.

Many years later, the Vatican city of Rome founded Christianity, and plagiarized the Egyptian sun worship to form the Christian doctrine. They personified this sun god as Jesus, and credited the teachings of Yehoshua Ben Yosef to the imaginary Jesus, painted Caesar Borgia’s as Jesus, (Caesar Borgia’s was the son of pope Alexander iv) pope Alexander iv had his son pained as Jesus by the popular painter Leonardo Da Vinci. Then afterward, the true paintings of Yehoshua Ben Yosef were destroyed and his followers persecuted. This was rephrased as the persecution of the apostles of Jesus in the bibles new testaments. (to learn more about the creation of Christianity and how it was used to replaced The Messianic, Click Christianity or Messianic. to learn more

The true image and history of Yehoshua has been wiped off the face of this planet by the Vatican to suppress the truth, Yehoshua was a black man, not white. His teachings distorted. However, the Essene Brotherhood and the mystery schools of Egypt reserved its story which I have just revealed parts of it to you and will reveal more as we progress.

Now if we lived in a world full of mature adults, we would allow people the respect and freedom to believe anything they like so long as they don’t impose it on others. Just because we may think it is wrong or nonsense should not matter. My problem with Christianity and religion in general is not that anyone believes it, that is their right, what I challenge is the way it has been imposed upon people through the use of fear, guilt, violence and the suppression of alternative thought. Unfortunately, allowing people the right to believe something you don’t, has become a criminal offence today.

However, the people do have the right to know the truth behind what they worship.
The following texts are words of the writer: David Icke, these will expose and prove to you who the creators of Christianity really are.

“The truth went far deeper, however. Constantine was a member of the same Babylonian Brotherhood through which the Pisos and Pliny operated. The Basilica which Constantine built in Jerusalem is part of the sacred geometric pattern of this city according to some researchers. The Roman College of Architects were connected with
the Order of Comacine Masters who expanded rapidly under the reigns of Constantine and Theodosius as Christianity was becoming the dominant religion of the Roman Empire. Both were important branches of the Brotherhood underground. The Order of
Comacine based themselves on the island of Comacini in Lake Como in northern Italy. Lake Como, which today is close to the Swiss drug money laundering centres like Lugano, is a very important centre for the Babylonian Brotherhood. Two of its modern
British members, Prince Philip and his mentor, Lord Mountbatten, attended a meeting of the Brotherhood’s Bilderberg Group at Lake Como in 1965. The Order of Comacine was divided into lodges headed by Grand Masters and they wore white gloves and aprons and communicated through secret signs and handshakes
All this was happening more than a thousand years before the official creation of Freemasonry!

They were given the patronage of the king of Lombardy and were made masters of all Masons and architects in Italy, It was this secret order, the successors to the earlier Brotherhood architects, the Dionysian Artificers, who provided the bridge between those who built the ancient Pagan temples and their brethren, who would build the great Christian cathedrals of Europe. The same Brotherhood built both! The ancient temples were shrines to the Pagan deities, and the Christian cathedrals were also shrines to the Pagan deities. The only difference was that, with the latter, the public thought they were built to worship ‘Jesus’. The famous Christian hero, St Bernard, defined God as ‘length, width, height and depth’ because he understood the effect of geometry and numbers on the energy fields. Pythagoras also stated that: “number is all”. The power of pattern, numbers, geometry and proportion, are some of the ‘great mysteries’ that have been denied the mass of the people. Clearly Constantine, and the Brotherhood which controlled the emperors, saw political advantage in supporting the Christian movement. And the people would have had no problem encompassing Jesus into their belief system because the story matched that of the other Sun gods of the time, including Mithra. Christianity picked up many followers of Mithras because to them it was no different to what they already believed except for the name. Constantine ended the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire by issuing his Edict of Milan, but this was not specific to Christianity, though it stopped the persecution”.

I hope this have added a Light unto you today.

Best wishes
Written by Knight Fredel © 2019

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