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In the book of John, it was written, that in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God, you were the word, you existed from the time this entire cosmos started, you were the ancient of days, you existed when this third dimensional reality was made, and the first human body was genetically created to house evolving souls.

You were there when the experiments failed times without number and you were there when it worked for the first time. You agreed to come to earth into one of those body’s in order to lead those evolving souls in the course of their evolution.

You went into the world and were deceived by the illusion of this realm, you saw the daughters and sons of men and they were fair, you had them for yourself, and you ruled over man, you went after power forgetting that he who possesses the false power of the third dimension will also create for himself negative karma’s which one would have to compensate sooner or later.

Alas! it happened! you were caught up in a web of karma and the wheel of reincarnation began to turn you around, life after life, and thus, you forgot who you once were, a Fallen Angel!

And today you are trying to rise to perfection by working out your karma so you can be free to return back home. You were among the Fallen Angels, and today you do not remember who you are. But I know who I am and so I will remind you as it is a part of my task to lead you home, so we all can be free.


Once upon a time there were highly advanced beings who arrived this region of space from a galaxy which existed many light years away from earth, they were so advanced in knowledge and on the wisdom of the universe, they taught man all they know today on mathematics, science, physics etc. But a fraction of these Angels decided to incarnate as man, to live among them and show them the path to illumination and evolution, they did, successfully, but, they were caught up by the temptation and the illusion of this realm, majority did things that attracted to themselves the law of karma which is a universal law that permits every being to reap exactly what they sowed, whether in action or in deeds, the actions and deeds of these Angels lured them into the chain of reincarnation and for generation to generation they continued to come back here and many of them today, do not remember who they were, they were the fallen ones, and many live among us today. 80% of all humans living and wandering on earth today are among the fallen ones who got themselves trapped into this chain of reincarnation.

This subject is a highly neglected area of discussion among the awakened ones, the point is, many esoteric groups try to explain who they are and at the end they complicate everything they have said. The Angels, some call them Cosmic Masters, from the view of the African spirituality some say they are our ancestors, however as the case may be, none of the above explains who they really are, because they are not the Cosmic Masters, and they are not the ones we call Ancestors from the perspective of our African Spirituality.

The Angels whom you were ones part of were Celestial beings with specific tasks given to them at their own level of consciousness by the Cosmic Mother, the Universal Good, just like we at this level we have our tasks (even if majority do not yet know), many still believe that Angels are a myth and don’t exist, some say they are myths created by the whites to be used to control African.

ARC ANGELS, WHO ARE THEY? By Knight Fredel arc angels

Nevertheless, one thing I do know is, the whites did not write the bible, they only plagiarized and distorted its stories to suit their selfish purposes, the existence of Angels have always been from the beginning of time, and if you must know, majority of us have had a contact, not ones, not twice, the pyramids of the ancient Egypt’s and ancient writings has proved the existence of these beings, certain ancient books called them “The Watchers”.

The family of Arc Angels whom we were once a part of never left our sides, today they watch and track every one of their fallen ones trying to send them messages through dreams and intuitions, signs and knowledge to help them awaken.

This universe is guided by universal laws which protects and guides all things, the law of karma is one that when defiled must be worked out here and now.

Some of you might still do not understand the clear definition of who and Arc Angel is,OK let me help you here;

In the beginning of this experiment called humanity, certain young evolving souls were sent into these human body’s, the purpose was to help them evolve, so that when these souls grows to perfection then they will no longer be liable to reincarnation, they will then exist on a higher realm where they will fulfill certain tasks for many decades, these tasks will one day give them access to becoming a Celestial being too, that is, if well fulfilled. That is how Arc Angels were made. They were once evolving Souls but today, they are Celestial beings.



Many esoteric books and writings has not really revealed much on this, that is because they do not know from where Angels vibrate from.
However, I am writing from experience, Angels vibrate from the 7th Dimension above to the 12th where the Arc Angels reside. There are ranks among them as some exist in the 7th dimension, while others in the 8th, 9th and 10th, and they all have their symbols which in the occult path they are used to invoke them.

However, Angels do not exist in any dimension lower than the 7th. The lower realms stops at the 6th dimension (the Etheric realm), above this dimension are the higher realms, the 12th dimension is pure soul realm were the higher Arc Angels resides, and pure spirits resides.



The fact is, Angels are neither male nor females as they exist on a very high plane of consciousness where they inhabit some sort of bodies known as “energy bodies”. Although there are Angels who take the form of the feminine figure because of the reflection of its duty, maybe as a creator, giver of life, love, fertility and Light, in such case she will take the form of a beautiful female but that does not, in any way mean that she’s a woman, rather she was made to have the reflection of a woman, in order to have her feminine qualities and being, just as the masculine Angels also take on the reflection of man with his physical strength and protective virtues.

My recent encounter with an Angel proved that there are those who appears to be feminine, she was bright as light, with a long white hair, she had something that looked like her wings while she was high above me, but when she came down, it was gone, she wore a white shiny robe and really, her aura was very bright.


In the year 2014, I had an attack, it was a dark entity which resembled a very dark smoke with red shiny eyes, the moment it came in to squeeze life out of me, that very second I saw something that looked like an Angel came in through my window (which happened to be closed before I unconsciously went into this trance) with a shining swords and he was a masculine figure this time, as he approached the entity, with that force the dark creature could not withstand its light so it was vanished by dissolved into the thin air and never came back, this happened in the astral realm, and this masculine Angel has white long shiny hair too just like the feminine Angel I encountered recently, this masculine Angel also had had white wings, with a white robe too, and it was very bright that I could not behold its face, however it flashed back through the same window before I returned to this reality, when I did, the window, which I know was tightly closed was surprisingly open.

Now with these experiences of mine, it all meant that the Angels in charge of protection may appear as a masculine figure, while the ones in charge of love, creation, fertility and Light, comes in form of a feminine figure. And this means one thing, that those Alchemists and Mystics who came before me, who pained the pictures of the Angels we know today are truly right about their appearance.
Although the reason why they have wings is what I will explain more as we proceed..


This is a sub topic that has never been touched deeply but I will delve into it today. There are two categories of Demons. There are these first set of Demons whom are entities that exist in a lower realm situated below the physical realm. They are shadow beings as I like to call them since they always appear as shadows, they are very dark and can’t stand the light, be it artificial light bulbs or spiritual Light, that is why whenever they want to show themselves to someone, they make sure the place is dark by blowing off their light bulbs, candles, lamps or the source of their electricity.

Since these set of demons exist in a realm lower than the physical realm, that makes man higher than them (by rank and by frequency) this is why man has power over them, they only take over or take control of man when they feed into that mans fears and when that man has opened a channel via the drinking of alcohol, yes alcohol helps in opening that portal in man between those lower realms and here, this is why a drunk and tipsy person is easily possessed, and may act and say things they cannot consciously remember whenever they are recovered, this shows that a lower being somewhere has taken charge of that body at that time.

Unlike the Angels, these Demons feed on our fears, sadness, angers, and other lower energies; they cannot exist in a place filled with love and happiness. And these set of Demons do not have a mind of their own; they make use of the mind of their host to do their ugliest wish.

For the second category of Demons; you should first of all know the realm we call the Astral realm which exist above this physical realm, (above here does not mean on top, but higher by frequency, i.e. this astral realm is higher than the physical realm by a number of wave, and number) the astral realm is a four dimensional reality therefore there are higher Demons who exist here too.

This set of demons are the most stubborn and tricky, and were once a part of the Arc Angels who arrived here from the beginning of time, however they fell from the state of divinity to that of darkness because they became lost in the thirst for power and glory, they wanted to be worshiped by humans as gods, they ruled over mankind and they hid the knowledge from man, these sets of demons are still being worshiped by many religious movements today as Gods. In truth they are not Gods, they were Arc Angels and today they are also considered the fallen ones.

The Church is aware of these fallen ones, but they do not realize that the god or Gods they worship are actually the fallen ones and the one they bind and cast are the true Divine beings., that is how tricky these sets of Demons are.

The Demons here also, since they gave to man the knowledge on genetic engineering, they are also making good use of this technology, they clone bodies and these Demons incarnate to then use them to rule humanity.

These Demons on this category are the today’s Gods of this Physical realm, and many dark occult society worships them. Have you heard about selling your Soul to the devil? Oh that is just a metaphor meaning something quit deeper. When you sell your soul to this devil (a Demon), you open a contract for this demon to use your body in existing here with you, that is integrating your soul with that of the demo, so you both can co exist on that body, while he uses the body to carry out its plans on earth at the same time making you rich and famous.

That is what selling your soul really means, in the real sense, there are special occult societies who coordinates such, these societies were founded by the first man to sell his soul, thus, after that possession and integration, he created the society to enable his other demons to come over too.

You should note that, it’s actually your body you are selling, thus your own primary purpose of coming to earth will no longer be carried out when you are integrated with a demon, rather it’s the primary purpose of that demon that you will carry out, that is why if you had any negative karmic burden to carry out which made you broke and poor, that karmic burden will have to wait until your next incarnation, so you become suddenly rich in this life time, free from all karma’s (temporally), yes these set of Demons are in charge of the worlds wealth, and many famine and wars are intentionally created by them because they feed on energies emanating from hate, violence, cries, tensions, angers, and chaos etc (including the seven deadly sins).

This is why many Arc Angels who incarnated here always tries to drive them away by trying to preach Love, truth and justice to humans, if only humans can emit these high frequency energies like Love, truth, sincerity, temperance etc, these Demons will be gone, because they cannot exist in a place where love, Joy and happiness, truth and sincerity exist. They only survive in a place filled with chaos, that is why if they come into your town, the first thing they will cause is chaos, then violence which will lead to blood sheds, these negative actions emits low frequency energies in the 4th dimension where they exist, and that kind of energy is their food.

I used to think that Demons and Angels are just myths and symbols used in esoteric subjects to explain something much deeper, in as much as that is true, after my encounters and my experiences, I then realized that these beings are real, and those Alchemists who talked about them were truly right, alchemists like Paracelsus, and Saint Germane.


ARC ANGELS, WHO ARE THEY? By Knight Fredel arc angels

Many persons I have come across on this journey are always afraid of one thing, Angel of Death! Many questions has been raised concerning this so called Angel who are supposed to be in charge of our lives and when we should die, however what we should know at this point is, there is no particular Angel of such, that term was used in the old days when people taught there were Angels in charge of taking lives, but no, Angels protect life, there is no such Angel in charge of taking anyone’s life as such duties are irrelevant in this universe. This universe has many laws which govern to protect and assist the evolution of mankind, one of such laws is the law of freewill, and all Angels, both the Higher Angels, the lower Angels, and the Demons all respect these laws, especially the law of freewill.

This law gives humans the free will to act, do things as they so will, but however, the law that follows this is the law of cause and effect which gives birth to the law of karma, all these laws assists mankind to act in harmony with each other, when one misuses the law of freewill, the law of karma will set in to assist that person understand why it isn’t fair to misuse the law of freewill. This is why through the act of the free will given to us from the universe, humans leave this realm when their bodies can no longer go on, or when there is an accident, or when their actions through their use of freewill have created a cause that will eventually end their incarnation.

Nevertheless there are Angels in charge of leading the Dead safely to the realm they are allowed to be, as you must know, it is through life’s journey on earth, and through your actions and deeds, that will either evolve you by raising your Souls and Light bodies frequencies so that it can be able to reach or walk into the higher realms which supports his current level o f evolution. If one does well as well as also practiced pure spirituality and lived on the path of light while he or she was alive, such person will evolve higher than he or she was before.

As a matter of fact, some persons do miss their ways after they die, they roam about and refuse to accept that they are dead, they usually get stock in a 4th dimension where they are living their lives in a reality that looked as if its ours, if the person died of accident, they will think they survived the accident and continue to move on in that make-belief reality created by their minds, such people will be guarded by this Angel until they have accepted that this life is done, and they need to move on.

But you must note, that this Angel does not take life, rather He or she only escorts the dead safely and teaches them things they need to know about the life they just passed out from, and they talk to the dead about the things they did wrong and needs to compensate in another life. Every ancient tradition has a name for this Angel, in Ancient Kemet (Egypt) such Angel were known as Anubis.

However, there are cases when someone may invoke a demon to take the life of another that demon can be misunderstood and misinterpreted as an Angel of death. These demons do not have a mind of their own, like I said earlier, such Demons uses the minds of their host or whomever invoked them to carry out their deeds. Like i said earlier, many of the gods people worship are not really Divine beings but rather they are these Demons of the astral realms.

Our African traditional religions are not excluded in this matter, majority of our traditional gods being worshiped today are not truly what they seem, many are these Demons of the astral realm, the fallen ones, that is why they depend on blood rituals, be it animal rituals or human sacrifices which still secretly exist today. Many African traditionalists will argue this, some will claim they are not worshiping demons but I will like us to know that no higher being of the higher realms will ever request blood sacrifices; it is only the lower Demons who feeds on the low frequency energies emitted from tension and fear that will request such sacrifices.



ARC ANGELS, WHO ARE THEY? By Knight Fredel arc angels

Many questions have come to me regarding this topic, my mails are filled up with questions like, “do we truly have a guardian Angel? And they really exists”, and a more recent question asked by one of my students was “Does everyone have a guardian angel? And what happens to them before and after incarnation”.
Well I think there would be no better time to answer these questions if I don’t do justice to them now, so the reader must know at this point that there are Souls who did not come to earth alone, yes they have these higher beings whose work is to guard them throughout their earthly incarnation on earth and their duties end after the transition of such Souls from earth. However, there are those who did not come with one but due to the families they are born into, with their family deities whose aim is to protect every member of that family, therefore such deities becomes the guardian Angel to the Soul born into such family.

On the other hand, in each day of the week, each Angel from the higher realms comes down to this level of consciousness to protect and guide those who need help and protection, for that reason one may be in serious need and surly one of these Angels might be there to counsel intuitively or protect such person, at such moment, the Angel on duty becomes the guardian Angel to that person.

Thus, as you can see, there are many possible ways to explain the existence of a Guardian Angel, and with this explanation, you will now know that, not all guardian Angels are really Arc Angels, but at the time of need, they serve the same purpose to such person in need. Although we must not forget that, there are many special Souls who did not come to earth alone, these are highly advanced old Souls who incarnated from the higher realms, then due to the special duties which they came to fulfill and the tests they came to pass on earth, thus they needed to be escorted and guided properly protecting them from stepping into the negative realms and unnecessary attacks from dark entities.

In addition to the explanations given above, there are some persons who possessed certain knowledge on the mystical arts, therefore with such enlightenment they could invoke Arc Angels for protection and when such invocations are honored, the Arc Angel becomes the person’s guardian Angel which whenever their help is needed, and they are called upon, they always honor such calls; especially when the person does it the right way. The only reason an Arc Angel will not honor ones call is when such person have not raised their frequency to their level of consciousness, because the Arc Angels don’t dwell in a place and surroundings that is filled with anger, hate, pride, bloodshed etc. This is why they do not need blood sacrifice to invoke them because they are very pure, filled with Love and Light.


This is a very important point to discuss. And yes, Angels have wings, that is how their energy body is made, because when they reduce their frequency in order to appear here on this third dimension, their wings will be useful in helping them levitate above and into the air, and they need it to locate the portals within the sky where they need to pass through a worm hole into other higher dimensions hence they came from.

Just in case you do not know, there exist in our surroundings and within the sky and in many forests and trees numerous worm holes or black holes that leads one into another dimensions, but since we are not on our energy bodies, our human biological bodies with its limited five objective senses can’t locate such high frequency portals. It is only when you are on your energy body or light body that certain things will be revealed to you.

Now you must note that some humans (highly evolved, advanced, old and special Souls) do have wings (though invincible to the naked eyes due to the fact that such wings are attached to their light bodies or energy bodies which exists not on the 3rd dimension, but on a higher dimension), this proves that they are or were one of the Angels who reincarnated on Earth but lost their ways as described from the beginning of this article. This is why levitation is possible, yes some people can levitate when they practice, others may not be able to no matter how hard they try, that is because they do not have that wings to float them on the air.

Angels do come here often, they have tasks upon tasks and revealing themselves to humans on this third dimension is the least thing they need to do. This 3rd dimension is really too solid, and so if any being is coming here, surly they will be affected by gravity, the only way they need to defile gravity is by using their wings.

Do you know that, sometimes they fly over us, but since we do not always focus our attention on the things we see, we are too busy with our daily lives and our financial needs and desires that we forget to observe our surroundings, and seeing an Angel is what nobody has taught about since many of us believes that, the stories concerning them is a myth, so we look carelessly and mistake them for a bird. Of because they sometimes purposely reduce their frequencies and vibrations on that of a bird, and by so doing, if we do not look carefully, we will be seeing a bird instead.

That is how they do shape shifting, yes Angels are shape shifter’s, and they take any form they like since they have the knowledge on shape shifting. How is shape shifting possible? It’s easy, though harder to achieve immediately by beginners.

For example, if you wish to transform a cup into a plate, all you need to do is find out the frequency of which that plate is vibrating on, then “will” the cup to vibrate at the same frequency with the plate, which you want to transform the cup to, and to your surprise you would be transforming that cup into a plate! Everything is energy, our realm was made up by frequencies, and it’s all mathematics, its all numbers.


Yes there are lower Angels and there are Arc Angels, the lower Angels exist in the 7th dimension to the 11th dimension, the higher Angels we call Arc angels exist from the 12th dimension above. I received a mail from one of my followers asking me if biblical Angels like Angel Michael and Angel Gabriel really do exist, my answer was “yes”. The Holy Arc Angel Michael and Holy Arc Angel Gabriel as they are addressed both really do exist, and they are all higher Angels. They all have their duties to guide all humanity, leading us all to perfection, and these Angels are the most powerful of them all, they are very much advanced and they are nearing the God Consciousness as we speak.




Angels are real, it is not a myth, many occult sciences may call them Masters or Deities, some call them gods, but to me those names  are limiting as they are usually used to refer to something else, but when we say Angel, we know exactly the beings we are referring to. In a future article I’ll try to explain what our ancients usually call them before the word Angels dominated and how the word Angels came to be, although I know for sure that these beings we call Angels are what many calls extraterrestrials, like I said in the beginning of this article, they are vested with the knowledge of this universe and they are experts too in genetic engineering, they taught man spells, knowledge on cloning, and they also have the conscious ability to create a body they can use to live among us.

Many Angels who decided to live among us, attracted to themselves karma’s which before they could pay off, attracted more karma’s because they were lost in the illusion of this realm, and today many have forgotten who they are, but their higher Angels never stopped looking out for them. Now remember the story of Elijah, how he left this realm without dying, that was an example of such being who came to live among humanity to help them evolve, but in the course of his deeds, he commanded boars to eat off some children who made caricature of him, that action alone attracted karma to his Soul personality and as well locked him into this wheel of reincarnation. Remember also Melchizedek who was born of no father and mother, just appeared in certain time in history, and vanished without a trace. Many of them, by trying to live inside this matrix with us, got lost in the illusion of this realm and got themselves caught up by karma and reincarnation, they are among the fallen Angels (not the demons) and they live among us today, who knows? There are chances that you too may be one of the fallen Angels!

However, more points you should go home with today includes:

Demons are of different types, the most popular of these categories are the ones which exist in a lower realm below the physical world, these ones are even lower in rank compared to humans, and they seek human bodies to corrupt, a  time will come in the height of their own evolution, they will reach a level where they will be allowed to incarnate as a man, and their journey to perfection will begin.

There are demons above the physical realm; these sets are among the fallen ones who were not trapped in a physical body, rather, they where higher Angels who took a left turn and that reduced their frequencies to that very low dimension, they wanted to be worshiped as Gods and rule over mankind, they are today being seen as gods by certain tribes and towns, they also protect their worshipers especially after blood sacrifices have been offered to them, although they are operating today from very low dimensions, they are also among the fallen Angels, this set of Demons were included in the biblical myth where they were talking about those who rebelled against God and who were thrown into the dungeon of darkness, however the bible complicated everything and distorted the story making it seem like Lucifer (Lord Enki) was the one they condemned into the pit of hell whom we now call devil, Read: GODS OR EXTRATERRESTRIALS (Life beyond our planet).

This set of Demons are quite powerful and majority are the Gods of this realm we call the physical world. They sometimes appear as human, they rule us every day, and all they just want is to control and to be worshiped as Gods, their leader is the step brother of Lord Enki, whom is known as Commander Enlil. And truly, many religions of the world today do worship them as God because they inspired the creation of those religious movements in their honor, more on this topic will be discussed soon on another article.

Then there are those Angels who are fallen but fallen in the sense that, they come down to this physical reality and living among us as man, these set of people may know themselves as they are very advanced in the knowledge and mysteries of life, they always want to teach and awaken others from this matrix, many do not remember who they are and they feel every now and then that there is something really wrong with our world, many have this urge that this is not where they are supposed to be, and they usually have this urge to change the world around them, I call this set of people “Star Seeds, or Human Angels”, you should do well to read my book “THE OGBANJE CHILD AND THE FOUR ELEMENTS” to learn more about start seeds. They were among the very first Angels who were caught up in this matrix. And they are on this day, proceeding on a journey to rising back to who they once were.

Now in general, all human Souls, be it the fallen ones or the normal evolving souls, you all will; one day reach the height of your perfection where you will be crowned and honored as an Arc Angel. How close and how far the journey may be all depends on you all, your deeds and your actions on daily basis will determine how far or how close you are to such level of Ascension.

Note that the purer your Soul becomes, the higher realms you as a Soul climbs while you still exist in this biological body, if your Soul becomes so pure that you cross over the 6th dimension, then it means that you have escaped the wheel of reincarnation, then you will exist in that 6th dimension as a lower Angel with new duties which will take you higher and higher until you reach the height of your evolution.

To learn more about the secrets of this universe, mysticism, spirituality, alchemy and all mysteries of life, do well to join our Awake Afraka Community and subscribe for your Monthly Magazine Discourse to be trained and to be given the knowledge you deserve as well as lead your Soul to ascension.
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That journey begins today.

Written by Knight Fredel 

All rights reserved © 2019


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    1. The Angels were ones like you and I, humans, who incarnated on earth and began the journey of life through the perfection of their Souls Consciousness, and that can only be achieved through the incarnation of their Souls Consciousness on a lower Dimension like this physical world you find yourself today

  1. Does It Means That Those Pastors/Clergies That Do Says The Angel Of God Told Them This Or That Is Truth? If Yes Under Which Power(Frequency)Are They Operating That Is Getting The Inspiration

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