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Sometimes we think we have known it all because they told us it was true, though in the truth of it all, history has been a lie.
All that we have been told and made to believe have been a lie.

A one hundred years from now even your own story will be distorted, because the truth about life and humanity has always been distorted by those in control and we just accept them without thinking. The original is suppressed, that is, even if you were a sincere light bringer who came to earth to enlighten humanity on a subject, many years later after you are gone, your history and teachings will be distorted and rewritten to suit a particular agenda, even when you never intended to form a sect or a religion, your image will be repainted and your teachings rewritten to suit a newly formed religious movement in your name so that they can continue the agenda of manipulation and control of humanity, while only a few will be allowed to have the undiluted knowledge, to use them against the majority, so the only few with the truth will continue to control the majority. That is the case with Yehoshua Ben Yosef, who never had any intention to found any religious movement. But today, his teachings have been suppressed and rewritten to suit the Vatican and his image repainted to suit the white supremacy agenda. However, we have talked about him in one of our last discourses; we shall again reveal to you all you need to know about this great master in a future article on this Magazine platform, for now, on today’s Magazine Article we shall look into a man once known as Moses, and his people whom they call Israelite’s or the Hebrew.

If you are a seeker of truth who have developed dislike for biblical characters, then you will be asking thus: Does Moses really exist, or was he just an allegory or a metaphor? 


However, the name of this Hebrew born teacher wasn’t Moses to begin with. he was given the Egyptian initiate name “Munius”, which the Torah translates into Hebrew as ‘Moshe’, although for the sake of record, I will use the popular name to refer to him, and you must note dear reader that Moses want a Caucasian white but a black man.

As a matter of fact if we begin to look at the stories between Israel, Egypt and Moses including all we have been made to believe, there seems to be a part of that story that is still missing and hidden away from the public and that is what I’m going to teach you today on this article.

According to the Christian Holy Bible, the Egyptians held the Israelites on captivity and used them as slaves for many years, then they had a savior by name Moses, son of Jochebet, and Levite Amran, nevertheless Moses was almost killed by Pharaoh Sethi the first (1300BC) who feared the fulfillment of the prophecy that a savior will be born to redeem the Hebrews from slavery, slaughtered all new born babies at that time. And so Moses was saved by his mother who put him on a wicker and abandoned him to the Nile, but fortunately the daughter of Pharaoh Sethi the first, (while bathing at the Nile), found the wicker basket and she adopted him immediately.

So favorably, Moses was raised in the palace by the same man who wanted him dead. Finally, according to biblical texts, he at last rescued his people from the bad pharaoh and also they crossed the red sea through the help of Jehovah.
All those stories were false and distorted, created by the founders of Christianity to suit their political agenda.
Moses was said according to biblical texts to have lived in the time of Pharaoh Ramses the second and they claimed that Egypt didn’t want to release the Hebrews from slavery however it wasn’t so, those who created Christianity only wanted to paint Egypt black. And that wasn’t fair.
So what really happened?


However in accordance with a more ancient text at our disposal, Moses never was born in the time of Sethi the first and his son Ramses the second never ordered his army to go slaughter them in the dessert, rather he lived in the time of Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV) and he belonged to the circle of initiates studying in the Egyptian mystery schools back then, the young Pharaoh Akhenaton was the pharaoh who first discovered the worship of one true God; he referred to the Sun as the physical symbol of the invincible God. Moses was not the true name of the so called Hebrew savior, Moses , translated from the name Moshe’ is a name given to high and advanced, initiates of the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) mystery school, so unfortunately, his true name is not known.

How did the Hebrews end up in Egypt? With the texts we have at our disposal, it was said that the family (House of Jacob) had famine, and visited Egypt for rescue, they were just like an extended family, their number only increased during their stay in Egypt, they offered to work for the Egyptians while they get food and shelter in return, they were working as servants and not slaves. Moses as an initiate in the mystery school learnt everything he needed to in order to use that KNOWLEDGE to create a code of conduct and laws in which will guide his people when they return home since their number has increased so much throughout their many years of stay in Egypt.

In accordance with a more older text which predates the  Bible,Moses left Egypt under the guidance of the young Pharaoh Akhenaton; in fact Akhenaton gave to them foods and horses and prepared Moses with the knowledge to lead them safely to their home. There was no fight, no dramas of Moses’ snake swallowing the Egyptians snake and no need to part the red sea for any sort of crossing, In fact the story concerning the parting of the red sea was a story stolen out of Egypt and added to the distorted version of the biblical text of the Exodus, that fraction of the narrative was an Egyptian chronicle named ‘’The tale of the golden lotus,’’, I’ll advice my readers to do some research on that topic.

Throughout that Exodus the entire events in point of fact took place approximately at 1350 BC, according to a more ancient text that predates Christianity.


The ten commandments and the laws of Moses were all extracted from the laws of Ma’at, this is to say, that the Hebrew traditions and cultures with its laws were all taken out of Egypt, including their language which was a sacred Egyptian language used among the priests and initiates, some of these priests and initiates where sent along to guide the Hebrew people to their new home and keep the new laws which the people have to follow, they were called the Levites. So in reality, Moses was a leader chosen amongst the Levites, who guided the Habiru or Hebrew people out of Egypt, taught them the laws and gave them tradition and a Sole God to believe in, this God was called Jehovah (YHVH) which is made up of the four Hebrew letters Yod He Vav He, that God wasn’t just a one God, it was more of a formula, a composition hiding something much deeper, or different from just being a god.

I hope this have added a Light unto you today.

Best wishes
Written by Knight Fredel © 2019

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