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REINCARNATION AND KARMA - "From the book, The Ogbanje Child and the Four Elements By Knight Fredel". KARMA

I now present you a chapter from my book, “The Ogbanje child and the four elements”.

Many persons still find it hard to grasp the concept of one dying and coming back to life in another body; but such truly is a possibility, as we all are higher beings with an astral body, and at the same time a Soul inhabiting a physical body on a lower realm known as the third dimension.

Neither of us are new to earth or any other earth or galaxies away from here. We are souls, higher consciousness and higher being on a journey to perfection, a spirit being having a physical experience as well as learning the lessons of being human.

How do we reincarnate and what is karma? These two topics are important because the concept of Ogbanje requires that you have knowledge on both phenomenon.

First let’s talk about karma. Karma is a natural universal law placed in motion by the ultimate creator, the universal being, the All that is. This law states that “there is a compensation for every action and deeds we place into motion. That compensation may either be positive or negative depending on what kind of deeds or action you placed into motion. For example, if you kill, you will be killed; whatever seed you plant in a neighbors vine yard grows up in your own vine yard. That is, you lie on the bed which you dressed; you eat exactly what you have cooked, karma does not cheat, rather it is a pure and most perfect justice. This is why reincarnation is important as all lessons cannot be completely learnt in one life time alone.

In accordance with the book “Mansions of the Soul” by Lewis Spencer (PhD), page 100-102, he said:

“Karma is not revengeful. It would be self annihilation if revenge or retribution were its motives. It can only be re-creative and constructive. The progressive evolution and advancement of the personality is its sole purpose.

It demands not an eye for eye and a tooth for a tooth as does the law which man invented as his imitation of the law of compensation. It demands only justice to all the sinners and the one sinned against, the benefactor and the one benefited. It has the power to carry out its principles. It leaves nothings to the judgment of man, for he had his choice and decided; it retains the sole responsibility for its operation, for man agreed to this when he decided.

Its aim is guidance, its methods are instructive; its functions are redeeming. Such is the law of karma.
It selects for the its propitious time to exact compensation or bestow blessings that moment in the period of the souls residence within the physical body when the personality will profit most by the lesson to be learned, the experience to be realize ,or the reward to be utilized to the betterment of all concerned.
It selects for its means of action or medium of performance those channels which will afford the utmost of efficiency and direction in compensative adjustment, with consideration for every living creature.

Since karma seeks neither revenge nor retribution, but exact only an adequate adjustment of conditions, a balancing of realization-that man may become more perfect in conduct-it may elect to suspend an objective compensation in favor of a subjective penitence.
If the personality of man is brought face to face with a situation in life which clearly reveals itself as karmic dept to be cancelled by a trying experience, it may find the experience modified, the test lightened, or the suffering ease, by acknowledging the justice of the dept, and discovering the lesson contain therein, with appreciation for the knowledge, and with penitent heart for the error previously committed, the personality may find that the end of justice and karma have been satisfied.
Thus the principle of salvation by grace, and redemption by atonement, has their real origin in the just working of a great law.

We discover in reincarnation and karma the only rational and acceptable explanation and cause for the seeming injustice of the inequalities of life.
Some are born in wealth, some in abject poverty; some are born with every advantage educational and advancement, some with no opportunity at all.
One is born crippled, handicapped, and physical and mentally; another was born ideally.

In a given family of four children, one is strong and healthy of body but mentally defective; another was born sickly and with a weak body, but brilliant in mind; one is born cruel, men, sordid tendencies, bringing shame to all the others, and the fourth is serious and noble, with religious ideals”.

With that context, one can clearly see what karma truly is, many think its revengeful, no it isnt, it’s a law that seeks only justice and truth, not revenge, with that we are made to reincarnate here again and again life after life until our life is cleared of all karmic depths and we have ascended above the realms which is no longer liable to reincarnation and karma.

Fr. Bigsam O., a teacher of mysticism speaks on Reincarnation and Karma:

“Reincarnation cannot be talked about without giving an explanation about what prompted it into activity, which about 90% of it, has to do with Karma.
Before going further, it is best that we give a definition to both words, which the topic is based upon.

Reincarnation: First before talking about Reincarnation, which is the combination of two words…
Re which is the short form of Repeat, and the word…. Incarnation… Which means, A person who embodies in flesh a Deity, spirit or Quality..
So, in conjunction with the both words of Re & Incarnation, let us see what the dictionary meaning has for it.
It means the rebirth of a Soul into another body.

For a better understanding, the first time that we took up an earthly body, it is called… Incarnation, then from the second time of our revisit to the flesh, it is now called a reincarnation.
As said, that Reincarnation which is the rebirth of a Soul into another body, a logical student should have gone forward to ask…. What is the cause of this phenomenal?
Though, it is said in the Christian Bible that, It is appointed unto man to die once, and after that, comes judgment, I still don’t think that there is time to convince them of this truth, which their master Jesus even talked about during the conversation with his disciples about John
Who did you go forward to seek, a man clothed in linen? Such should be found in the King’s Palace.
Of all born of women, there has never been any greater than John, for the prophets have said it.
If you would believe it, he is Elijah that was to come (Prophet Malachi has said it in the past)
Now, let me try to see if some points or reasons for this repeating of an earth life (Reincarnation) can be brought to light.

Why are we Here in this 3D world, and not remained in our spiritual abode, which many sacred writings have attributed to be our original home?
Man’s Golden wedding garment cannot be weaved or make to be pure in just a single incarnation here on earth because Karma, which is the law of Cause and effect, which to science, it is known as Newton’s law of motion, states that: Action and Reaction are equal but opposite.

Whatsoever a Man sows, that he shall reap, even in greater proportion, is exactly the replica of the law of Karma that brought about this beautiful rule from the Masters, with the name….. The Golden Rule, which states…
Do unto others, as you would want them first to do unto you…
Death is not the End of a man’s life, Soul, or journey, but a time to drop an earthly cloak, rest for a time being and experience his Soul essence, and see clearly the earth life that he has just concluded..

Time will not permit me to give the inner workings or details of what happens just after death, but have it that, a replay of the entire life just lived, will be played back to you, up to when you were born, and all the joy and pains you’ve done prior to Earth life will be experienced and felt, and during such playback, a complete silence should be observed, so that no interruption should be pragmatic, which can deterred or disturb the process, which that Soul do need for its next incarnation.

Let us take another look from the perspective of Karma, for instance, a man happens to commit a murder, and just before the reaping process began the Man dies, now tell me, do you think that such a man have escaped the penalty that is attached to that Karmic debt?
The answer is No.
For the mill of the Lord grinds slowly, but grinds exceedingly smooth.

Always keep in mind that, death is not a punishment, and death does not also stop the process of reaping one’s Karma.
Read again the statement of….

As known by many, Karma and Reincarnation, is interwoven”.


Written by Knight Fredel © 2019

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